July 8th 2014 10:00 am PT

Project Spark Officially Launches in October

Project Spark now has a release date: while the game is currently in open beta on Xbox One and Windows 8.1, aspiring game developers can get their hands on the final version of Project Spark beginning on October 7.

At that time, we’ll also be making an Xbox One disc edition of Project Spark available at retail for $39.99 USD. The “Project Spark Starter Pack” is loaded with great content, including starter packs filled with sounds, effects, animations, and props, plus advanced creator features, offline content, and experience boosts which allow players to unlock new content that much faster.

For those of you who prefer digital download, all the content included in the disc version will be available digitally for Xbox One and Windows 8.1 on launch day.

Of course, everyone will be able to experience the creations of the over 1 million beta creators who have left their mark on the world of Project Spark, and earn Achievements while they do so. In the meantime, the beta is still ongoing, Xbox One owners can download it here, Windows 8.1 users click here.

Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Gazza!!!

    The beta showed me this has a ton of potential but it just wasn’t for me. Plenty of other stuff releasing around October for the XBO any way.

    • evilfangs .

      I didn’t get it either, building your own game…I pay developers to do that for me so I can enjoy there imagination. Plus as you said, they’re at least two games coming out in October that I’m interested in more.

      • Gazza!!!

        I know. I haven’t got the time or inclination to spend hours obsessing over tiny details, I’ll leave that to the Mincecraft fans plus its choc block full of micro transactions.

        • ElektroDragon

          It’s for the creative types, like those would rather build PC mods than play PC games or those who would rather make an indie game than play the latest AAA games. So its more for producers than consumers. Not dissing any group, I’m more a consumer myself.

          They should have used the subtitle “Create, Play, Share”, but that was probably already copyrighted by Sony or Little Big Planet. :-)

      • Nick Peck

        It’s a great game and if you look around to see what everyone else has made from within Spark you would be floored. There is some fantastic stuff in there and the tools are great.

        Having said that, I agree with you. I don’t have enough time to learn a game like this fully to really take advantage of it, and because Oct / Nov has like 12 games I want already.

        So ya, I’ll have way to much to keep me occupied. they really should change the release date for this game as I don’t think it will do all that good coming out when it is with so many AAA games releasing.

        • Bush

          do you need Kinect to play it Nick?

          • mescad

            Kinect lets you create custom emotes w/ sound for your characters. Totally optional and the kinect is not used at all when you are playing games.

          • Bush

            thanks man, for some reason i thought it was a Kinect game. it looks interesting.

      • ElektroDragon

        It’s for the Minecraft crowd.

      • Mario Dupuis

        Trying to create your own game is fun. Game developpers all started by dreaming of building their own game, instead of simply just play them. If you are still interested in Project Spark, and already have the XB1, the beta download is free. The launch version of the digital download will still be free. You only pay for DLCs. This disc retail version comes with DLC, but it’s a deal because you get more stuff than the actual separate price of each DLC included. It’s a bundle to get new players or those who have not bought any DLC yet up to speed.

    • Anubis316

      yea the beta showed me I can’t wait to see what OTHER people make, but I will not have the time to invest in this game. I will enjoy playing other people’s creations.

  • Jon Taylor

    I thought it was going to be free…..??

    • http://angryfacing.com/ Nick

      The base game will be free. There will be content to purchase outside of that though. That’s what the $39.99 starter pack is.

      • Jon Taylor

        So….not free then?

        • Nick Peck

          The base game as a digital download is FREE. If you want a lot of extras you will have to pay for those. While you can play the entire game for free, you will only get limited set pieces and stuff like that.
          The disc version just comes with a bunch of content from what it looks like.

        • Jack Joyce

          Do you know what Free to Play games are?
          The whole thing isn’t free you child.

        • Catalyst

          As others have stated you can get most of the content through paid packs, but they also have in-game currency that can be used to unlock a lot of content the more you play.

    • Mario Dupuis

      the retail disc contains stuff you would have to pay. It contains some DLCs already purchasable inside the game. The stuff contained in this starter XB1 disc will also be available as digital downloads from the game marketplace. The actual download of the game will continue to be free.

  • Maritox

    and 360?

