June 4th 2014 2:04 pm PT

Major Nelson’s Pre-E3 Event at Century City: Know Before You Go

Last week, we detailed all of the ways that you can join us at E3. Today, we want to follow up with some more details about the Microsoft Store event this coming Sunday where we’ll be raffling off access to the Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing.

Xbox E3

By utilizing a raffle system, we’ve optimized the event to minimize waiting for fans – there’s no reason to spend your whole weekend camping out. Everyone who arrives by 11am will have an equal chance of gaining entry to Monday’s big event. Additionally, we’ll have a number of ID@Xbox titles for attendees to play at the Microsoft Store, including the innovative Fru and #IDARB’s 8-player madness. Of course, it wouldn’t be a fan event if we didn’t raffle off some other goodies as well. OK, here are all the relevant details:

What: Major Nelson’s Pre-E3 Event at Century City

Where: Microsoft retail store at Century City – 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067

When: Sunday, June 8th – Raffle starts at 11am, in-Store event from 1 to 3pm.

Xbox E3 Media Briefing ticket raffle details (read carefully!):

The line for the Xbox E3 Media Briefing ticket raffle opens at 11am in the courtyard on the side of LensCrafters near the Microsoft store at Century City mall (there will be signs directing you from the Microsoft Store). Camping is not allowed (or necessary!). Every person who enters the line beginning at 11am will receive one raffle ticket for a chance to win an Xbox E3 Media Briefing pass.

100 winners will be selected via raffle for a pass to the E3 Media Briefing:

  • We will have a raffle drawings every 15 minutes after the line opens at 11am until 12:45pm.
  • First raffle: 11:15am
  • Last raffle: 12:45pm

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be 18 to attend the press briefing. No exceptions – ID will be checked!

What happens if I do not win an E3 Media Briefing pass, may I still attend the event?

Customers who do not win the E3 briefing passes will be encouraged to come to the store for the event from 1-3pm with Major Nelson. We will have new and unreleased ID@Xbox titles to play, and other fun giveaways in the store for customers to participate in.

More details on the Facebook event page here. Any questions? Ask away in the comments.

We look forward to meeting you on Sunday!

E3, Events, ID@Xbox By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Raul Rangel

    See you there! I’ll have my old halo 2 shirt on!

  • Peter M.

    I hope we’ll get some PC announcements.
    With Fable Aniversary coming to PC and Dead Rising 3 in the STEAM Database i hope Halo and Ryse will be next.
    Phil Spencer promised more PC games. I hope he keeps his word.

    • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

      Halo will not be on PC. That’s their system seller.

      • Peter M.

        Halo Spartan Assault, Halo 1 and Halo 2 are on PC. It makes perfect sense to continue the series.

        • Lucas Sanches Cestari

          Yes, but after the release of xbox 360, they made the halo series exclusive for the xbox,you may have noticed that halo 3 was released in 2006(or 2008, i dont remember =P) and never got released on pc but it is on xbox 360

        • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

          Halo Spartan Assault is a totally different, though. lol
          Yeah, Halo 1 and 2, but that was a long time ago.
          I just can’t picture a game like Halo 5 being on PC. It would be a dumb move on Microsoft’s part.

    • Death Dealer

      It being in the Steam database means Jack Sh*t unfortunately for the PC only gamers. There’s lots of games in that database that never see the light of day and are just there for reservation purposes.

    • Gazza!!!

      DR3 looks like its coming to Steam thanks to a listing on there that has now been removed(or something to that effect)

      • evilfangs .

        DR3 on PC just got announced. :)

    • Jack Joyce

      Halo will never come to PC again, it sells Xbox.
      Ryse is possible, but that’s up to Crytek. They would need the demand on PC to justify it.

      Phil has already been keeping his word…. Development for Rise of Nations/Age of Mythology/Age of Empires have already gone under way.

      He’s bringing back the RTSs, have you been living under a rock?

      Microsoft will not waste times at an XBOX EVENT to announce PC games.

