June 26th 2014 11:03 am PT

Xbox Live Games with Gold for July 2014

Coming up in July, Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to three new free games on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition will debut on Xbox One as a free download, replacing June’s Xbox One Games with Gold title Halo: Spartan Assault (so be sure to grab it now if you haven’t already). Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will remain available for Xbox Live Gold members to download for Xbox One.

On Xbox 360, starting Tuesday, July 1st, Gotham City Imposters (normally US $14.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through July 15th.

Then on July 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download BattleBlock Theater (normally US $14.99) for free through July 31st.


*Titles are available as free downloads for qualifying Xbox Live Gold members in all markets where Xbox Live is available. Some regions may offer different titles depending on market availability. 

Games with Gold, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Ryan

    I’m fairly sure they have to talk with the publisher and work out a payment/compensation for the game. For example, Guacamelee has to have a proper compensation worked out since it will be free for a month from it’s launch. I assume it’s like that for every game.

  • Mc Knights

    I’m very happy about Guacamelee, but I’m also very disappointed about Max, cause I already loaded this game last month and already got 100% and all achievements. I hope there will be two games next time and maybe no arcade/indie game ;)

  • ImTheMetalLord

    ¿uʍop ǝpısdn buıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ pǝuɹnʇ ʇı ʇɐɥʇ pɐǝɹɥʇ sıɥʇ uo sʇuǝɯɯoɔ ʎuɐɯ oʇ ¿pǝuǝddɐɥ ʇɐɥʍ

    • Digiadam

      ¡¡¡¡˥O˥ ˙noʎ ɟo spɹɐʍʞɔɐq os ʇsnɾ sᴉ ʇɐɥʇ˙˙˙˙ǝpnp

  • SanchitoBandito

    Yeah, let’s lash out because we don’t understand how something works, and then ASK how that something works…

    • Seth Kopp

      Both of you got point that I was trying to make without saying it. We all want something for free; we all complain that it’s not what we want.
      It is good to question how something works so people will stop complaining and be happy; they got a free game so what if you don’t like it. This cycle will happen every month we all love the free games but we will always complain about it since its not games that we all want

      I do love this I would of never tried out Max or Halo Spartan Assault if it wasn’t for GWG
      I also wouldn’t of ever tried Hitman Absolution, Or gave Dark Souls another chance if it wasn’t for GWG

      I love the whole service.

      It would be cool although I highly doubt they would every do this is one month due a vote and top two games in that vote would be following months GWG games. (vote would require GOLD accounts and have to be done on the xbox (1 or 360)

  • Some Person

    Hey Phil Spencer, I download Gotham City Impostors 23 months ago for free on the PC and PlayStation. Why so late to the party?

    • Chumis

      Who cares lad, stay with your PC and PS. Gold members pay for online gaming nothing else and free games its a gift for the users. PS Plus is a service for have more games, its obvious those games need be good ones, because PS Plus users PAY specially for that.

      • Some Person

        I was a Gold member for the sales and games exclusively, as are a lot of people, so your argument is invalid. Multiplayer gaming as gone downhill significantly the past few years because the players who are “bad apples” are growing exponentially in numbers.

  • Nazareno Pisani

    I… Can’t… Believe…

    WTF? Still Max?! Coooooooooooooooome ooooooooooooon Nelson, wake up …

    • Digiadam

      Larry Nelson is simply a drone, a slave to Microsoft. He is not a head of anything and has no say in it. He isn’t to blame.

      • Nazareno Pisani

        ok, so what?

        it’s ok, they say ” A new game every half month… ”

        Now max is a free game for 3 halfs month…

        Who’s to blame, is to blame… but no who pay!

        You can say “Hey, for xbox live you’ve got to pay the same, so it’s a plus” …

        But if i say “With my pizza’s service I will give you extra new drink” and the drink is always the same… who’s to blame?

        Nelson, a bot, a slave, a person… hey hey, people pay for this! You promise? WE have to get it!

        • Digiadam

          Wow…..must be that time of the month for you. Get some Midol into you missy. You’ll feel better.

          Either way….you are 100% WRONG! Pure and simple.

          • Nazareno Pisani

            Who said? You? Who you are?

            I don’t care what I’ve got, if wrong or right… Bit it’s true, 3x the dame game…is not what advertised! Is this wrong? Digiadam, i’m wrong bit your sentences is more or lesa a trolling…and do u Luke it? Is it so?

          • Digiadam

            I am sorry but your English Grammar is so bad it is hard to understand you.

            Please come again when you learn how to do it properly.

          • Some Person

            This person obviously doesn’t speak native English. There are relatively few countries in the world where English is the language of choice so give her a break.