    • Mario Dupuis

      360 version will be after official launch, no ETA yet

  • David R

    Thought this was going to be free

    • sirkillalotic

      That’s what I thought

      • Mario Dupuis

        it will still be free for the core content. This starter pack contains a bunch of DLCs plus Galaxies First contact. But the game itself will still be downloadable through the actual media (XBox One and Microsoft Stores). The 39.95 price tag is for the XB1 disc version. Digital version will be available as well as separate DLCs for the parts that are DLCs AFAIK

    • ƦeνoƖυtioɳ(=´ω`=)

      base game is free, the disc version comes with extra stuff thats doesnt come with the free version

      • Anubis316

        If I am going to pay can they give me more ideas on what I will be paying for? I bet Conker is something included in the payable versions

  • Zach Dolbeare

    Damn another October game. How about moving some of these games to July or August.

    • Nick Peck

      My thoughts exactly. June, July and August are pretty much game dead zones, but Oct & Nov have like 12 games coming out that I want… There are more but I can’t get all of them haha.

      • evilfangs .

        Got The last of us at the end of this month which will be cool as I missed it! Developers just lose out against me when releasing all there games at the end of the year. I’ll just buy a couple new and a few months later pick up the rest used.

        • Nick Peck

          Yah. It’s crazy how long we wait for the games we want to then find out all of them are leasing a few weeks from one another :( I give the Batman crew some props, they saw how crowded their original release date became so they pushed it till next year so they could work on it more.

          Honestly, what I’m interested in:
          Destiny 9/9
          Forza horizon 2 9/30
          Middle Earth 10/7
          Evolve 10/21
          Sunset Overdrive 10/28
          Assassins Creed Unity 10/28
          CoD:AW 11/4
          Halo MC Collection 11/11
          Far Cry 4 11/18
          GTA 5 11/18

          And that’s not counting the great looking games like Ori and what not that we don’t have release dates on yet. Seriously lol, there is no way I can do all of that. Not to mention the time I plan on putting into Destiny.

          I’ll probably just play a few then hold off on the rest until I take breaks or when there is some good lulls in-between game releases. I still don’t know how I will pull it off O.o

          I no longer have my ps4 for this very reason because throwing another system into the mix will make me buy even more games that I shouldn’t lol. Well that and plus I just don’t like the controller all that much, although I do like it a lot more than the DS3.

          *Edit, oh and there are the Metro games I never played, and I didn’t even include the games early next year… yeeeesh.

          • evilfangs .

            Both Sunset Overdrive and the new AC are on my birthday, I didn’t realize that. I was going to buy them two new but might now just get the new AC new and pick up Sunset Overdrive later, then get Far Cry 4 new and the rest will be later next year which will push back games next year that are coming out early.

            Each game costing now about £50-60 and all coming out within the same time period just kills me as I want to support these developers but just can’t.

          • Nick Peck

            Yah I hear ya. I currently have all of them on pre order but I know I’ll end up cutting several in favor of the ones I want the most, though that is a hard list to cut down.

        • Liquidfx Xboxdude

          i loved that game. i actually had a tear come out after the part in the first of the game. only metal gear solid made me tear up back in the day. tlou has one of the best stories ever in anything.

        • Nick Peck

          TLOU was a great game. I don’t think it was the best thing since sliced bread, but it was a very fun game with a cool story. It screams Uncharted with how the gameplay works though, same recipe. Climbing and how you go from an empty room to a wide open area with a lot of baddies ect..

          However, that’s not a bad thing :D You should really like it.

    • Anubis316

      I had to make the very hard decision the other day to NOT get Evolve right away, there is just no point when Destiny is september and Halo MCC is November

  • Ben Gutt

    If the disc version is $40, I’m not going to be surprised to see the digital one sitting there dusty on the digital shelf for $80.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      this is a different kind of game altogether.

    • Catalyst

      You can already purchase in game credits, or use the in-game credit system to unlock the content. This is just for people who don’t have an internet connection/want to buy all the content as a bundle. If they do put the bundle up for grabs digitally, I’m sure it’ll be the same price.

  • Vince

    Is this a poor man’s version of Little Big Planet?

    • ElektroDragon

      Never thought of it that way, but actually this is WAY more in depth than anything you can do with Little Big Planet.

    • Death Dealer

      It’s the other way around. LBP is a poor man’s PS. PS has many more possibilities, like ElektroDragon says.

      • usrev

        except little big planet game first, but yea this looks better.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      little big planet is not this good. it is in a 2d world where as project spark has WAY more possibilities.

    • coip

      No, Little Big Planet is the poor man’s version of Project Spark.

  • Cacho

    I supose that the X360 version is dead, right?

