May 29th 2014 6:14 pm PT

Worms Battlegrounds is Now Available on Xbox One

Strike Suit ZeroContent: Worms Battlegrounds

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Worms Battlegrounds brings friends and families together in the noble pursuit of self‐improvement, world domination and exploding sheep. Worms Battlegrounds is the biggest and best Worms game to date – more worms, larger landscapes, more dynamic water, more weapons and more customization items than ever before. It features beautiful high definition 3D visuals (but still retains the classic 2D gameplay) with new lighting effects, new features to help users interact socially, exciting additions to improve the single player experience, and more of everything a Worms fan could want.


For more on Worms Battlegrounds and its SmartGlass integration, check out Xbox Wire.

ID@Xbox, Xbox Games Store, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • deadbox102

    I want Worms! Seriously, I’m getting this.

  • todd Wright

    I Love worms games but for 25$ yikes i’ll wait until it goes on sale

    • coldmilk

      or better yet, the new version of Games with Gold! I can dream, can’t I?

  • Winter soldier

    What a joke in Australia its $69.95 for a psychical copy

    • todd Wright

      sorry bro but that’s an lol

    • spideymp

      That’s why I picked it up digital? Rarely, if ever that I’ve seen a MS digital copy cost less than physical. This one was even at half cost to physical too!

    • Nick Peck

      Man I really feel for you guys down there, the prices you guys list make me verp :(

  • Vanstrom

    Not Worms related, but not sure where to ask it or how to get someone from Microsoft to see and answer it: Why is it that when watching movies downloads don’t progress? I understand it not downloading if you watch it on Netflix or some App, but on disc shouldn’t stop the download. I hate having to sit on dashboard doing nothing while something is being downloaded.

  • ElektroDragon

    I love Worms, but no way am I paying $25. I’ll buy this version unless the PS4 version has a Platinum.

    • beardyman3218

      I think it will be a gwg after a month or two of poor sales, I really want it to do well but I’m not going to pay for it at that price and I would think most people would feel the same.

      • Nick Peck

        Agreed. I have been playing worms games since the very first one many moons ago, but at that price I’ll do what you are doing, holding out. I’m starting to get the feeling that I won’t be buying any smaller games anymore because eventually they will be “free” and I’ll just get po’d that I had spent money on them lol.

  • stamps79

    Fan of the series, but I think @ 25.00usd that’s a bit much in my opinion. I’ll definitely pick this up, but I’ll wait for a sale.

  • fur low

    For $25 this had better be 1080p..

  • Carnage Rules

    where are you guys seeing $25.00, I’m seeing $24.99

  • GmailIsDown

    you charge $25 for this? are you nuts?

    • Dalibor Kollár

      or check this out: Angry Birds Star Wars for 35E? They gotta be kidding. I have it for free on my mobile phone.

  • evilfangs .

    Hahaha £19.99 for a worms game. Nope.

    Game will flop with that price and I’ll be waiting for when it does to get it for free with GWG.

    • Guest

      Oh yes, let’s drop the entire industry to rental value. Thank you Sony! Phil Spencer was right, it will unsustainable. With Sony copying the 2 games per month approach MS just announced, I think MS should double it. Let’s see which company bleeds their money out first. Tip: it won’t be MS.

      • Death Dealer

        ^This, basically. MS could dump their entire catalog under the GwG renting umbrella but then we’d see the industry crash in no time. It’s a bubble that will burst at some point and then we won’t be thanking the one who started it.

        • Nick Peck

          Thank the new age “gamers” for being cheap self entitled _______ (I cant type what I want to say there lol). It’s because of the “gamers” that hold companies hostage on social media these days are the reasons why the dev’s feel scared in having to do so much free stuff, then run the risk of said “gamers” getting mad when they have to supplement income with micro transactions.

          Thank the newer “gamers” that have no clue how real life works or how this industry works…

          • Death Dealer


          • evilfangs .

            This comment make no sense when you add in your other comment.

          • Nick Peck

            The “younger” crowd vs. older games like me who don’t think I’m owed anything and everything… there’s a huge difference between generations and you never saw issues like this in the past that you do now.

