March 15th 2013 3:53 pm PT

Show 470: Pre-Pax and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)


Interview: Glenn Gamble, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (35:19 - 50:52)

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  • Steve Smith

    Unlike most of the gaming community, I am actually excited for Survival Instinct.

    • Nick Peck

      Yah it looks like it might be pretty fun. If it’s like ZombieU I’ll grab it just for the heck of it. I never expected it to be a full on AAA game anyways. As long as it’s fun and plays well I’m game.

    • trekx

      There’s people not looking forward to The Walking Dead Survival Instinct??? WHY??? This game looks awesome, plus its the Walking Dead !!!

      • ElektroDragon

        Do you look forward to Activision’s other low budget cheeseball cash ins like Cabela’s? Because that’s exactly what you’re gonna get,

        • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

          Excuse me, do you have a crystal ball? You’re comparing a low budget hunting simulator to a well established TV license? No way it’s going to be that bad. Sorry pal, but the same kinda people told me I wouldn’t enjoy Duke Nukem and RE6… Guess what? I did.

          • lethargicj

            Haha. Yeah. I am pretty sure I’ve enjoyed more games I was NOT supposed to enjoy than I have enjoyed games that were supposedly 10/10s. Duke Nukem Forever was one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve ever played.

          • Miller

            Delusional human sheep at its finest. Run along fella, Activision is calling.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            I’m the sheep, when you’re the fool who follows everyone’s hatred like a herd to slaughter? Haha, get a grip you “delusional hipocrite. Run along now Timmy, EA and Dice are calling you for yet another sub par first person shooter. :)

          • Barry Csonka


          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE


          • Miller

            I hate EA, I hate Activision. Eh? Where’d you get I like EA? The last EA game i bought was hot pursuit. Lol, moron. How’s the walking dead? It looks so awful, the AI is worse than Alien Colonial marines xD.
            “Oh yeah, err it’s gonna be good because err, well it’s a well known series durrr so Activision the best publisher in the world will put more resources into it hurrroooo”

            Nice logic, PSN boy. Your assumptions are calling you, to make an even bigger fool out of yourself! Baka.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            You don’t even have an argument you pompus moron. Maybe you were dropped on your head as a child? Your the Pot calling the kettle black son, and you’re a WALKING CONTRIDICTION to boot.

            As I said twitter boy, you’re a “DELUSIONAL HIPOCRITE” and you’ve proven that with your first comment. I think the only one making a fool out of themselves here is you.

            Any problem you have with your smart mouth can easily be addressed to me over XBL, but knowing you, You’d rather stick to your BS forums.. like a 16 year old kid.

            Your generation makes me sick to my stomach, no backbone or integrity what so ever. Gamertag is “PSN Is Garbage” and I’ll be more than happy to embarass you and upload our entire conversation to you tube and leave links here just to make a mockery out of you like I’ve done with so many Message board nerds such as yourself kiddo :)

          • Miller

            *Yawn* A 39 year old with nothing better to do, than to get mad on the internet. I call people like you out, you ignore and attempt to make yourself look “cool”. Well I have news for you gramps, you should be sorting your life out as an OAP, instead of crying at people being right about Walking dead. Do you want some aloe vera for that? You just got burned.
            Youtube videos of comments? WOW lol 39 years old! You sad man xD haha
            I see you ignored my comment about Walking dead. Because you know it’s awful and your faith got you bent over and slapped.
            Sure gaming is a hobby and has people of all ages, but to make youtube videos of you ‘destroying’ people in the comments… come on, lol… 39? Cheese is more mature than you, XD Your post actually made me lol. Thanks pops. Make sure to apply lots of Aloe.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            Who’s mad SON? I’m certainly not. You’d have to run that pole garage to me over XBL if you even want to entertain the thought of making me mad kiddo. Apparently you don’t have the set to do even that much. It’s quite obvious you don’t have a set.
            Actually I’ll leave the video UNEDITED thank you very much, there will be no need to edit anything unless I wanted to spare you the embarassment. So do you want to put your money where your fat mouth is, or are you going to just bark all day little doggy, or are you ever going to bite.
            Prove me wrong? Ha! :)

    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      i am wondering who these people that aren’t curious abou this game are? i have gamefly so yeah i am going to try this one for sure. zombies+first person=me playing it

    • lethargicj

      I was shocked to find out it’s coming out so soon. I read gaming sites every single day and I literally haven’t seen anything about it since it was released. I figured this wasn’t coming out until the holiday season. For a Walking Dead game this thing has zero heat.

