July 28th 2014 8:00 am PT

Xbox Live Games with Gold for August 2014

For the month of August, Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to two new free games on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Crimson Dragon and Strike Suit Zero will become free downloads on August 1st, replacing current Xbox One Games with Gold titles  Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Now is a good time download those two if you haven’t already.

On Xbox 360, starting Friday, August 1st, Motocross Madness (normally US $9.99) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through August 15th.

Then on August 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Dishonored (normally US $19.99) for free through August 31st.


*Titles are available as free downloads for qualifying Xbox Live Gold members in all markets where Xbox Live is available. Some regions may offer different titles depending on market availability. 

Games with Gold, Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • Luis Cajigas

    Far Cry 3 for x360, ryse son of rome and assassins creed black flag for x1 should be GWG next month.

    • Professor Oak

      Two Retail GoD for Xbox One in 1 month, Highly Doubtful

  • blightsun

    Wow. I had motocross madness back in 1998 when it was first made. Putting avatars on it doesnt shine it up at all. Its still 16 years old. Games with gold continues to be a worthless perk.

    • Brad

      I bought motocross when it came out. Horrible camera, but still fun. It’s good for a few hours of game play. After that you’ll never go back. Definitely worth the FREE price

      • Praytoseedeath

        I do it all for the avatar rewards…

  • Xander Cruz

    Just bought Dishonored and 5 other games from the sale. Thanks for hustling me, dicks

    • The Anonymous Doctor

      Yeah it is unfortunate but then again life isn’t fair.

    • plnkfloydian


  • Skylords Rorak

    To those begging for modern games, stop. If they were on for GwG then people’d start complaining that they already have it. No matter what is done, this service will not be perfect.

  • _e

    This is a hell lot better than last month’s Games for Gold titles. xD

    • Praytoseedeath

      Umm I’m guessing you haven’t played Guaccamelee yet… Cuz it kicks butt as does Max curse of brotherhood…


        I played them both and they are awesome but this month is still better.

        • Praytoseedeath

          You think crimson dragon and SSZ is better than max and guaccamelee?? Tell me another one…

          • https://www.facebook.com/TheGamingAlcoholic The Gaming Alcoholic

            I think a turkey baster full of AIDS being directly injected in one’s rear is better than Max.

    • The Lylmik

      I agree, both those games are awesome. I bought both of those a while back and have played them both through a few times. Looks like the GwG for X1 is going really in a good direction now.

    • Disturbed_Court_Jester

      For the 360 maybe. I’m not very hopeful of the 2 X1 games this month, they have gotten some pretty bad reviews, I’ll try them though, free is free.

      • Toby Hoover

        It’s difficult to provide free games when the console is still in it’s infancy.

  • Nicholas Poh

    There’s only one free game for XBox One for July since Max was one of the free game for June. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • DapperDingo

      That is not wrong for most. I guess it would be for anyone who bought the console in July though because they wouldn’t have had a chance to pick up Max in June.

      • Nicholas Poh

        But I thought we are promised 2 games per month?

        • Major Nelson

          And u got 2 free games. We never said it will be a different game.

          • cortez

            Wow! just wow

          • Guest

            I feel Major Nelsons Moderator account got hacked, what proper microsoft spotlight employee would use “u” instead of “you”

          • cortez

            Good Point

          • Major Imposter

            u or you are amazing at detective skills

          • Ben DeFelice

            I feel Major Nelsons Moderator account got hacked, what proper microsoft spotlight employee would use “u” instead of “you”?

          • http://www.kevin-fell.co.uk/ Kevin Fell

            Its just someone who’s created an account an called themselves “Major Nelson (moderator)” and slapped a picture of him across it. Its not Major’s account.

          • Ben DeFelice

            Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up..I just thought reading through his replies they have been quite disrespectful towards customers. Not a good look for the real Major Nelson

          • Major Nelson (moderator)

            why would someone do such a thing

  • Guesswhat Umad Noonecurr

    There needs to be more free xbox games.
    Just sayin’ =/

  • DapperDingo

    Still holding out that TOmb Raider Def Edition will one day be free on X1

  • digitallife

    Was/have been hoping for Assasins Creed but I guess that’ll come the month before unity gets released. Thanks for the free games.

  • LysanderM

    And finally, GWG has a better free game from PSN. The end of the world, maybe?

  • serge2k

    For the people complaining about the GWG program and comparing it to the PSN+ program… Didn’t PSN have crappy games in the beginning for a long time as well? To be honest GWG on the 360 hasn’t been bad compared to when PSN+ started.

  • Muhammad Khalid

    I don’t understand why i’m paying for gold.

    • http://www.youtube.com/SabzilaTV SabzilaTV

      so stop paying and complaining

      • cortez

        i am with Khalid, i hate online multiplayer, the only reason i use gold is to have good deals, but that’s defeated since the weekly gold deals have been recycled offerings and the free monthly stuff are mostly already owned games purchased from previous sales offers. so stop being a crappy moderator and give him a proper answer.

