May 13th 2014 5:01 am PT

This Week’s Deals with Gold

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 19 May 2014.

Xbox One

Content Title Content Type Discount %
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Xbox One game 25%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. This Xbox One deal is valid for Xbox Live Gold & Silver members.

Xbox 360 Deals with Gold


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Dead Island Games on Demand 50%
Dead Island Riptide Games on Demand 60%
Black Ops II Season Pass Add-On 50%
Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Nuketown Zombies Add-On 50%
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Arcade 66%
Plants vs Zombies Arcade 75%
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Games on Demand 33%
State of Decay Arcade 50%
Read Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection Add-On 75%
How to Survive Arcade 50%
Zombie Driver Arcade 75%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Xbox 360 Square Enix Publisher Sale


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Thief Games on Demand 25%
Thief – Booster Pack: Ghost Add-On 33%
Thief – Booster Pack: Predator Add-On 33%
Thief – Booster Pack: Opportunist Add-On 33%
Thief – The Bank Heist Add-On 33%
Thief- The Forsaken – Challenge Map Add-On 33%
Tomb Raider Games on Demand 55%
Tomb Raider Adventure Pack Unlock Add-On 50%
Tomb Raider Online Survival Pack Unlock Add-On 50%
Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack Add-On 50%
Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack Add-On 50%
1939 Multiplayer Map Pack Add-On 50%
Lighting Returns:  Final Fantasy XIII Games on Demand 50%
FF LEGENDS Collection Add-On 50%
The Samurai Collection Add-On 50%
The Premium Collection Add-On 50%
Hitman: Blood Money Games on Demand 67%
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Games on Demand 67%
Battlestation Pacific Games on Demand 80%
Just Cause 2 Games on Demand 67%
Dungeon Siege III Games on Demand 75%
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Games on Demand 75%
Quantum Conundrum Arcade 67%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. These publisher deals are valid for Xbox Live Gold & Silver members.

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  • xPutNameHerex

    PvZ: GW on the Xbox One has split-screen right? I literally just got a second controller yesterday, might be worth looking into.

    • AaronionRings

      Yeah it has split screen and that’s exclusive to the Xbox One version apparently. It only supports split sceen on the Garden Ops game mode unfortunately but it should make for some decent co-op fun at least.

    • A. J.

      Don’t buy the game for local co-op. The one co-op mode is fun, but very limited. The game is great, and I think worth the money. But don’t buy it if you are mainly looking to play local co-op.

  • Gazza!!!

    The cycle of a few crappy weeks followed by one really good week continues. I just wish they would space these out more.

  • Shakeslikecrazy

    Good list!
    Wished it was the CoD:Ghosts Season Pass though.

  • Kenzibit

    Can someone please tell me if Kane and Lynch is good? I know multiplayer might be dead now.

    • Shakeslikecrazy

      The game itself is good and the multiplayer is indeed pretty dead with a match here and there from time to time.

    • Some guy

      The AI is pretty terrible, game doesn’t look great, story is interesting, the missions are varied.
      it’s a good 6/10, but you probably won’t play the SP more then once

    • Shiftymorgan

      I found it worth a run through especially in co-op. (split screen only I think)

      There a couple of parts in there that were pretty cool.
      But get the idea of robbing loads of banks and massive heists from the trailers out of your head I am afraid.

  • Jessie Pozos

    Better than last week. Thanks

  • AaronionRings

    Nice, decent deals there on the 360 and I just got an Xbox One a few days ago and was looking to buy Garden Warfare. Only £1 more expensive than the physical copy so I think I’ll be picking this up.

  • Fonix

    Looks pretty good, lots of deals!

  • Maritox

    anyone that played titan quest played Dungeon Siege III ? I need that game…

    • Darkhorse

      Comparing Dungeon Siege III to Titan Quest is just wrong. DS3 can’t touch TQ with a 1000-ft pole. DS3 is a really bad game. And, yes, I have played it. DS3 is nothing like the first 2 games.

      • Maritox

        I think the same… I just didnt like Diablo 3, How to survive was a promise but i didnt enjoy it much, the fonts they use (and in many games) look so tiny on 42″ tv…. becomes a pain..

  • DrToker

    Quantum Conundrum doesn’t show up with a discount yet. I’d like to play it today in one sitting, so I hope it shows up soon.

