June 24th 2014 6:30 am PT

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Now Available on Xbox One & Xbox 360

Transformers: Rise of the Dark SparkContent: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark is also available for Xbox 360.
Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region.

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  • Tevin Bell

    Waiting 4 A Price Drop Game Ain’t Worth 6 No Online Mutiplayer Just Online Co-op Campaign Or Wait Games 4 Gold 4 This Game

    • http://twitter.com/dat_gap_doe KaosTheory

      The only games that I purchase day one are big releases like COD, Halo.. Nothing is really worth $60 unless there is an incentive involved which is why I also purchase retail and no digital. There’s no incentive for me to purchase digital and until that day comes, I’ll be happy with the disc version and then reselling it on craigslist for most of my $$ back.

  • Digiadam

    Ouch……..a little pricey. Trying to milk the franchise for the upcoming movie I see…..

    Sad part is…..it will work.

  • Nick King

    Movie tie-ins are always pap anyway, won’t be anywhere near this.

    • ambuckle

      Movie tie-ins suck but Transformers is the best of the movie tie-ins IMO, the concept of transforming robots and the fact it’s based on combat translate well to being a game. I’m not going to buy it for anything close to full price haha, but I do want to play it eventually.

      • IN_YO_FACE_86

        Yeah they messed up by making this a damn movie tie-end:(

  • Ian Thompson

    Neither this or Zombie Driver available in the UK? Good job.

  • Jessie Pozos

    Let me guess… $59.99?

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      I know right?! @ least they could took $5 off or something! That’s why I think it’s better to just get a hard copy because at least you get the dlc free. I was about to buy the the digital version of EA UFC but you have to pay an additional $8 to play as Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie! lol

  • kevgallacher

    major nelson every time you post a new game the check availability link just links to page that says “Ooops! What happened to this page?” can we gave better localisation please?

    • Tanka82

      probably because it isnt available in your region yet.

      • kevgallacher

        Well that maybe true but maybe it should say that instead of an error message. It is very poor website design to have error messages appear everywhere.
        Games like The Witcher III and Shadow of Murder have proper pages where it has the release date and info/screenshots etc. These new games should have that too.

  • Death Dealer

    You’ve got the touch…

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      damn man. now i have to listen to that song 20 times in a row like i always do.

    • Carnage Rules

      I believe it’s “you got the touch” but I get you

  • Xenokai

    Just a heads up, if you buy the disc version of this game it has a 9GB day one update. Yeah 9GB =/

    • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

      Huh. I read this comment and popped in the PS4 version. Figured the DL could happen while I worked, but I’m not getting an update notification. That’s odd. I can’t imagine one version being broken enough to a point where it needs 9GB of fixes and the other one doesn’t since they’re basically identical. Wonder what’s in the X1 version?

      (Side note: The entire game on PS4 is 9.3GB. The mystery continues?)

      • Xenokai

        My guess is that they got the latest dev kit update that gave gpu performance increases after they started printing the discs, since the update is 9gb and the game is 11gb installed my guess is this is the entire game but built on the latest dev updates. Pretty annoying thats its so big, next weeks sniper elite 3 game is planned to have a 10gb update on the xbox one.

      • kevgallacher

        The updates replaces most of the code. So the overall filesize should remain pretty much the same. Most of the time the games should update in the background and you should barely notice it but disc based games would obviously be a pain as you have to put the disc in to update.
        These consoles do seem to assume everyone has a fast connection and no data caps. The problem is made worse as a lot of the updates are done without you even noticing. A 40 GB cap could easily be reached without you noticing.

  • Emanuel Correia

    why people worries how many gigs is the game? who the hell buys this anyway…

    • https://twitter.com/JRhyan_DE J.Rhy@n

      well believe it or not GB eats your disc space and if this game sucks it’s wasted space!

      • Emanuel Correia

        but game is horrendous how can you waste money in a game like this

        • https://twitter.com/JRhyan_DE J.Rhy@n

          Trust me I will never part money for a game like this! – I was merely stating the importance of knowing how much disc space a game takes :)

          • Emanuel Correia

            We I said “you” I meant the gamers.

  • Karl Cramer

    If Activision had kept High Moon Studios as the Transformers developer (War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron), yes. This game? No.

  • Nathanzz

    Honestly now, does anybody actually have a favorite character from the movies? Does the game really let you play as Megan Fox? Didn’t think so.

  • Xenokai

    So I got this game yesterday, been downloading this 9GB update for like 12 hours ugh. Seriously considering ive read its a 4 hour game, its taking longer to DL this update then it will take me to beat and be bored of it. lol I guess I could of played it offline but then id get no achievements and prob miss out on alot of tweaks and be cut off from XBL =/

    Something needs to be done with these update sizes, seriously its basically redownloading the entire game, isnt the disc suppose to be there so people with slower connections or data caps can enjoy games at release? 9Gb for this, 13Gb for dead rising, 10GB for next weeks sniper elite 3. =/

    • http://twitter.com/dat_gap_doe KaosTheory

      #Patchbox One