August 15th 2014 2:31 am PT

Digital Download Codes Now Available for Select Add-ons and Games

You asked for more digital purchasing options and we’re answering. Starting this month, we’re giving you more ways than ever to get the content you want most on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I’m excited to share that soon you will be able to purchase digital download codes for select games and add-ons at participating retailers in the U.S. and UK. This is an additional option to the gift cards already available at retail. Of course, you will still be able to purchase game add-ons and digital games from anywhere via or on your console via the Xbox Games Store.

Max Xbox One Card

We’re kicking this off with digital download codes for select map and expansion packs for franchises like Halo and Forza, as well as fan favorite digital games including Max: Curse of Brotherhood and State of Decay. We look forward to adding more digital codes in the future from other publishers and in more countries in the coming months.

After you purchase the code at a participating retailer, it’s easy to redeem the code on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console or via For step-by-step instructions on redeeming a prepaid code, visit Xbox Support.


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  • deadbox102

    Will we be able to gift content via our consoles as well?

  • Nicholas VandeKieft

    Thank you! This is one of the things I was hoping would happen. I like to own my games digitally but I have a 20% discount at bestbuy for all games with their gamerclub, so this helps me a ton! Thanks!

    • ElektroDragon

      Not to mention sales tax free options.

    • thedarkchemist

      I was excited about that as well, until I just checked out their fine print, which says “20% off new Video Game software (excluding digital downloads)”… this really makes me mad, because I am wanting to go all-digital as well. at least I can deal with this, since we’re getting a pretty good discount off of new games (especially for collector’s editions).
      Really bums me out that our discount won’t work for digital games…

      • Nicholas VandeKieft

        I totally forgot about that… I was just thinking it was for DLC and time cards… then PC games, but now I see it said Digital games and that most likely means all digital… Which sucks…

  • ZenLikeCalm

    Can you tell us when we can get this outside of US/UK?

  • coip

    This needs to be available to all retailers for all games, otherwise we’ll never see digital reach pricing parity with physical (nevermind that digital should be way cheaper).

    Also, why is Max listed for $20 on Amazon but $15 in the Xbox Store? How stupid is that.

    • Some guy

      We keep saying buying games in store is cheaper than on xbox live, now they fixed it~

    • Steve

      Xbox store price is without the middleman.
      Since Amazon is a middleman now, they want their cut of presumably 5$ here

      • coip

        Then why can Amazon and other retailers sell new disc versions at $59.99 just as Microsoft sells them directly to consumers in digital form for the same price (nevermind that digital games should actually be cheaper)?

        • slasaru

          It will settle down eventually, believe me. They will have really good prices and sales as well

        • Some guy

          12 months of gold on MS website: 59.99
          12 months of gold on internet: 34.99 to 39.99
          I belive it’s more about MS wanting to take a cut on top of Amazon.

          • coip

            It’s in Microsoft’s interest to have their stuff sold as widely as possible. Remember, they don’t have to let retailers sell any Xbox stuff. They allow it because they want to.

    • slasaru

      After you asked, xbox store will have $20 as well ))

  • Kevin Fell

    This is a great start. There are a number of websites which sell digital game codes at discount but the selection is limited. This will hopefully open up the selection and competition.

  • Jim McPherson

    Are these QR codes so we just hold them up to our Kinect when we get home?

    • Ian Wilson

      I hope so, that works really well.

    • evilfangs .

      I hope they’re QR codes because the WHS in my town are dumb and leave PSN and Xbox live cards sitting in the middle of the shop and all it takes is a little scratch and photo to get free money.

  • Jim McPherson

    This will enable retailer-specific preorder bonuses and price competition on digital games, so it’s not just for those who don’t have a credit card to add to the Xbox store.

  • Nick King

    Hopefully they are cheaper than on the xbox store.

    • kevgallacher

      They will be whatever the retailer sets them at

  • BlinkFandango

    Thank you Major and the Xbox team. I hope this leads to more competitive digital pricing. I’m very excited about the future of Xbox.

    • Capt4chris

      Yeah, this was my biggest request! So excited to see this happening. Here’s to mucho retailer participation!

  • Beano

    Why is this cool? Because maybe Newegg will blowout Magic 2015 codes before MS caves on price, because Newegg is desperate for business?

    Whatever. I guess this adds another fun element to watching everyone scramble for the comsumers wallet during a global depression.

