April 30th 2014 9:00 am PT

Xbox Live Gold Members Get Dust: An Elysian Tail and Saints Row: The Third Free in May

May’s set of free games for Xbox Live Gold Members will be Dust: An Elysian Tail and Saints Row: The Third.

Starting Thursday, May 1st, Dust: An Elysian Tail (normally US $14.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through May 15th.

Then on May 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Saints Row: The Third (normally US $19.99) for free through May 30th.

The “Games With Gold” program gives Xbox LIVE Gold Members 2 free games to keep each month. A new title will be available the 1st and 16th of each month.

Games with Gold, Xbox 360 By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • roozbeh, again

    Great games, will definitely renew my gold this month.

    Has anyone else noticed that when DoW sucks, GwG is good?

    • Michael Burden

      I actually thought the DotW (aka DwG) was pretty decent as I have been waiting forever for The Force Unleashed DLC to be on sale – only disappointed that the Hoth mission was not included as well. Also plan on picking up a couple of the Rocksmith songs that are on sale. I would have gotten the Lego games had I not already owned them all. Still better than last week’s sale, but then again that isn’t saying much.

    • Some guy

      Does that imply that the next 4 weeks of DotW will be worse?
      I’m scared.

  • http://www.kevin-fell.co.uk/ Kevin Fell

    Purchased Dust last time it was on sale. Excellent choice of games.

  • Harold Rivera

    Got to say that of all the games with gold this month is the one!!!
    Because I could not buy Dust, and now is free!!!
    Way to go GWG is getting better and better, 2 games I dont own( none of the previous also) and good games also.
    DOTW on the other hand…….

  • phil1234

    Damn, bought Early Access for Dust: An Elisian Tail AGAIN…

  • Darkhorse

    IMO, Lego games should have been 75% off. The games are too old and have been discounted at 50% far too many times to warrant another 50% off. If you want us to love you, you have to spoil us! :p

    • Some guy

      Even at 75%, it would only put them at the normal retail price beacause they are overpriced.

      • Peter

        agreed ms even when they discount still meets about at the level of what the current marketplace value is. Ms doesnt really discount vs “appear” like they are discounting.

        Kinda like when you go into a store and they claim 25% off and you realize its after they inflated the value by 50%

        Ms your not fooling anyone with these for show sales.

      • Michael Burden

        Retail price for NEW is practically the same as what is listed normally on Live for those games. You cannot do a fair comparison between digital prices and USED game prices. Do you go to Macy’s and expect them to match Goodwill prices on the same item?

      • Darkhorse

        At 75% off they would have been $5 and that to me is a deal worth talking about.

  • Some guy

    I guess it’s neat that for once they put a game that wasn’t on a sale, too bad it’s the worst Saints Row game.
    For those who wonder why it’s a bad game: half of the game is a bunch of tutorial missions, a quarter make no sense and the rest is great.
    Also less then a quarter of SR 2 content.
    But I guess if you never played a SR before, it’s going to be mediocre to good depending if you play the missions or not.

    • Tracy Babb

      I found this to be the best Saints Row game. To each his own though.

      • Darkhorse

        I liked the leveling in it and also found it to be quite fun.

  • todd Wright

    this is a GREAT month. dust is a really fun game and i’ve never payed a Saints Row game thanks larry

  • Sknots

    Oooooomgg!!!! Fuuuuucking awesome!!!

  • NarcoSleepy

    I’m probably in the minority, but SR4 was not that awesome, so I am not so excited about getting SR3, but I will give it a shot. Hell, it’s free and I don’t have it, so I shouldn’t be complaining. Have been interested in Dust, but never got around to buying it, so this is a good month for me.

    • Synklare

      SR4 was an okay game at best, the whole concept of having powers just took the series in a completely different direction and whilst it offered some fun, the whole point of having vehicles in the game and customizing them was taken away, along with using weapons.

      SR3 however was actually quite a fun game, I’d recommend downloading it. It’s far better than the fourth game.

  • evilfangs .

    So what kind of game is this Dust then, genre, art style etc?

    Shame it wasn’t SR4, only game I didn’t buy out of the Saints Row series.

    • rhooper

      Genre: Metroidvania
      Art style: 80’s Saturday morning cartoon

      I totally recommend!

      • evilfangs .

