June 3rd 2014 9:00 pm PT

Available Starting Today: External Storage, Real Names, Gold Benefits and More

The month of June will usher in exciting changes for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. The Xbox team has been hard at work on delivering the new capabilities we recently announced for fans, including highly anticipated Xbox One features like external storage, the ability to use your real name on Xbox Live, and improved SmartGlass integration. Both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 system updates will begin rolling out globally this week, giving fans more ways than ever to enjoy the best in gaming and entertainment with Xbox.

As Phil Spencer announced last month, with this update our catalogue of more than 180 apps and experiences (including fan favorites like Twitch, HBO GO, and Hulu Plus) across Xbox One and Xbox 360 will be available to everyone on Xbox.

Additionally, in the coming days, Hulu will begin rolling out a free 3-month trial of Hulu Plus for all Xbox Live Gold members in the U.S. Any Xbox Live Gold members who are not already Hulu Plus subscribers can sign up directly from within the Hulu Plus app and will receive a free 3-month trial of Hulu Plus. For more information, visit www.xbox.com/live

Finally, for Xbox Live Gold members, Xbox One has gotten even better with this week’s launch of Games with Gold and Deals with Gold. Start playing both “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” and “Halo: Spartan Assault” on Xbox One now, then be sure to check out the new virtual member area of the dashboard for the latest deals and discounts available exclusively for Xbox Live Gold members.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing what you think about these features and apps.

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Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • ElektroDragon

    Finally the storage update! User upgradeable hard drives would have been a nicer move, but I’ll take it. I’m sure my Xbox One exclusives collection will eventually grow large enough to require external storage. At least, I hope so.

    • chiron69

      I hope so too. ;)

  • Peter

    Thanks MS the external hd support works like a charm. Had to buy a new WD 4TB usb 3 since most of my drives were usb2. But can understand the usb 3 being a requirement speed-wise. My drive was becoming filled up (over 20 games) and had to hold back recently on having them all available library wise Now please unlock the 360 32 gb external limit and I’d be ready to celebrate.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      I don’t think that will happen but if they allow us to download and play our 360 digital content on the Xbox One that would be the PERFECT fix IMO. And I don’t even have a One yet but if I knew I could play my some 200+ digital games on the One I would buy it right away. I just don’t want to own two gaming systems and the 360 serves all my needs perfectly still.

      • Peter

        As far as the 360 hd limit being lifted for external devices? I’m not holding out hope for that considering how long people have been begging and pleading for it and ms’s deaf response. Which i personally interpret as ms purposely monopolizing to sell their own underspaced/overpriced drives Ie: like the headset adapter

        Regardless as far as the 360 games on the xbox 1? I don’t see that realistically happening because why would they. Besides having to develop and and ensure for bugs,etc etc. It wouldn’t be in ms or any of their developers best interest financially to ensure that. Much easier to make a user buy 2 seperate copies.

        So that one i kinda understand. Also I have no f’ing clue where people keep getting the (entitled?) impression that their games should work on both or be allowed to have their 360 copies work on x1. It’s two different beasts, two different universes. Hear people complaining that their season pass/upgrades heck anything digital gotten on the 360 should by default also be possible to access on x1

      • https://www.facebook.com/groups/ufswampaholics/ ehonda1

        Commenting on every post??? Troll material if I ever seen one. Posts a fake profile pic refuse to show himself?? LOL! Loser! Get a life dude!!! Girlfriend? JOB? Contribute to society?? Do something other than troll Larry’s post.

    • Lakerfanalways

      Since your new hard drive is working for u can u give me the model number for it since I want to get a reliable hard drive..have you noticed that the speed for loading games has increased on your external drive..and is yours USB powered or wall powered

      • Peter

        Its a WD My Book 4 TB. Not home so can’t verify exact model. It’s one of the recent models with usb3. Cost about 130 bucks just went to BestBuy and grabbed any usb3 4tb drive for decent price.. Works like a charm but for some reason it only saw the usb when plugged in the side usb on the left side not the ones in the back.Plugged it in went to system settings and formatted it there.

        Speedwise? Yeah loading appears to be a bit faster it seems. Which isn’t a surprise because the internal hd is slower than the usb.

  • beardyman3218

    An update on dlna, the ability to play music without snapping Xbox music and playing from an iPod as well as 3d blu ray would be great.

    • http://www.mtlscream.com/ Steve Belisle

      Yesss play music without snapping would be great…. And please put the 3D bluray support:) I’m waiting :)

  • beardyman3218

    Phil Spencer has tweeted that June software dev kits give access to more GPU bandwidth.

  • kingcrusher

    I want to use my MP3 (A Microsoft Zune of all things that won’t work with my Microsoft product) player for music. You did it LAST generation, why isn’t it there now? Frustrating to say the least. A major step backwards in user friendliness. Not good.

  • sold1erjjt

    Some items I would like to see implemented:

    -DLNA support. Need to be able to stream my content from my computer
    -Support for content over USB. Sometimes my network isn’t up to snuff so need to locally stream the content
    -better sleep/inactivity timer management (Xbox is basically on all night, I fall asleep to netflix)
    -faster way to navigate throughout the system with controller
    -I wish achievements didn’t go into a separate app. the 360 iteration was nice.
    -wishful thinking… backward compatibility would be nice
    And that’s it. System is a great console. Excited for E3

    • http://twitter.com/dat_gap_doe KaosTheory

      I agree w/ all of the above. Streaming content from my pc to the 360 is still my favorite choice because the pc that houses all of my content is a desktop pc in another room. I like scrolling thru my library from the 360.

