August 5th 2014 7:29 am PT

Where to find/follow/stalk me on social media



With all of the social media sites out there, I wanted to take a moment to let you know where you can officially find me out there on the interwebs.

A good place to start is this very blog….but if you are here, you probably already know that.

RSS: If you are one of those old school folks that uses RSS (Like me!) I offer a full feed you can subscribe to here.

Xbox Live: On Xbox Live I am, of course, Major Nelson. If you own an Xbox One…be sure to follow me over there that way you can jump into any multiplayer games with me or get a notification when I start streaming on my Twitch channel.

Podcast: The podcast is in this section of on the blog, as well as posted on my Soundcloud channel. You can also find the show in iTunes here.

Twitter: Since November 22, 2006…I’ve been on Twitter which is the best place to track the latest Xbox news, sales and information (among other things I tweet.) My Vines will appear there as well.

Vine: Speaking of my Vines, you can explore the world of beautiful, looping videos from Major Nelson here.

Reddit: If you Reddit, you can find me as /u/majornelson –  I lurk in /r/XboxOne and will drop in on conversations now and then.

Flickr: I post photos over here on my Photostream

Facebook: I update my status and occasionally like stuff on my Facebook page.

Google PlusThis is me on Google Plus and my official Major Nelson Google Plus page. I also have an Xbox group page for the community to share their own Xbox related content. While I am not as active on G+, I post over there as often as I can and that’s also where we’ll do the occasional Hangout.

YouTube:  You can find all sorts of videos at my YouTube channel including games I’m playing, events I’m attending and who knows what else.

Twitch: I regularly stream on my Twitch channel from work and home. Follow the channel and you’ll get a notification whenever I’m live.

Instagram: Into Instagram? I’m over there as well posting occasional objets d’art or short videos.

SnapChat: I am snapping there as “themajornelson“. I am just starting to use SnapChat, so I am still experimenting the best way to use it. Follow me and join the experiment!

NeoGaf: If NeoGAF is your place, I’m over there as  “Major Nelson”

Tech Support/Questions: If you need tech support or help with your Xbox, you should hit up Xbox Support on Twitter. They are standing by ready to help.

Email? Yea…you can reach me here. While I try to read everything I receive, I don’t have time to reply to every email.

I’ve been playing around with Medium here. But since I’ve already got a blog…not sure what I’ll do over there.

Any other social networks I should take a look at ? I’d love to know what you use and how.


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  • Beano

    I’d rather follow Bert, from Sesame Street

    • Major Nelson

      …and post on his blog?

      • Beano

        I came back here to delete that, but too late. I don’t like being lamely mean, and I think that was borderline. Your site is the best place to get the weekly deal info, and and I am interested in general 360 topics. That aside, I’m not a fan of you in any way, but it’s nothing I am going to go into detail about. If I could go back, I would not have made the comment, but I’m not going to say that it wasn’t based in truth. Sorry. I’m just here for the news.

      • Beano

        Bert just posted the weekly deals, everyone

      • Beano

        I just saw the deals on Bert’s site, and they suck. Terrarrria has been on sale like six times now.

      • Beano

        What game are you playing right now, Major Herb? What fresh new duds is your avatar wearing? I WANT TO KNOW. I WANT TO KNOW YOUUUUUUUUU

        • Beano

          Sorry…this was the alcohol talking

      • Beano

        Social media, internet personality B.S. really makes me
        ill. It’s not just you. My best friend from college fell into it in a big way. Just a total social media addict. His wife ending up
        you-know-whatting some total loser.

      • Brad

        Why not, Bert didn’t say “You can’t just flip a switch” … then flips the switch … you did.

        Great job on reducing the price of the XB1 again for the Madden/Sunset Overdrive bundles. 2015 maybe?

  • A. J.

    RSS FTW!

  • Sebastian Neumann

    Facebook would be nice to see you there. Make a fanpage and post all the updates there. Why should you do this? Because most peoples are on facebook and watch the newsfeed.

    • Major Nelson

      FB has become a vastly different place than it has in the past, I’ll revisit this though.

      • Jorge Garza

        I added you to snapchat!

        • Major Nelson

          Thx. Did you see my message there?

          • Jorge Garza

            Noup :/ I sent you a snap :)

          • Major Nelson

            I just sent another !

