November 30th 2012 4:01 pm PT

Show 459: Video Game Awards

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)


Interview: Geoff Keighley, Video Game Awards (28:51 - 42:52)

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  • Jay Stafford

    Just Major and E? Just like old times

    • BigBernard

      *cue the Internet White Knights….*

  • Jeff K

    It is a crime that this episode was not called Julio the Tamale Fairy.

    • Major Nelson

      I would have to agree with you on that one.

    • Zack Stein

      Sounds like the title of an upcoming XBLA game.

  • Tyler Beale

    You might want to remove the Zune link as the Zune Marketplace is no more. (Web link currently leads to “Oops! We’ve moved some things around.” and the Zune Software shows “Microsoft Zune has stopped working” when accessing the Marketplace)

    • ElektroDragon

      NO, the Zune Marketplace and Zune software still work fine!

  • Daniel Humphries

    Why no free xbox live for europe this weekend?

    • Lee Rayson

      We had one before

  • Lee Rayson

    Love that Spike VGAs will be on xbox every year i ended up missing it on the PC.

    Amazon Fresh did blow my mind, Ive had to check there site out just because it sounded so crazy

    Makes me wonder what the future will be for local store trying to compete against online store on a much larger Scale

  • V3TTEL

    Great Show Yet again :)

  • Major Nelson

    Thanks Glenn…that link is already in the show notes above.

  • Russell Gorall

    Amidst a counter full of Doritos and Mountain Dew, the great Geoff Knightley walks in. Bloated from a binge over the weekend at a Halo sponsored event, his shirt is full of Doritos crumbs and his breath reeks of the Dew.

    We made love, in front of a cutout of my favorite military shooter star… Master Chef or whatever.

    • Zack Stein

      I get it. Because Doritos has double XP codes. And Mountain Dew does too. And so if you eat and drink lots of them you can get many codes. And probably the crumbs are from the Doritos. And the breath reeking is from both, I guess. And then you have your special relations with GK because you’re both so excited about Halo 4. And you have a cutout of Master Chief (or whatever) because you’re a fan of the series. I get it. Wow. That was so colorful and well written. Good stuff. Keep up the good work. I’m glad I could follow your story.

      • Russell Gorall

        Google “Geoff Keighley Lost Humanity 18 Eurogamer”.

        I guess I will be the one using brimmed sarcasm to my fullest extent?

  • Zack Stein

    I just enjoy the show every week. You all are like friends that I like checking on to hear the latest. I always listen on my way home Saturday nights. E, take it from a radio guy, your “mic work” is fine.Major makes sure the podcast sounds nice, and it’s just a fun and informational take on Xbox stuff. Sorry to be gushy, just felt like letting y’all know it’s appreciated. And yes, it would be a dream job for me, but I’m lucky to be working at all, let alone in a field that I enjoy. In the meantime, I’ll live vicariously through you folks, and dream of remote-controlled lights and spatchcocked turkeys.

    • thevowel

      Thanks, I appreciate it! Learning that has been hard…

  • Mike Jacovou

    Like an old school episode, the old days are the best.

    • Mike Jacovou

      And I love it how they inevitably go in depth about food, its great.

  • bandito lobster

    Greetings Major, in your early years episodes you mentioned that your blog was getting about 15,000 hits a day back then. I was wondering what is it now?

    Also in one of the shows someone mentioned that 50 percent of consoles were connected to the service when xbox live was 5, what is that number now?

    Thanks for another great show.