May 27th 2014 5:01 am PT

This Week’s Deals with Gold

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 2 June 2014. Please note FIFA 14 and Killer Instinct deals that began last week are also still valid.

Xbox 360 Deals with Gold


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Earth Defense Force 2025 Games on Demand 33%
Star Trek Games on Demand 67%
Aliens: Colonial Marines Games on Demand 75%
Alien Hominid HD Arcade 50%
Lost Planet 3 Games on Demand 66%
Aliens vs. Predator Games on Demand 68%
Alien Breed Episode 1 Arcade 50%
Alien Breed 2: Assault Arcade 50%
Alien Breed 3: Descent Arcade 50%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Arcade, Deal, Marketplace, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Games On Demand By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Barry Csonka

    Everyone should pick up Aliens: Colonial Marines. It’s truly a masterpiece and for such a bargain price you’d be crazy not to ;)

    • Gazza!!!

      One of my proudest 100% GS.

      • Shiftymorgan

        and so it should be if you managed to stick through it.

    • Peter

      Obvious sarcasm

  • Gazza!!!

    Looking forward to next weeks dawn of a new age of Gold on the X1.

    • Nick King

      I thought it was June 9th that started?

      EDIT it doesn’t specify a date I’ve just checked, just says June.

      • Gazza!!!

        June 9th is the kinectless X1 but I’m assuming it all begins the 2nd June when the current X1 DOTW ends.

  • Death Dealer

    I think I might pick up Lost Planet 3. I remember playing AvP but never being as good as the old Rebellion games were and don’t even get me started on Colonial Marines.

    • Some guy

      Just so you know, LP3 has nothing to do with the first 2.

    • fallouthirteen

      If you were a fan of LP2, skip it. I enjoyed the first, really liked the second, and found the third to be kind of boring. I’ll just say it’s NOTHING special.

  • Cagateybaila

    I think they should change the name to “LookingForwardToNextWeek’s Deals with Gold”

  • Brenny Bren

    Does Games With Gold for the Xbox One start next week?

    • Nick King

      I think so.

      We’re pleased to bring Games with Gold to Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One in June. Members will have subscription-based access to free games ranging from top hits to breaking indie stars. The program will launch on Xbox One with “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” and “Halo: Spartan Assault.” A single Gold membership will get you access to the free games for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

      • Exclusive Discounts. Deals with Gold will also launch for Xbox One in June, delivering discounts for great games each month, with significant savings for Xbox Live Gold members. The first titles offered in June will include “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Ryse: Son of Rome,” and a few other surprises. This program will continue to be available for Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox 360. And new on Xbox One, we will launch a virtual VIP room exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members where we will feature free games, monthly deals, and other great benefits.

  • Beechbone

    Nothing interesting really, and again nothing for X1 except for last week’s deals? I really hope that they will drop the big bombs on the first week of June as promised in recent announcments.

    • GamerResentment

      EDF2025 isn’t bad and actually scored well. Cheesey multiplayer fun but maybe not for everyone for that price. I might get the alien breeds and alien hominid though.

      • Some guy

        EDF is pure fun, no cutscenes, no story, no grimdark setting, no graphix, just endless waves of giant insects and robots blowing up the city.
        It’s a pretty weird compared to “realistic” military shooters like COD and BF.

        • Bush

          i love it myself. mindless blasting of thousands of insects. it’s a low budget game that should have a low budget price tag, like the first 2.

          dont know why they have EDF2025 on sale at what should have been its retail launch price. EDF games were always €29.99 brand new.

        • Jaffa Cake King

          EDF 2025 is an awesome game. I’ve played 279 hours and still not finished it.

        • GamerResentment

          Agreed. Bought it day 1 ^_^

    • AaronionRings

      I feel this is a missed opportunity to put Powerstar Golf stuff on sale to promote the free version that’s just been released. It’d have certainly got me trying out the game a lot quicker and I enjoyed it, I’d be far more inclined to upgrade to the full version or purchase a pack while the prices are down.

