April 30th 2014 6:49 am PT

Child of Light Now Available on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Child of LightContent: Child of Light

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The Black Queen has stolen the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. You play as Aurora, a young princess with a pure heart whose soul is brought to the kingdom of Lemuria. Embark on a quest to recapture the three sources of light, defeat the Black Queen and restore the kingdom of Lemuria.

Child of Light is also available for Xbox 360.
Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region.



The UBIart framework has powered some of the finest 2D visuals in all of gaming, as demonstrated in Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. What happens when a team sets out to make a JRPG using this engine? The result is the unique Child of Light, now available on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Working on the Assassin’s Creed series, Child of Light writer Jeffrey Yohalem became enamored with the blurring of history and fiction. “There’s a place in Austria that I saw that was very magical, in a place called Carniola now,” Yohalem told me during a hands-on demonstration at PAX East. “I wanted to create a fairy tale that talked about how that place came to be.” This tale centers on young Aurora’s quest to reach her father, the duke, in the days leading up to the Easter Earthquake of 1895.

While the location and timing of the story have roots in reality, the UBIart-enhanced visuals present a rather surreal view of the tale. Everything flows as if underwater: Aurora’s hair floats around her in a manner reminiscent of Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Yohalem confirmed the influence), flying fish actually flit through a forest.

Child of Light’s character animation truly is a sight to behold. I marveled at the way Aurora loses her crown when she takes a hit, scrambling to retrieve it and place it back on her head. Even turning about-face during platforming segments is lavishly rendered. When I pointed this out to Yohalem, he informed me that one of the lead animators helped bring Assassins Altair and Ezio to life, as well as the Prince in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

With a European setting, two dimensional platforming, and a birthplace in the West, why is Yohalem calling Child of Light a JRPG?

“For me [JRPG is] a rule set,” Yohalem explained. “If you said we’re going to take RISK and make a game based on that, it doesn’t have to look like it. For us it’s a rule set that happens to have been made by the Japanese. Also the art is inspired by Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy’s original concept artist), at least on a loose level. We feel like this is a set of rules that hasn’t been used in a long time. We took that rule set and applied that to a very different type of experience”

Despite the distinctly different look, Child of Light’s includes a number of clear JRPG elements. Battle revolves around a timing mechanic similar to classic Final Fantasy’s classic Active Time Battle system. Your characters level up, and the game’s skill tree even reminded me of Final Fantasy XII’s License Board. Oh, and it’s not easy – your tactics will be tested in Child of
Light. I’m not ashamed to say I was wiped out during the demo… and that’s a good thing.

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  • NarcoSleepy

    It looks like a pretty enough game, but I detest JRPGs. I only played South Park: The Stick of Truth, because South Park. Hated the play style, but the material made it bearable.

  • Shakeslikecrazy

    Looks good! Is there a demo on the Xbox One?

    • ElektroDragon

      The DLC was actually up last night. BEFORE the game! Don’t you LOVE it?

    • Elan Gabriel

      Download the 360 demo, and if you like it get the X1 version. I fear the day of the X1 only games, as we’ll lose the demos…

  • ImTheMetalLord

    Are you kidding me? There is already a handful of DLC for this game and if I wanted the full game right now it would cost me over $31 for the 360 version. I’m guessing the same for the Xbox One version since the way the advertise it on Xbox dot com you can’t see all the dlc’s and the base price is the same. Passing on principle.

    • Michael Burden

      Only one of the DLCs looks like it adds to the story, the rest look like shortcuts and unnecessary to the game – they just make it easier. Still not a good idea to have story based DLC available on day 1 for a digitally released game – I could understand it if it was a pre-order bonus or came with a new purchase of the game. I’ll be passing for different reasons, mainly because it is a combination of my 2 least favorite gaming genres – JRPGs and platformers.

