June 24th 2014 8:23 am PT

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition is Now Available on Xbox One

1001 SpikesContent: Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

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Game Description: New and specially improved version of the zombie smashing hit, exclusively for the Xbox One. Insane mix of cars, speed, explosions, blood and zombies! Fight through an epic narrative campaign or test yourself in the Slaughter and Blood Race modes. Engage huge bosses, save survivors, drive crazy vehicles such as a bulldozer, fire truck or even a tank and smash everything in your way. Take part in the Blood Race tournament – chase other cars and take them down without mercy on brutal racing tracks. Jump into the Slaughter mode and survive as long as possible on specially crafted arenas. Experience super smooth gameplay at 60 frames per second and extra crisp visuals. Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition includes all DLC content that was ever created for the game.

ID@Xbox, Xbox Games Store, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • http://angryfacing.com/ Nick

    Sounds fun enough where I might enjoy it. Will probably pick this up sometime in the near future!

  • xGryfter

    It’s $2.50 on Steam and as long as you have a PC that’s slightly more powerful than a modern cellphone you should be able to run it just fine. While it’s not a bad game it’s definitely not worth $15. Buy it on Steam or wait until it’s free for Gold members. It’ll likely be sooner rather than later.

  • Steve Smith

    Not worth $15.

  • Death Dealer

    Man, the new generation sure is a reissue experience thus far.

    • Jerome Noxby

      It’s gonna take a while for worthwhile games to come out, in the mean time we’re gonna see a lot of indie games and bigger, more well known games move over to the new console.

      Personally, for me, there isn’t a game on the Xbox One that has me gaga to buy the console yet. Really thought Watchdogs was gonna be it, but it’s art style and gameplay looked like a mesh of GTA and Saints Row 3.

  • Gazza!!!

    Says a lot about the devs/publishers when I can get a trial of this on my OUYA but not on the Xbox One.

  • ElektroDragon


    Sorry, I mean “UUUuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh…. brainz!”

  • ambuckle

    Looks like a terrible iOS game. And mammothly overpriced at that. Basically shovelware … probably will be used as cannon fodder for games with gold no doubt, the news just keeps getting better and better. 17% off Ryse, whoop-de-doo.

  • Peter

    now the indie developers are trying to double dip on the next gen? by supposedly making this the ultimate whatever edition when its probably just the regular version + dlc with a ultimate stamped in front. Not worth 15 bucks

    Wasn’t this game just on sale recently? no point unless you completely missed it on 360

    Hope this isn’t the start of indies reissuing ancient titles on next gen as supposedly enhanced versions.

  • Alan Erickson

    When will the id@Xbox be in canada

  • Steve ‘Cass’ Cassidy

    i can see this being a games for gold game.

  • Michel Simmons

    Over priced and wouldn’t even pick it up on games with gold.

  • Peter

    yeah later on after they release we don’t wanna pay 15 bucks for a old indie game reissue being double dipped After the usual dance of stay at this as long as they can slowly discounting it goes on ms sale wait a little while yet another desperate last minute sale followed by the end of the road become gwg freebie.

    All they did was port the original game to x1 with a new name include the dlc (which is miniscule in size probably just content ripped out originally to sell as dlc) and add some pretty new x1 achievements. So basically very little new content to warrant an ultimate name.

    The game isn’t anything special and certainly wouldn’t advise anyone getting it at that price. REALLY hope that this isn’t the start of an ugly indie next gen trend of reissuing ancient titles to sell yet again at full price.

    • Bennijin

      Higher than full price in fact. Higher still, depending on where you live.

    • Mike McMeans

      I love it when non-coders say, “All they did was port it” as if they have any idea how porting a game is done. But this game is not a purchase for me. I think they are just building up a bit of a library to fuel GWG for the future.

  • Jon Taylor

    No demo no buy

    • Death Dealer

      Xbox 360 has a trial version ;).

      • Jon Taylor

        Cool thanks, time to turn on the noise machine

  • kish1975

    is this another U.S. only game because at this rate you guys should only deal with us market because this ninjitsu and 1001 spikes are not even in Canada lol . lucky I have this on 360 and 1001 spikes on my ps4 but not a good way to try and win consumers over

    • Beluvius

      None of the three games announced by Major Nelson today is available in Germany… I guess XBox becomes more and more a US only console. It seems MS doesn’t have the slightest interest in markets outside the U.S. anymore.
      No need to mention that 1001 spikes and ninjitsu aren’t available in Germany either…

      • Gazza!!!

        R.B.I. baseball is US only like the 360 version due to licensing issues. Zombie Driver is probably not available in Germany due to Germanys draconian censorship laws but tbh along with the other games you mentioned we aren’t missing out on much.

        • Beluvius

          Zombie Driver is available on steam in Germany… So this has nothing to do with German “censorship”‘ By the way it is less than EUR 3,– on Steam atm.

          • Gazza!!!

