August 19th 2014 5:00 am PT

This Week’s Deals with Gold

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 25 August 2014.

Xbox One

Content Title Content Type Discount %
Call of Duty Ghosts Season Pass Add-on 50%
Call of Duty Ghosts – Snoop Dogg VO Pack Add-on 50%
Call of Duty Ghosts – Makarov Legend Pack Add-on 50%
Call of Duty Ghosts – Squad Pack Extinction Add-on 50%
Call of Duty Ghosts – Captain Price Legend Pack Add-on 50%
Trials Fusion Xbox One Game 33%

Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.


Xbox 360


Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region. Deals with Gold are valid for Xbox Live Gold members.
*This deal is available for Xbox Live Gold & Silver members.

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  • plnkfloydian


  • oPR3D4T0Ro .

    again max payne 3 and bully on sale ? …one of this game will be the next game with gold ….. they did the same thing with dark souls, on sale for 5 time then it became free…

    • CoD Master

      I wish to be GWG.

      • Professor Oak

        Sorry, No CoD allowed, they make to much money off it

        • CoD Master

          I wasn’t talking about CoD.

          • Professor Oak

            I was Joking, CoD in ur Name, wishing you could Be GwG. .. Nevermind

          • CoD Master


  • Karl

    Wow the rockstar sale is becoming like the DFS sale, it’s always bloody on

    • Gazmaster3D

      I once went into DFS and asked for a sofa not on sale. It didn’t end well.

  • The Anonymous Doctor

    I think I’ll pass on this sale.

  • Nick Peck

    So, did any of you 360 sticklers see the good news? 500gb HD coming! Though I see more complaints (no surprise there lol) incoming….


      Yes but why not also a 1TB as i know some have quite a collection to store.

      • Some guy

        You can bet a 1TB drive would cost over 200$

        • SABZILA

          So, its an option some will pay.

    • Legion

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I read that as “buy MS’ 500gb drive for more than you would normally”

      I’d love to be wrong on that.

    • GamerResentment

      I already have a third party 500gb HDD for the 360 that’s lasted just over a year now.

      • ryder4life22187

        i’m going with the third party option as well. I have a phat console and i’m not in the mood to take the HD casing apart to put the new one in as id rather pay 70 bucks on ebay for the whole thing.

        • GamerResentment

          Exactly. Also better than paying a bucket load for over priced storage. Like the vita. Damn those memory cards are expensive!

    • ImTheMetalLord

      I find it interesting that according to the website it’s gonna be $20 cheaper than the 320GB one. Also it’s really sad that they don’t make it for the old white 360’s. I don’t feel like taking it apart to make it work.

      • ryder4life22187

        Go on ebay there are sellers that have the 500gb option in a xbox 360 phat hd casing already for 70 bucks.

        • ImTheMetalLord

          I just bought a 250GB third party HDD off of newegg(dot)com from a seller on there for less than $45 because I needed to keep my original 250GB HDD for the digital games I have from the original Xbox. (Black and Sid Myer’s Pirates) So since I knew I would need to trade out HDD anyways I went the cheaper route but am surprised to still be short on room. (Got about 75GB totally free with two 250GB HDD and two 32GB Flash Drives) Maybe little less now that I bought a few more games recently.

    • ryder4life22187

      that just means they should also increase the amount of external storage.

  • Christopher Waling

    Oh look…Call Of Duty…..again…feel free to rage quit this thread, Rockstar sale is nice though

  • NarcoSleepy

    Oh thank God! I got SO WORRIED when I didn’t see Call of Duty on sale last week. Thanks Major!

    All of the Rockstar stuff is great, but unfortunately, I have all of them already :(

  • Canelo Vasquez

    Serious question: Is it worth getting the season pass for CoD: Ghosts? Do the maps still rotate from the new ones to the old ones like in CoD: WaW? For example; if you played a map that everyone had in that lobby you got a chance to play it, but if you didn’t you would get kicked out. Does it do that or do you have a choice to pick what DLD maps you want to play?

    • majorasshole

      I haven’t played ghost so I’m just guessing, but in the past they’d only include the maps if everyone in the lobby had them… I don’t think they kick people. It will just pick maps that everyone has (Again this is speculation)

      • Canelo Vasquez

        That’s a pretty speculation. Let me as you, if you had ghosts would you get the season pass? And I’m asking from your view and not just “no” because everyone else thinks is bad. I’m curious on what you think.

        • majorasshole

          I don’t think you want my opinion… I left Cod after mw3 and I never bought map packs even in mw2, Bo, or WaW (Games I played with a group somewhat competitively) Personally I think most Dlc is dumb and that Cod has gotten progressively worse but if you like ghosts and want more I’d encourage you to find someone who owns the maps (or at least played ghosts) and ask for their opinion

        • ryder4life22187

          ive got all the maps for MW 1,2,3, BLOPS 1 &2 and from my experience you are only in lobbys with people who have the maps. If you didn’t have the maps you were only in lobbys with people who had the particular maps you have.

          • Canelo Vasquez

            Hey, thanks, having this in mind could make my decision to get it.

    • Axcalibur

      I’ve owned season pass from day one (included with the special edition). As a fan of COD since Modern Warfare and someone who’s enjoyed Ghosts multiplayer – the DLC in this game is top notch. Each map pack included 3 brand new maps, each with an awesome and unique look to it, adding so much diversity. Then each pack also included a remake of a previous COD map, they had their classic layout – but looked very fresh (with a few new nooks & crannys). On top of all this, there are tons of little easter eggs in many of the levels – just little moments or areas that you could tell the developers had fun implementing.

      Now, with all that said – Advanced Warfare is literally 3 months away. If you intend to purchase that, will you really go back and play Ghosts often? If so, then yeah, buy the season pass. If you plan on just playing AW, then save your money now.

      • Canelo Vasquez

        You have a very good point here, Sir. But I need to have something for the mean time. I Not only want it for the MP maps but the co op as well, how are they?

        • CoD Master

          With one simple word: Awesome!!!! You should go and buy them if you love extinction mate. And from my experience with them, they put you in matches with people who own the maps.


    COD!! Help Me Jesus! Help Me Jewish God! Help Me Allah! Help Me
    Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, Use Your Witchcraft on Me to Get the Fire off
    Me! Help Me Oprah Winfrey!”

  • Dan Manzanares

    Please put X-COM and X-COM enemy within! I promise I’ll buy all the DLC with it:(

  • ImTheMetalLord

    For those that picked up Trials Fusion on the X1 check this out. You can play a dumb down version of Minecraft within the game.


  • random2win

    I don’t trust those R* deals, they might turn into GWG next month who knows.

  • OBI10

    Trials Fusion season pass have no discount in Mexico :(

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Trials Fusion season pass has no discounts anywhere.

  • Sak Hus

    I tried GWG free offer for Dishonored and it says not available for my country. So to purchase these games are available but as GWG the content is not made available why? The service is active in Middle East / UAE so why I can’t get this game? same happened with Dark Souls and one more game before that. Why the discrimination?

    • CoD Master

      How about ask Microsoft support?

    • Professor Oak

      Nothing will be done here, ask MS support


    Buyers Guide: MW2 > Ghosts > BO1 > BO2 > MW3