April 21st 2014 8:00 pm PT

This Week’s Deals with Gold

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 28 April 2014.

Xbox One

Content Title Content Type Discount %
NBA 2K14 Xbox One game 17%

Xbox 360


Content Title Content Type Discount %
NBA 2K14 Games on Demand 50%
NBA 2K14: Platinum Jewelry Add-On 50%
NBA 2K14: Blue Diamond Jewelry Add-On 50%
NBA 2K14: Gold Jewelry Add-On 50%
NBA 2K14: Spanish Commentary Add-On 50%
Need for Speed Rivals Games on Demand 50%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

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  • Harold Rivera

    This is RECYCLE DEALS FOR GOLD!!!! enjoy.

  • Peter

    Ms can’t grab the simple idea of what discounting really means. Take the average marketplace value currently and reduce it by a sizeable amount (not a measly 5 bucks off) also taking into account the fact that its a digital and not a hard copy. Come on knock off at least 10 bucks or more. Physical copies are actually cheaper.compared to their “sales”

    Don’t start the discount from the original price several months ago when it was full msrp of 60. Start from what people are paying now for a copy and reduce from that point

  • vai_levar_no_cu

    17% ? why not 20%…25%? doesnt even qualify as a sale, imo

  • DToyz

    It’ll be Call of Duty next week

    • http://www.kevin-fell.co.uk/ Kevin Fell

      I was kinda hoping for a Bioshock sale.

      • Justin Felder

        Yeah, Bioshock would be awesome. I have “other” version, but I prefer to play shooters with an Xbox controller.

    • renslo689

      i’ll bet you a cheeseburger it will be GTA4, hahaha

  • Beano

    This is testbook how not to counter Playstation’s “best sale of the year” last week

  • Peter

    Its call of duty every other week

    Man are ms and they in bed together so badly. Should rename it deals with duty instead

    • bbhbjhbj

      Call of duty isn’t even on sale

      • Peter

        sigh i meant for the deal coming up observant one. Besides there’s always a COD deal lurking in the shadows waiting for ms to spring yet again.

        • Bowenac

          I have only seen COD on sale once like a month ago for the hardened edition. Where else have you seen COD on sale digital besides target clearance?

          • ryder4life22187

            We’ve seen it on here probably like 6 to 8 times already MS doing the deal of the week program for it.

          • Bowenac

            Nope only once… at least for x1. They had it on sale on the microsoft store but not the marketplace. When it was on sale on the MS store it was only for retail version.

          • ryder4life22187

            actually they have had it at least 2 times for the XB1 on sale. Go to marketplace on this site and refer to March 4’s posting for XB1 deal that had the regular edition for 33% off while the Hardened Edition was 10% then again on March 25th the Hardened edition was on sale again for the XB1 for 20% off.

          • Bowenac

            Ok I see it so yea 2 times not 6-8 but I would say one time as who would buy the second time it was on sale for the hardened edition at $79.99 would hardly call that a sale lol.

          • ryder4life22187

            In MS’s eyes if they give you a dollar off they see it as your getting the best deal possible. You would really think MS would give us better deals then the retailer. For starters people can’t trade in DL’s nor could they loan the game to a buddy. I still don’t see why their policy as it seems as if you want to go digital your going to pay more then if you bought a physical copy. I’m not sure what happened to developers back then claiming their prices would be cheaper going digital as their was no discs, manuals, or cases, as well as employee’s to be paid and product to be transported. Now all I’ve heard is servers got to get paid so what’s the difference.

    • Bennijin

      That relationship has sailed, from this year PS4 is the lead COD platform, the one it’s developed on and potentially the one that gets DLC first.
      Makes sense from a business standpoint, there are more PS4 owners than XB1 plus the PS4 is the easier to develop for, as evidenced by the whole 1080p thing.

  • DarthBurrito

    Really, 17%? Where do you guys get these percentages? Should be more like 67% off.

    • ElektroDragon

      Especially since it was proven that the PS4 version is far crisper.

      • Michael Košut

        And no1 care here.

    • http://www.jpitta.com/ PittaMan

      Basically drops the game $10 USD – makes sense. People respond to percentages more than the smaller $ amount I would imagine.

  • Peter

    Gotta love ms math. It always starts from the MSRP not real world current price. Reduces it so it matches either above or just about at current market price, usually above most of the time.

  • Occupy_Sesame_Street

    Why is the Gold membership worth so much more for 360 owners? When are one owners going to get the same value?

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Actually if you want to compare them like they are separate accounts and break it down your gold membership is worth way more on the X1 since you have have up to 10 total profiles in your family that all can play on one gold membership. But the reality is your one gold membership is valid on both platforms at the same time.