          • Nazareno Pisani

            Hi man,
            I know perfectly that my English isn’t so good and, perhaps, some errore that i’ve done are due to my Nexus 7 Stock Keyboard that doesn’t have two or more languages (insteed, after flashing tha factory image that i was need to do, i got bacl SwiftKey which got two languages, both Italian and English).

            However, I’ve said what you said.. take a break on and tell me: Do you have my same opinion or not? Three times Max: The Course of Brotherhood is… too much, or you think is right?!

            I’ve the right to comment this? Well, i’ve done and if you don’t like, peace! Never mind, but you can tell me what you want/like … i thinks this and i want to share! Wanna blame me? From now ’till you like, come on!

  • Giovanni Del Prete

    I’m rather disappointed by the Xbox One games of this month: one game that i already played on Ps3 for free months ago and Max already out last month. So nothing for me.

  • http://raptr.com/unscleric/about UNSCleric

    Why would a game ever be doubled when you don’t even need an Xbox One to “buy” it and queue it for download? On top of that, it takes twenty seconds to do it, so if someone doesn’t do it in a month…too bad.

  • ringo

    So many older games that have had good reviews are out there yet we get these. That battleblock game looks like it’s made for children and my mobile phone could run it, jeez. That other game i might give a go but two arcade titles is low.

    • Some guy

      Battleblock is great and is one of the better xbla games even if it look like it was made with flash, just like Castle Crasher and Alien homid.
      If you want to be mad at a game, pick Gotham city imposters.

  • Daniel Trigo

    Only one game for Xbox One.

    • IN_YO_FACE_86

      Well to be fair it is called”Xbox One”..lol.. wait that just made me sad for some reason-_-

  • Mark Capell-helm

    well got to say going to be glad when my gold runs out then i wont falsely get my hopes up about GWG each month this month on 360
    1) online only shooter (oh we have not had any shooters so far have we….. oh wait a min)
    2) battleblock theatre …really you are taking the urine now arn’t you

    if this is the best that M$ can offer when up against other competing platforms then i can only surmise that they are financially in the deep doo doo

    If your offering a platformer make it a full retail one for crying out loud and as for an online only game no thanks if i want to play online only i will go on PC where the mmo environment is much broader spectrum on console if i cant play it offline as well i am not interested

    M$ fanboys flame me till your hearts content but you know i talk sense

    • Lucas Sanches Cestari

      No one here is a fanboy,we are all here expecting good news and we are so sad as you are. and you are right, they keep giving indie games that no one cares about, it’s hard to believe they will release a mobile game for GwG next month
      +1 for you

      • Ben

        If you read through the comments and see how a number of people defend Microsoft regardless of the poor decisions they make or games they offer you’ll quickly realise this thread is full of fanboys. Most people want better games and better service but there’s the small number of idiotic poeple who are happy to pay for any garbage their “favourite company” puts out so why should Microsoft change? Companies only improve when they start losing money (look at the DRM back peddle when preorder numbers dropped off).

  • Digiadam

    How pathetic is it that Microsoft cannot find an additional game for the Xbox one to give away for free. Seriously that’s just sad. Now it may not be Microsofts fault and maybe the publishers are too busy having sticks up their rear ends but still……

  • digitallife

    Wow no assassins creed? Seriously? Ryse? These games aren’t selling that much anymore and they both have a ton of dlc for the profit side of it..hell I would’ve thrown in $15 for each game….or put it towards DLC. We need to start an xbox one disc trading community, between the “deals” and “redbox” lack of next gen games owning one is getting rather boring.

    • Some guy

      Well, most GWG offers are Microsoft Game Studios games and probably don’t cost much to the developers(who are most of the time also MS studios) or/and are filled with DLC. Most of them came a few months after a huge sale to make sure they don’t have to give away too many for free.
      At least now the game they give away are less than 5 years old so people that own the 360 since 2005 have some chances of getting new games.

  • Nazareno Pisani

    What i say is: 3xMax! Yeyeyeyeyy a friend of mine gpt PS3 and… I can’t … I can’t believe like u… 3x Max! Yeah,is cute that game right…bit come on!

  • Ben

    Arcade games? What a joke.

    • Jacob Rael

      Two good arcade games, shut up

      • Ben

        Actually four, but i’m guessing counting isn’t your forte.

      • Some Person

        How is a game with rubbish reviews that has been free-to-play on every other platform it’s available on for 23 months–not 6 months after it was released mind you–a “good game”? For that matter how is a four hour child’s arcade game a good game?

