July 22nd 2014 7:22 am PT

GoPro Channel is Now Available for Xbox One

The GoPro Channel is now available on Xbox One, joining the Xbox 360 app that launched in April. GoPro on Xbox One gives Xbox Live members around the world access to epic action-adventure videos, including four exclusive videos you’ll see only on Xbox. The GoPro Channel also offers access to on-demand GoPro content, the ability to share videos and purchase cameras and equipment directly through the app channel.

For more on GoPro Channel for Xbox One, click over to Xbox Wire.

Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • http://twitter.com/dat_gap_doe KaosTheory

    Maybe someone will upload GoPro content from their couch while playing a video game/eating cheetos/drinking Mountain Dew. Or maybe that’s Twitch.

    I’ll never use this app and not sure how many other people actually will either. What is the “selling” point of having this available on the Xbox One?

    • xPutNameHerex

      People like watching some other people’s actions in truly adventurous places on a big screen TV, and an app optimizes the input/output for the Xbox One just as an app would optimize the I/O for your smartphone.

    • Ricky Stafford

      Why are you hating it’s a great app really cool stuff on there you will never see or experience in your life I’m glad they put it on there . And I’m tired of hearing every one complain bout what’s not out on the one. In due time man its coming relax


    More Apps *pounds fists on table* Don’t worry trolls got ya covered.

  • MAZ

    Hummm GoPro App..not sure this is what we have been waiting for , but Ill check it out. I was however disappointed to see the same game again this week on sale on the xboxone. But I did buy one of the sales on xbox 360 why I don’t know?

  • Vince

    More apps on a weekly basis. It’s like you guys release one app every year on Xbox.


      That makes no sense.

      • fastharryDOTcom

        He is saying that he would like new apps on a weekly basis instead of the one new app a year that he perceives MS releases. Not sure what was so hard to understand about his statement.

        • RAULxPUDD

          He should have said, I want more apps on a weekly basis. Not just “More apps on a weekly basis.”. 11 people agree with me so apparently i was not the only one that was not quite sure what his comment was saying.

          • fastharryDOTcom

            11 people agreeing with your lack of reading comprehension and ability to think outside the box does not make your answer right. If you are going to go through life using other peoples agreement with your ideas as validation I would have to tell you you are going to have bigger problems then trolling an xbox forum looking to be critical of other peoples participation.

          • RAULxPUDD

            . Your really offended by my “that makes no sense”??? It has nothing to do with my reading comprehension or trolling. I wasn’t being critical of his “participation” I did not know what his point was or what he was actually saying. I simply stated it did not make sense because on a basic communication level it does not.

            I did not seek validation from the 11 people to bolster my point that his post is worded poorly. You can argue the merits of 11 people agreeing with me or just use what should be common sense and reach the conclusion that it is worded poorly. Or ahh yes we have your chosen option to vilify me and accuse me of a poor reading comprehension and trolling, You really thought it out before attacking me didn’t you?

            Other peoples agreements of your ideas as validation are often times the only validation we have or need. Nonetheless i need not your advice on the matter as i have made it 30+ years “through life” just fine. You on the other hand seem to be over sensitive to certain stimuli or content and will find it hard going through life with that mentality so lighten up a little.

            This forum does not need a vigilante self appointed moderator such as yourself to dish out your own brand of justice for imagined wrongdoings. If anything, if all you say were true at the very least your a hypocrite for criticizing me for supposedly criticizing him. I did not mean any offense to him personally so i guess it was a false alarm fastharry, you can go back to your secret hideout and wait for the next evildoer to appear.

          • fastharryDOTcom

            I needed validation?…You were the first one to point out you had 11 upvotes to your comment which, BTW, was the perfect example of trolling and vigilante style moderation. See ya…

          • RAULxPUDD

            Seems your the one lacking reading comprehension at no point did i say you needed validation, you said i was using people agreeing with me as validation. This ring a bell… ??

            “”If you are going to go through life using other peoples agreement with your ideas as validation I would have to tell you you are going to have bigger problems””

            Now that your own words are refreshed in your mind, i simply refer you to my previous post on the matter for clarification if your befuddled.

            You came at me with your moderating of my comment

            “that makes no sense”.

