May 30th 2014 9:56 am PT

Xbox Live Games with Gold for June 2014

Next month, Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to a total of five free games on Xbox One and Xbox 360. As Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently announced, June’s system update will debut Games with Gold on Xbox One, with Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault. We will announce specific dates that these games will be available soon.

On Xbox 360, Xbox Live Gold members will receive a bonus third title in June to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Games with Gold. Starting Sunday, June 1st, Dark Souls (normally US $19.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through June 15th.

Then on June 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download two titles, Charlie Murder (normally US $9.99) and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (normally US $29.99) , for free through June 30th.


*Titles are available as free downloads for qualifying Xbox Live Gold members in all markets where Xbox Live is available. Some regions may offer different titles depending on market availability. 

Games with Gold, Xbox 360, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Moises Munoz

    I’m all prepared to rage at Dark Souls. :D

    • マリオ

      Honestly it’s only hard the first time. Just be defensive and evasive until you level up. People online will aid you in your journey. Humanity is everything.

      • Moises Munoz

        Ah, thanks for the tips bro. I’ll find out first hand tonight.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          I’m downloading it now….it’s available free already FYI.

          • Moises Munoz

            Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! Let me check because it’s 9 pm here at my town.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Yep I started downloading it at 10pm my time.

            It’s slow but I’m about 1/3 of the way done

          • Moises Munoz

            Yep you’re right it’s right there, thanks man. :)

  • HGamer

    It’s 1st June already in my region. Has the X1 GwG download started yet?

    • ImTheMetalLord

      X1 GwG don’t have a start date yet. It will be available when the June update is released to the public and then they will announce the dates it’s available.

  • Bogdan Bushovsky

    I can’t
    download Dark Souls. It says that region of the game
    is not compatible with the console region. I have PAL console. Any ideas, what should I do?

    • UKG

      I’m having the same problem. I’m in the UK. Appears on the dashboard but won’t let me complete the “purchase”. Hasn’t happened to me before with GWG, so not sure what the problem is. Says it is region locked.

      • Bogdan Bushovsky

        It’s kinda unfair. I had the same problem with gwg Civilization Revolution. Support says, that they can’t do a thing. I have a gold membership but can’t download a game. So what’s the point of gold memership?

      • Matěj Gottwald

        Do you have both EU console, EU Xbox Live Account/region? I have EU console but US account and I cannot download.

        • UKG

          I’ve got a US xbox that I use in the UK. I moved my account to the UK marketplace. Hasn’t happened to me before. Seems a bit disappointing, given that it is a paid service. What happens to the US servicemen living on European airbases and so on?

  • plnkfloydian

    Gamer tag plnkfloydian, looking for partner(s)

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Yea ummm your profile looks new and bairn and this sends up red flags for most players since there are some that pull off shenanigans on the Xbox 360. I’m talking both your Disqus and Xbox profiles. Good luck with finding friends.

      • itsjustme

        bairn = barren?
        bairn = a child

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Oh victim of auto correct.

          Thanks fixing now.

    • deadbox102

      May I suggest trying a club or a different kind of website. :)

  • DavidinCT

    MAX is still showing $14.99 for me….Oh, not available yet ? When ?

    • ImTheMetalLord

      If you are looking at the Xbox One version its because as stated above.

      “We will announce specific dates that these games will be available soon.”

      It looks like it will be available after the June update on the Xbox One.

      And if you are looking at the 360 version…well it’s only going to be free on the Xbox One.

  • DaveF

    I’m getting “Save file version differs from game version…” anyone else getting this, and is there a fix other than deleting all my progress?

    • Desert Crawler

      It seems Microsoft/FROMSOFTWARE changed the Games on Demand version. This version does not asks for a title update.

      • Desert Crawler

        People with old saves can move the save to another storage device and keep that unplugged or avoid selecting it. Meanwhile a new file must be created and avoid purchasing the DLC or ask/beg for a refund.

        • DaveF

          Shot in the dark here, would buying Artorias dlc force an update, thereby updating my savegame, and making it valid again? P.S. I don’t cheat, or hack my save-state, or anything, it’s just that I haven’t played in a while, my savegame is from the original disc version of the game.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            I don’t think that would work because as I stated above they re-released Dark Souls on 5/21/14 so it’s completely a different version. They did that to me on Wolfenstein 3D.

  • Desert Crawler

    Major, or anyone that can draw his attention. The free GwG version of Dark Souls does not seeks for a title update. What this does is that you cant play a purchased DLC. Also, if you already had a save file, it wont be compatible since it is missing the patch it needs.