  • joevsyou

    Just going give MS a little tip for E3, IF the word “t.v” is brought up more then once then you fail!, BUT i have faith in phil

  • joevsyou

    lol, Do they stamp cards if you buy something just wondering? There is sorta a mall in downtown where i live and Has long has you buy something or go to the movies your card gets stamped and your parking is free. Just a way to keep anyone parking there for sporting events or other things in the area

    • mrredsun

      From Century City’s site:

      Self-Parking Rates:
      0 to 3 hours: $1.00 per hour
      3 to 5 hours: $1.00 every 15 minutes
      5 hours or more: $24.00
      Daily maximum: $24.00

      I thought they used to have a “deal” where if you could show more than $250 in purchases, they’d validate your parking, but I can’t see that anywhere. It’s probably best to take a bus to this event since there isn’t really any parking anywhere in this area.

      • ZappyKins

        Yes, the parking is there is ridiculous. It makes me rage when you think you are paying to watch those spoiler inducing trailiers before a movie.

  • spideymp

    Microsoft PLEASE come out punching at E3. Reassure me that I made the right choice by backing xbox1!!!!! I want to know that I backed the right horse ;-)

    • Lucas Sanches Cestari

      With phil spencer there,i think he is going to make miracles at E3

      • spideymp

        Hope so, he’s definitely been a breath of fresh air! And he definitely seems to have grabbed the bull by the horns and turned things around rectifying things that needed to be done and importantly…. listening to us! Even if they cant close the performance gap with PS4, the graphics are still amazing and not really much difference IMO. If possible, getting BC with 360 and our digital content would sell me 110% A game changer IMO.

      • Fingleberries

        No pressure on him, there, so. :)

  • Technobeatdown

    So… I’ve been reading about the improved GPU performance they are going to do with the X1, and I can’t find any clear information about how it will work. They say that the Kinect has 10% of the Gpu reserved and that they are starting to sell it unbundled…. so does this mean if we want that graphics boost we have to unplug our kinects? Call me crazy, but I really like mine.

    • evilfangs .

      If a developer uses the extra GPU power that the Kinect is using then people with a Kinect plugged in will get poor performance from the game due to not having the full power needed.

      My guess is the developer will have to tell the Kinect to turn off completely with a line of code just before the game loads up to be able to use the full power.

      • ImTheMetalLord

        Which would mean people that use voice commands wouldn’t be able to do them while playing said games, like snap and record that so I don’t see this ever being an option.

        • Davie

          No, the gpu has nothing to do with the voice element of kenect, there will be a line of code shutting down the camera element.

        • Nick Peck

          read my post above. The game can auto turn down the Kinect video portion but leave the voice command options running.

        • evilfangs .

          It’s just a mic, I’m sure the console can still power the mic with the other features that use the GPU off.

      • Nick Peck

        That’s not how it will work lol. If a game needs that extra “power” all the dev’s will do via software built into the game is to have it automatically power down or just put the Kinect into a lower power state. Maybe it will just recognize voice commands but no video.

        The game won’t run bad for people that have one plugged in, that would be a nightmare for everyone involved.

        **edit, for some reason your whole comment wasn’t showing and I didn’t see the 2nd paragraph. Yes, that will be what will happen so the games will run exactly the same on every XBO.**

    • Death Dealer

      That GPU reservation of 10% was greatly overshot in its assumption that it was necessary. It’s been brought down to about 2-3% now. Thus far it’s not completely removed and hopefully won’t be for the users that still like the Kinect functionality. But apparently developers can now toggle it off completely, giving that additional performance.
      You don’t have to unplug it to get more GPU power, no.

  • Gazza!!!

    That’s right kids, know before you go. Because knowing is half the battle….

  • youareme7

    How about a wireless dongle for the x1 controller? having to plug it into the computer is no fun

  • knob cheese

    Microsoft are making the same mistake as they did last year. Having their press conference before Sony. Giving Sony plenty of time to change their conference to S*** on Microsoft

    • baconcheeswhiz89

      well someones gotta go first lol, im sure microsoft will do well, look at what they have done these past couple months…were all in for a treat.

    • Nick Peck

      Honestly I think it’s better to go first so you can then laugh at the people behind you as they scramble to change things (like last year lol). The only thing sony had at last years E3 was a lower price, they showed nothing game wise really worth mentioning, MS had a way better showing of games.

      I wouldn’t worry about it, they will knock it out of the park this year I have a feeling. But overall, I’m excited to see what everyone has in store for us consumers. I do like sony, but their conferences are sleep inducing every single year imo.

    • Marcus Roof

      you can’t possibly be that dumb. these presentations are in the can, approved, rehearsed and scheduled LONG before they happen. A competitor wouldn’t have time to change things in 1 day…So stupid…

    • Gazza!!!

      Smeg head