April 21st 2014 8:00 pm PT

This Week’s Deals with Gold

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 28 April 2014.

Xbox One

Content Title Content Type Discount %
NBA 2K14 Xbox One game 17%

Xbox 360


Content Title Content Type Discount %
NBA 2K14 Games on Demand 50%
NBA 2K14: Platinum Jewelry Add-On 50%
NBA 2K14: Blue Diamond Jewelry Add-On 50%
NBA 2K14: Gold Jewelry Add-On 50%
NBA 2K14: Spanish Commentary Add-On 50%
Need for Speed Rivals Games on Demand 50%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

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  • Bennijin

    Utterly pathetics. Nobody wanted this the first time it was on sale, how the heck did we get to a THIRD time?

  • Derek D

    I’m just curious, does anyone have any predictions that at E3 this year they will announce an Xbox One package without the Kinect for a lower price? I feel like right now, Microsoft should focus on getting the Xbox one into homes. Judging by all the websites and feedback I see, the forced kinect is the biggest holdback for people considering buying in.

    • Bennijin

      It’s going to be 90 minutes of Xbox executives with their heads in sand while La La La by Naughty Boy and Sam Smith plays on a loop.

    • Dylan

      They’ll have a teaser for a new Gears game probably. Such a shame too, they cancelled the Black Tusk game for it. They’ll announce the new Halo and show Halo 2 HD. Maybe some stuff from that Fable MMO.

      As for the price cut? I doubt it. Though they have been selling Xbox One’s WITH TitanFall for 450 already, so that reeks of some desperation. Who knows, could happen.

      • Peter

        so your implying a discount of 50 bucks and a free digital game which costs them probably peanuts is desperate? Wow YEAH THATS REALLY DESPERATE! its a relatively small price cut and incentive to get people purchase a system.

        Trust me they already marked it up with the by design. Trust me that meager price cut and freebie is not that drastic to start screaming desperation

        • Dylan

          It’s a discount of 110 dollars, as TitanFall costs 60. Seems substantial to me.

          Desperate in the sense that we’ve never seen this before in any console launch. Not saying the sky is falling, or else they would have stripped it down already.

    • Peter

      Your serious? People that want a xbox one are not being held back by the kinect. requirement. It’s maybe a handful of people whining but i seriously doubt its that many to actually count to ms.

      MS invested way too much time and money to backslide on the kinect requirement. Trust me i’ll bet any amount that kinect will not be removed anytime soon if at all. File that under not likely to happen. MS wants to recuperate the cost of developing it. They know the only way is to force it by inclusion with the X1. Also its an extra 100 bucks per system for them, it doesn’t cost 100 to make. The xbox one is selling really well. Not even sure if your actually serious or trolling.

      MS doesn’t NEED to discount the system or remove the kinect. It’s selling its not like they are desperate. Ms probably snickers and laughs when told you or your friends don’t want it because of kinect. There’s plenty of others that will buy it regardless.

      People may not like the forced kinect but trust me its not holding back those massive waves of potential x1 buyers your implying exist that are making ms suffer. Bet you also storm out of walmart and claim that they lost a customer when they could care less

      • ryder4life22187

        I’m still sitting here pondering why most people think the new kinect is so great, while when it came out for the 360 most of them didn’t want to go out and get it and complained they only wanted to use a controller. Now it seems the kinect is a hip thing. Go figure

    • イサム オミナエ

      After saw sooo many horribles dotw past months, my E3 predictions:
      – tvtvtvtvtvtvtvtv
      – cod 2014 (how original!)
      – tvtvtvtvtvtvtvtv (yes, again!)

    • Death Dealer

      I think entry price is holding it back more than the Kinect requirement, but of course without the Kinect the entry price could be a lot lower than the PS4. You’d be surprised at some rumors I’ve been hearing though but I don’t think Kinect will be unbundled any time soon.

    • Some guy

      What’s holding me is simple.
      Not many games worth it
      Terrible MS policies of banning people without warning
      Weaker then ps4
      “metro” UI that’s terrible to use
      Can’t play my 360 games on it and I still have a lot to play
      and a lesser reason I won’t buy it:
      Kinect that I won’t use
      Looks like a brick
      Just released so no info if it will RROD
      Can’t be sure if they won’t pull an other xbox 360 campaign and drop support 4 years from now.

