July 29th 2014 10:21 am PT

Announcing EA Access, Exclusively on Xbox One

Today, EA revealed EA Access.  This brand new program exclusively for Xbox One owners will give members access to:

The Vault: A Selection of EA games on Xbox One ready to download and play as part of your EA Access membership. At launch, you’ll have access to FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Battlefield 4 and Peggle 2. More games will be added over time.

Play First: EA Access members will get to experience trials of new EA games early on Xbox One. Starting 5 days before release, you’ll be able to try the game for at least two hours and then save your progress.  Once you purchase the digital or physical copy, you can use your save game and continue the experience.

PLUS: All EA Access members will save 10% on EA purchases from Xbox Live.  From full digital games to downloadable content, you get 10% off with your EA Access membership.  .


More details are in EA’s blog post.

Also, you can follow the program on Twitter and Facebook

Xbox One By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Kaihaku

    Smells like desperation to me… I wonder how much Microsoft gave up to get this. Might work.

    • Mike C

      honestly who the fudge cares if it sounds like desperation, guess what I hope these console company’s stay desperate if it means better deals for customers, Xbox One price drop, Free Titanfall with console, Wii U price drop, Mario Kart 8 free game promotion and now this.

      • Da GeeZ

        Exactly, customer has more choice. Customer wins.

    • Michael Burden

      Probably nothing as SONY passed on the service since they did not want a competing service to PS Plus or PS Now, regardless of how they spin it by trying to say it doesn’t have value.

  • Jimmy DoneGood

    Absolutely great deal. Ea just needs to give out 4 games at least a year for this to be incredible.

    • Michal

      It’s a Microsoft program, not EA’s from what I heard.

      • http://socialsteak.com/ Stephen Robinson

        It isn’t. EA offered this to Sony to and Sony said no.

  • Sharpmax

    Just as I told I am gonna switch to Sony (and was about to purchase PS4), I see this news. Looks like MS can listen to the Customer after all. In fact the deal looks very good. Congrats MS, at less you did not completely f&ck it up. I am only wondering how you managed to pull off such a deal with EA only 2 hours after I said I quit. Looks like you can do it if you want to.

  • Michal

    Microsoft is going strong, you guys are just getting better and better, I love it. Everything you do now seems right. Stay focused, do exclusive games, shows, apps, we love Xbox. Phil Spencer and his team are top.

    • Bedtime

      PlayStation passed on this programme, they must see the truth behind it. And my beloved Xbox are behind on this gen so maybe they will be getting a cut from this demo programme to help their books out.

  • Professor Oak

    Seems like a good deal if you are one of those people who like them sports games.

    • Da GeeZ

      Like Battlefield4 and Peggle2 and Dragon Age?

      • Professor Oak

        That’s like, less than Half of it. Most of it is gunna sports. Don’t even own a One, Sounds Interesting and will probably consider this when I do get 1

  • Charles

    Seems like a cool idea especially if they end up including new releases like next month’s Madden.

    I’d also be interested in Microsoft offering a monthly subscription that allowed access to any game in the digital store. As long as the subscription is current then access would be granted.

  • Da GeeZ

    Any news on an Australian release for EA Access?
    Just been to the EA website to sign up and the only countries this appears to be available for is…


    EA and Microsoft, any love for us Aussies?

    • Filipe Araújo

      It will launch in Australia and New Zeland, it’s on the official website. Don’t worry.

  • Pearson Smith

    This is a heck of a deal! $30 USD a year! A good way to solve preloading games. Heck, if you find out the game sucks 5 days before release, then you don’t buy it. I’m guessing the 10% off deal is a cover for reducing the price of digital downloads. The materials for physical discs cost something. You never have to worry about buying the same sports game every year, if you’re willing to wait for it to hit the vault.

    • Lucky13X

      Good point about Sprts Games. VERY GOOD POINT> Thank you.

    • Jaymoon

      I would rather not have to pay $5/mo for a demo of a game I don’t intend on buying. -_-

  • concernedcoalcitizen

    Why is focus on OLD? I bought my xbox one for the New Games Of The Generation. Not the OLD ones. EA will keep new games off this service for a year before you can play them on the service. 10% discount dont amount to nothing. Learned my lesson buying Broke EA games back in November will stay away till the flies leave the pile next time.

  • Digiadam

    Knowing EA, they will stab you in the back like they always do.