      I don’t like sports myself and I don’t have the patience for learning fighting games so putting these on sale for another week does nothing for me. I’m sure some who missed last week will pick stuff up but I’d guess that those who were going to purchase this stuff on sale would have done so last last week.

      Still though, Garden Warfare was on sale a couple weeks ago and I’m enjoying it immensely now so I don’t mind waiting a bit for a good deal every now and then.

      • fallouthirteen

        Yeah, after trying the free version I thought if it ever goes on sale or full version gets on GWG, I’ll play it a good bit.

        • AaronionRings

          Yeah it’d just make sense with the timing as well. I’ll bet a lot of people will enjoy it but will wait on a sale then either forget or stop caring by the time it does go on sale.

          Here’s hoping they put that stuff on sale soon-ish. I’ve not had a go of the game myself yet but I’m half tempted to just wait until the dlc is on sale so I have an incentive to stop playing Garden Warfare.

          It looks fun either way and I don’t mind too much about the sale myself, I just feel it’s a missed opportunity.

  • Jon Taylor

    F this I’m done, buying a ps4 like the rest of the world, Microsoft….you suck!

    • Modroneman

      Good! We don’t need your negativity here anyways!

    • Carl segin

      ishhhh maybe not now. This week Sony’s deals are worst.

      • usrev

        um…. no that is wrong… limbo free already beats all these sales.

        then a bunch of rayman games are on sale, persona 4 golden on the vita is only $20 too. the ps4 sales are kinda lacking, but since I see no xbone sales here they win there as well.

  • Mitchell Hall

    Pretty pumped to start getting games with gold on xbox one next month!

    • Hyecto

      Be ready for plants vs zombies! So psyched, right?

      • Mitchell Hall

        Um.. actually the first month is max the curse of brotherhood and Halo spartan assault.. but yes plants vs zombies would be great. that’s an awesome game. I really hope you weren’t being sarcastic?

      • wookster

        Plants vs. Zombies is basically the best game on Xbox one at the moment.. I’d be stoked to get it for free

        • Jorge Garza

          The best one is Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag!

          • wookster

            Although I’m currently playing AC4, I disagree.

        • llortretsam

          Plants vs. Zombies > TitanFall

          • wookster

            Unfortunately, yes. PvZ is far better than Titanfall

          • Professor Oak

            I’m dying hahaha

          • wookster

            Good luck with that.

          • Professor Oak


          • llortretsam

            Not saying PvZ is something amazing, but let’s see where start as to why TitanFlop sucked, it brought nothing new to FPS genre, it’s like the developers said hey let’s copy the s*** out of COD(or attempted to) and take the mech idea from Halo 5 to try to differ it from it(to avoid lawsuits), there are last gen games that look way better visually than it does, the game play is sluggish and it has no campaign. It’s no surprise that its player count is declining as fast as it is.

        • Carnage Rules

          That’s crazy talk

  • Beano

    Gordon Ramsay shakes his head and quietly mutters, “Damn.”

  • Rick

    Alien Hominid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D !!!!!!!!!

  • Peter

    is alien hominid worth it at 5? got CC and that was fun but i dunno feels like it should be a little less looks like the kind of game we’d get with gwg.

    Also AB 1-3 look kinda fun from videos and at the price might grab them

    The rest look kinda meh. EDF looks interesting but at 30 i’ll pass. Looks like a game that will eventually drop to bargain bin 20 eventually. AVP got average reviews so not sure there. Thoughts on whats worth it

  • Cagateybaila

    “LookingForwardToNextWeek’s Deals With Gold”.

  • Kravex

    I’m not one to knock games as developers put time and effort into making them and obviously not every game can be a 9 or a 10…. but Aliens: Colonial Marines is truly awful.

    • fallouthirteen

      I’ll give any game a chance (I liked Duke Nukem Forever) and even I thought Aliens: CM was just terrible.

  • mauszx

    Space games and there is no Mass Effect DLC or games, oh but there is Lost Planet 3, Star Trek and Aliens Colonial Marines, everybody’s favorites!!!