      • Peter

        the dlc looks a bit unclear. The golem one looks like it adds new material whereas the others look like shortcuts ala BF for sale. Which is actual stuff you can’t get in game for free? I don’t need to pay to cheat. The dlc looks kinda purposely vague

  • Colin McGregor

    herpderp too much money, boohoo. Now that the next 300 comments are covered loving this game so far. Worth the money without a doubt.

  • Peter

    I thought at 15 bucks it wasn’t that bad and worth it. Its a simple 2d side scroller with rpgs elements. Minor caveats though as listed below.

    So far seems nice and worth the 15 bucks. Only got as far as unlocking
    the sword and your companion and a few battles. Minor complaints i wish
    that the background was more distinct and you could actually tell which
    parts you can jump up onto since they seem to blend alot. Also the
    characters not speaking voice wise makes me wish i could hear them
    speaking as it feels kinda empty reading the text.

    Battles seem
    okay simple rpg turn based nothing complicated or fancy but decent.
    Mixed feeling on the look of the enemies as they look like simple flash
    game cutouts. You know the style where their limbs move like mannequins
    ala Bookworm adventures, numerous flash games. Has a cheap animation
    look. Again not that bad but still.

    Like how your characters sidekick is kinda like the rayman game ones and collects orblike lums.

    played with the crafting yet and kinda apprehensive not to screw it up.
    Might have to read a tutorial or get some help in that regard.

    Only played like an hour or so but so far not being let down with the feeling of having wasted the cash. Yes I’m looking at you Blackgate.

  • Claudio Ramos

    OK, fixed it. Region at the bottom of the page must be changed. However, it is not a very user-friendly approach.

  • Peter

    I’m still surprised to hear the hyperbole about the graphics being so amazing. Its just okay and never was there a feeling of omg this is so gorgeous. Pretty sure alot of that is marketing hype.

    • ElektroDragon

      Well it’s a lot better than the super pixelated indie junk we’ve been getting for the last few years.

      • Peter

        ehh..the waterpaint thing has been done before though not very often on consoles. That said it doesn’t really showcase very well here. Are the graphics pleasant yes they are. But all the comments and reviews before it was released made this thing seem like an object of beauty

    • Riddick Snipes

      No its not marketing. Its in 720p as opposed to 1080p like rayman.

  • ElektroDragon

    Xbox One wins this one. This game has 1000 gamerscore. The PS4 version doesn’t even have a single Gold Trophy, let alone a Platinum. So I’m opening my wallet for Microsoft.

    • Peter

      implying buying a game on achievements and gamerscore should be your sole purpose of getting it.

      I got it for x1 vs my ps4 simply because i have more games for it and i use the ps4 for exclusives.

      • ElektroDragon

        I am the opposite. Why would you use the weaker system for cross platform games? Do you LIKE playing your games at lower resolutions and frame rates?

        • Xenokai

          This game doesnt have a diffrent framrate or res and the graphics the same. 3rd party games that do run diffrent are stated so and even then it doesnt mean its the worse version. Trials Fusions better on X1 even tho its only 900p, why? the impulse triggers are very helpful on trials.

          • ElektroDragon

            Yes I agree. I bought Trials on X1 not PS4. Impulse triggers plus 1000 GS vs no Platinum.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      no gold trophy at all? wtf were they thinking. i am still not a fan of the trophy system but i like the one platinum i got from magnus.

      • ElektroDragon

        Wow! I salute you sir! I could not play Magnus more than 1 hour before I had to toss back in mail to Gamefly. And I only lasted 1 hour for the Trophies I kept getting. Atrocious game.

      • Mr&Mrs Ninja

        Mr. Ninja: You have the patience of a saint my friend. Magnus is just… just…never mind…

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      You and me both… now that I know there’s a demo on 360 at least.

  • ElektroDragon

    Why can’t the Xbox One get a demo like the 360? Wait, I know, it’s because you’ve reversed one of the best policies you’ve EVER had during all of last gen.