  • Professor Oak

    Please revoke this sale and put something new up, how many NBA 2K14 and NFS Rivals have been sold from this, probably none.

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      amen oak

  • James Hale Steele

    yeah this is a joke… glad i own ps3 and 360 bought 5 games for 5 bucks with the 99 cent sale on ps3 ended up getting 2 spyro games retro city rampage tokyo jungle and Jurassic park Ya know not everyone likes nba or like jewlery dlc why not throw in 1-2 arcade games for other people…i don’t understand you guys sometimes you have great sales then you go back to this or cod hope next week is better -.-

    • Professor Oak

      But the PS3 controller is so bad… so blocky, hurts my hands just looking at it

  • Silas

    This has been on sale 4-5 times already.
    I feel like you guys are just trying to give Sony customers more reasons to joke.

    • IN_YO_FACE_86

      Give it another 100 times then maybe they will learn.

    • Some guy

      That’s basicly why I’m not getting a xbone.
      If sony make the ps4 backward compatible with ps3 I’ll get one directly.
      Sony is terrible, they lie left and right, can’t protect their network and don’t have many games I like, but it’s still better then the joke that MS is running.

  • Jon Taylor

    Whoah there Microsoft!…..if you keep giving discounts like this away, you’ll surely go bankrupt!
    Think of your families for gods sake

    • Death Dealer

      Erm, nope, the one going bankrupt won’t be MS, but all the same, the sale is bad.

      • Tyree Harvey

        is your sarcasm detector broken?

        • Death Dealer

          Of course it is…:D

  • Ross Kemp

    Haha thanks .
    It is a very hard game , but I kinda get it and tolerate it because it is so fair and rewarding too .
    I jumped into to it blind cus I had some spare cash burning a hole in my back pocket – now rates as one of my finest purchases :)

  • http://steven-bohm.net Steven Bohm

    Whats up with Rivals for Xbox One no deal?

    • digitallife

      Too recent..

      • http://steven-bohm.net Steven Bohm

        Think its Not to recent. Think about thief one month later 50 Prozent and Rivals is on sale too on Origin for 50 Prozent Why Not for Xone too? Why Only for 360?

  • James

    I missed out on Spelunky and Terraria when they had the end of the year sale. Would love to see those again.

  • Brayan

    Do a Metal Gear Solid sale next week, please.

  • Peter

    they want feedback that doesn’t involve them actually giving us what we want unless its in their best interest. Thought that would be clear by now. Suggest something that doesn’t involve them being less Scrooge If it means less money for them don’t even bother as they turn a deaf ear to anything remotely suggesting that.

  • Some guy

    F*** yea, cel damage!
    Really a shame it’s the overdrive version that I can’t stand(as they removed every fancy death animations from the original)

  • Ross Kemp

    MS , you are so out of touch with your core fan base it is painful to see these sales go ahead .

    I would truly appreciate a answer off one of you involved as to your thinking/marketing of these sales .

    If you were our side of the xbox fence , would you honestly be happy with the sale offering of this week or even past weeks of underwhelming sale offers .

  • djjsin

    Anyway we can get the March Sale of Tomb Raider for Xbox one back???? I was unable to buy it during the sale time because i was in the hospital with the birth of my first son.

    now i can find it on amazon or walmart for $42 way cheaper then xbox live marketplace, but i really don’t want the Disc. The whole purpose of this system to me was to go Discless.

    Why is the game $59.99 to download, when i can get it via retailers for alot cheaper?

    Please put Tomb Raider for xbox one back on sale on the xbox live marketplace.

  • deadbox102

    At least I don’t feel I’m missing out on anything this “weak” by having a full hard drive.

  • cbns

    Seems to be weak deals week for Xbox One owners. Is there any new news about Xbox One’s “Games with Gold” program or external HDD support?

    • cbns

      I can understand that for someone already planning to buy NBA that 17% is actually pretty good deal but i live in country where people are only interested about hockey and soccer so i save my money for next deals. :)

    • イサム オミナエ

      “Seems to be weak deals week for Xbox One owners”
      No man, it’s a terrible week for ALL Xbox brand users that support the marketplace.

  • Ivan Stiffy

    Ikaruga and Radiant Silvergun next.