May 4th 2012 3:01 pm PT

Show 438: E3 is coming

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)

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  • Paul Neafsey

    It looks like if you already subscribe it’ll continue to be published as usual. :-)

  • Ganon255

    Interesting Minecraft observations about PC vs 360, e

  • Sean T

    So as expected, no full explanation is offered for why Inside Xbox was canned in the US. Just buried under the news of a live stream from MS at E3 via LIVE.

    US Community should be asking where the money in their subscriptions is going and how its being used, MS are removing the expenditure of providing original first hand Xbox generated content in favour of free to use 3rd party apps to give news to their members, yet also selling out more space on the dashboard for advertising to get extra revenue which is clearly not being fed back into the Xbox experience

    So…where and how is the money from subscriptions and advertising revenue going and being spent…not on original first hand Xbox content..maybe its being used to force and pay Game Developers to keep adding Kinect interactivity to games despite neither the developers or fans wanting it

    Hope the UK Xbox Community fights to keep its original first hand content in Inside Xbox

    • Kairu

      It’s majornelson, his job is to listen to the community, which he doesn’t. Yet he brags about how he well he communicates with us in interviews, but he does the exact opposite and ignores us and it doesn’t seem like he even cares one bit about Inside Xbox going. As long as he’s ok, he’s fine.

      • Adinnieken

        No, his job is public relations. He is a mouthpiece for the Xbox business. His job isn’t to listen to the community, his job is to convey to the business feedback from customers. Whether he hears, understands, and empathizes is a personal matter, not corporate. Nevertheless, then the corporate head-honchos decide what to do or not do, say or not say, and when to.

        If you’ve never worked for a major corporation, then I doubt you’d understand exactly what role you have in one as an employee, but needless to say the buck doesn’t stop with MajorNelson. With the exception of his personal opinion, which on this matter I think he’s already expressed, the only thing you’re going to get from him is what Microsoft wants to offer the public and my guess is that Microsoft has already said what it wanted to say.
        It’s unfortunate that there are people who are either no longer with Microsoft or no longer doing the Inside Xbox videos, but it seems to me, at least in the US, that Microsoft has replaced first-party content with third-party content. So as long as you get similar content from IGN, then why is the lack of first-party content a significant issue?
        I personally would rather see more of Naomi than Larry (No offense Larry) but that’s just my personal preference.

        • Kairu

          Edit: Double post

        • Kairu

          Well I did reply to this post, but it looks like it glitched out or something, so I’ll tl;dr what I posted.

          You miss the point, MS are removing features but as long as you get your pathetic IGN app, you’re ok with that, and fine with the fact they’re making employees redundant. What exactly are we getting out of our gold memberships? We’re essentially paying for advertisements now. Stop brown nosing majornelson and MS. You’re on the corporation side not gamers.

          • Adinnieken

            No, you don’t get it.

            When Xbox LIVE initially rolled out for the Xbox 360 the intention was for community content. In this case, content generated from media outlets, and initially there were a few videos produced by third-parties. However, nothing grew from it, so Microsoft stepped in when the NXE rolled out.

            The intention was never to generate the content internally in the first place, the intention was for respected third-parties to generate the content. The fact that Microsoft is stepping back from producing first party content at this time isn’t taking anything away, because they feel they had a partner in producing content.
            I don’t get how my comments can be assumed to be “with” any side. If I have a 12 oz. cup with 6 oz. of water in it, and you a 6 oz. cup with 6 oz. of water in it, we have the same thing. Just because the 12 oz. cup only has 6 oz. in it doesn’t make it any less than what you have in a 6 oz. cup.
            If IGN is producing the same amount of content, if not more than was available from the Inside Xbox team, then how is this bad? IGN is an independent third party, they’re less likely to be biased in their opinions. So how is this bad?

            I’m not in support of anything or anyone. I don’t see a reason why, at this early stage, to get so bent out of shape.

          • Bradley

            No you don’t get it. Your nothing more than a tag along. If Microsoft charged $20 a month you’ll justify it. And stop going on about IGN, you’re pathetic. You sound like a broken record.

            Also you have no idea how IGN works either. IGN being less biased? Are you kidding me? Man you’re so full of it, thinking you know how everything works, but it’s quite the opposite.

            Yes I know I have the IGN logo as my avatar, but the only thing I actually enjoy out of them is Gamescoop and podcast peyond, and i’m not defending them like you are.

