April 14th 2014 6:00 pm PT

New Xbox One System Update Begins Rolling Out Tonight

Tonight, we will begin rolling out the next Xbox One system update. Again, I’d like to thank all of the Xbox Live members who previewed features with us and shared some of their feedback. Their input helped shape this system update, and we look forward to expanding our list of previewing Xbox Live members in the coming months.

Here’s the final breakdown of the features rolling out to Xbox One systems starting tonight and over the next few days:

  • Game and app saves and updates. A game save progress bar will show you the status of your game saves. You will also be able to easily tell what games and apps are being updated or have been updated recently.
  • Friends improvements. Notifications will be added to see when favorites and friends sign in to Xbox Live. This was one of the most frequently requested features, so we made it a priority to include it in this update. Also, friends who are in multiplayer will be identified in the friends list.
  • Kinect voice and motion improvements will continue to be fine-tuned for quality and reliability of Xbox One commands. For example, we’ve updated some of the gesture functionality to reduce false positives on non-hand objects triggering gesture commands.
  • Improved GameDVR video quality through compression algorithm improvements.
  • Blu-ray player supports 50 Hz video output for content recorded at 50 Hz. We’ll also be updating the Blu-ray Player app in the coming days to round out these improvements.
  • Controller and headset adaptor firmware updates will reduce audio static and improve wireless connectivity.
  • Silent reboot after system updates and system update on demand now available. If your console is in Instant On mode, the update will happen automatically and return to standby upon completion. This means you won’t need to power on your console after an update moving forward. If you want to take future updates when available without waiting for your console to do it on its own, we’ve added this option under system settings and you’ll be able to use it next update. It will only show as available when there is an update to take.
Friends Notifications

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback on particular features previewed these past few months and keep the feedback coming.

System Update, Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Henry W.

    How (after 14th April update) should I adjust volume with stereo adapter?
    Left side turn my in-game audio along with party audio. And when I set in-game audio to maximum than my party volume is set by itself to 0 and I can’t hear anyone.
    Right side is changing both party and in-game audio in the way I don’t understand.

    My controller is updated, I restarter console and cleared cache by holding power button by 10s.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Before 14th update everything was simple:
    – left side: UP for in-game volume up, DOWN for in-game audio down
    – right side: UP for party chat volume up, DOWN for party chat volume down.

    • Senses Failed

      Left side has always been game/chat balance :)

  • Rafik Bouchaala

    again my freaking box is not picking up the update even though I’m rebooting it and trying every tip I found on how to force the update to no success. Yet I received the controller update lol, why is it so hard to push console update like it was before on xbox 360 so everyone get’s it at the same time ? why taking step backs ?

    • poopyboxONE

      im having the same problem.

  • fur low

    Too little, too late.

    • http://ryan.snook.us/ Snook

      Obviously not, you are still here.

    • numpty

      Yes, I’m sure the tens of millions of people who were going to buy Xbox Ones over the next 5 years or so absolutely won’t bother now.

    • Senses Failed

      Lol 5 months man!

  • Damien Stanworth

    Are game/app updates going to be downloaded and applied in the background/while the console is off with this update?

    Having to apply these updates manually before being able to play a game or use an app is getting very tedious, especially after being told at launch that this would all be done automatically in the background.

    • zoompooky

      It does – my Titanfall updated itself. Forza installed the Long Beach DLC while I was sleeping. As long as you have the power options set correctly, it does exactly what you suggest… and I don’t even have this new update yet.

      • Damien Stanworth

        Mine doesn’t, and never has. I’ve had to sit through every update to every app and have that I own.

        I’m currently going through this with Xbox support. However one member of the support team was telling me that it isn’t meant to download app/game updates in the background, only system updates, while another member is asking me a load of questions as if it is meant to and he is trying to get to the bottom of it.

        I read on a forum that it is a problem with having the wired connection, acc when using the wireless connection it works fine.

        Really hoping to get to the bottom of it, as it is getting really annoying.

  • Darkslide29

    Any word on getting some 3D bluray player support finally? No? Oh ok.. I guess I will continue to hold my breath.

    • Some guy

      You’re planning to break the world record for the longest time holding your breath? Sorry but I think infinite is too high of a number to be a valid entry.

