August 21st 2014 7:34 am PT

Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game is Now Available on Xbox One

FibbageContent: Fibbage: The Hilarious Bluffing Party Game

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Game Description: Fibbage is the lying, bluffing, fib-till-you-win multiplayer trivia party game from the makers of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK! Play with 2-8 players! Fool your friends with your lies, avoid theirs, and find the (usually outrageous) truth. And get this: your phone or tablet is your controller! “The mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is a _____.” Baby? Rabbit? Ham sandwich? It’s up to you! Fool your opponents into thinking your bluff is true and you’ll rack up the points! But be careful, if you pick an opponent’s bluff, they’ll be doing a Fibbage fancy dance. Hosted by YOU DON’T KNOW JACK’s very own, and very lonely, Cookie Masterson!

ID@Xbox, Xbox Games Store, Xbox One By Jeff Rubenstein

  • deadbox102

    Opinions on this game?

    • Rob Owens

      This is a great “Party” game. If you have a few people over to the house. Such a cool idea that everyone just uses their phone as the controller. It all works great and seamless. This is not a game that can be played on-line. This is not a game for single player. This is a game to play if you have a bunch of people over at your house. And, in that situation it is one of the best, simplest, games I have ever played.
      Think of it as a board game that you play on the xbox. But, because of the use of phones as controllers it is simpler and better than any board game. Could make a great drinking game out of it!!

  • Beano

    You really should put the title in quotes. It makes Major Boondocks seem like even more of a ridiculous pitch man than he already is.

    This game is probably not hilarious. It’s probably lame.

    • Mitchell Hall

      Wow.. just letting the positivity waft over me for a second here.

      • Beano

        Sorry. I just think most games like this are totally weak. And I love all great games. Take Family Game Night…awesome games that are ruined by terrible, weak, fluffy presentation. Games like this make me want to take avatars and stab them with steak knives. I hate Avatars, and any games that think it’s cool to use them.

        I guess kids might like some of them, but I think they are bogus and weak and lame.

        This might not even be an avatar game, but it reminds me of something that might be.

        • Jeremy Betts

          Can anyone invite me to the update preview club?
          I’ve beta tested a lot for MS, I’m not sure why I didn’t get in….

    • TV Junkie

      “Boondoggles.” God, read a book, Lana.

  • Greg

    Maybe I missed it but is this couch coop? Online coop? or both? No real definitive answer comes up on a google search or at the dev’s site? If anyone knows, thanks!

    • jordandunn

      Seems like it’s couch coop from the looks of the screen caps, it has you go to their website and put in your “room code” on your phone, and input your “fib” for each question with your phone as well.

  • Gazmaster3D

    From the makers of You Don’t Know Jack and NA region only by the looks of things. Just like Nujitsu I can live with not being able to play it.

    • Étienne-A Beauregard

      Fibbage is available in Canada (AKA huge part of NA), but Nutjitsu isn’t.


    Does anyone know if this supports xbox live multiplayer? or just local play?

    • Gazmaster3D

      All I have seen just talks about local co-op. Nothing mentions any form of online interaction so I’m guessing it is only local. On a side note have you been accepted into the dashboard beta yet?


        Nope, 3 people total said the got me in and I’ve never received anything. I don’t believe it’s their fault, maybe you can’t invite that many people at once? don’t know. :(

        • Michael Burden

          It is more than likely that they are running behind on the current preview update. I’ve been in the program from the beginning and only got the most recent dashboard update yesterday. I wouldn’t panic yet.

          • MURD3R HE WROTE

            Very cool, thanks michael. If I somehow don’t get in, do you think you could invite me and gaz? ;D

          • Mitchell Hall

            Yeah I’m in the same boat ;/ I got invited last week but haven’t received anything yet.. is it supposed to come in email? Or does it just show up on the Xbox one?

          • Lucky13X

            Shows up as an Xbox One message with a code to download Dashboard.

          • Mitchell Hall

            Okay thanks. Hope I get it soon !

          • MURD3R HE WROTE

            Yeah what lucky said, lol. We just gotta keep hope I guess.

        • evilfangs .

          I’ve tried inviting people too and they haven’t been receiving an invite back from Microsoft.

          • MURD3R HE WROTE

            Yeah they’ve probably been hit pretty hard these past couple of months with people wanting to get in. Maybe they just limit how many people they allow in monthly.

        • MobileVortex

          I’m in the same boat had quite a few people put my GT in and i get nothing. Apparently M$ hates us.

  • Ged Byrne

    None of the links (or searching for fibbage) are working for en-GB locale

    • Gazmaster3D

      Its not out for the UK.

      • Ian Thompson

        Fancy that… :(

      • montysan

        Once again. This is going to keep happening isn’t it. Reddex isn’t happening here because they haven’t sorted out the advertising… can’t they release it without advertising until they do, or are Microsoft charging them too much the release it. Either way, this could be sorted easily couldn’t it.

      • Kravex

        ” makers of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!”

        They just don’t like the UK.

  • Mitchell Hall

    This actually sounds like it could be fun! My wife and I have been wanting a good trivia game to play for a while now.. we had jeopardy for the 360 and got quite a bit of play out of it. Does anyone know if this game is fun? I’ve never heard of it until just right now. . Any input on whether it’s worth giving a go or not would be awesome. Thanks !