    • Curtis Isabell

      some people on reddit got it early and describe it as a single player dead island with less bugs, now I won’t buy it for $60, but when it drops to $20 or so it might be worth it.

      • Steve Smith

        You should have picked it up on Amazon for $37. Then I sold the pre-order bonus on eBay for $20 = $17 for the game.

  • Tim Bledsoe

    Great show, as always. Looking forward to hearing the PAX East panel with Ken Levine. Was wondering the make/manufacturer of the 9900 mAh cell phone charger block E bought at Amazon? I listened twice, didn’t hear you mention the brand. Thanks!

  • Zack Stein

    Finished Tomb Raider today. Simply amazing. Been thinking about it all day.


      I finished it too, a much better game than the first Uncharted IMO, that’s for sure. Just wish they would take it easy on the DLC.

      • Zack Stein

        I’ve been thinking the same thing. As Uncharted was an improvement on the Tomb Raider theme, this reboot is – in many ways – better than Uncharted and Uncharted 3. And while Uncharted 2 may be a 10 in my book, this game is easily a 9.5. I didn’t care for a few things at the very end, but overall just amazing. Gorgeous graphics, very good story and acting, tight gameplay that just works – Crystal Dynamics needs to get a lot of love for what they did here. I could not put the game down. Now, I haven’t tried the multiplayer yet. I’m almost afraid to because I don’t want the title tarnished for me in any way. It’s easily going to be one of the top games of the year.

        • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

          The MP in TR is suprisingly fun from the hour or so I had with it. I also really enjoyed Uncharted 1 (finished the platinum trophy) but never played through 2 and 3 just yet. One thing I wish Naughty Dog would do in the future is allow a little more “open world” exploration in their game. The first 4 TombRaider games didn’t feel as scripted and linear as Uncharted IMO.
          Don’t get me wrong, I really liked UC1 but I still gotta give the edge to Crystal Dynamic’s game in this case. But I agree, both series are great in their own right!

  • Russell Gorall

    Apparently the future of MS first party development is Lococycle.


    i used to listen to your show as soon as each episode was released WAY back when you were still in the 200s! i havent listened for about a year and a half to two years, so it feels great to be back listening to you guys!!

    • Major Nelson

      Welcome back.


    You’re so naive it isn’t even funny and so stupid I knew EXACTLY what you were going to say before you opened up that garage you call a mouth. Of course licensed games havn’t faired well but some have. What YOU fail to realize is that the walking dead name alone has a much higher probability of being a much better game than some silly redneck hunting simulator. LOL
    And son, don’t you ever speak to me about knowlege of the industry kiddo. I’ve been gaming since before you have been alive. If industry knowlege means being glued to your pc all day reading about rumors and wasting your time on BS forums such as this I feel sorry for you son.

    And PSN Is Garbage compared to XBL in spades based on PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES ALONE. And quite frankly you wouldn’t last a twisted second with me in any debate over current gen consoles much less religious, political or anything else in between.

    PSN IS GARBAGE.. keep living in denial while the rest of us arn’t settling for your mediocrisy. :)

    • ElektroDragon

      I’m 36, and you’re a teenager, “son”. Only insecure teenagers talk like that.


        Actually SON, I’m 39 and only an incompetent inept and mindless person would say PSN is anything less than Trash when compared to XBL. You remember that… SON!