            Its not been rated by the relevant bodies for release in Germany for the XBO, the USK I believe.

  • Luis Antunes

    Unavailable appears on my Dashboard

  • Jon Taylor

    Not available

  • Bennijin

    £11.99 hahaha no. I see a price like that and it’s an instant no buy.

    But don’t be disheartened because £9.99, the price it would have been had MS not jacked the prices up, would have been a no sale too.

  • John Smith

    I assume there will be a demo? I don’t buy games i don’t demo first.

  • http://twitter.com/rogXue rogXue

    between this and $20 for RBI you guys make piracy a valid option…

    • Jessie Bristol

      Microsoft didn’t make this game or RBI Baseball. So I don’t know how somebody could blame them for the pricing.

  • Winter soldier

    What a nice surprise thanks MS

  • Axcalibur

    Ugh, yet another reason why they didn’t add backward compatibility – so they could release “special” versions of games we already own – and gouge us again (Metro, GTAV, etc…).

    And to think, if they did offer backward compatibility – they could charge us a modest $5-$15 “next gen” upgrade for added features/graphics – then everyone would have a choice (play the 360 version or the upgraded version). Choices = Happy.

    • Karl Cramer

      That’s right. Has nothing to do with switching from a PowerPC architecture to an x86-64. They’re secretly hiding the magical emulator that performs that miracle because they want you to rebuy old games that you realistically have no interest in playing again. Those devious scoundrels!

      • Death Dealer

        Full speed Xbox 360 emulation on the Xbox One is impossible, we know that as the APU isn’t fast enough and there are architectural differences that will slow it down tremendously.
        Integrating the Xbox 360 chip on the PCB would have driven up the cost but wouldn’t be impossible in the future. The OS could be running virtualized like the Xbox One games OS.
        But I agree with him that these HD update games should certify for something like a cross-buy promotion. If people already have a valid 360 version, then they would certify for the upgrade at a lower cost.

        • Digiadam

          Only FOOLS say that something is impossible. Closed. Minded. Fools.

          Anything is possible…..including 360 emulation. With proper programming and some OPEN MINDED people on the team they could do it given the time and resources.

          • Death Dealer

            Then you don’t understand anything about computer arcitecture. It’s impossible to do that locally on the Xbox One.
            You can’t create a just-in-time compiler that would do it fast enough on the Xbox One and be compatible with all the games.
            The best option for MS to do this is either through streaming, which they already showed on their Orleans Framework and admittedly has problems, just like PSNow, or patching the popular games like they did with the Original Xbox games on the Xbox 360 (which is why it required a harddrive).
            It’s impossible because A: PowerPC emulation on x86 hardware is slow, because of the RISC to CISC (Karl Cramer is right) and B, we already have a clockspeed difference that is half of the system we are trying to emulate. C, AMD CPU single threaded performance is cr*p and slows it down even further compared to Intel cores.
            Nothing closed minded about it, FOOL! There is no proper programming method to create a JIT fast enough with good compatibility and take this from someone who has experience in programming emulators.

          • Peter

            agreed people always are ready to claim b.s on ms. The architecture is different so its like going from a pc to an apple almost in a sense.

          • Death Dealer

            Case in point. Apple Rosetta was cr*p as well.

          • Rayne love

            actually anything is possible, dont underestimate technology and the future of technology, nothing is impossible,hard but not impossible

          • Death Dealer

            I don’t underestimate anything, it’s just common sense that this isn’t possible with a good degree of compatibility.

          • Rayne love

            fair reason, lol over on xbox live games with gold for july 2014, many are complaining and are whining because im using my brain and they are just acting like a child which is sad, cause they cant deal with the truth

      • Axcalibur

        If hardware was the only limitation – then when asked about backward compatibility, Microsoft would have said quite simply that it’s “not possible” instead of that garbage about it being “backwards thinking”. Xbox 360 had different architecture from Xbox – yet there was some, albeit limited, backward compatibility. Sony figured out a way of implementing BC in PS3 with PS2/PS1 – though it wasn’t exactly cost effective. I find it hard to believe that any form of Backward Compatibility is impossible on the Xbox One – I think it’s more an issue of time and resources and pay off – and ultimately, companies will make more money repackaging games on the Xbox One, then offering upgrades or full BC.

        • Death Dealer

          Not any form, read my post below. There are ways (patching and streaming), but don’t expect highly optimized 360 titles to ever run on the Xbox One locally and that’s where the worthwile factor comes in play. It would cost them tremendous amounts of time to make such a software emulator that barely anybody would use because the titles aren’t enticing enough (we’re talking about being able to play launch era Arcade games and even then there would be speed issues), the APU simply isn’t powerful enough to do anything more at full speed with a software emulator.
          PS2 compatibility on the PS3 is a mess and only worked well on the launch versions, which had a PS2 chip Inside.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    ms got jokes.


    Played this on pc, decently fun. plan on picking this up in a day or 2. killing zombies with cars, hours of fun.