  • Rick

    This is a great Sale! FF Lightning Returns! Garden Warfare! Tomb Raider! WOW :D

  • Some guy

    And Hitman Blood money still isn’t on the Canada Marketplace.
    Thanks Microsoft.

    • Ack_Ack

      Doesn’t look like it’s going to be. I just tried to download it from the MS website, and was told “This offer isn’t available in your region.” I don’t recall this ever happening before.

      • Some guy

        It happen a lot, at least the game has a page, if you try to find Wartech on the xbox live you get nothing, the game doesn’t exist.

  • gerblanski

    Is Garden Warfare on One still populated?

    • mcmax3000

      I played it recently, and I had no issues finding a match.

    • Nick Peck

      Yah I always find a match no problem. Fun game.

  • evilfangs .

    Plants Vs Zombies – 25% discount, Microsoft price, £34.79
    Plants Vs Zombies – New from GAME, £26.99. Trade it price as it stands now, £14.

    • gerblanski

      Its £25.99 with the discount.

      • evilfangs .

        Why does it still say £34 then when it says discounts are valid now through till May 19th?

        • gerblanski

          Try quitting the store then going back in.

          • evilfangs .

            Yea just refreshed, now I see it saying £25.

    • Some guy

      You’re talking of the Xbone version or the 360 one?

      • evilfangs .

        Well I said 25% discount which the Xbox one is offering, but the price is actually £25 but some reason it took a while to update the discount price for me when I checked.

  • Some guy

    Does Deus Ex contain the Director’s cut changes?(I’m guessing no because MS, but still asking)

    • Darkhorse

      It won’t. Microsoft, unlike Sony, does not have things bundled with games (no digital Ultimate Editions for example).

    • Shakeslikecrazy

      No, all GoD games are vanilla.

  • Darkhorse

    Riptide for $12 is okay at best, but I see no reason to buy it as I got it a while ago for less than 5 bones on PC.

  • Sean

    Just Cause 2 is still full price.

  • Beano

    I feel genuinely bummed out every time a sale happens with nothing I am interested in

  • Cagateybaila

    I think i’ll get State Of Decay. I liked the demo and I think it’s worth 9,49€

  • WWFMankind

    Everybody should play PvZ:GW… one of the most fun online shooters I’ve ever played!!

  • Brenny Bren

    I own PVZ:GW, and I’m happy its on sale this week. It’s a great game, and I hope others give it a chance. I may just buy this game digitally and trade in my physical copy. I hope Rayman Legends or Assassins Creed go on sale soon.

  • lassenwolf

    Plants warfare is a great game but it says for gold or silver. That’s funny how do u play plants on silver when it’s only online and what else is there but gold or silver.

  • Maclawyer

    Whenever the same game is discounted on the 360 and on the X1, the 360 gets a bigger discount. That`s such a disrespect for the early adopters of the new system. If it`s the same game, why the hell the user has to pay more on a different system?
    Lesson learned: I won`t jump into a new generation again until things settle down. I don`t like the feeling of being ripped off in exchange for my support.

    • Some guy

      Yea, how dare they make 9 years old console games cheaper then a less then a year old console.
      Just saying, early electronic buyers never get anything good, it’s been like that since the first computer.
      Better late then never I guess?

  • coldmilk

    wish there were better deals for Xbox One games, had Garden Warfare been $20 it would have been an easy purchase for me. Here’s hoping Microsoft can make up for this once Games with Gold for Xbox One launches…and by that I mean, hold off on giving away Lococycle and Halo: Spartan Assault until after everyone forms their first impressions.

    • Peter

      You know thats inevitable those two titles right? Ms throw in fighter within and color us surprised as far as the big title I suspect the first real gwg AAA title will be something like ryse which alot already have and should be low enough for ms to hand out by the time x1 starts it. Hence I wouldnt get it if you havent yet

      • coldmilk

        That was written like an hour before today’s big announcement, in terms of the Xbox One’s B-catalog of games, I would be really happy if they had Powerstar Golf and Zoo Tycoon. Also willing to bet Kinect Sports Rivals will be an inevitability at this point.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Actually, according to “Xbox The Official Magazine” that can be found at totalxbox dot com “Microsoft has announced the first free Xbox One gamesyou’ll get as part of the Games with Gold program – Max and the Curse of Brotherhood from Press Play, and Halo: Spartan Assault from 343. They’ll be available in June.”