          • Jorge Garza

            I got that! Awesome! Keep it up ;)

  • Aussie Snowbro

    Bit of the topic but when is information about the deals with gold going to be released

  • Mikael Soltaniha

    “Stalk me” omfg that’s funny :p

  • マリオ

    Where’s the Capcom publisher sale post at?

  • Kevin Fell

    It’s nice to reach out to the community but such a vast array of contactable methods just complicates matters IMO.

    • Guest

      I agree. I think it’s fricking ridiculous. My best friend from college
      became a professional baseball writer, and it disgusts me how deep he
      got with social media. It’s like people just have a job, but on the
      other hand, they are trying to milk every last ounce out of whatever
      internet celebrity they have. Hey, look at what game I am playing.
      Hey, look what new avatar duds I am showing off now. I do not care, and
      I am turned off by people that try to social media themselves into
      being a personality of some sort. I am playing PGA 2012 right now. Do you care? GOOD…you shouldn’t. PLEEEASE FOLLOW ME ON TWITTTTTTER. Forgive me again, but I have been drinking and now I am going to go ride my bike

      • ImTheMetalLord

        Nice rant!! I agree with it.

        • Major Nelson

          My home base is here on the blog and Twitter. After that, I am experimenting with all the stuff that is new.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            But in your case you are famous. I was taking the fact that they said people try to become famous by using social networks to elevate their social status. I’ll never forget the first time I watched a video on the 360 and it was you explaining how to access stuff on there.

          • Major Nelson

            Yup…got it. Glad I was able to show you how to access stuff on the Xbox 360 – I’ve done that on Xbox One as well.

  • UNSCleric

    You also have a Flickr you’ve used for several years, as do I. I’ll add you on Snapchat now! My name will have a -117 in it and I’ll send you a Snap of my Halo shrine.

    • Major Nelson

      Yup…added that to the list :)

  • Fred Bloggs

    So is this a good place to ask your thoughts on achievements not popping on the Xbox one, staying locked even though they show 100%? Lots of posts on the Xbox forums about it, I see even you have the Haven Victor saying 100% complete but still locked

  • Jack Sil

    Hi Larry. Will be possible to share the other’s social media’s links? like E, Jeff, and lollip0p? you know, the podcast core members.

    • Major Nelson

      If you go to any podcast page, I have their twitter profiles linked. Those are the only ones they like to share right now.

      • Jack Sil

        Thanks Larry. miss your podcasts btw. looking forward for the next one.

  • Derek D

    Major Nelson, I now love YOU a thousand times more for the simple fact that you don’t promote Facebook or use Facebook. Thank you so much. Now if only the rest of the world would just let Facebook fade out of existence.

    • Major Nelson

      I think I said this before on a podcast: If you have to ask/plea for likes (or RT’s)…you are doing it wrong. FB can serve a purpose, but it’s not the be all and end all.

  • Charles

    I don’t understand why people get so mad. Major has a lot of accounts, but that’s ok. Maybe he is social. Maybe he is trying to reach lots of people. He is like a spokesperson for Xbox. And he actually is genuine about being a gamer. I think it’s cool of him to do this. He always is just engaging with the Xbox fan base. I guess I just don’t get why people come on here and are so negative. I understand if you have a valid complaint, but if not then why complain? Major Nelson is a grown man. I’m sure he knows how to balance his social media accounts. They might even be part of his job.

    • Kevin Fell

      So many accounts just dilutes the communication channel.

      It’s like saying you can stand in any one of these 6 queues to speak to me but I’ll only be at the end of one of them. Everyone else must put a comment in a box and I might get back to you. You’d rather just know which queue to get in to start with.

      Anyway, Major has addressed the issue. Here and twitter are the best way to contact him. I’m happy with that :-)

      • Major Nelson

        Yup…here and Twitter are the best.

  • eblijsie

    Hi Larry! Is there any easy way to follow you on xbox one? Adding as a friend does not seem to work online.

    What days will you be on GamesCom this year by the way?

    • Major Nelson

      Following me is the best day. What happens when you try to add me?
      I’ll be at Gamescom on M-F of next week. I leave Germany on Saturday am.

      • eblijsie

        “Sorry, we can’t add this friend right now. Try again in a while. You might also want to check your privacy settings.” Will try again on xbox one itself, it seems like i cant follow via the online xbox live interface. Hope to see you there, will you be doing any appearences? And only on press days or also the public days?

  • Gabe Newell

    Lol, Ryse & Dead Rising 3 go to PC! Xbox720p don’t have exclusive games :D Who will buy this console after that?