    Sry but I will never again support EA in any way if I can help it. Bad customer service, bad gaming practices, and won the award for WORST COMPANY OF THE YEAR a couple times now.

    Google it…….it’s really pathetic.

    • GamerResentment

      Not to mention sims city and sims 4 haha. Anyways I hope they do a 180 like ms has been.

      • Dylan

        And Dungeon Keeper Mobile…and Dragon Age 2….and Mass Effect 3…

        • Digiadam

          The list is ENDLESS on how EA screws up. If it weren’t for their ( crappy ) sport games lineup they would have been out of business years ago.

  • GmailIsDown

    what is to prevent people from paying $5, beating all games in a month, and then canceling the service?

    • Filipe Araújo

      Nothing, like Netflix can’t prevent you to sign for 1 month, watch everything you want and cancel later.

    • Simon Married To Caz

      I personally wouldn’t be able to find the time to beat everything in a month.

      But I guess the unemployed can. Not saying your unemployed mate

  • ElektroDragon

    Hahaha… yeah “EA Access”. Hey EA, can I have my “access” back to all the game servers you’ve shut down over the years?

    • Simon Married To Caz

      EA says noooooo

  • bloody

    wow this is actually very cool.

  • Gazmaster3D

    £3.99 per month or £19.99 for a full year. I’m still waiting to see what the catch is but it looks really promising so far and for that price I’m willing to give it a go. Still in shock that they didn’t use the usual method of copying the US price and just add a pound sign.

    • Lucky13X

      So GameInformer huh?

  • mrP3tran

    is it <>? and if yes, does it fall to a semester period, a half year, full year, what?

    • Filipe Araújo

      It’s not. Sony refused EA Access on PS4 to not compete with PS+

      • Lucky13X

        Where did you hear this story about Sony’s refusal? It makes sense, but I want proof.

        • Simon Married To Caz

          It’s on every news article on the net

        • Filipe Araújo

          It’s everywhere. Go to IGN. I can’t post links here without the blog blocking it.

  • MAZ

    I bought this App last night and the value is great!

    • Filipe Araújo

      How did you get the beta key? :)

      • MAZ

        I am part of the Xbox Preview and got an email from MS with a code, gave me free access to the app with option to purchase . So I didn’t hesitate and played Battlefield within minutes.

        • Karsh

          is there any chance you could please invite me to the xbox preview program? my gt is: “kobrakai k”

          • MAZ

            I don’t see an option to do so?

          • Karsh

            im not sure how to. i assume theres an option in the app or something. if you cant find it dont worry yourself, i’ll just be patient and wait for the release. thanks for trying though.

          • Simon Married To Caz

            You need to add him as a friend on Xbox then go into the preview program app and choose invite friend

        • Jason Harney

          Can u send me an invite as we’ll to the preview program? Gamer tag is Number1FUPAFan

  • Jack Sil

    Great value! I always love to get more options in my service!

  • Jay

    Oh well. I’m in. Too good to pass up. Even at Aussie prices. I really wanted Battlefield 4 so already feel like I’m ahead in some strange way.

  • Paul

    I’m potentially interested in this. The FAQ on the EA site indicates that EA Access will be available in Canada at launch but when signing up for email notification you can’t select Canada as your country?

  • Lucky13X

    I was interested in this, but since I own most EA games I would only be paying for the sports games or discounts. Not yet worth it to me.

  • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

    Five $60 games at 10% off equals the $30 you’ve spent. That means you’re dropping around $270 minimum per year on EA games to make the 10% off discount worth it.

    Playing two hours of a game five days early? Are we at that point where we’re willing to pay to play demos?

    And the vault (so far) is made up of games near discount and the only one of value over the physical used market is FIFA.

    All of this for a total loss of content ownership!

    • Filipe Araújo

      You’re ignoring the “old” games you can access for free. People who aren’t fanatic for Soccer or Football, or didn’t paid for Peggle 2, can play all of them for “only” 30 a year.

      • Nick Peck

        Considering there are so many new gen games out there it will take some time for the library to go, obviously (it is obvious right? I don’t think it is to some of you). So yes, right now it’s only a handful of games.

        Many people will find it well worth $30 a month to play games they never intended to buy at $60 a pop. I don’t care for sports games and already own BF4 and Peggle 2, but once they announce any games I’m interested in I will give it a shot. I’d do it now but I don’t care for sports games so those don’t appeal to me at all.