  • Nick

    As a huge fan of Worms, I don’t really mind the price. I know it’s really steep though. I’m sure there’ll be a price drop/sale or maybe even a “free with gold” deal for it though. :)

    • LeoKurtz

      And I´ll wait for the drop or sale to buy it.
      Definitely playing it thought, just not at full price

  • David Monzon

    Just like everyone else, I was looking for like 10 maybe even 15 but 25$? Screw that I’ll wait till it’s on games with gold.

  • wookster

    around $34 digital here in Australia. Good luck with that.

  • yassine db

    Wait, is there differences between the digital copy and the retail copy.
    The retail copy on amazon is €10 more expensive compared to the digital copies. Well that’s a good start if all games start coming at 10 bucks differences.

  • beardyman3218

    I am a big fan of the worms franchise but charging £19.99 for it is ridiculous. When are MS going to step in with these digital prices, this is not going to sell well at that price point which saddens me as I want it to sell. But I won’t be paying that much for it.

    • Nick Peck

      Again, MS does not set the prices unless it’s their games which Worms is NOT. Blame the dev, not MS.

      • beardyman3218

        I’m not blaming ms I’m saying they need to do something about other deva charging ridiculous prices for digital games.

        • Michael Burden

          Seeing as it has the same identical price on Steam and PSN, I’m not sure how you come to the conclusion this price is ridiculous or that it is Microsoft’s responsibility. I remember paying $50 for Worms games on my Dreamcast and original Xbox, and enjoying every minute of them.

          • beardyman3218

            I’m not saying it is ms responsibility but if they want digital games to sell well they seriously need to sit down with publishers and discuss their price points. This is 2014 you can’t charge £19.99 for a worms games when you can get so much more content from other games at the same price point.

      • Mike

        Yes they do, its their distribution platform just like a retailer sets the price on their shelves. Do you work for MS and know for a fact they dont set the price? MS set the price and get lots in license fees.

    • Jaffa Cake King

      For once the digital price is cheaper than it is in the shops.

  • Ross Kemp

    State of Decay : Lifeline DLC is now available via in game menu .
    Colour me happy :)

    • Death Dealer

      Thanks for that!

  • Senses Failed

    An ID@xbox title too, sent out to die due to the price. It’s one step forward, two back with you isn’t it MS

    • roozbeh, again

      It’s not like they set the price, now is it?

      • Death Dealer

        I think we are going to see prices rise more often this gen, simply because smaller games like this will be put out for rent soon enough after release anyway.
        I don’t think many ever thought of that. Good for the gaming consumer doesn’t always equate good for the gaming industry.

      • Senses Failed

        I imagine MS “helps” them decide on a price bracket, in fact who’s kidding who, i know they do

        • Death Dealer

          Yes, MS indicates at what price they think it might sell enough copies to make it a profitable release, but it’s ultimately Team17 that decides if they go throug with that, they are the developer and more importantly the publisher themselves. MS is merely a distributor in this case.
          If it had said Publisher: Microsoft, then I would have wholeheartedly agreed with you.

        • beardyman3218

          MS doesn’t have a say in the price, the only thing MS have done is provide team17 with an avenue to distribute the title team17 have set their price and its the wrong decision. Stop trying to blame ms for digital prices every games price is set by its publisher. The only game ms had a say in the price was forza and that was priced the same as retail.

        • Michael Burden

          Considering the game is the same price on PSN as well as Steam, you’d be wrong in this case.

    • Death Dealer

      Your senses have definitely failed this time. MS didn’t set the price.
      Bicker all you want, people wanted a rental solution, they got it.

  • Peter

    As mentioned yeah 25+tax for worms is a bit high up there. At 15 I’d grab it but yeah think I’ll wait for the inevitable sale Hopefully there wont be many snapping at that price and th3y will be forced to bring it down within reason

  • Peter

    Would love a hardcopy but 50 for a game that only mildly interests me no thanks. Hopefully it drops fast in price

    • Michael Burden

      Digital is only $25. There’s the digital discount everyone hard been clamoring for!

      The only hard copy I saw on Amazon was the UK import, which could account for the doubling of the price as I don’t see any season pass or DLC included in the description like Trials Fusion had.