  • The_Ricky

    Is anyone having issues with using the DVR button in the smartglass app? I have Uverse and the DVR button is dimmed!

  • Roujin

    I want to start off by saying thanks for finally bringing OneGuide to Canada with the latest update. There was literally zero fanfare made about this from Xbox Wire and Major Nelson despite the feature having been promised last month, but what’s important us that it’s finally here and it’s working…mostly.

    I’m still coming to grips with the TV functionality, and while there are several pros and cons that I will likely come across over the next few days bad weeks of using Xbox One to control my TV, here are the issues that I’ve found to be most pressing:

    1) Kinect is still not sensitive enough, even after re-calibration; in short, you literally have to shout at the Kinect to turn the Xbox One on, and you can’t watch TV without the Xbox One being on because it won’t pass the signal through when it’s off. Sensitivity is even worse when the TV is on, as you have to shout over the noise to be heard.

    2) Xbox One doesn’t support signal pass-through when off or in Instant On mode. Sometimes, I just want to watch TV, and I don’t want to irritate or wake up my wife if I want to watch a movie late at night. Allowing signal passthrough in Instant On sleep mode would alleviate a lot of problems and give simpler, direct control of the TV box back to family members who are intimidated by or simply don’t want to use Xbox One just to watch TV.

    3) There’s no way to just “Watch TV”. Why can’t I just say “Xbox, Watch TV” from the start, have the Xbox One turn on and go straight to the TV signal, instead of forcing me to first say “Xbox On”, then wait for it to boot up just to tell it to “Watch TV”? Xbox One can certainly enhance one’s home entertainment experience, but all of that is pointless if it gets in the way of the experience.

    4) Xbox One’s recognition of channels is horrible. It can’t tell the difference between “CTV” and “City TV”, substitutes “Discovery Science” for “Discovery Channel”, and even though it knows where I live it defaults to the versions of national channels that aren’t in my region, even if I say the name of the channel correctly. This is an area that truly needs work!

    That said, OneGuide works well enough that I’m still willing to let my Xbox One run things for now. I know it’s a work in progress, and I’m hoping it will get dramatically better and more user-friendly with time. Keep up the good work, and keep those updates coming!

  • trilogy10100 .

    ps4 owners will be in trouble with no external drives and the xbox one with unlimited external drives by 2.

    • http://twitter.com/dat_gap_doe KaosTheory

      You can change out the PS4 hard drive and upgrade it instead of having a usb 3.0 cable connected to an Xbox One. Not sure what you mean by unlimited external drives as you can only use 2 per Xbox One. I wish the internal drive was interchangeable.

      • Peter

        still not sure why they limited it to 2 though. Call me suspicious but is ms again trying to limit user options purposely. Why couldn’t they allow for more than an arbitrary 2? is there a reason for that

        • Nick Peck

          Between the two you can have upwards of 32tb lol, 16tb x2. I think that’s plenty.

          • chiron69

            Then why do I have 2 (packed) 320Gb HDD’s and 4-5 32Gb USB-sticks, and feel like I’m in a mess when I want to play? I want to know where my games are,for starters….:-(

        • Mike

          Two plugged in at same time, you can use more and switch them around. The 360 only lets you use two usb sticks at any one time, but you can still use more by switching them

      • trilogy10100 .

        ps4 max I think is 2tb and you can put put 2 4tb drives or bigger and also usb 3 is faster than internal drives.

  • Peter

    Well ultimately they could both benefit from more: PS with external options for storage and the x1 they could make so the hd can be swapped out also add support for more external drives besides 2. When will these companies stop being so damn protective and allow their users more options like pc users? Limiting users options is counterproductive in the long run and restricts users from using their consoles as they wish.

  • chiron69

    Is it true that I have to be connected to play my DLC games on the Xbox One, if I ever buy one? :-| If so, I probably won’t, unfortunately.. My 360 will live on until 2020. :-)

    • Nick King

      You can plug a 4TB drive in to the Xbox One, 256GB is MINIMUM.

      • Peter

        Agreed the problem is still the 360’s ridiculous limit. At least the x1 has an okay solution for now

    • Mike

      Wolfenstein is 44gb and when the next map packs come out bf4 will be over 50gb

  • http://www.runawaygeek.com/ Runawaygeek

    This is all pretty good news. The idea of being able to store my games on an EHDD is great, i could be extra nerdy and put FPS games on one, RPGs on another, Racing and sports on another etc.. love being organised! (will there ever be a white xbox one for sale?)

  • gamer04

    love the external storage update, i really hope XBOX VIDEO adds an update so that i can download all of my shows to the external attached drive like on the xbox 360

  • ImTheMetalLord

    When will the 3 months of Free Hulu Plus be available?

  • ZZyZer

    Is XBOX360 still limited 32Gb external storage? How pathetic… There is no new HDD for old revisions of X360. X360 users are betrayed just like WP7 owners.

  • clemo81

    Anyone else having issues with uninstalling and transferring data between the hard drives. Since I moved everything around call of duty ghosts won’t go past the loading screen and titanfall won’t log in. I’ve tried to delete or uninstall all game and dlc data but titanfall dlc won’t and the drill instructor dlc on ghosts won’t either which I think is stopping the game progression