May 3rd 2013 12:50 pm PT

Show 475: Ted Price on Fuse and Michael Bien (Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon)

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)


Interview: Michael Biehn, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (35:12 - 1:02:46)
Interview: Ted Price, Fuse (1:02:47 - 1:28:01)

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  • Collin Crowder

    Michael Biehn! Awesome, thanks Major.

  • Kieran Tsao

    Wooo Tigger!

  • Andreas

    I don’t know if the Michael Biehn part is the worst or the best thing I have ever heard. 2-3 times during the interview I screamed “what am I listening to!?”

    • John

      I know right…he goes on and on and on…
      He’s still one of my youth time action heroes though.

      • Major Nelson

        I think I only asked about three questions…right?

        • John

          :D I think so yeah. Was quite hard for you to try and ask one too, so it seemed…

        • Andreas

          and I don’t think he really answered any one of them, but atleast it was fun and something different.

  • Shane k.

    Awesome show!! I had no idea larry that u lived in CT or used to. Thats where im from. Just letting u kno ur home town roots have faithfull listeners. I was seriously dissapointed when IGN Took over for u n laura, i loved my fridays major nelson shows, n 60sec with major nelson

  • Zack Stein

    Michael Biehn is a touch stone for those of us that were teenagers in the 80s. He has some nerd cache.

    • Eric Rhoades

      A touch stone? I bet you watched Little House On The Prairie and wept like a baby.

      • Zack Stein

        You must have read my post in the Little House on the Prairie blog!

        • Eric Rhoades

          Are you going to beg Major Nelson to take down my post again? It must suck to have someone with freedom of speech disagreeing with you huh? You cry a lot for a grown man.

          • Zack Stein

            I’m very in touch with my feelings.

  • Does Not Equal

    I think Xbox Fusion is just the name of their upcoming energy drink.

  • Jamie Wood

    The Michael Biehn interview was so weird, great though at the same time!

  • Paul Westbrook

    Who is Dean?

  • Artemis

    Michael Bien is sooooo ANNOYING!

    • MileyTaylor

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    • MileyTaylor

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  • David Cooke

    I know you guys wont believe this but I got a free Microsoft points card code and it worked! If you want one go to freemspointsforever→ com

  • Curtis Isabell

    yea they did that a few months ago, it sucks for families. I guess I can say welcome to PSN, there aren’t many free games unless you are a PSN+ member, honestly i’d just share 1 account between the family.

  • sibtrag

    I listened to the spoiler aftershow last time. I haven’t played Bioshock Infinite, and had no real desire to, so I just let the podcast run, as I was driving at the time.

    Nothing in the spoiler discussion made me more interested in the game. But, the opening and (especially) closing music did make me want to learn more. It’s really true, the audio did a better job of describing the feel of the game than the talking did.

    • Boe2

      Bioshock Infinite has the typical “infinite universes” approach and with keeping that in mind, the ending is predictable to an extend.

      It’s not that the story is THAT great, but the way that the story is told is what makes it a really amazing experience. Really great art/atmosphere, wonderful music, memorable dialogs: those are the things Bioshock (all 3 games btw) absolutely excels at, and those are also the reason everyone should play Infinite.

  • sibtrag

    I haven’t gotten that far in the podcast yet, but I suspect it is just MN having fun with the internet. (Engineering geeks might call it exploring the impulse response of the internet.)

    If it is indeed a true reveal, then I’m sure it was discussed ad nauseam in meetings as Microsoft does not like to leave such things to chance. One would hope for MN’s sake that the meetings came before the recording instead of after it was released. :-)

  • Volitar Prime

    When can we expect the full Bishock Infinite spoilercast?

  • Does Not Equal

    You go, girl.

  • Pablo González

    this made my day I got a free Microsoft points card code and it was legit! Check this site out freemspointsforever↔ com

  • Carlos

    Anyone else hear that “sound” before the tigger song played ? Could it be the new Xbox start up sound ?

  • Pasajero Edgar Arenas

    Serious Sam deal of the week???????

  • Hardcore_gamer

    Major Nelson when the next awesome podcast coming ??

  • Carlos

    Thanks…. Never heard that sound before.