June 17th 2014 12:58 am PT

EA SPORTS UFC Now Available on Xbox One

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Game Description: The creators of the critically-acclaimed Fight Night franchise bring you into the next-generation of fighting. Step into the Octagon with EA SPORTS UFC and make your opponent feel every strike, takedown and submission.

Xbox Games Store, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • alan dempsey

    il pass on this one , i didnt like the demo

    • Nick King

      Neither did I.

    • Filipe Araújo

      Yep. I liked previous UFC games, but this one didn’t got me.

      • Dylan

        That’s unfortunate…DAMN YOU EA!

        THQ was on the upswing too, wish they were still here with Jason Rubin at the helm…

  • Rafik Bouchaala

    70 euro… when you guys will understand that no body buys digital game at 70 euro when you can buy retail for as cheap as 45 euro new!

    • alan dempsey

      totally agree,just got back from town and checked the price while i was there 49.99

  • m1nh0ca

    Once again, I guess they are ashamed of posting the deals with gold (a.k.a. deals of the week)…

    • Toni Heinze

      do you have any further informations about the upcoming deals for this week?

    • maxy

      Rockstar sale: L.A Noire,Red Dead,Bully,etc.

    • maxy

      Well if don’t like them go to the other side! I for one have both consoles and im enjoyng xbox discounts more than ps! AND it still is too early!

      • m1nh0ca

        I’m sorry, but are you new to X360? Do you have an idea how many times we had a Rockstar sale with the same games and prices?

        Regarding the discounts for the XOne, I don’t have an opinion because, yes, I’ve joined the other side… :-)

        • maxy

          No im not I know how many times we had a rockstar sale and i didnt have the money to buy some of these games I want,so I have a chance now! Btw I don’t care!!!

      • JackPackage

        That is an absolutely RIDICULOUS suggestion of how to deal with customer dissatisfaction. You do realise that a large percentage of people ARE going to the other side, right? I’m pretty sure Microsoft’s shareholders would not be happy with such a disdainful and negligent attitude towards losing sales.

        These ‘deals of the week’ sales are part of our Gold (Well I say our but I have NOT renewed my Gold subscription and it is doubtful that I ever will) subscriptions, Microsoft need to give us an incentive to continue paying them a subscription fee. These constant rehashes of past sales… Sales that were never that great to begin with, might I add, is just NOT good enough. It is getting to the point where customers are starting to feel insulted… And unbelievably, it seems like Microsoft have the same attitude as you, ‘if you don’t like it, get a PS4′. Which of course, record numbers of people ARE doing.

        E3 has just passed and there were a number of sequels shown to the public, is it really too much to ask for Microsoft to maybe do an E3 themed sale for this month? 75% off of The Assassin’s Creed series, The Far Cry games, Dragons Age I, II & DLC & The Witcher 2 on sale. I mean, really. Is this SO difficult?

        Instead we get the same Rockstar sale for what MUST be the TENTH time in a year.

        This is a question for Microsoft. You destroyed Gears & Halo multi-player, you thankfully removed the need for Gold to use Netflix, WHY should I renew my Gold subscription? Seriously? For the Games with Gold games? But if that’s the only reason, I could use the £34.99 I’d spend on Gold for the year to buy actual PHYSICAL copies of games I actually CHOOSE.

        Seriously, for me, the gamer that has no interest in Call of Duty, Minecraft or Fifa, what is the actual purpose of me having a Gold subscription??? I’m curious.

        • kevgallacher

          The point of a gold subscription is and always has been to play games online using the xbox live service. Anything else is additional extras. At less than £1/week, I think it’s a reasonable price to pay.

          • JackPackage

            So what about now, in a time where free-to-play PC MOBAs and identical uninspired grey and brown military shooters have absolutely DESTROYED multi-player gaming on console?

            And you absolutely CANNOT argue that online multi-player is thriving on Xbox Live like it was between 2005-2011. It is a wasteland on most games, even Call of Duty has almost two-thirds less players playing on average.

            I completely agree that first and foremost Xbox Live Gold is for online gaming. But my point is, if there aren’t games and players to support a healthy online gaming community, what is the point in a Xbox Live Gold subscription?

            Inb4 people tell me console multi-player is thriving, when it isn’t.

          • kevgallacher

            You have to realise that there are a lot more games now. COD may might seem like it has less players but that’s only because people still play MF3, BO3 and Ghosts. You also have to take into account that a lot of players have moved over to Titanfall and GTAV is pretty popular too. Then you have to factor in that players are spread over 2 consoles. So games like Ghosts would have half the players you would normally expect.
            I wouldn’t say live is a wasteland. I play quite a bit of Titanfall and it seems pretty busy to me.

        • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

          Why renew it? oh I don’t know maybe the 4 games a month we get free? I’m so sick of whiney pathetic little entitled people who think they’re owed the world.

        • maxy

          Hey you just cant stay in topic dude! and by the way its so great way to deal with customers like that since they are butthurts!

        • https://twitter.com/Ganon255 Ganon255

          nerd rage, rar!

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        the other side just gives them to us for free. hard to complain about that and i love to complain and watch xhamster.

        • maxy

          Well I talk in terms of discounts.

    • Nick King

      I didn’t think they were announced for another couple of hours.

      • Big Brother

        They’ve been on xbldb for about 9 hours

    • http://Www.mylifewithgaming.wordpress.com/ Mitchell Hall

      How retarded are you?

      • m1nh0ca

        Uhh… a lot, man!
        Why do you ask?

        • Liquidfx Xboxdude

          he wants to hang out with people like him. however i don’t think you at his level just yet. eat more paint chips to level up.

  • mcmax3000

    Getting this one on disc since I had it pre-ordered before the price hike in Canada, so I’m still getting it at $59.99. Finally got rid of our data cap though, so planning on going all digital after this one.

  • nitron1911

    i’ll pass on this one, the demo was kind of boring, lots of wrestling, punches didnt feel impactful at all. EA please bring back fight night