        • ImTheMetalLord

          Because “Good” is a subjective term. Ever heard that one mans garbage is another mans treasure?

          I personally agree with him that these games are good not great not terrible but good. Definitely not a treasure nor garbage but just good.

          • Some guy

            True, Big Rigs the pinacle of gaming, people think it’s garbage because you can’t finish a single race, other truck have no AI, no physic and no collisions but in fact it’s the best game I played, waaaay better than Forza.

          • Gazza!!!

            Have you tired the infinite reverse yet?

          • Some guy

            Of course, that’s what make half of the fun.
            The gamespot review is still the best review I saw, it’s hard to belive how terrible that game is.

          • Some Person

            You’re telling me that the vast majority of people who read this blog don’t have a PC that was made in the past five or so years? I find that incredibly hard to believe.

          • ryder4life22187

            Ill tell you this my PC was made in 2004. But I don’t like to play games on the PC id rather game on a console.

          • Some Person

            Right, well if that’s you in the picture that means you got your PC when you were like 6-9 years old. I highly doubt that since no computer that was manufactured when Windows XP was still relatively new could actually run most of what the internet tosses out these days. HTML 5 and 32 MBs of RAM aren’t compatible really, least of all HD video streaming.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            When did I say that? And just because you have a PC made in the last 5 years don’t mean it can play games. For instance I have my only PC attached to a 32″ monitor and before when it was on a 19″ monitor I could play games but now in order to pump out the graphics for my 32″ monitor I need a new graphics card and/or RAM that I’m not willing to deal with but it works fine for watching movies which is why I have it attached to such a large monitor in the first place.

          • Some Person

            Increasing your monitor’s physical size has absolutely nothing to do with how the GPU works. Sorry.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Well it did for me. Maybe because I went from VGA to HDMI but now if I try to play a game it lags bad unless I use a very low graphic setting.

          • Michael Burden

            Believe it, and add in that some of us use a Mac or Linux based machine (with no desire to sully our hard drives with ANY version of Windows) – so there are are many who will benefit from this offering. You do not represent the entire online community.

            And Battleblock Theater is a lot more involved than a “four hour child’s arcade game”. Talk about judging a game based on graphics – sheesh!

  • Snowstorm82

    Was hoping Max The Curse of Brotherhood would have been replaced, however I am stoked about Guacamelee.

  • Tim Ritter

    lol people finaly get free games and still somehow keep finding reasons to complain. I bet if it would have been Ryse or Assassins Creed this month they would go on about how old they are now or that most folks with day one Xboxes allready have them or that playstation has something better. If Xbox sucks so bad shut up and buy a ps4 allready.

    • Mark Frank

      don’t be a fanboy kid

    • Some Person

      On top of “don’t be a fanboy kid” (sic) I’d like to add that we pay for a premium service that is not on a competitive level with similar paid and free services. I like Microsoft, always have and always will. I appreciate their brand. What I do not appreciate is the way that they mistreat and lie to the customers who have high opinions of the company.

      Not many people posting here have ever said “Xbox sucks so bad” (sic) and probably don’t think the system or games are actually bad. Differentiate between the paid premium services and the company/brand. Microsoft gives nowhere near the value that their competitors do and get away with it because of “fanboys” like you.

      • Tim Ritter

        Maybe I am a fanboy not sure what qualifies here. I’m on Wii U and Playstation 3 as well so it can’t be too bad with me ^^.

        It is just my opinion that I have paid for Xbox Live before we got free games with it because I thought the service was worth it and everything I get on top of that over time everything that is added to it makes me even more happy because I get more for my money.

        When I read the comments on the web how ever it seems like a walk through the Mall where kids go “but Tommys Dad bought him the shiny Toy as well, why don’t you do the same for me”.

        No matter what Microsoft does it just will never be good enough. If they were to throw there entire launch line up into peoples faces for free now, the once that bought those games would be pissed off because they paid good money for it.

        I’m sure over the coming months there will be good games for everyone plus the occasional full priced game here and there.
        I could be pissed off because I already had Max and Halo Spartan Assault and so did not get anything last month, but I’m not because there good (not great but good) games and some might not have played them yet plus since they where free I have more people to play coop with now.

        My point is if I am not happy with a service I am paying for I stop paying for it and go to a competitor. I don’t stay for a few more years to constantly complain and argue about how the others do it better and how I as a customer don’t get my behind kissed enough.