    • Lucky13X

      With the lack of demos, I use chat through Twitch and talking to folks to verify if worth buying.

  • Peter

    Can i get some clarity on the dlc if possible? They seem purposely unclear heard the golem one adds real new content i also heard the light and dark ones as well.

    Which are actual new things and not stat thingies you can already get in game

  • InfernoShade

    This looks amazing! Seems like a creative labor of love.

    That said I don’t know what the problem is with people being so negative. Too expensive, I don’t think so. I thought the Rayman games were awesome and they were the same price. And clearly this is of the same quality. Also the “I’ve seen this before”, come one that is the most overused comments. Even if you’ve seen watercolor style this is its own thing, and it looks beautiful.

    I’m looking forward to this game!

    • Peter

      i bought the game and only played a short while as i mentioned. I’m just saying that the graphics here are not as amazing as your led to believe from all the promos and comments i’ve heard

      • William Montgomery

        Everything I read said amazing art. Art & graphics are separate entities.

    • Riddick Snipes

      Clearly it is not the same quality. Not graphic fidelity wise anyway.

  • Peter

    BTW never meant to imply its not worth it; at 15 bucks personally i found it good. Only played like an hour but never was there that sinking feeling of ugh i wasted money on this.

    I was just saying that the graphics while good was kinda overhyped. They are okay but never blew me away in beauty. With all the hype i was kinda expecting this to be more visually amazing.

  • Lucky13X

    Stop so much bitchin’ The DLC content items is no different than Forza 5, Crimson Dragon or PowerStar Golf. Not essential.

  • Lucas Sanches Cestari

    hey guys, should i buy child of light now or should i wait for Plants vs Zombies:Garden Warfare be on sale? which one is better?

    • Peter

      have both its hard to compare ones a 2d platformer with rpgs elements the other is a online only fps. One costs 15 the other 40 bucks. Your q couldn’t be more confusing to answer =)

      • Lucas Sanches Cestari

        i mean, which game is more fun to play?

        • Raul Rangel


          • Peter

            again its really depends which you’d prefer. PVZ personally i think you’d get more life out of COL is like only 10 hours of play vs PVZ which is well mp so you play as long until you get bored

          • Lucas Sanches Cestari

            thanks Peter and Raul, i will wait for PvZ then

    • cbns

      Both games are great and worth their prices in quality but after 10-20 hours of enjoyment you have 100% completed Child of Light in hardest difficulty. PvZ is online game so you can play it a lot longer.

  • evilfangs .

    Shame it’s £11.99. I’ve had £10 in my Microsoft wallet for about a month now and I would have at least brought one of them had they been 360 prices at £7.99 – £9.99.

  • Michael Burden

    Xbox 360 says hello! You can try it there as there is a demo on that platform.

  • Ross Kemp

    For the people that are all about the graphics……..they are strangely not that great as advertised .
    Anybody else with me on this one ?
    Kinda hard to explain but hopefully others can back me up .

    • Riddick Snipes

      Here we go again. I have rayman origins and legends on my 360 and they both run in 1080p 60fps. They both look like magic. So here we have child of light that uses the same engine as both rayman games but for some reason only runs in 720p 60fps. The difference is very noticeable. There is no way child of light looks anywhere near as good as the raymans on the 360. You know why? RESOLUTION!!!! Why the hell couldn’t child of light be in 1080p 60fps on the 360? Its kinda like comparing the quality of Braid and both raymans. Child of light on 360 looks about as good as braid does. Their both 720p. There must be a reason why they chose 720p for child of light. I think it was purposely dumbed down so they could advertise 1080p on the next gens, because there is no way there is more going on in child of light than either of the raymans.
      Don’t get me wrong it looks great on 360, it just doesn’t look absolutely fantastic like rayman does.