          • Adinnieken

            You don’t think the Inside Xbox content wasn’t advertising?

            What do you think the purpose of the videos mentioning new game releases or new hardware were meant for? Inform? One mans information is another’s advertisement.

            By no means am I suggesting that the Inside Xbox videos aren’t beneficial to the community, but again I believe that content being lost is replaced or will be by IGN.

      • Major Nelson

        I actually care quite a bit. I am not happy about it at all.

    • Adinnieken

      The problem is you don’t know anything. Instead, you’re ranting based on your ill-informed assumptions.

      Clearly, you don’t know what is available through the IGN Xbox LIVE app, or the value it offers. If you did, then you’d realize it’s a value-added offering. Second, it does everything that the Inside Xbox content did, except maybe the Xbox 101 stuff, but we’ll see. Finally, I would tend to think if anything they’ll be substituting links to IGN’s content where Inside Xbox content is. It would seem pretty silly to remove your own content, then fail to promote the content you’re replacing it with.

      • Sean T

        Brilliant…someone who completely misses the point of what the removal of first hand content by MS means….the question I raised is simple. If MS is saving money by removing the expenditure of removing first hand created content and relying on free 3rd party apps to give the missing content…as well as selling space on the dashboard for non related advertising..where is all that extra revenue going, what is it being spent on because…all i see on the dashboard is adverts, and media apps I dont want or need yet I am paying the same price for less original content

        let me know when you have an answer genius

        • Adinnieken

          You’re assuming that there is no expense to Microsoft for the content that IGN is providing. I don’t assume that, I assume Microsoft is paying for it.

          IGN will be doing live shows, something IGN didn’t do previously nor did Microsoft, as well as the reviews, guides, news, etc. There is more content being made available to Xbox LIVE members, not less.

          Content still costs money. Granted, content through a 3rd party would be less expensive, however it still costs money. Personally, I’d wait before demanding Microsoft answer for where the money went, considering E3 is around the corner.

          • Sean T

            Seems my reply either glitched or was deleted

            The IGN app does nothing more then bring videos that you can find on its website, twitter or Facebook…its free that way so why would MS be charged for that content when it probably gets a commission from IGN to let them use the xbox and live to use their app over another game media entity

            The fact is, Xbox is relying on 3rd party content for practically everything from news to media apps. It sells space on the dashboard for advertising non xbox related products which us as users are forced to see daily each time we go online.

            The price of subscription has not come down, but the revenues from subscriptions, marketplace content and 3rd party media apps and advertising are increashing…and the expenditure for Xbox first hand content is being reduced…why? where is all this money being diverted to and spent on cos I dont see it? I see less Xbox branded content and more 3rd party content I can access with a smartphone or laptop anyway…so…ask yourself, what is your subscription given you that now MS have to cut back on expenditure yet still maximising every avenue of money generation?

      • BigBernard

        Adinnieken – will you ever stop apologizing on here?

        • Adinnieken

          I’m apologizing?

          I don’t believe we’re losing content, the only difference is who’s making it.

          Microsoft can’t win if they make it, because then they’re biased and it’s propaganda. And they can’t win if they don’t make it, because then they’re taking away from the community and profiting. What do you people actually want?
          From my perspective, they’re better off having a third party generate that content.

  • Richard A. Galarza

    U forgot the link to Flickr pics. Really want to see u skydive, lol

  • Владислав Зимин

    “E3, streamed to your Xbox 360″лучшая новость за все время :)

  • Sean T

    Considering how much reaction there has been to this news, and that the podcast is suppose to be made and listened to by fans, its always amazing when that reaction never gets a view or airing on the podcast

  • Josh Martin

    week 7 commencing

    • Zack Stein

      Can we please have a comment threat with no Josh Martin? Please?

  • Zack Stein

    So no more Major’s Minute. Big bummer. And the podcasts are becoming fewer and fewer. Stepto is gone. It’s true what they say: Nothing gold can stay. And that includes my Gold membership. I no longer play online – the community is abysmal, and as a 42 year-old professional with a family, I just don’t have the time to find like-minded players. I’m finding it harder and harder to justify a gold membership. Microsoft is pushing me away – but maybe I’m not their demographic. However, I do think we’re on a decline here, to a new era that only saddens me. I’m not sure what will differentiate Xbox Live from PSN. Well, it was fun while it lasted. But man, I wish a good, solid podcast wasn’t the exception, but the norm.

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