        • Michael Burden

          I think you have a typo as it is $30 a year, not a month. Better fix that Nick before someone jumps on it.

          • MURD3R HE WROTE

            yeah nick

      • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

        Well, you’re not accessing them for free, you’re accessing them for a fee. There is a difference. Those old games are destined to be replaced by newer, shinier models because that’s how EA functions.

    • yassine db

      Matt Paprocki, it’s better you know what you are talking about before shooting all sides.
      I got access to EA access earlier today due to my involvement with Xbox One Preview, the games are free if you are an EA-Access member. I registered myself and in less than 50 mins….i started playing Battlefield 4.
      Even if i decide to quit the EA access after a month which i’m not planning to, it means i played Battlefield 4,Peggle 2, Madden,and FIFA 14 for a whole month for 5 dollars.

      The 2 hours of a to be released game 5 days before release is for a full game,which on release day….if you decide to buy the game at 10% discount, you will just continue playing the game where you left it, think of it as preloaded for release day.

      • http://www.doblu.com/ Matt Paprocki

        I do know what I’m talking about. I’m not sure what part of what I said was incorrect.

        The games are not free. You’re paying a fee. It’s the same problem I have with calling PS Plus/Games with Gold games ‘free.’ There is still an associated cost.

        The two hours is still a preview/demo. That doesn’t change anything, and the discount is so small, it’s not worth it unless you soak up EA games frequently and they’re luring people in to spend more than they normally would. That is the marketable intent here.

      • Jason Harney

        Can you send me a invite to the xbox one preview program. I’m dying to try this out. Gamer tag is Number1FUPAFan.

  • plnkfloydian

    Such a good deal sony passed it right up….

  • Four Chan² / Side B

    I have to say, I was skeptical about getting a subscription to this, but looking at getting achievements for $29 a year vs $59.99 a game seems like a great deal. People don’t understand that this is becoming the future of gaming. Though in the long haul EA is going to lose money due to the fact you pay $29 a year for games and you can play all their games.

    • John Smith

      For better or worse, you’re probably right that SAAS (software as a service) is becoming extremely popular, and may possibly replace the model we currently use.

      It’ll take some adjustment for those of us “not young” gamers who are use to physical media.

      • Four Chan² / Side B

        I’m am old school gamer, started on Atari so this is going to change the gaming model quickly. I played 4 games for $5 this month, for 30 days which beats any rental service, even PS Now, since it’s $5 per game per like two days. So this is a way better deal, Sony is only kicking on it since PS Now is a joke.

      • narg

        I like the SAAS model, and glad to see it working here with gaming. Though, I’d rather see the monthly go to Microsoft where they can put in more than just EA games. I don’t want to get where we have to pay a dozen different $5/month fees for games.

    • Donald

      Your not getting access to new $60 dollar titles for 30 a year …your getting access 9-12 months later and many titles like Titanfall are excluded…gotta read that fine print at the bottom…It will be sports games that no one buys 2 months before the new ones drop…So how is EA losing money?

  • JohnnyXB1

    i want titanfall and need for speed ))

    • Michael Burden

      They’ve already said Titanfall and its DLC are NOT part of this service, since EA is only the publisher and does not own the franchise. I’d expect the Need for Speed to probably be the next title added to the Vault.

      • JohnnyXB1

        very bad haha

  • That Guy

    UNREALTED But….. Can someone in the Xbox One Preview program send me an invite please… GamerTag: ABG ENT

  • CDMAss

    One small question! Do I need Xbox gold to play EA access games online?

    • TeeZu

      Yes, you will have to pay for Xbox live gold subscription for multiplayer games.

  • http://matejgottwald.wordpress.com/ Matěj Gottwald

    Question: does each user on my home Xbox One need to have this EA Access subscription to play the Vault games?

    • Michael Burden

      That actually is a good question I hadn’t thought about myself. Will have to try this on the GF’s account when I get home to see. If no one beats me to it, I’ll let you know how it works.

      • http://matejgottwald.wordpress.com/ Matěj Gottwald

        Cool! I will be waiting!

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        you did not phrase your answer in the form of a question. kebart xela.