      • Peter

        Agreed either way hc or digital way too much. Grabbed the trials hc only because I like it like that and included the sp. I suspect most will pass on this at that price forcing the price to come down

  • Mr&Mrs Ninja

    Is this game worth it? I don’t know anything about the Worms franchise.

    • Death Dealer

      The game is great fun, but has been out on the PC (€23 on Steam) for quite some time titled Worms: Clan Wars. Team17 somehow likes to confuse their customers by renaming their titles when they hit consoles.

      • Peter

        The games a cute little addictive scorched earth type game fun in mp. Its mainly the price that seems to be the issue. Like angry birds it can be fun but the high price makes people repel back. I want a hc but theres no way id pay 50 bucks. I”ll grab it if it ever drops to 20 or so hc. This isnt the kinda game I go omg I gotta have this and I can easily pass this

        • Michael Burden

          The game is only $25 – where are you getting the idea that it is $50?

          • Peter

            I specified 50 for hc ( hard copy) ;) I would like a hc but thats way too much id pay 20 for a hc and for the digital 25 is still too much also a better price would be closer to 15 or less

          • Peter

            There is a hard copy version also as well you know

          • Michael Burden

            I did see that afterwards (see my later post) and I wasn’t sure what you meant by “hc” when I wrote that. Afterwards I did see there was a UK import for it on Amazon, though none for NA (North America). Not sure why there is that much of a price discrepancy however.

  • Nick Peck

    Off Topic, but has anyone seen anything about possibly being able to download Xbox Moives / Shows to the hard drive yet now that external thing is out (or will be soon to everyone)? I hate having to always stream and was hoping we would have the download option on the XBO like we do on the 360. Just wondering.

    • Death Dealer

      Well, the partitions on external media don’t allow other file types for the moment.
      If I’m honest they probably never will as it could become a cheat and piracy risk. There will be support for other partitions with those files and Xbox video/music files might be supported on the game partitions at some point. I spoke a while ago with MS support about the possibility of downloading their videos from the Xbox video store to the Xbox One and said it would be a possibility in the future and would be like it is on the Xbox 360, but isn’t on the high priority list for the moment.

      • Nick Peck

        I’m sure when they “flip the switch” to allow movie downloads you can save it to the external HD no problem. It’s just like the games, if you aren’t signed in it wont work, unless they lock movie downloads somehow to the internal drive only (which I’m cool with). I’m sure they have it mind since you can do it on the 360, but yah, probably just lower on the list at the moment which I pretty much figured.

  • Schniebel

    Favela is recycled from MW2. WTF?

    • deadbox102

      The name should’ve given that away.

  • jsjodoin88

    put more cheaper and I buy it !!! LIKE 10$-15$

  • Gazza!!!

    Even with GwG just around the corner for the X1 im still happy to buy digital games if they are fairly priced. This is one example of it being over priced so I guess I will hold out for now.

  • Jon Taylor

    20 quid for Worms!??
    Lol….do one

  • deadbox102

    Whoa! Didn’t realize the price. I’ll wait on this one.

  • Thad Vein

    I would buy it for $15… but $25 seems too steep for a worms game.

    Maybe it’ll be free in a few months (games with gold). I hope so.. I already bought Halo & the Max game… so I won’t be getting anything free in June.
    I guess it serves me right for buying mediocre games when they are first released.

    • Peter

      yeah woke up this morning saw it on dashboard i was like wow thats looks nice they ported worms to the 1 thinking maybe i’ll grab it. Eyes look down and I’m like yeah…i don’t think so

      I think this won’t be a big seller at that price so prediction is soon this will be on sale with a price reduction. Or maybe just maybe it will try to pull what golf did and break it into pieces and call itself F2P and go back up in price like a stubborn idiot who can’t accept the fact that its worth maybe 10 bucks tops.

  • PittaMan

    I never payed $15 on 360 for a Worms game! Certainly not paying $25 for one anywhere. CRAZY!

  • Jon Taylor

    The thing is, people are crying out for new games to play on their new console, and if they’re decently priced they’d sell by the millions. But £20 for a Worms game is just asking too much, if they made it £12.99 or something…people would buy it and their profits would reflect this, it makes no sense at all to over price digital games. Are they stupid?