  • iShaun 95

    Where is the update! Arrgghhh! It’s 1:00 Am here in the UK, major said the update was rolling out 24 hours ago! Guys what’s up ._.

    • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

      I still haven’t got it either.

      • iShaun 95

        Just got mine! Finally… its freaking 4:51 Am here in the UK lol

        • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

          Did it automatically go to the update, or did you have to keep restarting your XB1?

          • iShaun 95

            Well this time it was weird, I’m almost falling asleep then I thought what the hell ill check if it’s out yet, then I check my One brick and the lights white which is odd, normally it would go orange after an update so I didn’t think I got it. I then tuned my One on and I instantly got a notification saying my friend was online lol! So yep, just like that it happend

          • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

            Ah, alright. Thanks.
            I forgot it automatically updates when off. I have mine currently on energy saving mode, so I’ll switch it.

          • iShaun 95

            Good choice dude! Hope you get it soon, as for me I’m hitting the bed lol, see ya :)

  • Chris

    Appreciate the changes, but 5 months and it still doesn’t have a ton of features that should have been included on release. I still can’t call it the One. It’s more like .1 as it has a LOOOONG way to go.

  • D3lusionz

    Anyone else having issues with the kinect IR or TV constantly crashing after this update?

  • Andrew Rabuck

    I thought this update was adding TV DVR support along with a universal remote for the Xbox One app? When I heard about the April update, these two things were what I was most interested in. While we are at it, I’d love to make a suggestion. Is there any way to add a option to TV setting to go right to live TV on saying “Xbox On”.

    • Death Dealer

      Not for the moment AFAIK, but there should be launch options coming down the line. The things you mention were for SmartGlass integration. TV DVR support for the moment is non-existent or left at the discretion of the television providers who make their tuning apps.

      • Andrew Rabuck

        The preview video clearly showed that they were adding TV DVR support. It had nothing to do with “individual provider apps”.

        • Death Dealer

          I guess you mean control of a (secondary device) TV DVR control through SmartGlass and OneGuide then. Yes that’s still in the works.

  • disqus_icUCvMAJ5v

    Got the update and so far I’m not having any issues with it. In fact I’m a bit surprised at how well they managed to straighten out the issues with chat. I played Titanfall for about 4 hours with a friend tonight and voice chat was crystal clear and it’s volume was good. I had no issues connecting to a party chat as well. I had constant issues of him not being able to hear me but I could hear him. That didn’t happen tonight.

    Notifications seem to be working just fine.

    I put in about 4.5 hours of Titanfall tonight and I didn’t experience one controller disconnect.

    Of course this is Microsoft we’re talking about here, I’ll keep my eye out for any issues. Hopefully this is the start of better times for Xbox One.

  • iShaun 95

    Just got my Update, noticed that “Friends” is now put onto your recent app/games with is cool. And overall seems super quick, also they didn’t merino this yet I noticed it immediately, they’ve update the transition when moving through menus on friends, also cool! Awesome work! :)

    • Death Dealer

      It’s the first bulletin point on the list. It means that an app or game hasn’t been accessed since the last update.

  • thndrhwk

    Well i just tried again and can’t get the update.. the system has been off for about an hour.. and power saving is off.. and it still won’t do the update. :(

    • Nizar Warcraft

      I got it without noticing, you sure it’s not already installed?

      • thndrhwk

        I Checked its still says 1403 not the 1404 update

        • Danilo Viana

          The console will try to download in times it thinks you’ll not be playing for a while. Next update will be better as they introduced an option to force the update.

  • M4TT4W3SOM3

    The update is not showing for me. Every time i restart my console, it just turns on normally and goes to the menu

  • M4TT4W3SOM3

    I would expect it to say update or something as son as the console boots up

  • Stoney

    “For example, we’ve updated some of the gesture functionality to reduce
    false positives on non-hand objects triggering gesture commands.”

    You mean your foot!