        From the screenshots it looks like a 2d / 3d adventure game, is that correct?

        • rhooper

          Not really… the gameplay is totally 2D.

          It fits the same category as Super Metroid, Castlevania SotN, Shadow Complex, Strider…

          • evilfangs .

            Cool thanks.

    • Does Not Equal

      The art style is rather like manhwa, albeit done by a Westerner.

  • rhooper

    Luckily, my Gold account expires only on 16th… I hope I have time to download Saints Row, as I already have Dust in my collection

    It would be a relief if SR came first… but, well, I will check then.

    • Brian Eyekon Koehler

      You do just download it on the 15th it usually appears around 8 or 9 pm eastern standard time

      • rhooper

        Hmm… your info is a little different from the guy above.

        And yours pleases me much more :-)

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Your gold subscription will run out on the second it turns the 16th on GMT. Which is before the time the game will become available. MS does everything based off of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Which is 7pm EDT. The game will become available after that. Sorry to bring you the bad news.

      • rhooper

        Damn… I will keep my eyes out on that, anyway…

        Thanks for the info.

  • Professor Oak

    I am mostly glad that I don’t own either title, but this is still a letdown for those who enjoy racing and fighting games, don’t get me wrong, I am excited to be playing both of these titles for free, Just please think of other gaming Genres that have not been represented.

  • David Edwards

    Saints Row The Third is an excellent game if you liked the first two. I’ve been curious about Dust so I’ll be checking that out. Thanks Microsoft

  • John Smith

    Very nice – my free PSN games fell a little short this month, so this will make up nicely.

  • Mark Capell-helm

    Dust, not a bad freebie played the demo and been tempted to buy it a few times when its been on sale (glad i didn’t now). SR3 hmm (gets ready for flaming) this was given (rented if you insist) on another device august last year not massively impressed with it BUT it will be better to play using the 360 controller. so all in all still GWG is improving month by month but still not up there where it needs to be to really compete. Going in the right direction though, how about a decent RPG or even better a JRPG but not a FF game as they suck nuts now

  • http://gh.linkedin.com/pub/kenneth-yaw-agyeman-badu/1b/351/482 Kenzibit

    Why the switch? Retail games usually come on the 1st then arcade games on 15th but different now.

    • Professor Oak

      They can do what they want…

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      I thought it was random. I can see 2 MS guys putting names in a hat and putting up whatever.

  • Digiadam

    Meh. It’s an okay selection. However you cannot beat the price. ;)

  • amnesiac

    Well I’m happy. Two games I never played before.

  • Benjamin

    Not bad. Already have Dust, but that’s not their fault.

  • TT

    Can I get these games with an Xbox Live trial?

    • Professor Oak

      No, it has to be a real xbox live membership (at least 1 month) Trials are not counted as gold.

  • Benjamin

    I wish they’d let us pick two from a list of five or so games. Sucks when you already have the games for gold.

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      They should create a poll or survey every month. But even though I have both I think this month is great.

  • Pasajero82

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!!! SR3 Rulezzzz!

  • baconcheeswhiz89

    saints row the third was amazing, never tried dust but i can say this is the best month of the year.

    • Ethan Holmes

      I actually thought SR3 was lowest point of the franchise so far.

  • Anthony Jocko

    Thrilled with the Games for Gold this month! Especially SR3. Can’t wait till the 16th

  • Blackbeard

    Never played Dust, heard good things though. Already finished SR3…..

  • Mark Tilbury

    nice choice of games not played either just wondeing though what about the online pass for sr3 to play coop will that be included or discounted???????

    • Darkhorse

      It’ll be included. All games bought from GOD contain the online component as all games on GOD are considered new.

  • Synklare

    Can’t go wrong with SR3, it’s a hell of a lot better than their fourth installment.

    From what I’ve heard, Dust is actually a pretty decent game. A few friends picked it up cheap during the Ultimate Games sale a few months or so back and they were impressed with it.

    Not a bad month this time around.

    • Some guy

      And here I thought they fixed everything wrong of SR3 in SR4.
      What did they ruin this time? Made even more mandatory mini game missions instead of actual missions?

      • Mr&Mrs Ninja

        No… they just got crazier and they added super powers! I liked it but a lot of people didn’t get why they got crazier. Volition wanted to set it so far apart from GTA… that they just went to far. They are “considering changing our vision on the next installment”. Hopefully they reboot it like they did with Tomb Raider! Hope they make it more gritty like Dead Rising 3 did. I don’t know… just don’t want to see more aliens.