        • Some Person

          Microsoft forced us to pay for Xbox LIVE to use something as simple as NetFlix. That’s why a lot of people had a Gold account, so that they could actually use their entertainment console for what it’s been billed as. Then the sales started out quite good but they’ve gone down. The only thing left is the Games with Gold program and other than a few decent releases it’s been rubbish. You would think with Microsoft no longer allowing you to keep the games on the Xbox One that you’d get better titles since PSN function that way but nope, still rubbish.

          As far as kids throwing a tantrum at the market, those children are not paying for a service. They see something they want–which they cannot afford–and if raised poorly by their parents throw a fit. A customer on the other hand who does pay a significant premium for a service is entitled to expect a competitive product and if they feel unfairly treated by the service does not only have the right to complain but should. It’s capitalism mate and, sadly, the world spins on it.

          • Tim Ritter

            I am sorry I did not know that where you come from you get forced to watch Netflix on a gaming console or that it was built for that.

            Stupid as I am I used my Mediacenter PC for that kind of stuff and over here was never forced to do anything by any company.
            I was tricked by Microsoft to belief that I am paying for the service to play online multiplayer and that the other things you get with it are extras.

            Had I known free games and the use of apps are the main thing I am paying for I would have complained right from the start because none of these things were on Xbox Classic when I startet my Xbox Live membership.

            Also while I have a PS3 and the free games on it are no better then what Xbox has to offer I do not own a PS4 yet so I also did not know about the awesome releases they give away for free every month and that PSN now functions that way.

            Now that I know I sure will speed up on getting one.

            I have learned a lot today and will zip my mouth in the future until I am better informed.

            thank you

    • Joshua

      no they wouldn’t

  • Mark Frank

    why is there never any real games for free on the xbox one ???

    • Some Person

      For the same reason there aren’t any “real games” for free on the Xbox 360 obviously.

      • Mark Frank

        actually there is they had fable 3 and halo 3 and gears of war and so on for free

        • Mark Merriman

          Because there aren’t many games for the Xbox One that the game makers aren’t still making a decent profit off of.

        • Some Person

          So that’s two games you list out of the 20 or so that have been released. That’s the problem.

        • Anubis316

          those are all old, fable 3 was the most recent, but by far the worst.(by review and sale standards it was a flop)

    • EldritchWarlord

      On Xbox One all games are real!

    • Michael Burden

      You could say the same thing about the PS4 as all the free games there have either been indie/arcade. And those games are as “real” as the $60 retail games. But you are going to have to wait a little longer into the programs lifespan before you see them giving away full retail games as the system has only been out for 6 months now.

  • Michael Burden

    So are you trying to say the ones offered thus far are “IMAGINARY”?

    Just so you know, the GWG offerings on the Xbox One are on par with the PS4 offerings – don’t see them giving away any $60 retail rifles yet either.

  • Naberios

    Nope, no links. Just said how you could get a brand new hard copy version of Ryse at a couple of retailers a lot cheaper than what the sale was they were offering their “valued” Gold members.

  • Sigognac

    Very soon, if we look at last year.
    It may start at the beginning of july.

  • Guest

    Gotham City Impostors will very soon be available as a Game with Gold.

  • Miguel Lizarraga

    Gotham city impostors is free now

  • Klokkwork

    Ahh, sweet. Having played a little Gotham City Imposters and Battleblock Theater on Steam, I am quite pleased to have these titles added to my Xbox Library. Very, very nice. Thank you! :)

    • Sigognac

      Interesting ! A game to discover…
      Does Guacamelee is already available too?

  • IN_YO_FACE_86

    Thanks for the free games!!!!

  • freddyonestar

    Thanks: I’m going to download Max The Curse Of The Brotherhood. Again

  • Damian the Crazed

    I agree

  • buddynugget

    What ever happened to two games a month? Just one game…. Were 8 months in surely we could get 2 like was promised.


      Nov 22nd 2013 was the release date so it hasnt been 8 months, your almost a full month off. On Xbox One you do know the games library is relatively tiny at this point right??? I know it sucks but thats the price you paid for going out and getting one on release day. (fewer titles are available). They could at some point offer some bigger games like Ryse or DR3 due to the fact that Xbox One GwG is ran like Sony’s PS+ IGC so the cost is less.

      • buddynugget

        Did you really correct me on less than a month off? You realize it was a rough estimate and not me actually being 100% accurate. Im quite happy with what we’ve got so far. My only complaint was they promised 2 games a month via Phil Spencer and the library might be relatively small bit their are plenty of indie and smaller titles that could be given away for games with gold. All they need to do is be up front next time instead of pretty much lying.

