July 29th 2014 1:00 pm PT

Pinball FX2 Xbox One Update

Earlier this month, Zen Studios announced that Pinball FX2 is coming to Xbox One. Here’s an update on the title from Zen, including news on a much-requested feature:

First of all, we’d like to thank the Zen Studios community for their feedback on our announcement of the Xbox One version of Pinball FX2. We cannot underestimate the importance of your support, insight, and yes, even criticism regarding our projects. Zen Studios has a few announcements to make affecting Pinball FX2 fans and particularly the Xbox One version of the game.

Microsoft and Zen Studios have taken your feedback to heart, and seeing that many of you were very upset with the news that table transfers between Xbox 360 and Xbox One would not be happening, we have some good news for you! We will be able to implement table transfers on Xbox One starting from Pinball FX2’s launch. Any available table on Xbox One that was previously purchased for Xbox 360 can be imported to the new version free of charge.

However, as this process will take a bit more development time for the game, Pinball FX2 version of Xbox One will see a slight delay from its original release date this week to next month. We apologize to any fans affected by this delay, but we pledge to make it up to you by incorporating this highly desired feature.

Once again, we cannot thank you enough for your support through this process, as well as Microsoft’s, who took your feedback very seriously and worked with us to implement this feature. And again, we do apologize for the delay while we create the Pinball FX2 experience that our fans both want and deserve. We’re excited to bring Pinball FX2 to Xbox One owners, to have their previous purchases honored and transferred, and we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got coming in the future.

We thank you for your continued support!

For more on Pinball FX2 on Xbox One, including the list of tables, click on over to the Zen FAQ/Message Board.

ID@Xbox, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • MAZ

    Very Very Happy about this, Once I port over my 21 tables I will start on Guardians of Galaxy and some star wars ones I missed.!

    • http://photovoltaik.bandcamp.com/ Ujn Hunter

      Probably want to make sure you buy them on the Xbox 360… not on the Xbox One, they might not transfer the other way around. Just a heads up.

  • Jay

    Thank you! Great news.

  • Peter

    To those guys stop implying zen should be thanked for this decision. We don’t know who was at fault here to be honest. Whether ms really was the stumbling block or zen intended to use this as a cover to charge yet again.Only person who should be thanked here are the users who made their voices heard on the issue

    Regardless they made the right decision as it probably would have sold very poorly on x1 as the majority of gamers either have it by now or either passed on it. Those who bought it on 360 by my guess usually bought alot of tables (myself included). There really is no incentive to buy this game again including the large amount spent on tables yet again for a straight port.

    They essentially salvaged sales on the x1 by coming to this decision and was wise thing to do. Another lesson that the next time a company makes an unpopular decision you don’t necessarily have to stay quiet whether its always on xb1 or zen not letting you port previous table purchases.

    Still not understanding technically what the problem is regarding transfers though to be honest. How hard is it to link previous purchases and enable those buyers to just get the updated ones for free? Why does it need a month or so.not like they don’t have those tables already ready and ported. Am i missing something? just tie those to your history and make those free

    what is ms’s system that complicated that doing that involves so much effort to enable?

    • Brandon Taco-joe Watts

      Right! becuase if PS3/PS4 can do it, the programming can’t be that complex to get it to transfer, unless its a room full of children who’s experience is only in making mud pie.

      and yeah we don;t know the full story and who’s exact fault it is, but we all can agree that we are all happy by this decision. If we don’t like it we do not have to take it, let your voices be heard not only with this game but any other nonsensical choices by either MS or DEV’s.

  • Forsythia

    Thank you, Zen! Awesome!

  • That Guy

    UNREALTED But….. Can someone in the Xbox One Preview program send me an invite please… GamerTag: ABG ENT

  • Scott Daylor

    Microsoft needs to realize that they can’t keep trying to screw the consumer over like this. If so many people hadn’t complained about this MS would have never allowed it. Please MS, don’t let something like this happen again. You might think you’ll make more money, but all your doing is upsetting loyal customers, and driving them to your competitors.

    I would like to thank all the people who complained about this, as well as Zen for caring. With that being said, I can’t wait to purchase the remaining tables I need on the 360.