    • Death Dealer

      That’s weird. I finished Dark Souls with Artorias of the Abyss a few months ago and it was the GoD version as it was on sale a while ago. There were updates for it back then, know that for certain, so there must have been something that broke it since then.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Yep this is a different version that was re-released on 5/21/14. If even shows that date on Xbox dot com. That happened to me before on Wolfenstein 3D and I still only play off my old game of it but they re-released a newer version. Mine isn’t even supported anymore but I can re download it anytime I need, thank goodness.

      • Desert Crawler

        I see: “ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE: 10/4/2011″ on Xbox dot com, overview 2 of 2.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          I copied and pasted below right from xbox dot com

          Dark Souls™
          RELEASE DATE: 5/21/2014
          SIZE: 3.83 GB

          You’re just looking in the wrong spot. In fact that up there shows the original release date that they had to include but in fact this is a different version.

          • Desert Crawler

            My bad. I was looking at top of the page. The date you posted is, as you copy/pasted above, near the size, rank, and price of the game.

      • Carl Johnson

        That doesn’t help me actually use all my other save files.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Sorry but I don’t think you will be able to use your old saved files on this new version.

          • Carl Johnson

            Well that is beyond stupid.

    • Ken

      So I guess we are getting the cropped version with some missing features that would normally be on a disk, in order for MS to save some bandwidth. Not updatable….not good.

      I’m also getting this error as well from my old saves….not happy as I don’t have the original disk anymore, and I wanted to start off where I last left off in the game. Now all those hours are gone if there isn’t a fix released.

      • ImTheMetalLord

        ACTUALLY it’s a version that has all the updates on it already.

  • Brian Bradford

    I can’t even download the free version of dark souls, when I log on to my 360 the only thing that shows up for games with gold is an ad “go gold, get games” even though I’m a gold member.

    I go further into the dashboard and find the “games with gold” area and it still shows Saints Row the third.

    Anybody know whats going on?

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Do a search for Dark Souls and it will show it is free with gold if your gold everything is good on your gold subscription.

    • chiron69

      Wierd, sounds like your Gold-status isn’t fully activated or something…?

  • Carl Johnson

    So when you get the “this save file is from a different version” message, can I ever use my old saves?

    • Desert Crawler

      Only if you play with the disc or earlier digital (downloaded, according to others here, before 5/21/14) versions. Those will check, download, and recognize the latest title update (patch) available.

      If you have a character you want to keep, just move that save to another storage device.

      • David K

        Having the same issue… had to use my disc based copy till the newer GWG version gets the patch. Funny enough people unpatched while play with those unpatched.

  • Onyx Hunter

    Will it even have an update?, i noticed that this is an older version just by the fact that the corpse in firelink shrine has 1 humanity instead of 3. Also, the amount of bonus souls you get from defeating bosses is beyond stupid, i googled the notes on the updates and the 1.06 changed this. Hence, the GWG version doesnt have this update.
    So my question is if it will even be updated.

  • Sknots

    Good, it seems i will be busy invading some rookies :3 they gotta learn the bad way (just like i did ): ) AWESOME GAME!

  • Dether0ck

    I’ve been trying to download the game for a day now. Keeps accepting the download and starting in my active downloads, only to stay at 0% for 10 minutes, then fails and a little message saying “Can’t download Dark Souls” comes up… it’s infuriating. I assume this is a region lock? I live in South Africa so I assume we have EU consoles which are PAL. It’s an awesome game and I’d really like to have it in my collection… is there anything I can do at all? Does this mean that pretty much every xbox out of America’s region can’t download the game, coz that would be a dumbass move by Microsoft seeing as that’s like half the world.

  • Dether0ck

    I’ve been trying to download the game for a day now. Keeps accepting the download and starting in my active downloads, only to stay at 0% for 10 minutes, then fails and a little message saying “Can’t download Dark Souls” comes up… it’s infuriating. I assume this is a region lock? I live in South Africa so I assume we have EU consoles which are PAL. It’s an awesome game and I’d really like to have it in my collection… is there anything I can do at all? Does this mean that pretty much every xbox out of America’s region can’t download the game, coz that would be a dumbass move by Microsoft seeing as that’s like half the world

  • VrystaatMan

    Yes we in South Africa are having problems. I got to 44% then suddenly a “Can’t download” prompt appears. Have tried everything, it won’t download, so why could i start it in the first place? Is it suddenly region locked, or is there too much traffic from Microsoft too be able to download? Please clarify Mr Hryb, we just want to know what the deal is.

