August 15th 2014 4:04 am PT

Gamescom 2014 Binaural Audio Experiment

Like I did at E3, I recorded a below Binaural Audio Tour – this time at Gamescom.

If you listen to this with headphones on, you’ll have the maximum effect of actually being on the show floor with me.



Recorder: Zoom H1
Microphones: In-Ear Binaural Mics

Events By Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson

  • Duncan MacFarlane

    I’ve found these experiments incredibly interesting. I suffer from claustrophobia not from tight spaces but from crowds and it’s given me a chance to experience some of the sounds without experiencing the stress.

  • Jürgen Mayer

    Because of my physical condition I also wouldn’t attend the floor easily. Therefore I too am glad for having this experiment

  • Claudio Ramos

    Really liked it. Far as Brazil can be from Germany, it almost felt I was there. Thanks for sharing!

  • Three5Nines

    Why do you have download disabled?

    • Major Nelson

      Fixed. You can now download the file.

      • Three5Nines

        Thank you much.

  • Harry Tasker

    Wow nice, especially all the way at the end of the audio, it’s me and my son you’re talking too! Thanks for making a photo with us!

    • Major Nelson

      Thanks for stopping by !

  • Digiadam

    Seriously though….it’s a bunch of noise at a convention. Who cares?

  • Digiadam

    Lots of noise….

  • KoubecX

    Perfect :)

  • Jessie Bristol

    Even better when your headphones are plugged into a Turtle Beach DSS (not DSS2, the first iteration).