    • Jan Václavík

      ME3 DLCs were part of EA sale few months back.

      • mauszx

        Not the Omega DLC

  • Peter

    i dunno its only 50 megs seems awfully small. I know size isn’t always an indicator of quality but still. How long is the gameplay?

    • renslo689

      it is a great game man, get it.

    • Sknots

      Its really old, one of the oldest arcades i believe…since its an arcade metal slug style you cant expect it to be really long but it has a lot of replay value, grab the demo and give it a try

    • Stephen Nowak

      I have a copy on ps2 and its a fun game I think its better than castle crashers. I’m going to buy alien hominid in hope of online community.

  • Guest

    Too bad no really good space/alien games like the Mass Effect series or XCOM.

  • CDMAss

    deal of the weak

    • Riddick Snipes

      Beautiful. Just gorgeous.

  • That Guy

    How is it that Colonial Marines is one of the worst if not the worst game released last year yet its still pretty high priced for both the physical and digital copies? Yet when Brink came out it was down to $7.99 after only like 6 months and it was still a way better game than Colonial Marines?

    • Peter

      ? The games already 10 bucks or so for the hard copy. Least thats what I paid for it and that was for collectors edition

      • Peter

        Ms always charges weirdly for digital. Where u seeing high prices for hard copies??? Everywhere it seems 20 and under for it only paid the 10-15 because it was low enough that I wouldnt cry over it even knowing how badly it was reviewed

      • That Guy

        You’re not understanding the issue with Colonial Marines. It is a much worse game yet it has had higher prices (everywhere) for much longer than Brink which is superior but still a bad game.

    • Peter

      10 bucks amazon wtf u talking about

      • That Guy

        I bought it used for 2.99 used when the new copy was $7.99 at gamestop(before they raised the price which yes gamestop does for games all the time). So Brink, a much better game used to be cheaper than Colonial Marines.

        • Peter

          Who cares they both ultimately sucked and both quickly hit the bargain bin price. whether one game costs a few bucks more or less at the bottom of the pile is irrelevant.

    • usrev

      colonial marines collectors edition was like $20 2 months after it came out.

  • ElektroDragon

    With one or two exceptions, these are some of the worst games ever made.

    • That Guy

      The Alien Breed demo I played years ago was really bad, but that was for episode 1 so they may have improved, Alien Hominid is like the only good thing on here, AvP is supposed to be good but I heard the servers aren’t very well maintained anymore.

  • NarcoSleepy

    I look at this as a good break so my wallet won’t feel so guilty picking up Watch_Dogs today.

  • Sigognac

    By curiosity. Does some of you have an opinion about the game Star Trek ?

    • Yards

      Not worth a penny.

      • Sigognac

        At this point? It is very rare that a game is not worth the efforts put in its conception. It seems like an adventure game… Is not it?

    • Peter

      got it for like 10 bucks physical. At that price i didn’t have much to lose. It’s just okay, kinda bland but not that bad to be honest. Its a game you play between games when you have a little time to kill. I wouldn’t say its ACM bad, think more along the lines of DNF if you get it really cheap its worth a shot. But its by no means a suckfest. At full msrp i woulda felt cheated but at the price i got it wasn’t really that bad.

  • Some Person

    Even at $10 Colonial Marines isn’t worth it. How is Aliens vs Predator?

    • イサム オミナエ

      Is horrible too.

    • Kravex

      I think you mistyped a ‘1’…

      • Some Person

        Eh, I give it at least a $5 value just for Michael Biehn. I’ve heard his delivery is pretty bad but it’s still Michael Biehn.

  • roozbeh, again

    Thanks MS, never felt so good to keep my money.

  • cubs223425

    Yay, 0 One deals this week! This will go great with my recent acquisition of a Wii U. It looks like I’ll maybe pick up Watch Dogs, while making Mario Kart and Donkey Kong the likely-primary purchases.