      • FiveMagic5

        That just might be the deal breaker for me

      • http://matejgottwald.wordpress.com/ Matěj Gottwald

        Anything? :-)

        • Michael Burden

          It works with any profile on the console, it is not restricted to the profile that signed up for the program nor does it need to be signed in. Works just like Goid does on the One. No worries. Also if you already had one of the games on disc already installed, you can now play it without the disc and does not require any further download of the game.

          • http://matejgottwald.wordpress.com/ Matěj Gottwald

            Many thanks, that is exactly what I wanted to hear!

  • Luis Cajigas

    Does this mean when new release come out like fifa 15 and madden 15 we can play the game with 30 dollars a year.

    • Michael Burden

      Short answer, no.

  • DaBadGuyCR

    I’ve been a Beta Tester for years and years. I even got invited to test the Kinect but I’m not a preview member…. WTH Microsoft!!!

    • The Anonymous Doctor

      Oh well.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      go tell your mommy. she might care.

      • DaBadGuyCR

        and this is why Xbox Fans get a bad name. Grow up youngster.

        • microserfian

          I’d like to think a decent beta tester could tell the difference between a Microsoft program and one run by EA.

          • DaBadGuyCR

            Wasn’t talking about the EA Beta. I was more talking about me not being in a preview member and to get the EA Beta you must be a preview member.

  • illNaStyone

    This is the one few times I am with Sony on this one. I see zero value for the consumer. Why would Microsoft even consider this a good deal?

    • Mark Frank

      they are adding anything and everything they can….

      • Speedkiller

        it will only be ea games.

    • llortretsam

      It sounds like a deal to me. $5 to play 4 games a month, that is a pretty good deal even if your just renting the games. The only problem I have is what if they don’t add or change the games often, say they only change or add something new every 3 months or so, I would be a little disappointing if I bought a year subscription and it turned out like.

      • Professor Oak

        $2.50 a month if you go yearly for $30

    • narg

      Sony’s just jealous. Seems like you are too…

      • CL

        Why on Earth would he be jealous? I don’t feel it is a deal either and I own an Xbox One.

    • The Anonymous Doctor

      Sony passed up on it because it would contest with PS+.

    • waltersoto

      How is $29.99 a year for access to older titles, 10% discount on new releases, and early access to demos on a service that add choices to your gaming experience has zero value??? The only reason Sony did not want this on PS4 is because it would compete with their upcoming subscription service and since they control their wall garden they want to keep competing services out.

    • beardyman3218

      People who play sports games would beg to differ. Just because you dont see value doesnt mean no one else does either. Microsoft left it to gamers to choose whether to use the service Sony basically told their customers what they want.

  • Jason Harney

    Someone please send me a xbox one preview program invite. Gamer tag is Number1FUPAFan. I really want to try this

    • Donald

      I had the preview and took off quick…cant game chat in Ghosts with anyone that didnt have the preview also

  • Jason

    Seriously, for the people dumping on this plan, at the least I rented Fifa, Madden, Battlefield, and Peggle 2 for a year at $7.50 a title. I haven’t bought or played a Madden since 2011, who dat! Not for lack of wanting to play but just being tired of the same game over and over. Now I get to play last years version which is good enough for me. I always wanted to play Fifa but never spent the money. I would have never bought Peggle 2 and can play Battlefield whenever I want….why is that not a $30 value?
    But wait, there are going to be more games that I would probably not have bought that I will be able to play. Need for Speed, nope, but now if they release it to the vault that is a 6 dollar year rental for all the games. Ten games to the vault, $3 year rental. If I didn’t already belong to Best Buy’s Gamers Club I would take advantage of the 10% off. So, for the price of one half off regular priced game I get access to 4 now and more later. Do I own them? Nope, and that is okay with me. Renting is just fine.

    • llortretsam

      For the people that aren’t into sports games, I can see them not being interested, $5 to play Battlefield 4 and Peggle 2 for a month is a little less appealing.

      • Jason

        $5 to rent $42 worth of games for a month? That would appeal to me if those were the only two games I was interested in playing. Redbox is what, $1.50 a day? That is $45 dollars for a whole month for one game. Gamefly, even though you could get more than one game, of course you have more options if it is in stock, is even $23 for two games. Even if I didn’t pay for a whole year for $30, if there was one game I wanted to play it would be a great value to rent it for a whole month for $5. That is 17 cents a day. Even for two games this is a great deal.

