August 5th 2014 9:07 am PT

This Week’s Deals with Gold + Capcom Sale

It’s a big week on the discount front – in addition to this week’s Deals with Gold for Xbox One and Xbox 360, you’ll find a large number of Capcom classics 50% to 75% off. And beginning tomorrow (August 6th), some of Xbox One’s top titles will be permanently priced at $49.99 in the US and Canada, both at retail and on the Xbox Games Store.

New Price for These Xbox One Games


Content Title Content Type New Price
Dead Rising 3 Xbox One Game $49.99
Forza Motorsport 5 Xbox One Game $49.99
Kinect Sports Rivals Xbox One Game $49.99
Ryse Xbox One Game $49.99

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 11 August 2014.

Xbox One


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Angry Birds: Star Wars Xbox One Game 50%
Call of Duty Ghosts: Gold Edition* Xbox One Game 33%
Call of Duty Ghosts: Digital Hardened Edition* Xbox One Game 30%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Xbox 360


Content Title Content Type Discount %
Call of Duty Ghosts Games on Demand 50%
Terraria Arcade 67%
Rock Band 3 Games on Demand 50%
The Doors Greatest Hits: Rock Band Edition Add-on 50%
Bon Jovi Greatest Hits:  Rock Band Edition Add-on 50%
American Idiot Album Add-on 50%
Capcom Sale*
Asura’s Wrath Games on Demand 75%
Bionic Commando Rearmed Arcade 50%
D&D Chronicle of Mystara Arcade 66%
Darkstalkers Resurrection Arcade 67%
Dead Rising Games on Demand 66%
Dead Rising 2 Games on Demand 75%
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Games on Demand 66%
Dead Rising 2 Case West Games on Demand 50%
Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Games on Demand 50%
Devil May Cry HD Collection Games on Demand 67%
DmC Devil May Cry Games on Demand 50%
DmC Devil May Cry Vergil’s Downfall Add-on 50%
DustForce Arcade 50%
Final Fight Double Impact Arcade 60%
Lost Planet 2 Games on Demand 75%
Lost Planet 3 Games on Demand 66%
Mega Man 10 Arcade 50%
Mega Man 9 Arcade 50%
Remember Me Games on Demand 75%
Resident Evil 4 HD Games on Demand 67%
Resident Evil 5 Games on Demand 67%
Resident Evil 5 Untold Stories Bundle Add-on 67%
Resident Evil 6 Additional 3-Mode Pack Add-on 50%
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD Games on Demand 66%
Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition Games on Demand 66%
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Games on Demand 71%
Street Fighter III : Third Strike Online Edition Arcade 75%
Street Fighter X Tekken Additional Characters Pack Add-on 75%
Super Puzzle Fighter Arcade 50%
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Arcade 66%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.
*These deals are available for Xbox Live Gold & Silver members.

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  • Filip Zanichelli

    DOn’t want any of these games, i want a Deal for the Shumups available for the 360.
    And i want a new Shooter from Treasure for Xbox One

    • Gon’Interactive

      for a moment i’ve read “smurf” in your post lol

  • Ross Kemp

    I know this will be *fascinating* to some of you in the know – Remember Me , is a awesome game for $10 .
    Coupled with Resi 4 , that is me done with this weeks great Capcom sale .
    Well done MS .
    Also bought Batman Origins from ebay , am I correct in thinking that the DLC story Cold , cold heart was recently on sale ?

    • The Anonymous Doctor

      The season pass was 50% off a few weeks back. Nice choice with RE4. It is a great game.

      • Ross Kemp

        I thought as much .
        Thanks .

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Agree on Remember Me….I just picked it up this morning and got to play some before work. Amazing game. Posted about it earlier.

      • Ross Kemp

        It was part of PS plus a few months ago , I totally dismissed it then and did not even bother to add it to my D/L que .
        Ah well , at least I own it now for ever .

  • majorasshole

    Why is deadrising 1 twice the price I got it from gamestop (over a year ago)… It was a launch title and used copies are essentially coasters with art on them… I like the quantity, but the games I would’ve wanted I already have… And stop putting ghosts on “sale” no one cares…

    • Professor Oak

      Deadrising 1 Pre Owned Gamestop Price $5. “NEW” Digital Price on sale $6.79
      not sure how 6.79 is double 5

      • majorasshole

        I paid $2.99 idk how it went up

        • Professor Oak

          Still would have paid the extra $4 for A “New” Digital Copy

          • majorasshole

            I doubt capcom sold a lot of this launch title at this price that’s all I’m saying…

    • IN_YO_FACE_86

      Well about the putting Call of Duty Ghost on sale every 30 seconds I care because it pushes me that much closer to the madness* laughs like a maniac*