  • Ry L

    I hope this leads to preordering “digital” with retailer-specific bonuses. I’d rather get preorder bonuses straight from MS, but this would be okay too.

  • Beano

    Two days ago I made a comment that I feared MS would one day pull the plug on the 360, leaving people potentially shut out from playing their bought games, and I see the only two comments were from people saying all would be fine. So…first off, what if your hard drive died? What about all the game updates, since most are not permanently stored? What if you lost access to your gamertag? The games require that. I think there are a lot of unanswered questions, and it doesn’t make one feel great about blowing money on digital, when the future for playing them long-term is much more of a crapshoot than physical copies.

    • Matt Paprocki

      Most people forget the original Xbox had digital content as well. They shut down Live for that console, and when my system’s HDD died, so did the digital content I purchased (Pole Position on XBLA, some map packs). The scenario you presented has already happened, but since few people bought content that way on the original Xbox, few cared to bring it up.

      • Beano

        Interesting. But yeah…the 360 is a different bag of worms.

    • ElektroDragon

      And unlike PS3, there’s no way to back up your Xbox 360 hard drive anymore. I used to have this great device I could plug the hard drive into and back it up to my computer, but that only works for the old style hard drives.

      All valid points, regardless.

      • Beano

        I didn’t know that. That is total B.S.

      • Michael Burden

        There is a way, but it is a pain due to the storage limits through USB on the 360. You can copy (instead of move) any of your purchases onto USB storage, but that 32 GB limit makes it a pain if you own a lot of content like I do, not to mention having to do each game individually.

        • ElektroDragon

          Thanks for the tip. Never thought to do it that way. Painful, but it could work. I’d just need to do it roughly 10 times for a 320GB drive, and it would take hours. :( My 320GB is chock full and believe it or not, that’s only with ONE actual game install. The rest is full of DLC, XBLA titles, Games on Demand, and saves.

          • slasaru

            You can format a usb hard drive to have as many 32Gb compartment as you need, i believe. never checked if it will work with xbox 360 though ))

          • Michael Burden

            Won’t work – the 360 is set up to see only a single 32Gb partition on a drive – all other space above that would be lost. You can only use 2 separate 32GB USB devices at a time on the 360.

    • Please Clarify

      This indeed is the reason why no gamer should go digital. Remember how MS handled the Zune shutdown?

      • Beano

        No idea…what happened?

      • ElektroDragon

        I still have an 80GB Gears of War Zune.

    • Kevin Fell

      I’d love to see an official answer to these questions.

  • ChuckRialto

    Well, it’s a start.

    I want to go all-digital, but not at the prices things go for on the Marketplace through the console. A monopoly is NEVER good for the consumer – let’s see ALL games released like this and allow market forces to set the prices, not publishers looking over their shoulders at their own ridiculous RRPs.

    There’s NO reason whatsoever why a game at retail falls in price over time, while digital versions always seem to garner a massive premium.

    Make digital games accessible (through store-bought codes) and price-competitive (by not holding on to a monopoly) and watch digital sales skyrocket!

    • Tyler Lundberg

      So true!

  • Lucas Sanches Cestari

    Hey Major Nelson, is those cards going to be released on other countries?
    Because most of my games i buy on a local store here in brazil,and it would be awesome if i could buy one of those digital codes too.

    • ElektroDragon

      I know you’re not a native speaker, but you have the same problem as my 3 year old: Not knowing when to use “are”. :-)

      • Lucas Sanches Cestari

        Sorry,but now that i know that i have to use “are” instead of “is” on some subjects, i will try to get better, thanks.

      • slasaru

        Come on, i’ve heard maaaaaaany americans saying IS instead of ARE.
        Like “this is good things”, etc. It’s just people for quickness replace a word in plural with “it” in their mind.

      • Nick King

        Harsh, out of interest can your 3 year old speak/write any Portuguese (which I think is the official language of Brazil)?

        • ElektroDragon

          I’m allowed to be harsh. I’m not a native speaker either, FYI. Didn’t hear one world of English until I was past 5 years old. I’m fully bilingual. The attempted attack on my kid is sad. Besides, I USED A SMILEY FACE!

          • Nick King

            Wooooah, it wasn’t an attack on your kid. But is there any need to pull someone up on a gaming blog because they made a mistake then compare them to a 3 year old? Smiley faces make everything better don’t they.

  • Legion

    Options are cool.