    • marco

      That’s a question I have been asking all over. Seems a little messed that they haven’t said anything about it, and that’s why they are losing out on gen 8 because people find their image deceptive

      • http://projectspark.com Mike Lescault

        We’re still committed to bringing the game to Xbox 360, but Team Dakota is a fairly small team, and we decided to focus our efforts on getting the Xbox One and Windows 8 versions out first.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    anyone remember that playstation that let you make games? i never had it but wanted one so bad.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      found it. it was called the yaroze. an rpg machine they claimed. i used to drool reading about it in gamepro or egm (can’t remember which).

      • usrev

        not the same but check out little big planet 3 it comes out at the end of the year as well.

        if you have ps3 get littleb ig planet 2 though it’s great.

  • Slevon

    I love that box art!

  • Please Clarify

    A game advertised as free suddenly costs $40.

    Reminds me of Joy Ride.

    • Anthony Kees

      It’s still a f2p game. This is just bundling some of the content for more value, if you’re interested in buying it with real money. All of the content can be earned through in game credits though.

    • Kravex

      Joy Ride advertised as free, one of the greatest gaming myths. Was announced at E3 2009 as a microtransaction game where you would need to buy cars, upgrades and tracks right from the start.

    • http://projectspark.com Mike Lescault

      The game remains free and always will be. The Starter Pack is intended to give new and existing users a chance to “jump start” with a DLC bundle at a pretty healthy discount.

  • usrev

    is this really going to be staying exclusive to windows 8? really?

    • coip

      Only Windows 8 has the built-in Xbox integration that allows for the cross-platform play with Xbox One and Xbox 360. Also, Windows 8 is an amazing OS–best OS on the market, by far.

      • Catalyst

        I run Mavericks and loathe when I have to move over to Windows to play Skyrim and such.

        • roozbeh, again

          Apple no like hardcore gaming.

      • Michael Burden

        Best OS? LMAO – the Mac OS X would like to have a word with you. W8 is not even the best Windows OS.

  • John Smith

    Looks good – but $40? Will have to see how much content it includes.

  • marco

    What about the 360 version major Nelson and crew? It was announced …. Seems a little deceiving not hearing about it. Do u think people will forget that it was said to be coming to 360 because u guys don’t talk about it?

    • coip

      Team Dakota has commented on it. It’s coming to Xbox 360 but not on October 7th. They don’t have a release date yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at least a 3-month delay to get it ported over from Xbox One. The game is worth the wait. It’s amazing.

      • marco

        where did u see that? got a link?

        • http://projectspark.com Mike Lescault

          Coip is correct. The Xbox 360 is still on our roadmap, but we don’t have a release date for it yet.

          • marco

            Well I just like to know if it’s still coming or if it’s coming in 2018. Or just not coming

  • Brian Eyekon Koehler

    So wait is the game free and starter pack is just paid dlc or what?

    • mescad

      The starter pack includes the free game plus some paid DLC.

    • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

      you’re basically just getting more items to work with right off the bat, instead of earning them or buying them via microtransaction (at a discount i believe)

  • Aidan

    uhh… guys you know you are playing the beta for free? not the whole darn game. stop complaining.

  • mickey321qw

    It will have conker?

  • Hogwild333

    My spark for this game went out after trying the XB1 beta. :(

    • Catalyst

      It takes time and effort, but their are amazing things you can do even in the Beta. I wish they didn’t have all of the in game transaction stuff, but hopefully now that they are making us pay -which is also a bummer- it will be removed.

      • Avalanchian

        The paying for stuff isn’t being removed. It’s a super great idea, but it’s a cash grabbing machine if you really want to create the extra cool things.

      • http://projectspark.com Mike Lescault

        The core game is free and will always remain so. We plan to continue to develop and release DLC in the form of content packs, visual “skins”, and other experiences that are optional for players to unlock with earned in-game credits or purchase with tokens. Nothing is mandatory, and everyone is able to play ANY user created game, regardless of what DLC they own. It’s about as fair a system as we could think of. Always open to community ideas on how to improve, however.

    • http://www.Bl4ckSh33p.de/ Bl4ckSh33p

      And after not receiving the discount promised in the last event (2 days where you should be able to get marketplace contents with 100% discount). -.-

      • http://projectspark.com Mike Lescault

        Our concurrency event promotion provided users a credit refund up to 40,000 for each day, for purchases made during the specified hours of the event. If you didn’t receive that, please let us know on projectspark.com and we’ll get it sorted. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Residentsteve01

    I thought this was already out, not my type of game anyway.