June 27th 2014 10:04 am PT

Xbox One Achievements and More Coming Soon to Xbox.com

One of the most requested community features we’ve seen as of late is the ability to view your Xbox One data on Xbox.com. We’re happy to announce that the first of these elements – your Xbox One profile, Achievements, friends, followers, and game clips – will be viewable on Xbox.com beginning next week. Here’s a preview of what to expect:

More enhancements, like your Activity feed, are on the way. But in the meantime put these new features through their paces next week, and keep your suggestions coming!

Feedback, Xbox One, Xbox.com By Jeff Rubenstein

  • ZOMBI3

    Whoopdee doo.

  • Isaac Wurm

    Looks nice and clean, can’t wait!

  • http://matejgottwald.wordpress.com/ Matěj Gottwald

    Better late (and right) than never. Good job!

  • StormRaging

    Great addition! Now if I could only see what my friends are doing on their xbox ones when I’m playing my 360.

  • http://summified.com/ Ry L

    I’m confused how those percentages are calculated (when the video is showing the compare games)

    • dibils

      single player progress, not achievement progress. weird i know

  • AJ

    Nice. Been waiting for this to come.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    It’s about time! :)

  • Jonathan

    This looks awesome! I’m glad they are constantly updating things.

  • Nick Peck

    Great, I have been waiting for this! Keep it up MS.

  • James

    Awesome work. Looks great!

  • Ryan Davis

    I just wanted to say that the Xbox uservoice forums are a great way for Microsoft to hear and understand the community’s needs. As long as you guys are good about implementing the ideas we want the way we want them, Xbox will only keep getting better.

    A year ago I was vehemently opposed to the Xbox One. Now I’m planning to pick one up before the end of the year and I’m excited about it.

  • evilfangs .

    Still haven’t sorted stat tracking out I see.

    Watch dogs 100% yet only 305 / 1000GS and 13 achievements.

    • Timothy Wolf Bernard

      that for the game (main story) not the achievements. You can see that on your xbox or smartglass.

  • http://gh.linkedin.com/pub/kenneth-yaw-agyeman-badu/1b/351/482 Kenzibit

    Jesus Christ! It’s like my wife just gave birth to my first child. Anyway @Major, any news on these viewability of Xbox One achievements with the native Xbox games hub on Windows Phone? That is very dear to my heart due to the nature of my job. Not talking of smartglass.

  • Karl Cramer

    When can we share Xbox One achievements on Facebook like we can on 360? I like that feature. (Pun!)
    PSA: Use it for good stuff, like 100%ing a game. Don’t abuse it, kids.

    • ElektroDragon

      I want all my video gaming life to stay the hell away from my Facebook.

      • Justin Felder

        You make a good argument. I may have to turn off Facebook sharing.

      • Karl Cramer

        Then why share anything? That you liked a movie. Went to the beach. Saw a concert. Are in a relationship. Post the things you care about and as long as you’re not spamming everyone’s feed non-stop, if people find it annoying or embarrassing then they shouldn’t have been friended. Post or don’t post whatever you want. That’s the point of Facebook.
        Some of my friends who are into gaming too Like when I post something I did in games and they’re the ones I wanted to share that with.

  • Sanpei

    Bring us Xbox 360 style pop-up window !!! for quick party invite, joining etc…

    We want to use some functions faster and in more practical way…Why dont you give that first !!!

    • dibils

      thats what the snap is for, unfortunately they dont have basic things like messages, friends list etc in the snap lol but it will come, just like the achievement snap app

      • Sanpei

        Snap is not practical…Also when you are in game it becomes worse

        • dibils

          it is now with the double tap opening snap. its practically the guide from 360 without blocking the game image, it just needs those functions back

  • Toni D

    I would like the option of writing in my profile like on the X360.

  • deadbox102


  • http://twitter.com/dat_gap_doe KaosTheory

    Should have been available since Day One really. I doubt that it is used as much though vs the Smartglass app. This fits right in w/ the other Xbox One features which have also been late to the party…

  • ElektroDragon

    When can I buy Xbox One game DLC on the web site?

    When can I have my Xbox One auto-power on and install games I purchased on the web site?

    Please make it happen.

    • Justin Felder

      I was just going to say that about the DLC from the web site. I don’t have an Xbox One yet, and this is not a dealbreaker, but this is very troubling to me.

    • Nick Peck

      “When can I have my Xbox One auto-power on and install games I purchased on the web site?”

      That’s what the power saver mode is for. Same with the ps4, you have to have it in that mode for downloads to work while it’s “off”. If you don’t like using the power save mode then don’t expect this to ever happen.

      Full purchasing from the site for the XBO would be great and I have no idea why they didn’t include it from the start.


    This was one of the things I voted for on the feedback site, awesome. Keep up the great work MS.

  • joevsyou

    good to hear. I still believe the ENTIRE xbox website needs redone

  • https://www.aeyoun.com/ Daniel Aleksandersen

    Is this not … a few months late?

  • https://twitter.com/JRhyan_DE J.Rhy@n

    About time!

  • http://www.thingsunder15.com/ AJayHubs

    Excellent, keep up the great work.

  • http://www.Bl4ckSh33p.de/ Bl4ckSh33p

    Great! :D

  • Amkof

    I always thought that was a weird omission. Glad to see it being introduced.

  • Jason


  • Andrés

    What about let us see the covers of our games in the Xbox dashboard when we are not connected to Xbox live? it looks terrific(bad) with no covers, don’t know what made MS take that decision, force us to stay connected to xbox live all the time? and when the day of shutting down xbox live servers for 360 we will have to deal with that ugly grey tiles?

    Is it so hard to cache the covers on the HDD?

    • Justin Felder

      I agree with that. It used to bug me until I finally got high-speed internet. Box art caching FTW.

  • Rayne love

    thats awesome (: haha now i dont need a app for it

  • dibils

    now if you could bring that “set achievement image as background” to the X1 it would be appreciated

  • kvfive

    And the other most requested feature is 360 emulation, when when when ? (Please)

    • Death Dealer


    • deadbox102

      I would like to see external storage increased. I don’t see emulation ever happening.

    • Nick Peck

      I have an easier solution, keep your 360!! It won’t happen as it would be a total waste of time and money imo. New systems for new games :D

  • http://www.braysballtalk.com/ Aaron Giddens

    What about Mottos, Bios and Voice messages on Xbox One?

  • Claus

    Progress – great! Just don’t forget DLNA support over all the other ticked boxes, right? Still over all it’s good to see the system evolving.

  • fastharryDOTcom

    one button request private chat like the 360…dedicated sleep timer to shut everything off at night…

  • Riekopo

    It really annoyed me that my old Xbox 360 gamerpic was showing instead of my new Xbox One gamerpic. I would like to remove the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live stuff from showing as well. I don’t want to see that old stuff.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama


  • Residentsteve01

    I just love how we keep getting new features each and every month unlike playstation 4, xbox one is fast becoming my fav next gen console of choice.

  • DavidinCT

    Now if they can update these on Windows phone 8.1…..still waiting…

  • Axcalibur

    Nice. Hopefully they’ll improve the achievements on Xbox One to be as accessible as they were on Xbox 360.

  • freddyonestar


  • Philip Smith

    Activity isn’t showing for me? Still stuck on 360 things.

  • http://www.braysballtalk.com/ Aaron Giddens

    Except video game clans on Xbox rely on them.

  • Brian Tisdale

    I like the new Achievements page, but I think it makes good sense to
    show the overall gamerscore at the top, to the right of the
    “Achievements” header. There is tons of available real estate there…
    Have a good day!