  • Michele Pietro Di Marco

    Thanks to Microsoft and Zen Studios that solved this issue. Now i wish people would help me to make understand to TellTale why is this important and that they should do the same with The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. #stopbuyingdigitaltwice

    • Some guy

      I’m guessing it has somethign to do with the SDK of the xbone that doesn’t allow that kind of stuff easilly and they need to wait a month for a new version that will allow it. I’m guessing future xbone release will have that feature now but everything before might be problematic.

  • Matt Smith

    Thank you MS and Zen.

  • ZappyKins

    Nice! I really like the original game, and looking forward to having it on my Xbox One. So glad they are letting us keep our tables! Thank you all.

  • Digiadam

    Zen Studios, you must either have incredibly slow servers or just a really bad line.

    I have this game for my ps4 and it took over 7 hours to download the latest patch for it…..and I have a 100mb optic line.

    What gives?

    • Some guy

      Sony servers are terribles as always.
      Not that MS servers are any better.

  • Eric Rhoades

    Thanks for complaining guys, now we have to wait… Cry babies.

    • http://www.youtube.com/SabzilaTV SabzilaTV

      Stop complaining about waiting … YOU cry baby

      • Peter

        omg a month wait for a game thats basically a straight port.Your in the minority because most seem to appreciate not spending upwards of 100 bucks or so to buy the same damn tables again.This isn’t halo or some big AAA anxiously awaited title. Its the same old pinball fx just brought over to x1 straight.Most here have no problem waiting for it.

        Pretty sure your the minority here. Most are glad here for the slight delay to not have to pay yet again. So yeah if not having to purchase the same thing twice makes us cry babies I really don’t care.Most of the pinball fx 2 users had it for 360 and spent a considerable amount in their collection and dont wanna spend twice. Just play it on 360 to to tide you over. Not like theres not a ton of games available to keep you company until then

        • Gazmaster3D

          He is in the minority of 1.

        • http://www.youtube.com/SabzilaTV SabzilaTV

          are u talking to me? understand what i wrote and who i replied to before posting a long a#% comment to me

    • Digiadam

      Big whoop. Deal with it and learn a little something called PATIENCE.

    • https://www.facebook.com/TheGamingAlcoholic The Gaming Alcoholic

      For once it’s a delay with an actual valid reason behind it. I’m sure you can live a month without pinball on your One.

      I have about a dozen tables now that I won’t have to consider purchasing again. You call it complaining, I call it getting results.

      • Peter

        Agreed minority guy is being ridiculous and selfish. Zen has a long time base of users who put alot of money into 360 tables. My guess if they did go ahead as planned it wouldnt sell as well. As nobody wants to rebuy all that content again. Smart move on their part as this will foster more loyalty and sales. Its the same game straight ported not sure why impatient guy cant wait one measely month and allow the huge fanbase of previous users access to their bought tables

    • Scott Daylor

      Unfortunately not all of us have $100s of laying around to re-buy a bunch of stuff we bought on the previous console. Since im not swimming in money like you, I would much rather wait a few weeks for the crossbuy option.

  • http://photovoltaik.bandcamp.com/ Ujn Hunter

    Amazed that this wasn’t already in development to begin with… now if I could just transfer my Xbox 360 tables to my PS4… :

  • habs

    the tables arnt carrying over like this post says it will. theyre asking for money at the download page and ive already purchased all the tables on the 360….

    • http://www.youtube.com/SabzilaTV SabzilaTV

      omg, did u really read and understand the post? wait a month u dumb a#%

      • ImTheMetalLord


        • Major Nelson (moderator)

          thanks mental lord we shall look into it

  • RedRocks86

    I don’t mind waiting a bit longer, especially if it means I can transfer my tables.

  • Peter

    Anyone else under the impression they were going to literally stop and postpone selling this until the transfer thing was fixed??? Thats the impression I got. Didnt think they were going ahead full steam and start selling in the meantime


    Take that back it was up for a short while on marketplace its down now

    • DorothyGSteffes

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  • Lloytron

    Thanks for listening! I was going to avoid this, I’ve spent a fortune on tables. Now I can bring them forward I will buy some new tables, that Guardians Of The Galaxy table has my eye.

    I’m happy, and now willing to spend money that I wouldn’t have before. Win/win for all involved.