    Hopefully we get legitimate Deals with Gold on the One as we move into June. I just had a birthday and graduation, and I’d like to have an excuse to buy some games. Of course, knowing the history of these “Deals,” they’re going to brag about a $20 discount on a launch game like Ryse or Dead Rising, which you can probably pick up for $40 on most days with an Amazon price match at any retailer.

    • Peter

      Agreed usual ms discount policy take a game thats already 20 off start with original msrp of 60 knock 20 off and pretty much match current price brag about what a steal it is. Also i’d watch what games get discounted soon ie: ryse as its possible they will becone gwg possibly. Ms has been known to have those sales as a last attempt to squeeze out cash before they become free

  • Guest

    Alien Breed Trilogy was fun to co-op and Lost Planet 3 was okay-ISH. The rest is nope for me.

  • Álvaro Ortiz Porras

    FIFA and KI again?? omg…

    • Gazza!!!

      It was announced last week they would run up till June 2nd…

    • Michael Burden

      not “again”, more like “still” as this was already announced as a two week sale.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    instead of just saying that this is not good, i will also add that i am ready for june to come so i can get my hand on some free x1 games. i never bought max so i am just “waiting” on that. prob won’t even play because of my high back log that i am swiftly narrowing down.

    • Peter

      yeah bought max not really thinking gwg would include this one regardless even at full retail it was a nice enjoyable game and worth the price. As far as Halo SA well i think anyone could have guessed this one as GWG; glad i held off on that one.

  • spideymp

    Some Xbox1 love please !!!! I pay the same amount for gold, would like to see some similar value, even just a little bit anyways ;-) (I know there’s not as much content yet)

    • Peter

      As you are well aware there’s not a huge amount of content. Just be patient it’ll come. Besides with june coming up I’m sure there will be more x1 sales and stuff coming.

      • usrev

        I’m sure they can cut a few dollars off some of the launch titles. it doesn’t have to be a massive sale after all.

    • MossbergShottie

      You pay the same amount for gold? You do know that your Gold membership is for BOTH 360 and One, right? You wont see much love for the One as it is a relatively new system. There isnt much they can offer.. Same goes for PS4

      • spideymp

        If you read my post, I am well aware that there isn’t as much content, but there still plenty there to offer some discounts so MS can relieve me of my cash :-) I am also aware that gold is active for 360 and One, that’s all well and good if you have both consoles!

        • Mr&Mrs Ninja

          In June X1 will get more love…including 2 free games.

  • Mikael Soltaniha

    I don’t want to seem like a cheap fellow, however, could you guys please lower the price of Crysis 3 on the Swedish Xbox Live Marketplace? It’s still 699 SEK (which would equal $105.. with our taxes, that is lol.. or a brand new release of a game..).

    Please? :l

  • renslo689

    edf is $60 sale price here in oz. GoD prices are such a jest. they should always be cheaper than retail. gta5 is still at $105 pathetic

  • digitallife

    Been hoping to see AC4 as a deal with gold…new game coming in the fall and this one came out before other games that have been put on sale. One can wish tho

  • Dave Hurt

    Wow that’s a truly impressive selection of games on sale… Some great classics! Nearly makes me want to re-join XBox Live.

  • Matěj Gottwald

    Guys, you got me again this time – AVP downloaded (since I am a fan of the original AVP and AVP2, I must have bought it at some point), actually the game is much better than expected!

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      yep it is good. though you can buy a brand new collectors edition for $10.

      • Mr&Mrs Ninja

        Mr Ninja: Where? I’ve been tryna find 1 for a min now.

        • Professor Oak

          Game stop, but I think that promo is over,

          • Mr&Mrs Ninja

            Mr Ninja: I found 1 for $20 new thanx Oak

  • itsjustme

    The day this deal became active, I quickly bought Tales of Vesperia while it was still on sale. I just wanted to say thanks for the delay on removing the previous week’s deals. I completely forgot about the game, as I was caught up in school and Deus Ex. It also gave me a chance to see the new deals and make a last minute decision on purchases.