  • Donald

    This is just the old Season Sports Pass but improved…for 5 dollars more then the old plan you get 5 days of early access instead of 3…I used it last couple years to help make up my mind on purchasing FIFA, NHL, MADDEN and NCAA …Didnt buy NHL or MADDEN since I saw no difference from the last years …Yea I paid 25 bucks but I see it as I saved 120

  • http://www.chrishartdesigns.com ch8rt

    Options are good. The only problem I can see with this at the moment is that they’ve left space for them to pick and choose titles that land on the service, and its not clear whether a game will stay on the service permanently once on. But, assuming that lengthy signups aren’t required I can see this being well used – get a couple of months of BF4 in for $10 before Destiny and Sunset Overdrive come out is a good deal considering its still full price on the console (I know its cheaper in store)

    • John Sanderson

      They already said that once a game is in the vault, it’s there permanently.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    LOL sorry to all of you who don’t have gamefly. it makes this service look ridiculous.

    • DaBadGuyCR

      How can one compare EA Access and Gamefly? That’s one of the dumbest things I ever heard. Also $204-$300 to $30. I want BF4 on Xbox One and this is the best deal for it and I get 3 other games plus more games in the future. Doesn’t sound ridiculous to me. What I find ridiculous is paying $204 for something that you rarely can rent new games and back and forth shipping takes almost a week. Logical speaking Gamefly is for people that have no money sense, doesn’t have a video game rental place near by, or someone that keeps the same game for a month. You can rent a game for a week and get what you want right away no have to hope you get the game you want. I’ve had Gamefly twice and I refuse to ever go back because they are just down right HORRIBLE!!!!

      • Liquidfx Xboxdude

        you are in denial my friend. Gamefly is for smart people with a credit card. i get to have 4 games out at a time. for me it is worth it because i play A LOT of games. almost everyone that comes out, scratch that, i play EVERY game that comes out. i bought 2 of the games they are going to put out as rentals for $10 each, bf4 and n4s:rivals. say what you want but Gamefly is the smart answer.

        you are lying when you said you had gamefly twice and it was horrible. LOL it pays for itself. you will be playing year old games that are only worth $5 where as i will be playing $60 brand new games with the new smell for about $5. seems you have no money sense.

        • Michael Burden

          Have to disagree. Unless they have made major improvements in the past couple of years, Gamefly was meh at best. I never got any recent games delivered, almost every game they sent was at least 4th or lower in my queue, and when I cut it down to just the more recent titles, it took way too long for them to get me a copy. In the long run, I was just better off buying game outright – saved money and got the games I wanted to play when I wanted to play them. It got to the point I was playing games I already owned more than the ones they sent, so the value was not there and I cancelled it. They’ve tried for years to get me back with various offers, but it just isn’t worth it for me – I’d rather own my games anyway. It was OK for the brief time I was unemployed, but not the greatest thing on the face of the Earth as you try to make it out to be,

          If you buy no games at all and don’t mind waiting to play newer popular titles (unless you get VERY lucky), it can be a good deal. If you do buy a quantity of games as well, you probably won’t benefit much from it.

          • Liquidfx Xboxdude

            gamefly works for me. i get every new game the next day after it drops. they send it the day before. i think people may not know how to use it though. i do so it has saved me $1000’s literally. also, i have bought countless games for $10 that are $30 and above everywhere else. it just works for me. it must work for others as well or they wouldn’t be advertising the heck out of it every day all day.

    • The Anonymous Doctor

      Its for Die hard EA fans that play FIFA, Madden, and Battlefield. Even to me $30 a year doesn’t sound bad but for me at least it doesn’t have enough content.

  • Donovan Whiteside

    I would love an invite to the preview program. If anyone has a spot available can you please invite me. Gamer tag Donowprod.

  • kingcrusher

    For some this might sound good. And if you’re one of them, more power to ya. I’ll definitely pass because it sets a dangerous path that others will follow, and they will. Pretty soon we’ll have every company wanting to do something like this instead of spending their time making their games great and making great sales off of them. Last reason is that it’s simply Electronic Arts. They have to prove themselves to me before I buy back into their games. For now, I always wait until I can get them for twenty bucks, then I buy their games. They hosed me over one (two, three, four) too many times for me to buy into anything EA related now.