      • Bowenac

        That is a really stupid way of looking at it… Your trying to say you can’t accomplish the same thing on a 360… like people can’t use your gamertag haha. Not everyone buys 10 xbox ones to use on different accounts.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          They most certainly could use one persons gamertag. However they can’t use it at the same time and they don’t have their separate gamer scores etc. But it’s all mute from what he was trying to say. Value wise you pay for one gold membership and you get the benefits from both systems if you choose to own them both.

          • Bennijin

            The benefits being online gameplay and… yeah that’s pretty much it.

  • ElektroDragon

    Keep up those super generous Xbox One discounts! :-O

  • shafnitz

    17%? Why even bother?

  • Some guy

    I think I’m starting to understand why they are doing that.
    They are pushing it on sales before EA close the servers next year to make room for NBA2K15.
    EA + MS = Best team

    • ryder4life22187

      Makes sense didn’t think about that part. On a side note you’d think all sports games would be 29.99 as there is a new one before you realize one even came out

    • Billy

      You DO realize that NBA 2K14 is made by 2K Games, right? Not EA.

      EA’s NBA Live 14 was absolutely horrible.

      • Some guy

        Yea, just edited my message.
        My point was that NBA 2K13 closed its server March 31st.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    heck yeah. best deals ever. ever. platinum jewelry always beats 30 games at $1 each. always. the sarcasm is strong with me today.

    • ryder4life22187

      Exactly. I bought a handful of games with the $1 deal. Only thing I bought off Live recently was the pinball tables. Just picked up 9 retail games on PS3 and only 1 retail game on 360. Come on MS where’s the value from us having gold.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    i don’t know about you guys but every time they try and gouge me like this i actually go to the game and give it one star on xbox live.

    • Bennijin

      I actually did that with NBA2K14’s DLC when I hooked my 360 up yesterday.

      Not because of the bad deal, but because stuff like that really shouldn’t be DLC.
      I might not have done that had it not been on offer for a third time in four months though.

  • Tony Marshman

    This is getting really old. This “deal” has been the deal of the week several times already this year. I mean, seriously, this kind of deal makes having gold not really worth it. Also mentioning the games free with gold recently, some of those have been sub par as well. Makes me think about going back to Playstation. Then you can also do a quick search on Amazon, and find the disc version cheaper. It’s like they just don’t care anymore, or gave up on trying. The same deal or one close to it, shouldn’t be offered so many times, in such a short period.

    • Bennijin

      Or it should be discounted permanently instead.

      • Tony Marshman

        That would be a good change. I think they should try and be more competition in pricing, if the disc version is significantly cheaper than the downloadable “deal” then it’s really not much of a deal after all. Amazon ships free with orders $25 or more and usually arrives within the week despite what they shipping states. I know Microsoft really doesn’t care all that much and would be more like buy it or don’t style of thinking, but some of us customers have been loyal for a while, and Gold costs money as well, so a severely permanent discount would be a good idea.

        • ryder4life22187

          Last time I checked amazon uped the shipping for free shipping from $25 to now $35

  • Slam_Shot_Sam

    Laughably dire.

  • Don Draper’s Hat

    Oi, Microsoft. If people weren’t buying these games and DLCs at these prices a month ago, what the hell makes you think they will do so now?

    Seriously, be a little more original with your sales. Stop churning out the same old tired stuff.

    • ryder4life22187

      Come on don’t you like a little spanish commentary in your games.

  • Brian Ghattas

    Console debates are alive and well here I see.

  • Raheel Khurshid

    then they say that they want to go a head of Sony, worst sales ever and for Xbox One it’s just a joke not sale

    • Carnage Rules

      Why are you looking for handouts, beggars can’t be choosers

      • RAULxPUDD

        As a paid Gold subscriber, he isnt a beggar and should see an equal value to what the competition offers not a joke of a deal like this. Deals and poor marketing like this are some of the reasons Sony is ahead of MS in sales. The other is the power gap in the consoles. You cant put out a console that is weaker and charge more for it, when your competition has a console with better RAM and superior GPU for $100 cheaper. They tried to work an angle and it failed. XB1 and PS4 are close in performance but the PS4 is graphically superior right now and likely will be for the remainder of the life cycle. Thus MS should focus on their market and sales and content because they cant beat Sony with the XB1 hardware being what it is in performance and graphics. Right now MS is losing the performance war vs the PS4 and losing the value war vs Sony PS+.

        • Carnage Rules

          I disagree with everything you just said. The Xbox One is far superior to the PS4.

          • http://soundcloud.com/ViRUSfromMARS Jaffa Cake King

            That last sentence makes perfect sense if you say it with a sarcastic tone of voice.