  • Ricardo Gomes

    WOW you guys are quite fast deleting my posts, simply because you don’t want to listen the true which is: The Xbox ONE, does not work properly, its not user friendly, does not have the functionality of the OLD Gen, the tech specs are, what should i say :( … not to mention the Network Protocol Teredo… which is a step back on technology and for all live users when ISP’s change to ipv6 in a few years… im waiting for 6 month now to have the same functionalities like on the 360… i don’t believe in you anymore… MS simply cannot develop good software anymore… i could do much better in 6 month because i iunderstand what people want and how it should look like… its disappointing

    • Danilo Viana

      And yet you come here to complain instead of just selling your console. Not everyone will share your opinion and it is nothing more than an opinion, not “the truth”.

      • John Smith

        Maybe asking for it to be fixed is better that giving up and selling it, right Danilo?

        • Danilo Viana

          Yes, and update after update that’s exactly what they’re doing.

          Most of the features lacking at launch that we expected would come from the 360 are here again like notifications when friends go online and the ability to manage our hard drives. The only things currently lacking are voice messages and external storage and remember external storage sucked on the 360 (only 16GB?) and for 3 months consecutivelly they launched updates for the console to fix the very things we are complaining about showing that they’re listening.

          THOSE are facts, but the “facts” Ricardo Gomes is upset people don’t “understand” are:

          -“The Xbox ONE, does not work properly” (what?)
          -“its not user friendly” (quadruple what? also it’s his opinion)
          -“does not have the functionality of the OLD Gen” (exactly what they’re fixing update after update, but lets complain nonetheless)
          -“Network Protocol Teredo… which is a step back on technology” (which is what’s used on the 360 and made it the most online friendly console – also YEARS from now as he stated it’s easy to release an update to fix any IPv6 problems that “might” arise)

          So yes, it’s good to ask them to fix it. It’s what I’m doing (I’m on the preview program) and I believe it’s what you’re doing. It’s DEFINITELY NOT what the OP is doing.

          • John Smith

            Sounds like it’s working great for you – that’s awesome. For others like me who have family members who are now refusing to use the Kinect just to watch TV, we’re often forced to disconnect the Xbox TV functions. Truth is, the One is perfectly user friendly to you and me – but “non-techies” won’t put up with the spotty responsiveness of the Kinect when it’s some much easier just to disconnect it and go back to the remote.

          • Danilo Viana

            Yes it is and is working for a lot of my friends and I do realise some people are having a harder time with it, it’s new tech afterall.

            My response to OP has nothing to do with that, it has to do with the fact that he obviously is not liking his experience and is focusing and extrapolating all the flaws and forgeting all improvements that are being made.

            So I keep my position in telling him if that’s how he feels then what’s best for him is to sell the system and buy the one he will be happier with, not coming here to provide no useful comment whatsoever. Your responses to my comments are miles more useful than whan OP originally wrote.

          • Ricardo Gomes

            Mr. Danilo… im a software Engineer and i have my company since a couple years now… we develop software for some big companies worldwide, we know exactly how to do software for people… MS don’t… if everything is working for you then you probably have another special xbox one that i don’t have… because the chat turns off and on whiteout no reason… some times i cannot even start a game and need to restart the console… not to mention other things which we are used to like how messages should appear on a console etc… and why should i click here and there to go to my friends list??? Yeah me and my team could do much better in a shorter period… we are 56 People and a lot faster then MS that is for sure… but you are happy… so you are 1 in a million…

          • Ricardo Gomes

            And one thing more… my company would not exist anymore i we would develop stuff like MS does…

          • Kvally


  • Pinkeye69

    Weird, my xbox is updated but my son’s is still running 1403. Hopefully it’ll update soon.
    After a quick look at the new friends popup when they come on line I was wondering if the popups for things like that and achievements have to be so big? They are quite large for the small amount of information, and they seem like they last for ages as you get the initial pic, then the message folds out, stays for a while, then goes away.

  • TimboZero

    Such a disappointment that home movies on Bluray will still not play on XBox One. There is Cinavia to protect commercial movies and Microsofts own DRM to protect games so why do recordable Blu-ray Discs need to be blocked ???

  • John Smith

    Still no option to auto boot to full-screen TV. This was my last hope to keep the cable pass through hooked up. My family is done with having to use Kinect just to watch TV.

    • Kvally


      • Guest

        Can’t troll me – i’ve been immunized against d-bags.

        • Kvally

          I don’t know man…you have been trolling this place hardcore.

          • John Smith

            Another swing and a miss, Troll. Try again.