        • Some guy

          If it’s just that I don’t really care, I gave up on Saint’s Row having a good setting when everyone left and the only who stayed tought randomness was the pinacle of humor and said SR2 was a huge mistake.
          What ruined SR3 was the terrible campaign, more then half (if not 3/4) of it was only mini games.

      • fallouthirteen

        Yeah, feature-wise, it’s not worse. I personally feel the game was an improvement over SR3. They just put more fun stuff into it.

  • David Drummond

    Dust is a great game. I bought it and was not disappointed, Still have yet to play SR3 so I am happy to see that on here. It’s the first free game so far that I hadn’t had previously so I am happy.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    Damn. I wish it was Saints Row 4! Oh well.. Enjoy Saints Row 3, everyone. It’s great.

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      I have always supported THQ games so I bought almost all their games since day one or least til they hit $10 or $15. I’m glad they did this though… now I have a back up copy in case one my friends steals the disc. I bought Dust a few months ago when it was on sale for $3 and loved it.

      • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

        I’m kind of glad they did this too. I never got the online pass, so now I can actually play co-op. :p
        Also, I just got done watching the video review for Dust. Looks awesome. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Guest


  • Jun

    As game grump Arin would say: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

  • Jay

    Thanks! Great titles.

  • Jerrod Branson

    I have both of the games, and they’re okay, I guess. Dust being the better of the two. Question is, are people going to be able to get the online pass for free too? People will be looking forward to playing this with friends because it’s free, but be disappointed when they see they have to still pay $10, or try and raid Gamestop for a code.

    • mouse2482 .

      All games bought on Xbox live comes with the ability to be played online without needing a online pass

      • Bryn Osborne

        I had to grab the download for online play when I downloaded Borderlands 2 off of the marketplace.

        • Rick Rickste Peters

          he’s talking about xbox live games not retail games

        • mouse2482 .

          The only thing that borderlands 2 require is some compatibility packs that was free to download

      • Lucky13X

        Some games like some from 2K require an online pass if game not bought new. EA games were this way, but the passes are now free.

  • lassenwolf

    So Ms is just following PS. Saints row 3 has been free on Plus for months. And I have sr 3 and 4 on 360.

    • Too Coup

      Free? Yes.
      Forever? No.

      Imagine if you was the first person on the Internet to make this dumbass comparison…

      • Mr&Mrs Ninja


      • teethintored

        If you was lol

    • Disturbed_Court_Jester

      Can’t complain, we haven’t seen many decent games that are this new with GWG, so I’ll take it.

    • GrumpyCat

      actually it’s not “free” you have to pay for the ps+ service to access the game, where as if I stop paying for gold Ill still have the game to play.

  • Alejandro Morales ☠

    Hahahahahaha, I’m so happy for Saints Row… I was planning to buy it the next week, thanks MS

  • CXK

    I haven’t played SR3 so thats cool.

  • StonerSmurf420

    I’m not realy familiar with dust but from descriptions I’ve heard its just a crappy sidescroller that if any1 wanted to play something similar their could play 1 of countless super Nintendo games. Saints row 3 however I’ve heard is kinda similar to gta before gta started sucking at the start of the 360/ps4 Gen. Dust ill check out in hopes that I was misinformed…. saints row 3 ill probably end up getting and keeping if its as good as I hear.

    • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

      83 on metacritic. Safe to say it’s not a “crappy sidescroller”.

    • slasaru

      Dust is kind of Beyond Oasis game on Sega, if you remember, but 2d.
      I would love to see that game isometric as well, would only benefit to it.
      It’s a good, kind fairy tale

  • Chuii4You

    Nice one, two games that I never played before. :D

  • ZOMBI3

    For once I don’t have the titles. However, these are scraps that have been on the big sales list more than once.

  • Professor Oak

    If you go to the website, the price has changed to free for Dust, just an FYI

  • teethintored

    Does anyone know what’s going to happen if support ends in 2016? You don’t really get to keep them forever if you have something happen to your hard drive. Just saying because I don’t plan on buying an Xbox one and I’d like to get my hundred or so games back if something happens in the future.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      They are currently working on making the Xbox One backwards compatible and allowing us to store digital games purchased for the 360 on the Cloud. At least that is the rumors and saying they are working on it don’t mean it will be done.