          • Carnage Rules

            I owned the PS4 and can state without a doubt that it is a boring system, I returned mine.

          • RAULxPUDD

            I would add that i do like the XB1 more than the PS4 overall.

  • renslo689

    really? Really? Who did this? This deal is tryng to take GTA4’s spot for most over used ‘deal’

    • Bennijin

      I dunno, I think BioShock 2, Borderlands 1 and Red Dead Redemption are vying for that spot.
      Zombie Apocolypse and Sonic 4 Episode 1 put in some nice showings each being on sale over nine thousand times, but haven’t been discounted for some time.

      …and I’ve just jinxed it.

      • renslo689

        i swear they just have a big spinning wheel like wheel of fortune. Majority of the spots are taken up with gta4, this game, and the ones you mentioned, with only one or two with actual decent deals,

        spin that wheel.

  • Lem0nadeee

    Hahaha 17% :D what a joke

  • Stephen Ynwa Blythe

    Thanks for not including some good sales for Xbox One, am all digital and still nothing good if your gonna do sales do it fairly with all games across generations; or if the game isn’t available for Xbox One how about making some sales for it and am sorry but a 17% discount that’s weak and odd…literally O_o


    And we just heard how Mr Spencer was saying “we need to do more”. I like Phil more than any other Xbox head we have had, but this is sub par and off the mark by 100 miles in comparison to Sony offers and what MS needs to do to compete. These guys should read the comment section on pages like this and others. they would gain so much insight on what they need to do to compete.. I see a bunch of really valid comments on here that make perfect sense. They should see more value in the opinions and views of their loyal customers.

  • Nick

    I don’t really comment on these sales but I can’t help myself this time. I just want to say, two whole games? Why even bother? Complete waste of 7 days.

  • http://Site.com Gedalya

    How many times can they revive this dead sale? It’s what, the third or fourth time? I’m just going to spend more money over at Sony this week. Shame, I missed out on F3 and Skyrim dlc.

  • dark freedom

    17% JOJOJO this is a JOKE !

  • lee gutierrez

    was really hoping for a cod ghost sale :( lol

  • bloody

    when i see a company charging for a diferent language commentary i loose hope in gaming.

    move along ppl nothing to see on these deals. apparently ms went out of games to put on sale.

    im looking forward for CoD ghosts and BO2 next week…. NOT

  • KamikazeWatermelon

    Wow what a garbage sale

  • http://www.jpitta.com/ PittaMan

    Can’t even put the same game for sale on Xbox One? WTF?

    Also – Why can I not locate the Peggle 2 DLC and buy it from the website.


  • Carnage Rules

    I hate poor people, they ruin nice communities

  • cubs223425

    If they had gone with $40 for NBA on the One, I might have actually gotten it. Instead, Powerstar Golf it is, for only $20. I guess Microsoft just doesn’t want my money. I’ll just wait until GameStop has a used game sale and give them my money.

    My post is mostly to give an example of how Microsoft needs to make their digital titles more-compelling to purchase than physical ones, which offer resale value.

    • Bennijin

      Powerstar Golf’s been on sale before and it was overpriced even then, you shouldn’t have gone for it.

      • cubs223425

        I disagree. In the first day, I played it for 10 hours, according to my console. Considering I was using Microsoft’s money (Bing Rewards), I’d interpret that as meaning I got my money’s worth, and I’m not even 20% through the Achievements.

  • Professor Oak

    Please revoke this sale and put something new up, how many NBA 2K14 and NFS Rivals have been sold from this, probably none.

    • digitallife

      Shockingly there are quite a few people streaming the nba game on twitch right now…more than normal. Fools and their money…

      • Professor Oak

        They probably got it before

  • deadbox102

    Ok, this is extremely weak.

  • Ross Kemp

    Virtual jewelry again ????

    PSN $1 sale I bought Back to the Future ( complete episodes ) , Retro City Rampage and the excellent but bonkers Tokyo Jungle…………all for grand total of 3 dollar , I love you long time Sony .

    • sentury111

      I do wish TT would bring BttF over to the xbox. I have it on PC but want to play on xbox. I don’t know why they don’t do it.
      Xbox has games for $1 often, so it just happens that they have a much better offer at the moment on their system. I would have bought 2 of 3 of those, but own both:)
      Personally I enjoy the style of games MS releases and not so much Sony’s. Also, too many indies that no one cares about are going to clog the system up when looking for the gems. I would like to see some quality control at Sony’s Camp, but it appears that anyone who can program a game can have one in the store atm.

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        prob because it really isn’t that good. jurassic park was a little better but nothing like wolf or walking dead. those are beasts.