        Just as I thought, your only means of debate is on this medium.. When you grow up and want to debate with the BIG BOYS.. You can find me on XBL anytime. :)

        Again, I rest my case..

        • ElektroDragon

          Yes, father. *eyeroll*

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            You see what I mean? You are a product of “Their” generation… not “Ours”. When you get done trying to figure out what I just said, get back to me.

          • MrRadiolips

            I think we can all agree both your conversations were pretty childish.

          • PSN_IS_GARBAGE

            You speak for yourself, not the majority on here.. I can be very polite and civil when I want to be, you just happened to notice the bad.

  • John Dallin Cope

    Hearing Walking Dead: SI and Portal2 in the same sentence made me sick to my stomach.

  • John Dallin Cope

    Hearing The Walking Dead:SI and Portal2 in the same sentence made me sick.

  • JoeGrahamcracker

    I hope TWD turns out decent at least. Sucks there is no co-op. I’d rather throw down $15 on State of Decay for a single player game.

  • BostonSup

    I ordered TWD, but I am not expecting a great game. It is a budget title with a $50 price tag (extra $10 because of the name), but many places like Amazon is selling it for around $35.

    Since TWD:SI is both a budget game and a game published by Activision, I don’t expect much, but it is The Walking Dead, and hopefully AMC was involved with (at least approved) the story. Overall, because of the budget, time restraints, and Activision’s involvement, I expect it to be a 6/10 game (upped because of the story, but overall a cheap cash in).

  • Paul

    What is the game E is playing on PC that Age of Empires players will love?

  • Russell Gorall

    What free games are Gold members getting this week? I am a bit busy with freebies The Cave, Joe Danger 2 and Spec Ops The Line with Playstation Plus… but I am eager to find out.

    • The Dukenator

      Gold member have never gotten games free as I recall.

      As for Playstation Plus, I’m playing games that I got months ago.

  • Zack Stein

    I’m hoping this comment won’t be misunderstood, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to share for a while. I thought about emailing this in, but I feared it would get lost in the thousands of emails I’m sure you receive. And Twitter doesn’t allow for enough words. So, here goes:

    As a long time listener to your podcast, I’ve enjoyed your gadgets segment. It’s neat to learn about a new product that may not get the same exposure as others, or may be difficult to find, yet useful.

    Over the past year or so I’ve grown to feel a bit turned off by this segment – and sometimes a bit uncomfortable. I realize that you all work hard, and are rewarded quite handsomely for your efforts. And your high profile jobs offer many perks. But so many of us have been struggling out here in the real world. And most people have seen their salaries grow stagnant, or worse. We’re just trying to make ends meet. We’re just surviving.

    I do not begrudge your lifestyle, your income, your success. This is not at all what this is about. I just wonder if any sensitivity is being considered as to who your audience really is. Yes, I’m sure many industry people listen, but I would venture to guess more of us are not in the industry. Most of us are out here weathering a storm with no end in sight. We’re cutting back, making sacrifices, and adjusting nearly everything about our lives.

    It would be wonderful if I could afford a new gadget every week, or nearly every week. I’m sure I’d love to share it with the world.

    I’m just saying that sometimes it comes across as flaunting. Again, I love the show. But I’m positive I’m not the only one that may sometimes feel a bit put off by these segments. I recently got my brother hooked on the show. After a few weeks he came to me and said, “Man, those folks on the podcast must really be raking it in. They have these new toys every week, and when I look up how much they cost I freak out. Who can afford this stuff?”

    Exactly. Just think about how it sounds, and maybe listen back using other ears.

    But maybe it’s time to find some new segments to reflect what is happening out here. Maybe talk about a discovery of some new thing you want us to know about. I know you tells us about the deals of the week sometimes on the show, but maybe give this more attention as a regular segment: What items from Microsoft are on sale? What games this week are being featured with a price drop? “Here’s where you can find Xbox live for a year on sale…”

    I’m a fan, folks. I wish you nothing but future success.

  • Sustainable Gamers

    Oaxaca is pronouced WAH-HA-KA