  • JuanCabrera

    Awesome! If we can’t have Fuzion Frenzy, any party game is welcome!


      Fuzion Frenzy was an awesome game. I miss the fun factor it brought.

      • Lucky13X

        Yeah, the PS3 and PS4 have some games in that vein, Sports Champions and then that new one that uses’s the PS4 controller motion detection.

    • baconcheeswhiz89

      what a awesome game that was

  • Peter

    Looks KINDA tempting especially at 7 bucks but waiting on a review on how fun it is. Doesnt take that much effort to do a web search on obscure trivia and throw together a game based on a list of q’s. Whether its a fun party game and well put together is another thing

    • Dust Famicus

      Its fun if you have a group of fun energetic people, if you having played you don’t know jack I suggest checking some gameplay of that to get a sense on how the question they ask and their comedy style.

  • ElektroDragon

    Is this an XBOX ONE EXCLUSIVE?

    • evilfangs .

      Now are you speaking in PR talk or normal person talk for “Xbox one exclusive”?

      • ElektroDragon

        That was awesome. It was an honest question, but that was awesome.

        • evilfangs .

          In the words of Phil, aka PR talk. It’s an Xbox one exclusive.

          Even though it’s on phones, Fire TV and X1.

    • Michael Burden

      Looking at the web site, it only lists Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV as platforms for the game.

  • Michael Kelehan

    Great surprise, and looks like a lot of fun. Next time I have a bunch of people over, I’ll probably grab this.

    • Lucky13X

      Yeah, I need to preview this through Twitch.

      • Dust Famicus

        Well it will be hard to find since right you can not stream directly from your Xbox to twitch with this game, gets some weird error code. But Ray from achievement hunter did one and also rev3 games that will show up in their history.

  • Peter

    Anyone seen a review up for this thing? Dnj was good but something is making me leery on this one. Not sure if its the low price lack of online play or what but getting skeptical vibe on this

  • ElektroDragon

    Lack of online kind of kills this as I don’t have anyone to play with except the wifey.

  • ElektroDragon

    One of the achievements says: “Play a full game with 8 players” Now does this mean it DOES have online, or is it a really clever way for Microsoft to sell thousands of extra Xbox One controllers? Maybe THAT’S why no online?

    EDIT: “*Note: This can also be unlocked using 2 different PCs each with 4 Different Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox).”

    Never underestimate achievement hunters, I guess!

    • Dust Famicus

      You play this game with a phone or tablet, so no they are not wanting you to buy more Xbox One controllers. They want you to Windows Phones and Surfaces.

      • nanowerx

        The game can be played on any internet connected device; phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.

        • Dust Famicus

          You missed the sarcasm.

    • GmailIsDown

      you only need one Xbox controller.

  • Grayson Tucker

    My question is this: If my friends do not have an Xbox One or an Xbox account, are they still able to play? What app do you use on your smartphone/tablet to control? Xbox Smart Glass? if so, can that app be used by guests or by someone without an xbox or microsoft account?

    • GmailIsDown

      you just need an internet compatible device to play. just a browser. so any desktop, notebook, tablet, etc. will work.

  • MyCodenameIsIan

    Saw this broadcast on Twitch. Seemed like others could play over the internet by entering the room code.

  • Liquidfx Xboxdude

    oh….this actually costs money. no thank you.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Next Generation gaming at its finest!

  • James Rigg

    Was ready to buy right now but its not available in Australia

  • _e

    They could’ve used a different theme for the case.. just sayin

  • Peter

    Am i missing something here? Went ahead and bought this on a whim. Started it up and i see no option for playing vs the computer (singleplayer) as an option. so you have to have people literally over or logging in by phone. Huh? and it asks me to enter in a room code on screen. I just wanna start up the damn game and play some rounds. Seems like its too tied into a website to login to while ironically not technically being online multiplayer. This game doesn’t seem like it was too thought out

    • Rudy Bienaime

      Its suppose to be a fun party game… I played a few games with the wifey and it wasnt too bad if more people were added i could see some fun times with the game.

    • Gabriel House

      So you’re saying it’s not too thought out after buying it without doing any research whatsoever on the game and/or its mechanics? Ok.

  • BoA Wrath

    US only? Don’t see it in the UK store…


    Dear Major, please bring back 1 vs 100! TY

    • TV Junkie

      Oh, man…that game was brilliant!

    • Martin C.

      I loved that game. My wife played it with me as well.

    • Alberto

      Had a party at my place and my guests asked “why doesn’t XBOX ONE have a Karaoke game”? I was speechless….

  • RC

    We need a poker game on X1 please

  • onlysublime

    does anyone know if this game will work without an internet connection? I’m having a pool party with no internet. we always have an xbox to play games by the pool (to do dance central, trivia, just dance, karaoke, etc). i can bring a router so the One and the other devices can be on the same network but of course, no internet by the pool

    • Davie

      Needs an internet connection. You play through a web browser.

    • Edward Blanchard

      Requires internet, but you could hotspot with a cell phone, the bandwidth on this is not high.

  • deadbox102

    My family is loving this game.

  • GmailIsDown

    easy 1000 gamerscore!

  • Too Coup

    Why cant you use the Xbox One Twitch App with this? Are developers stupid??
    It’s a PARTY game for crying out loud!!