        • Major Nelson (moderator)

          I can’t reply to people without an avatar

          • cortez

            oh my God! was that a response from an actual 40+ year old man? Wow either an intern is using Nelson’s guise or that was the most stupid response from an xbox representative.

          • RZIBARA

            If you are smart enough to actually click on the persons profile, you would know its just some idiot who made a fake account and named it Major Nelson.

          • cortez

            i already did. don’t be quick to insult my intelligence

          • マリオ

            Personally I’m loving troll Nelson.

          • Major Imposter

            Troll Nelson is loving u!

          • Major Nelson (moderator)

            I know jack he works in the building

  • Muhammad Wilson

    Question: Does anybody know if you can purchase any of the free Games For Gold games on Xbox One once your Gold Membership expires. I know you have to make another PS plus account if you wanna purchase the previous PS plus games if your membership expires. Does the same apply for Xbox One because I may wanna purchase Crimson Dragon and SS Zero in the future when they are on sale.

    • Professor Oak

      If you mean download after gold Expires, no. What do you mean make a new account. You renew. Really hard to understand what u r asking

      • Muhammad Wilson

        If you download the free games on Xbox One while your gold and your gold membership expires if I don’t wanna renew my gold membership can i just purchase the games? Because on PS Plus you can’t. In order to purchase the games you have to buy them on a different account from the account that you downloaded them for free on. The only way you can replay the free games that you downloaded is if you renew your PS Plus membership. Im just trying to see if the same applies for the Xbox One games in case I wanna purchase them in the future. Then I won’t download them for free.

        • Professor Oak

          I don’t know why you would let your Gold Expire, and good luck finding many Sales on Xbox One without it. But I would Assume you are correct.

        • Anonymous

          If you’re asking if you need to have a gold membership to keep, play and re download it, no, once you download it while its free, you get to keep it. If you delete it, you can redownload it for free. Hope that helped.

  • Ryan Nello

    Love the GwG program, but it is exceedingly lame that Dishonored was just on sale and then immediately submitted for the GwG program. It makes me very distrustful of xbox live sales. Apparently, I should now beware of discounted games because they are bound to end up as GwG?? Clearly, its better to just wait a month for sale items to be dumped into GwG. Well, at least my money went towards a great game that deserves the love.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      If you are a gambler then yes. Consider you get 4 different sales weekly with lets say on average of 5 games on sale (usually more but using the smallest number here). That’s 20 sale games and maybe, MAYBE 2 (Never seen 2 that were just on sale be free but using the largest possible number here) of those MIGHT be free in the following months. 10% using the best possible numbers is a small % considering its more like 2-5% chance it may happen.

      Well for me it’s worth the $5 to get it now and not gamble on not getting it free later. But to each their own.

  • Quintel

    All I know is that Xbox One has been out barely for a year, and it’s getting free games. This kind of thing would be BEYOND comprehension in the old days. So if you are on Xbox One and you are complaining about any lowered price or any free game, you are being unreasonable.

  • Dave Edmonds

    Not seeing them offered online yet

  • jeffyg3

    OK. Donwloaded Motocross Madness on my Xbox 360 slim and it just either goes into a black screen and freezes or it just freezes before it loads anything. I deleted the entire directory for the game and redownloaded and it still does the same thing. I’ve tried over and over again and no luck. Anyone else get the same issue? It’s a bit annoying

    • jeffyg3

      OK this game is buggy as hell. I finally got it to run after a couple more tries and after the tutorial, I play the first career event and it just freezes the Xbox. Looked online and it looks like others are having the same issue. This is really disappointing :(

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Black screen is an issue that is happening across the board not just this game. I’ve been lucky and not had the black screen on anything including this game. Go to xbox dot com and click on support and you will see what I’m talking about.

      • jeffyg3

        Well that’s crappy. Hope they patch it up soon. This is the only game it seems to do it on for some reason. Oh well, back to Dust

        • ImTheMetalLord

          This is still posted on xbox dot com:

          It’s come to our attention that some of you are seeing a black screen when attempting to launch games and applications. Hang in there, Xbox members, we’re on it! Thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. We’ll update you again as soon as we have more information.

  • Andy Maguire

    I appreciate the effort , but come on . Did no one from Microsoft/Xbox look at the Xbox One’s GWG and go ” So !!!! you are going to give them TWO games and they are both Flying/Shooter’s ” . After playing both of these I am almost excited about getting LOCOCYCLE free next month .

  • darren williams

    Not going to lie both of the xbox 1 games they could have kept i really think both could run on xbox 360 strike suit put me to sleep

  • Gianni

    The problem is I am a completionist, and these games are Very hard to complete :/

    • Brad

      Motorcross Madness requires perfect timing and precise control to get a lot of the hidden/special objects. The camera and controls make it frustrating pull off most of the time.