July 26th 2014 8:59 am PT

Watch the Halo: Nightfall Panel Right Here

This year’s San Diego Comic Con has been a haven for Halo fans, with two panels packing the halls to learn more about Halo: Nightfall and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. While Comic-con panels are rarely livestreamed, 343 Industries has now made the entirety of the panel available for viewing. Here, meet the stars and creators of Halo: Nightfall:

For those of you at San Diego Comic-con this weekend, be sure to drop by the 2nd floor of the Manchester Grand Hyatt to go hands on with dozens of upcoming Xbox One titles, meet some of the devs who are creating them, and get your hands on super-limited-edition collectibles. More details here.

Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Digiadam


  • Ross Kemp

    Luvs me some Halo .

    • Praytoseedeath

      That’s amazing.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    they should officially make halo by machine head the song of Halo. so great.

    • Digiadam

      It doesn’t “fit”.

    • teethintored

      The Faceless – The Ancient Covenant

  • Professor Oak

    Well, thought they would Anounce the new GwG at SDCC, unfortunately not. Here are my Predictions:
    Xbox One – AC IV: Black Flag
    360 – CoD BlOps and Forza Horizon. Thoughts?

    • coip

      I’d like to see Crimson Dragon or Peggle 2 as GwG and I’d like to see Kinect Sports Rivals as Deal of the Week.

    • llortretsam

      Black Flag is too big of a game, we will get an arcade game for the X1, I’m going to guess Contrast. The prices of these old COD games are still kinda high on the market place, I’m guessing Activision wants to squeeze as much as they can out of them and we have never seen a COD game given away, I doubt we ever will. Most likely it’ll be Forza Horizon though, to get people interested in the new one coming out soon.


      too hopeful. xbox one-im think the new magic 2015 game and another arcade game.

  • coip

    I really wish that Satya wouldn’t have prematurely shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios. Halo Nightfall looks promising, as does the Atari: Game Over documentary. And Every Street United has been fantastic so far. It’s odd that they devoted so much time at ComiCon to Xbox Originals’ productions even though Satya just nixed the whole operation. What a disappointment. I hope he changes his mind.


      It was needed. Overall it didn’t bring money in nor help bring more people to xbox. It was cool though I agree. It was more like an added bonus for gold users.

      • coip

        Actually, we have no idea if it was profitable or not because Satya killed it prematurely. Only one show had been released so far (Every Street United), and most of the Xbox Entertainment Studios costs were already sunk. The smart move would’ve been to give them 3 years and see if they were a profitable studio or not. Perhaps it would’ve been a money-maker. We don’t know and now we never will. Instead, Satya killed them off before we could have the answer to that question, forced Microsoft to eat all the sunk costs already put into creating the studio, and, in the process, pissed off Xbox One customers like me who were excited about these shows, pissed off Microsoft employees, and pissed off advertisers. It was a pretty short-sighted move on Satya’s part.

        • MURD3R HE WROTE

          they’re pulling funds from those things to put into making xbox better and more games. I do hope they find everyone effected by that jobs though.

  • beardyman3218

    When will gwg for August be announced?