      • Some guy

        Ubi-art is made by Michel Ancel and his team.
        This game is made by a bunch of people who never used it.(And considering Ubisoft hate for that engine, they probably had no budget)
        Ubisoft already said that they put a lot of time to get Rayman to run at 1080p 60fps on 360 because of how old it is, so it’s expected that an other team will have a hard time doing it.

        • Riddick Snipes

          If this is the actual reason then that’s truly disgusting. Why did they even bother hyping it up saying it uses the same engine and then use a lower res on the same console that displayed the game engine in 1080p two years ago. Ridiculous.

          • Some guy

            Well, it is Ubisoft we’re talking about, that’s to be expected.
            Almost every studios are flat out lying to sell their games.(Sony studios being the worst)
            Last case: Spiderman 2 had physic based webswiging that had to connect with buildings stated in interviews, turns out it’s not the case.

  • Peter

    yes i already commented only to be blasted on that one =) It’s still a good game regardless and worth it. It’s just i hear all kinds of glowing comments about how the graphics look amazing only to open it up and be under impressed with a meh feeling. I think the previews and marketing materials hyped up the graphics and made it appear nicer than it was.

    • Guest

      Geez man, how many times are you going to comment about that?

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    demo on X1?

    • evilfangs .

      Your comment to me got moderated ( who knows why ) so I’m going to answer you here. Bing rewards isn’t available in my region yet. ( Go figure, UK getting nothing again )

      • Mr&Mrs Ninja

        Sorry about that. Thought UK would have that by now.

      • William Montgomery

        At least you’re getting Marvel movies before the U.S.

        Look on the bright side?

  • GmailIsDown

    i’m so getting this one

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    Anybody that likes anime, wizards, and talking cats… FAIRY TAIL season 1 is FREE until 5/8 on Xbox Video!

    • Michael Košut

      Just in US ):

  • http://www.Bl4ckSh33p.de/ Bl4ckSh33p

    I think I will get it for Xbox One, need more games for it. :)

  • Sanpei

    This game’s combat system is so boring…South Park’s turn-based system was much better…I even did not finish the demo..Deleted…
    Gameplay ? Not exciting for me…But, style is good..Nice drawings…That’s it for me….

  • Yannick Gagné

    Played for about 2 hours, great game, simple and fun, the combat system is nice, not perfect but I like it. One thing I really like is that playing this is actually relaxing which is a good thing after a few Titanfall rounds. Soundtrack from Coeur de pirate is great. Only thing I think is missing is voice acting instead of only text but that’s a minor thing. Totally worth 15$ for me.

    • Peter

      I dunno i found it pretty decent. I mean at 10 hours for 15 bucks i never felt like i was getting cheated on this one. Its meant to be a short rpg side scroller. Agreed when the text appeared it had this weird air of silence, usually don’t mind in other games when the spoken text is written but here the lack of voiceover made it feel empty. Graphics weren’t as amazing as led on. Still worth it i think.

      Amazing how the x1 has a nice selection of kids/general titles like this including peggle,rayman, pvz,etc etc. Nice change from last gen yeah we got the usual bro shooters (BF,COD,TF) but i like how it evens out. Now just to get a few more jrpgs on this system to make my ps feel jealous.I would love to have this be the generation where xbox can diversify its title range more.

      • Some guy

        The 360 had Kameo, Viva pinata, Banjo, Rayman(raving rabbits), PGR, Amped 3, LEGO, a few movie game and others.
        Then they disapeard because they only take risk on console launch then go back to making money with BF, COD, TF.
        Expect the same fate for the Xbone.

        • Peter

          Yeah i know its too early and mainly wishful thinking for it to continue. Luckily i got the ps3-4 for the exclusives and rpgs and stuff i won’t likely see on xbox. I don’t expect the xb to divert from its usual bro games for the most part.

  • Xenokai

    The achievment called “Through the looking glass” is bugged on Xbox One -_- If you have more then 100 friend and followers combined you cant unlock it. The in game friend list to gift a item to can only hold 100, if you have more followers/friends then that it wont even bring up the list =/

    • Tevin Bell

      I was trying to find out y it was doin that gotta start deleting ppl

    • DToyz

      Guardians of Lemuria achievement is glitched on the x1 too.

