April 28th 2014 5:59 am PT

Watch, Hear, and Re-live the Big Atari Dig as it Happened

We found him!

Three decades after it was rumored that thousands of unsold Atari 2600 games and accessories, highlighted by E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, were secretly dumped in a New Mexico landfill, the urban legend has been confirmed. Hundreds of fans and media attendees gathered in Alamogordo as a loader dug deep into the earth in search of evidence. After just a couple of hours and 30 feet of debris passed by, E.T. once again saw daylight.

For those of you who couldn’t make it out to New Mexico, Xbox Wire has full coverage of all the goings-on. Cameras were rolling for the filming a documentary on the event that will be airing soon, but I brought my own crew to bring you this inside look at a once-in-a-lifetime event. Enjoy:

As it turned out, folks around the world were following along with the dig via Twitter. Here are a few of our favorite moments as the first cartridges were brought to the surface in real time:



Photo collection from the dig (click pics to see them in full resolution):

Events, Industry By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • bickle2

    So the Cbox logo at the end, that means we’re getting a fixed port for Xbox One, and not just the documentary right?

  • Danny Hogan

    Im confused why isnt there any photos or video of the actual hole where these thousands of games are???

  • KamikazeWatermelon

    Too much face flapping. Not enough actual dig footage

  • Ross Kemp

    30 years from now……….”Here we go as we dig up this land fill , rumoured to contain hundreds of thousands boxed unsold copies of the XB1 game Ryse Son of Rome ..

    • Guest

      Tom Bramwell can eat it.

    • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

      They were still pulling then out when I left on Sunday…I am sure we’ll find out when the documentary comes out.

      • Shakeslikecrazy

        Either you didn’t read his comment correctly, or you responded to a troll post like a true pro. :D

        • Ross Kemp

          Slurp………good pony .

      • Ross Kemp

        Wow , they were actually pulling copies of Ryse out of the landfill ? .
        I was jesting , but I guess I was just wrong on the timeframe of them being dug up in 30 yrs to come .

  • Benjamin

    So how many games were actually found? Only a few pictures of a couple cartridges and boxes have been posted here.

  • ImTheMetalLord

    Coming soon:
    Xbox One Accessory: Atari 2600 Cartridge Support with your free copy of ET

    • Professor Oak

      Still waiting for them to Anounce ET Atari 2600 HD, dem fancy pixles do

  • Barry Csonka

    Microsoft is very environmentally friendly. They spent all this money to dig up ET carts to make room for all the Xbones that are sitting on shelves collecting dust.

    • Xhawk27

      The second fastest selling console doesn’t need that. They might need to save room for the Vita though.

      • Barry Csonka

        Wouldn’t the Vita be the 2nd fastest selling handheld behind the 3DS?

        • Professor Oak

          No, it’s still light years behind every DS and Game boy model and psp last I checked…. Nintendo has always been ahead in the Handheld industry, also, I refuse to see mobile gaming (ie. Android, iOS, or Windows phone) as a true gaming platform. They are just fun little games to pass 10 minutes.

          • Barry Csonka

            He didn’t specify if he was talking all time or current gen only, which was what I meant.

            Absolutely agree with you on the mobile games

    • Kieran

      Microsoft needs to be more aggressive. The biggest problem Microsoft faces multiplat’s look better on PS4. If the x box 1 has more jiuce better performance what are they waiting for show it. Sony will keep selling more consoles if you let them win the argument over being the better performing console, Sony fans Microsoft has to realise poison the web with lies and potential customers believe it and they go buy a PS4.

      • Barry Csonka

        PS4 being the more powerful console isn’t a rumor Sony fans are spreading. It’s a fact. You can google the specs for yourself. PS4 outclasses Xbone in every regard, which is why multiplats look better now, and they will continue to look better for the whole life cycle of the consoles. What it needs is exclusives that are worth buying to get them moving off the shelves. Kinect Sports trash and Peggle aren’t going to cut it

        • tenbob1972

          i think you to quickly write off the XB1 just look at Rise only after much development did the Ps4 come up with anything that looks as good that being informous second son.
          the thing is most devs what the consoles to more of less program it self but it takes more effort do get things right on Xbox one so they go down the quick route .
          but this will change as Microsoft improve on their dev tools and provide more on going support to them.
          now as far as tech specs go their not that much in it (about %30) now coming from the PC gaming world i can tell you that a video card that is 30% more powerful than another makes hardly any difference ( a few frames a second) at all ,to make a difference it needs to times more powerful not %.
          the Xbox one’s power is not the problem it’s the bottle neck from the ram speed but like i said before as time goes on this will become less of a problem i mean having ddr3 never stopped the PC.

    • Professor Oak

      Honestly, there are only a couple things I am waiting for to jump into “Next Gen”. Of which I will choose Xbox One, mostly because of Halo
      1. Lower Prices or lower priced w/o Kinect
      2. Newer Models, current model too standard, larger HDD preferably.
      3. New Halo Game and Halo 2 Anniversary

  • DavidinCT

    Are they going to sell copies of the crushed game in the cases ? I would buy one to frame and hang on my wall !!!! This was a rumor that I have been living with MOST OF MY LIFE (I had my first game system when I was 8, an Atari 2600). I have always wondered about this and at least 2-3 times a year I have been thinking “did this actually happen ?” Thank god this dig actually happened, I think it would of bothered me my entire life.

    How about one of those T-shirts they gave away ? I must have one. My Xbox gamer tag is my user name and you can also get me on hotmail with that too….

  • tenbob1972

    how long will it be before they end up on eBay and what will be the starting the bid, i guess around ten grand.Lol