      • Bennijin

        Boggles the mind Sam and Max seasons 1 and 2 were on 360 but season 3 was on PS3 too. I think Telltale was just going through a phase back then before they decided to just put everything on everything.

    • evilfangs .

      Can’t wait till I move over to Sony and the PS4. I’ll just use my X1 this gen for exclusives and PS4 for my main console.

  • Ross Kemp

    Whilst you are re-hashing pathetic sales…….could you please put Dark Souls 1 on sale again .
    I know it has been on sale numerous times of late , just that I recently bought Dark Souls 2 ( amazing game ) on a impulse and I am kicking myself for never playing the first one .
    So yeah , Dark Souls 1 at $5 would be great .

    • Michael Burden

      Complaining about repeated sales, but then asking for another repeat just because he didn’t get it then? WOW!

      • Ross Kemp

        Yup .
        Requesting a game title of high regard to once again become available on sale for my own needs vs my slating of yet again a sale of virtual bling and foreign audio………I got it licked, but thanks for covering my back for me

  • http://www.youtube.com/SabzilaTV SabzilaTV

    This is a joke and a slap in the face for loyal xbox fans. Phil Spencer this is a bad start.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    What? $50? Wasn’t Tomb Raider and Thief on sale for half-off a couple of weeks ago? Why not NBA 2K14? Plus, this isn’t really a sale. I’ve seen it for $50 at Best Buy, Gamestop, and Target around the last month or so. It recently went back up to $60 at those stores, but you can still get It for $44 on Amazon, and $51 at Walmart right now.

  • usrev

    at first I was like “darn xbone got a nice sale on NFS rivals” then I saw it was only the 360 version… lol. it’s been $30 multiple times on last gen systems.

  • James

    I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster with these deals. To bad there are more downs than ups.

  • Lord Incognito

    this is almost as if ms is trying to make up for Hitman Absolution going free by offering these really poor “sales.” this week is a joke, here’s hoping next week offers something compelling, including some good sales on the One. This is absolutely pathetic.

  • マリオ

    You know MS is glad games like this exist so they can put it on sale numerous times because no one ever buys it.
    I’m kind of relieved I can keep my money in my wallet. I’ll just do business with other companies this week and more than likely next week as well.

  • digitallife

    Thank god there is only about a month left before watch dogs…hopefully that’ll last long enough to get me through summer. These sales aren’t helping.

  • degstr

    Ha. Was hoping for a NHL 14 sale, because, well, it’s playoffs time.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude


      • OldSocialist

        I understand that. I always waited to buy a Tiger Woods game until around Augusta time. But then I’m so suggestible I’d be a pushover for a hypnotist.

  • Monstrous Tard

    you tube com/watch?v=9uWjt2y_G0Q

  • Kyle Zehner

    Seventeen percent discount on a sports game? Oh boy! (thinly veiled sarcasm) /watch?v=GjjZGyYcH9E

  • Mc Knights

    This deal of the week is just embarrassing -.-

  • Shakeslikecrazy

    SH*T! Virtual Jewelry AGAIN? Have you guys gone bonkers? I thought we made it clear last time that such BS should be free! Come on MS, we know you didn’t make the pricing decision but you should at least let a publisher know that they shouldn’t be able to get away with this cr*p.

    • Peter

      Not any different than any other. Dead or ALive sells costume dlc by the ton other games nickel and dime for things like extra bg music or palette swaps.

      Still crappy though how far dlc has gone. MS doesn’t care as long as they get their cut.

  • DerpieDutch

    This sale, i don’t even.. just why?
    Just a last message before my PS4 gets here tomorrow.
    Things wrong with this sale:
    -Virtual Jewelery (who the hell buys this?)
    -Spanish commentary? You got to pay for this, whut?
    -Sale is not localized. Not getting much sales in Europe. We don’t play basketball.
    Good luck with the x1 guys. Maybe till next gen. Gotta give you credit for sticking with MS.

    • IN_YO_FACE_86

      Be careful everyone we all know what happens if you talk bad about M$ on this site-_-

      • OldSocialist

        To be fair it’s never as bad as what happens if you say anything positive about Microsoft almost anywhere else.

      • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

        Um, well.. it is an Xbox site. So what the hell do you expect?

  • Ismokedthebanditwithaheadshot

    It’s almost as if they want PS4 to stomp their faces into the dirt… Awful awful sale, and the sad thing is am not even surprised.

    • PlayStation sales are the same… Consoles just suck.

      • Professor Oak

        Gtfo you pc elitist

        • I don’t even own a working PC but, okay.

          • Professor Oak

            “Consoles just suck” something only a pc elitist would say…