    Just say somewhere that I can get preorder bonuses for the digital guardian edition of Destiny. And then tell me I can preload it.

    Then I will shut up until 2015. I swear :)

  • Jon Linna

    Thank you! At this point, games are frequently on my holiday/birthday wish lists. I prefer digital only, but that makes it very hard for people to buy me games without just giving me gift cards….which no one likes to do! More of this please.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    me no understand.

  • Beluvius

    Just one question: Can I buy a digital download code from Amazon in the USA and use it on my German console? or are these codes region locked?

  • DrToker

    @slasaru It will be stopped by 2015 anyway, EU law. The stores must make sure that all internet transactions are taxed in the country where the customer resides. This doesn’t mean that they need to region lock the console, but they need a system in place that ensures this otherwise they will be in deep sh@t with the law. So buy digital from the US while you can. If Amazon sells codes, it will be their responsibility to tax you in your nation.

  • Gabriel Farias

    Somebody know if this codes can be received in email? Or they only send the card for you home

  • lagrew

    absolutely love this keep it up thanks!

  • Riekopo

    Awesome. Now we need some decent prices.

    • itsjustme

      The retailers would have to discount the codes for this to make any sense to me. I don’t need to leave home to buy digital games.

      • Riekopo

        But if you’re already in the store you now have the option of physical or digital.

  • The Anonymous Doctor

    I love digital but its killing my hard drive. I like this option though cause this will bring competitive prices for digital games.

    • Lucky13X

      Get an XBOX one with option to install to external HDD or just use the 360’s option to go up to 32GB

      • The Anonymous Doctor

        Getting an Xbox One won’t solve my problem for the amount of digital games on I have on 360. Neither will a USB help considering I have 3. I need another HDD.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          That is what I did…got me a second (and planing on a third) HD. Not to bad changing them out. Just want to make sure unit is off when you do it since they are not hot swapable. Also have two 32gb flash drives that I store my main games I like to play so they are available no matter which HD I have installed.

          • The Anonymous Doctor

            Major Nelson tweeted out that they will have larger hard drives for 360 soon. It’s 500GB. Im definitely going to pick one up.

          • ImTheMetalLord

            Unfortunately its for the black consoles…I have one of the old white Arcade Edition consoles. The one’s with the hard drive on top/left side not internal so that wouldn’t work for me anyways.

  • incphi

    I never understood why the XBLA content was originally removed from Amazon years ago. The selection was lacking, but I liked the ability to gift actual games, instead of MSP.

  • Titan Kuo

    Looking forward to the day when entire catalog is enable for purchase. :)

  • andy

    GAME has been doing this for years on Xbox and Playstation so…. fair enough. Any chance of a Weekly Update of this week’s Xbox One new releases Mr Nelson or are y’all still in the believe that people DON’T know it can be months between Xbone new releases?
    I believe Guacamelee was the last game released on Xbone and that was over six weeks ago. Man that sucks.

    • Jan Václavík

      The last game would be Pinball FX2 only few days ago.

  • Dave Breadner

    Do they have all of the DLC available for Dishonored for cheap? You know, for the suckers that bought the game on sale a couple of weeks before it was announced it would be free?

    The GOTY edition costs less than the all the DLC individually right now. Come on!

    • The Anonymous Doctor

      Then why didn’t you get the GOTY Edition

      • Dave Breadner

        The price just dropped to $19.99 on the 15th. The day before the base game was free.

        • Professor Oak

          It was known when the game would be free end of last month, did you buy it on the 15th? It was free that night

          • Dave Breadner

            No, I bought it during the sale a couple of weeks before it was announced. It probably wouldn`t have been so bad if it was a couple of months beforehand. I probably would have got to it before it was announced.

            Instead, I found out during that sale I finally liked an Elder Scrolls game for more than a couple of hours. So before

          • Professor Oak

            I agree, but it is what it is.

  • IN_YO_FACE_86

    Thanks for Dishonored!!

  • thedarkchemist

    Just wanted to make anyone else who has a Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked membership that our 20% off games discount doesn’t apply to digital download codes. Their fine print states: “20% off new Video Game software (excluding digital downloads)”.
    And to think I would’ve finally had a way of buying digital games cheaper without having to wait for Microsoft to drop their digital prices… guess not.

  • Dennis Lee

    I hope MS screens all these digital downloads to be free of those darn region locks.