  • Muhammad Khalid

    EA & Microsoft together lol

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    I know Playstation and EA offer totally different games, but this blows PS now out of the water. No question.
    $5 a month for unlimited play with EA. $5 for 4 hours of play with Playstation now.

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      how does this even come close to ps now? i am in the beta right now. it is overpriced on some points but they will refine it and make it affordable. this EA deal seems so whack to me.

    • Professor Oak

      Or $2.50 a month if you go with the Yearly. (30/12 is 2.50)


    So now EA are starting a paid subscription service. If it proves
    successful others will follow and gamers will end up with a large
    monthly bill from subscribing to every individual games company. They’ll
    also be unable to lend, borrow or trade physical copies of the games
    which will lead to the dissolving of the second hand market.
    This would be no different to what Microsoft tried. I can only hope
    that gamers don’t sleepwalk into the same scenario under a different
    guise that they so ardently rejected first time around. Gamers need to
    be aware of where it where it will lead.
    I thought Microsoft had learned their lesson from their own DRM
    fiasco but evidently not. I feel a bit stupid to be surprised they’ve
    allowed this but any misplaced trust I had in them has completely
    dissolved. I don’t own a Xbox One as of yet and the chances of me doing
    so have decreased dramatically as a direct result of this move which I
    will not contribute to in any way, shape or form.

    • John Sanderson

      You seem to confuse the fact that even if every other publisher chooses to follow this path, that everybody will subscribe to every publishers service. I seriously doubt that will happen. I’m one of those that had no problem with the original Xbox One design, and I’m still upset that it was scrapped. I like having my games in my collection, and very rarely, if ever trade them in, so I was fine with how things were. I’m one of those that also never lends, or borrows games, so it’s no concern to me. It’s also confusing that a move that EA made has pushed you away even further from wanting an Xbox One.

    • beardyman3218

      No matter if or should I say when subscriptions services come to gaming there will always be a physical media option for many years to come, so nothing changes you continue to buy games the way you always have.

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Hey guys, we see you like subscriptions, here’s another subscription to add to your list of behind-the-paywall subscriptions. Meh!

    • jtsuth

      No, there’s no longer subscriptions behind a paywall and EA Access won’t require you to have Gold either. Obviously you won’t be able to play the MP portions of a game without Gold but you have access to anything that does not require Gold. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

  • Alex Tran

    Hey would the 10% discount apply to games and DLC already on sale? Would they stack or would they take 10% off of the sale price? Or not at all?

    • Major Imposter


  • lusky3

    Not available in Canada? The hell?

  • FiveMagic5

    I honestly hate sports games but I am really considering this, if they add new games constantly such as Dragon Age and The New Battlefield when it comes out then I definitely will get this, until then I’ll wait.

    • John Sanderson

      Nah they won’t give them away right at release. That would be stupid on their part. They will let you play the full game 5 days before release though. Then on release day, if you liked it, go buy it. If not, they just saved you $60.

  • Jaymoon

    $5 a month for demos and old games? No thank you.

    • John Sanderson

      Full game demos,5 days before release. Progress transfers if you decide to buy the game, I don’t see the harm in it.

    • jtsuth

      10 percent off all game and DLC purchases. On $60 that’s $6. If you buy more than one EA game or any DLC in a single month, you are saving more than you are paying. But yeah man, they aren’t demos, they are the full games with a limit on how much of it you can play but that save progress carries over to the full game if you buy it. It’s really pretty outstanding the potential this has for gamers in the future. :)

  • http://allandalager.dk/ Allan Pedersen

    jaja… Just release mass effect trilogy for xbox one asap…

  • beardyman3218

    In the future I wouldnt be surprised if Xbox has it’s own service like this were in you pay x amount of money a month and get access to certain genres or numbers of games. Similar to playstation now but with current gen titles. Its something that we have seen with music and movies for years, it was inevitable once the technology was there it would be given an option in gaming.

    • DorothyGSteffes

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  • Michael Gasser

    And if i want to rent a game on Playstation Now it costs me 2.50$ for 4 hours. Sure they have a larger library but 2.50$ for 4 hours just for 1 game ? I think such services are going to be great even wiht a big library of games but please not like Playstation Now. 2.50$ is to much for just 4 hours with one game.

  • Daniel Gaines Jr

    I know this is out of place, but could I gt an invite to the preview program? FamedDanThaMan