  • Lucky13X

    Not going to make any more XB1 digital purchases(unless 75% off) after realizing I could get a better deal with retail disk and I can share disks but can’t share digital.

    • signifyingmnky

      You actually can share digital. Anyone can play on your home console with their own GT, and they can play on any other Xbox under your GT.

      • Lucky13X

        Ok, that is true.

  • Some guy

    That’s neat, with the money I’m not spending on GOLD I’ll get Battlestation Pacific.
    I’m also guessing Just Cause 2 and Quantum Conundrum will vanish from the list with no explaination any time now.

  • Guest

    just the 360 version of PvZ?

  • Professor Oak

    Neither Plants vs Zombies or Quantum Conundrum have been discounted, unless 14.99 is their discount price

  • x$NIPERx

    Hmm.. How’s that Deus Ex? Might get it since it’s $5.

    • Darkhorse

      Deus Ex is amazing and is a steal at $5! It got an 89 on Metacritic!

  • BlinkFandango

    I didn’t buy anything, but just came in to say good job, much better than the past few weeks. If I didn’t own a lot of the stuff, I’d be picking them up now. Thanks for stepping it up a little MS, hopefully this keeps up.

  • Peter

    Nothing interesting here but think ill grab the ff dlc before it shoots back in cost

  • Darkhorse

    State of Decay was not free; I think you’re thinking of Deadlight.

  • Some Person

    Just Cause 2 is still being listed for $15… pricing on this (pretty meh) sale is all off.

  • ltsJoeMama

    Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is really fun. I highly recommend it.

  • King

    Oh Tomb Raider & Deus Ex, not bad at all.

  • Angel

    Some of the games are still not dicounted whats going on

  • Brad

    With GTA5 recently setting the bar for open world games… how does Just Cause 2 stand up against it? I was thinking of getting it and the reviews are good, just 4 years old …

    • Lloytron

      Just Cause 2 is excellent fun. A bit repetitive at times and you can’t compare it to GTA V but there’s a lot to do. I’ve actually bought it 3 times!

      • Brad

        Much appreciated! I’ll give it a shot. At that price it’s hard to pass up… Tomb Raider too.

    • Riddick Snipes

      Just cause is unbelievably good!!!

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      REALLY FUN! And the DLC is cheap!

      • Brad

        I forgot that I had Bing Search money and ended up getting Just Cuase 2 for FREE… it’s a great game!

  • Lloytron

    Wow, I was going to lay down full price on PvZ yesterday. Glad I didn’t. Bought and installing :D

    • Snook

      I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale, had a sense it was going to be soon. I almost bought it last week cause I couldn’t wait much longer, but bam!

  • Darkhorse

    You guys have a typo: it says Lighting Returns lol

  • Darkhorse

    lol. This was my original post, but I deleted it. Why did it come back up as a guest post? lol

  • itsjustme

    True, they need to give customers incentive to buy the Xbone. Why “waste” money on the new console when the old console always has better deals? Look at all the deals this week for the 360! There is only game discounted on the Xbone. It’s still more expensive than the 360 version.

  • James Hale Steele

    is dead island riptide worth 11.99? not sure if i should buy it lol

    • evilfangs .

      No I wouldn’t pay more then £5 for it, it’s a horrible game, worse then the first one which is saying something.

  • Sigognac

    Battlestation Pacific seems very interesting in its style
    Any opinions from planes amateurs ? It would be appreciated.

  • ImTheMetalLord

    I meant to buy Quantum Conundrum way back when it came out but life or whatever got in the way and I never did buy it and had forgotten about it honestly. Any game that John de Lancie (Q from Star Trek TNG) voices is worth it but this game is a great puzzle game and at $5 it’s a winner winner chicken dinner.

  • itsjustme

    Saint’s Row: The Third is now FREE to Gold members. 6.86 GB download.

    Saints Row 2 – Gold Price: $11.99 – 40% off

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      sweet, a back up copy!

  • That Guy

    I wanted to get Thief but of course the Xbox One version isn’t on sale. Oh well. My 2nd Xbox One game will most likely be something else.