          • Kvally

            Don’t be so hard on yourself. We still like ya!

          • John Smith

            That’s 3 failed efforts to Troll me, loser. You need a new hobby.

          • Kvally

            Well, at least you are keeping us entertained. We applaud you. Keep up the good troll.

  • Looty

    Since the update, I have no cable T.V. volume unless I reboot.

  • fgump2112

    When will an update come out to address the Crashing to dashboard issues?

    • Kvally

      They must have addressed it ages ago. Haven’t had that issue.

      • fgump2112

        Well, I have a new XB1, 3 weeks old, seems to still be an issue. At least for me. Had to power cycle to get BF4 to launch. TITANFALL has never done this. I bought BF4 disc, downloaded TITANFALL.

        • Kvally

          Maybe look at exchanging your Xbox One. It sounds as though it may be defective.

          • fgump2112

            Don’t think that is the case, talked to support already and their solution is a reboot due to cache/memory getting corrupt. Have seen many articles / forums with people having same issue. I would bet it’s OS level related.

          • http://twitter.com/pistonhjr Axel Geisler

            It’s Battlefield related.

  • Terijaki

    Much better sound after the new controller update!

  • John Smith

    Still no option to auto boot to full-screen TV. This was my last hope to keep the cable pass through hooked up. My family is done with having to use Kinect just to watch TV.

  • Aaron Herald

    1080i output in a future update, please. If 1080i is not going to happen, then please let us know that it’s out of the picture. Hate having to buy a new TV when I love my existing one. Would hate it even more to buy a new TV only to have Xbox One turn around and release a 1080i update.

  • http://soundcloud.com/ViRUSfromMARS Jaffa Cake King

    It would appear so, it’s very annoying. I’d like to be able to see when my 360 friends come online as i may want to join whatever they are doing and vice versa i’d like to see when my Xbox One friends sign in from my 360.

    What with this and not being able to see Xbox One achievements on the 360 it really does make the whole Xbox ecosystem feel very disconnected and isolated.

    I don’t like it.

  • http://soundcloud.com/ViRUSfromMARS Jaffa Cake King

    Can we have auto sign in please when Kinect isn’t plugged in. Also can you get rid of the message telling me that my Kinect is unplugged. I know it is, i didn’t want to run the risk of electrocuting myself before hitting it with a hammer.

  • Karl Ryder

    I still don’t have the update in the UK. I’ve only had my xbox a week, can anyone tell me the normal procedure for updates?

    • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

      It should update even when your Xbox One isn’t on (If you have it on the regular mode, and not the energy saving mode) Not sure how it updates when you have your console on, though. I’m guessing it brings up the update screen when you first boot up, like the 360.

  • Rafik Bouchaala

    why my xbox always get the update 2-3 days late ? why Do i have to suffer not being able to chat or party with people all this time ? seriously microsoft you’re pissing me off, just freaking roll the stupid damn updte for everyone ffs!

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    Can we get an update for the “Time Played” feature? It says I’ve only played 27 minutes of AC Black Flag, when I know I’ve played a lot more. Same with my Titanfall.

  • Joshua Erickson

    Where’s the the update for my xbox one? It’s been almost 2days . At least sony is doing better job by rolling out firmware faster then you guys are .

    • Justin Hall

      check to see what version u are on. i didnt see the update myself, but im on the latest now. i dunno.. maybe auto updated?

      • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

        Yup. The Xbox One auto updates when it’s off. (Unless you have it on energy saving mode)

  • Steve

    Can someone who has the update tell me what there OS version # is please…

    • Death Dealer

      6.2.10812.0 (xb_rel_1404.140411-1830) fre

  • kriegir

    still no audio or or video codecs…no external hd. why?

  • maroofisonfire

    I STILL don’t have this update -_-

  • Mastawee

    Same here no update, have auto download selected. Rebooted, shut off auto update and energy saving… Nothing. Been trying since the 14th

  • Mark Gibson

    Got the update a few days ago…. nice…. When is the next update and I hope it has external HD support………. keep the updates comm’n ……

  • kingcrusher

    Had a quick question: Which system supports or will support 3D movies? I’m really blown away that I have to get my last gen system out (ps3) to play my 3D movies.