      • evilfangs .

        It’s not. I have both the Guardians of Lemuria and Through the looking glass achievements on Xbox one.

        I don’t have over 100 friends so can’t test to see if that’s why it is bugged for Xenokia and him having over 100 friends but I unlocked that achievement with 50 friends.

        For the Guardians of Lemuria achievement you have to win a battle without Aurora which means you have to fight twice.

        Battle one: Swap out Aurora and have two different party members. ( Can do it as soon as you’ve got Rubella and Finn )

        Battle two: You will start without Aurora and just have Rubella and Finn ( unless you picked someone else ) then just win that battle and you will get the achievement.

  • Rinedog

    Since it is available on both 360 and One, why hasn’t a buy once play anywhere policy been implemented?

    • evilfangs .

      Because this is Microsoft not Sony.

    • That Guy

      Because Microsoft likes pushing away their users by being the cheapest cheapskates around.

  • Lucky13X

    With the lack of demos, I use chat through Twitch and talking to folks to verify if worth buying based on what I see.

  • Michael Košut

    Amazing game. I just love Ubisoft as a publisher, they have great games.

    • Guest
      • Michael Košut

        Far Cry, Prince of Persia or Trials said hi. Or The Division, The Crew, Watch Dogs in near future.

  • That Guy

    The thing is that I was going to buy this on day one, Then I saw how much Day One DLC there was and said “f**k that”. Seriously Ubisoft has some nerve.

  • That Guy

    I was also going to buy Halo: Spartan Assault the day I got my Xbox One but Microsoft said that that I would have to buy both(with no discount for either) if I wanted to have both the 360 and Xbox One versions. I only want the 360 version because I have friends who own it there for Co-op but no one I know that has Xbox One wants Spartan Assault. The sad thing is that they gave the poor excuse of “Licensing is the issue for that. They are console specific licenses and those don’t translate between the 2 devices.” All I got from that is “we want your money so we don’t give a s**t enough to fix this major flaw that our consoles have right now.” Whatever, keep making me regret buying your console and I want be staying with it for too long.

    • Peter

      I’d wait on the Spartan because it doesn’t personally scream must buy. I suspect this will be one of the free games when gwg starts on xone later on my gut tells me.

      As of now i would kinda treat the xone and 360x as 2 separate entities. Its considered 2 separate universes. There’s no guarantee with dlcs,season passes, games. Pretty much anything being cross compatible. Besides a few promotions ie: COD etc offering discount/promotion of cross platform i would seriously be certain you know which system you want to get for. Be realistic and don’t buy a 360 version expecting them to honor it as well for xone or vice-versa or even offer you a discount for it. Not sure what you mean by flaw? theres no cross-platform compatibility they claim of. Can’t feel any sympathy there. Unless you feel entitled to a free upgrade/discount which doesn’t exist. Its up to you if you wanna buy an xone game/dlc knowing it won’t be possible to use on the other system. Nowhere does ms claim anything to that regard

      I got the xone COd knowing there was less gamers and most of my friends on 360. I bought the pass and dlc knowing their was a possibility it couldn’t be transferred.Thats the risk you take.

      As far as the adapter thing yeah that was a sh—y and pretty blatant attempt by ms. But again apple does it with their connectors as well so they aren’t alone in those tactics. Lest we forget the gimped external limit of 32 gigs (really pathetic ms attempt to sell their underpowered/overpriced hd’s) So yeah sympathize on that one.Far from the first nor last time ms would put profits ahead of their customers

  • Gazza!!!

    I think I managed to break this. Got past the betrayal and past the castle door puzzle with no party members or the little blue guy only to get to a guard room being thanked for finding the path. Now I’m stuck, all alone with no way out, what a sad end to the story.