            How is me saying 11 people must also have had trouble understanding what he meant turn into me moderating you and trolling? Your grasping at straws because you jumped at the chance to vilify me and now you realize that was a mistake because i just really did not know what he was saying because it was worded poorly. Yeah “See ya” is right, next time do not be so quick to judge people.

          • fastharryDOTcom

            your name says it all…

          • RAULxPUDD

            Took you 10 minutes to come up with that and write those 5 words lol, the best you could do was point out my comical disqus I.D that i named purposely to be comical??? really??? As soon as i posted my comment it told me you were replying and i was waiting for an actual decent informed logical response. Ten minutes later you post 5 words haha whatever man. Why did ya even waste your time. Vince.. If ya see this man im sorry i said your comment made no sense, i truly did not know what you were saying. I meant no personal offense.

            fastharrry your too judgmental and it doesn’t serve you or anyone you come in contact with well. This is done because i’m done debating it. Have a nice day.

            P.S feel free to comment further i wont be back to check this old post anyways.

  • 0rtep

    Is microsoft not doing an xbox one sale this week they usually post it at 5:01 pt every tuesday but no word yet.

    • Chris Hofer

      I cannot speak to the Xbox One, but I know that all the sales for the 360 this week are shown on xbldb [dot] com.

      • Professor Oak

        Xbox 360 ones are up on the Dashboard too

  • Rafael

    General Nelson, are there plans to apps like Gametrailers and IGN? Sometimes I turn my 360 just to use them =/

    • Duality115

      Ign says theyre currently working on an app. Idk about gametrailers but im under the impression that they would have the say in its development more than microsoft

      • Rafael

        Thanks, mate!


      Did he get a promotion? I didnt hear anything about it lol.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      i think i see what you did there. i think.

  • Jose Medina

    fix the price on dark souls 2 is supposed to be 29.99.

    • Michael Burden

      Last time I checked, 33% off of $60 was equal to $39.99. The price is right, your math is lacking.

      • Jose Medina

        if you keep up with the pricing dark souls 2 dropped in price before the sale to 39.99 on 07-08-2014.

        • RAULxPUDD

          I agree the percentage off in the sale should be reflective and in proportion to the current fair market price of the game. Best Buy. Gamestop (new copy), in Microsofts own storefront it is like $34.99 . Yet on sale in digital form they price gouge us and expect us to not notice. Some of the deals and sales are great but this 75% off $59.99 for a game that is $39.99 everywhere else in the market and even in your own storefront it is $34.99 and you still try to pull a fast one has to stop.

        • Michael Burden

          Where do you see that percentage or expected price?

          You are probably right about the price drop, but this is more than likely a mistake having this title listed in the sale as it in no way fits the theme for this sale (Superheroes) and is not put out by the publishers having a sale this week (nordic and Deep Silver). You’re more likely to see this removed from the sale list than the sale price you are expecting is my prediction.

          • Jose Medina

            its all good.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    anyone know if this has 1000gs or not?

    • Michael Burden

      Being this is an app and not a game, it would not have any gamerscore. Now it probably does have challenges like the Amazon Instant Video and other apps.

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        thank you Mr. Serious.

        • 0rtep

          anything can have 1000gs if your brave enough

          • evilfangs .

            All you have to do is Bo-lieve.

  • Gregory Scott Campbell

    when is the HBOGO app coming out for xbox one?

    • Rupert Oldcorn

      Xbox feedback now has this as ‘in progress’ no additional information but all of the xbox update beta features just got updated as ‘in progress’

      • Gregory Scott Campbell

        well that kinda sucks they aren’t exactly giving us an exact release date but I guess it’s a bit of an update. what about any word on media streaming with media center or network sharing?

  • Ricky Stafford

    Go pro app is great just one problem after about 20 videos the app just keeps playing the advertisements. Then when u restart the app like 5 videos in all the advertisements keep coming on please fix. I really enjoy this app tho.

    • John Smith

      Advertisements? These are commercial videos? I thought they were uploaded by private people with GoPro’s.

  • kronos316

    Can anyone tell me the name of the music?

  • Vince

    major majormajor you are in danger danger danger

  • Bird Chirp Gaming

    When can we see HBO and Showtime app on Xbox One?

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    i want more mapps.