      • teethintored

        Thanks, If that’s the case maybe I will buy an Xbox one. I see you on thexblig all the time. I wish I could keep them too :(

      • Some guy

        Considering the time it take to just make external storage, the xbox one will be dead before it become backwarp compatible.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Said the pessimistic poster!

  • Aidan

    Man! Bought Dust for $3 recently. No big deal, but if I had known… Really happy SR3 is gonna be free. That’s a game I was never gonna buy but always wanted to play. Great choice. Now if only Just Cause 2 went Gold…

  • Killz

    Have Saints Row 3 but no Dust!! Happy they made Dust be free first.

  • Thee Gooch

    I’m excited to see these titles as I’ve read good reviews on both. I didn’t plan on buying them as I’m mostly playing the top sellers like Halo series, Bioshock, Alan Wake, Gears of War, etc before buying a next gen console.

    I’ll keep these on my HD to play even after I get the XBO or PS4 ( I haven’t decided which ) .

    Thanks for the free games, Microsoft!

  • Chumeblack


    • Sigognac

      Sehr interessant, in der Tat.

  • Death Dealer

    Thanks for Saints Row The Third, didn’t have it for Games on Demand yet.

  • Alex Tran

    Fidget will be pleased.

  • Michael Košut

    Thank you, Microsoft :) You rock this year.

  • https://www.facebook.com/janko.haluska dolnodon

    anybody wants to guess, which game does Slovakia get, instead of Dust? if you guessed The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, then you’re spot on.This discrimination is really irritating.

    Luckily for MS, I have my Gold membership until January 2015… It wasn’t a total waste of money, but time to time it makes me think I didn’t have to switch from PSP, and could have even saved a ton of money.

    So thanks MS, of making me remember my PSP days – and I am not talking about switching to PS(N)…

    • Does Not Equal

      The Dishwasher series is excellent. As substitutes go, you lucked out and got a good replacement.

      • https://www.facebook.com/janko.haluska dolnodon

        I’ll give it a try, that’s for sure, but nevertheless would like to have the same digital copies available as other countries, or at least other countries here in the EU…

        • Some guy

          Don’t worry, I assure you that MS hate everyone equally.

          They just have different way to piss us off depending on the region.

          Vampire Smile is like a 2D Bayonetta, extremely fast game, but the tutorial is so slow you might have problem getting through it.(In my case the lighting is an eyesore)

          • Peter

            Agreed just laugh it off as ms being ironic ms. Pretty sure its nothing personally intended. I’m eastern european (Polish) and if i saw that i’d laugh about it personally. Besides that game does look kinda interesting and think it looks better than dust imho. Besides not sure what discrimination your referring to exactly unless you reading way too much into it selection wise. Would have loved the banjo and halo wars other regions got as well. We’ve been begging ms for banjo for awhile now.

            Hope we eventually get it as well.

      • Jan Václavík

        Having purchased Dust at launch, I would take The Dishwasher myself.

        • Dave Breadner

          Yep, same here.

    • Guest

      DUDE The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile IS FREAKIN AWESOME i think if you try it you will like it

  • Rob Clarke

    Still no news on games with gold for xb1 ????
    Here’s hoping we here something at E3.

    E3 has to be massive for MS this year . GWG for xb1 would be a good start.

    • Synklare

      It’ll happen, but not anytime soon I reckon. It will probably end up being a rental service similar to PSN for the XONE.

      • Rob Clarke

        The PSN retail service is the better idea. I’d be fine is MS when the same way.

    • Skode

      Retail prices are still sky high for Xbone games… for the best part publishers will not want to give stuff away for free while the competitive market has yet to force prices down. It WILL come to Xbox One as a service but the console is not even a year old yet so i wouldnt hold my breath for the near future, well unless they go PS route and offer a lot of a subscription service instead where instead of a free game = free game instead its free game = as long as you pay for Gold.

      • Silas

        While I know you’re right, if they went ahead and implemented it, it WOULD give a little positive light on the game console that’s pretty much done everything else wrong. :/

    • Brenny Bren

      I believe we will hear GWG announcement for the Xbox One during Microsoft’s E3 press conference. I just hope the offering is good