        • RAULxPUDD

          “rough estimate” who needs to estimate? It is as easy as counting to 7. There are still 2 games free this month on XB1 technically. Show me a link where Phil Spencer “promises” 2 new different games on Xbox One each month. Key words being “New” and “different” I get your frustration but i know whats available for the XB1 as far as Arcade/Indie. The rate that they would give away 2 new Arcade games each month would outpace the rate at which new quality Arcade titles are being released and you would end up with repeats again anyways. Again thats the trade off for getting a new console at launch. It will get better be patient. There are only around 15 Arcade titles available in the XB1 marketplace as of right now and some of those have already been used.

  • whatdidwedotoyou

    I’m sorry but can we trade the Guacamelee game for like Strider or something??? I mean….ummmm or just give us the chance to play our 360 downloads on the One. We promise we’ll stay….just stop punishing us please.

    • Catalyst

      Guacamelee was a fantastic game, and this expanded release sounds even better. Replace Max with Strider and I’d understand your point.

      • whatdidwedotoyou

        I’ll give it a try. To be honest I played Max for like 20 minutes and was like why did I waste good hard drive space. But all in all some chaos is needed. Kinda like the 24 hour Direct TV customer service channel. But if this game has the entertainment level of an extended demo….may your gamerscore become lost to you, lol.

        • BleedingAmbition

          I actually enjoyed Max. Guacamelee doesn’t look as enjoyable as other arcade/indie or whatever want to call them now.

    • http://www.Bl4ckSh33p.de/ Bl4ckSh33p

      Strider was 50% off 1-2 weeks ago.

  • Thomas

    Really you are reoffering max the curse of brotherhood… Probably one of the worst games ever created. I’m not disappointed with guacamelee, I was just expecting bigger titles since you delayed games with gold for SO LONG on xb one!!!! Kinda pathetic Microsoft, it’s like I expect you guys to do something right for once but I don’t even know why anymore, you just fail time and time again.

  • Eraser74

    Guacamelee is a fantastic game! Great to have a new release for free! Thanks Xbox Team! The people that are complaining just don´t know what they are talking about!

  • KitchenAid

    yeah so …… Guacamelee is currently a free download on xbox360, not on xbox one atm ;D Wuhu!

    • KitchenAid

      downloading both Gotham City Imposers and Guacamelee for free now–

      • http://www.Bl4ckSh33p.de/ Bl4ckSh33p

        The game has no price in the German marketplace -.-
        cant download it on 360 or one

    • Michael Burden

      That is the video/trailer, not the game FYI. The game itself is not available for download yet – at least not on the web site (and I am away from my 360).

      • KitchenAid

        oh oh oh oh oh, thanks for clarifying

  • Jedi Dna

    Since Gotham City Imposers was never released in Brazil, we’re getting Perfect Dark Zero instead.
    Its a very old game but I’m pleased with the exchange. I like better a good old “games on demand” title than an arcade. Hopefully, next time will be Kameo.


    2 arcade titles on the 360 mmmm, Is 2 steps forward 3 steps back the new Xbox slogan???

    • Jason Renfro

      Max is the best game arcade or not I have played this year with my kids. IT is an exceptionally fun title and better than all but one of the AAA titles I have bought for my Xbox One since launch.

      • RAULxPUDD

        Im talking about the 360 free games with gold lol, I can see why they dont give away AAA games on the XB1 yet, Sony doesnt on the PS4 either as of yet.

      • RAULxPUDD

        There are a few pretty good multiplats out now and Sunset Overdrive looks like it will be awesome.

  • Macy Slator

    isn’t gotham city imposters a f2p title?

    • jeffyg3

      Not F2P on consoles so yes this a deal for the Xbox 360 version going free, and there isn’t an OSX version so people without Windows can’t play the F2P PC version…anyone really like the F2P model anyways? So yeah, happy with this going free.

  • http://www.Bl4ckSh33p.de/ Bl4ckSh33p

    Why is Guacamelee! not available in Germany? I can only see Max. :(

  • kriegir

    So where is guacamele?

  • illNaStyone

    Was expecting Gotham Imposters to be fun.. Highly let down.

  • digitallife

    Ok i’m confused..I see guacamele and max of the brotherhood…what’s the third game? Or am I too stoned?


      Max isn’t counted as a new game since it was also around last month.. The 3 new games are total over the 360 and the One, so Guacamelee (One), Gotham City Imposters (360) and BattleBlock (360) are the 3.

  • rhooper

    Regions without Gotham City Impostors available are getting Perfect Dark Zero. Lucky them…

    Even it’s an old game found for less than 5 bucks everywhere, it’s excellent.
    But, an online multiplayer only game? I pass…

  • gengiskhan101

    2 arcade games in same month??? Cancelling gold suscription in 3, 2, 1…