  • Matěj Gottwald

    To clarify the region lock: the game really has a region lock. There is a different version of the game for US and for EU (basically like PAL/NTSC). Your Xbox Live account region must match with the region of the console, because the download is based on the region of your Xbox Live account.
    Example: If you have US account, you are downloading US (NTSC) version of the game. If you have EU (PAL) console, it won’t allow you to do it.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    i just bought demon’s souls on ps3 to complete the trilogy. still haven’t beaten a single one. one day victory will be mine. actually i just don’t have the time to put into them to beat them but man the souls games are just awesome.

  • Marcus Roof

    do this: 500gb or 1tb hard drive for 360, or allow external storage, or remove dumb 2x32gb flash storage limit…

    • chiron69

      Agree! I have two 320Gb HDD’s, 4 ( ! ) 32Gb USB-sticks, and ALL are full of DLC games! When will MS listen to their customers? We’ve been asking for a 1-3Tb (1 000- 3 000Gb) ;-) HDD for years now….

      • Matěj Gottwald

        The question is whether it is possible – whether Xbox 360’s architecture and OS even *can* support drives so large. And if not, there may be a lot of work needed (if not even rewrite big parts of OS). I’m afraid that is something MS won’t do at this point.

        • Ragazzon

          actually if you have unlocked you console it can automaticaly handle exteral storages up to 1TB (at least a friend said to me that he has this setup)… so there should be no need for updating OS or anything like that… but the real question is why would MS support that if they can make big money with the 320GB internal HDs? for example, in order to store games I’ve bought online, I already have 2 320GB HDs, and some games I had to delete…

  • DarkHarvenger87

    i have contacted bandai namco about the issue with darks souls GWG not playing your old save file, apparently the disk version and the downloaded version are two seperate formats, so the disk based can only play the disk based save ad the downloaded can only play the downloaded save and not vise versa. They are looking into the issue to resolve it and they will be in contact with from software about the issue. Namco Bandai said they will post on there forums page when the issue with dark souls has been fixed, there is no telling how long it will take to merge the two versions to make the compatible eachother, since they are still working on dark souls 2 and other game that have come out and yet to come out, please be patient and keep an eye out for the post about the resolution on Namco Bandai forums page. I hope this helps with everyones issues with the game, have a good day everyone and game hard

    • somerandomnoob

      why would you need the game if you already bought it

  • arrakis31

    Its so weird, apparently the games with gold version was updated to an older version. It use to work fine when not free… Non sense

  • syoo47

    Any details on when the Xbox One titles will be made available thru this program?

  • Peter

    might be wrong so feel free to clarify but they said when the june update hits; my guess is the 15th? anyone know for sure?

  • Cactus19

    I have zero interest in any of these games.

    • Digiadam

      Thank you for sharing that.

    • Jacob Rael

      We have zero interest in what you have to say.

  • MrMeowgi

    When is this going to be available? I just upgraded to Gold and I see nothing.

    On a related note, will the June update also mean the release of HBO GO on Xbox One?

  • Fraser Dunstan

    Is there any news yet as to when Games With Gold is going live, so to speak, for X1 gamers?

    • Digiadam


    • Ry L

      Well E3 is next week, so I’m sure they’ll announce it then.

    • BorkedUniverse

      It looks like both games are free as of right now once signed in…

  • MobileVortex

    Both games are free on xbone right now.

  • Kevin Fell

    Looks like you can purchase the XB1 games without an Xbox One. I hope they stack so 360 gamers with gold can build up a library before upgrading.

    I’m keen to know if this will actually ‘work’ but they both now read ‘purchased’ on the XB1 website.

    • Death Dealer

      Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Flavio Marques

    I cant seem to load my save, it asks me for the DLC to be downloaded again, i have never downloaded it before. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Carl Johnson

    So yeah, they’re giving us a really good game this time, but they couldn’t even bother to give it with the latest patch, nor compatibility with existing saves.

  • Ragazzon

    if you want to play the downloaded version of DS you have to delete your old save games (or chose a new storage for creating a new save game), as the old save games are related to the updated version of DS, and from GwG we get version 1.0, which is not compatible with the save game you have. I know that because I have exactly the same situation as you and this solved the issue for me :) (and btw, I’m from BR too)