June 21st 2013 3:30 pm PT

Show 481: E3 and Xbox One updates

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)


Guest: Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer for Xbox One (33:41 - 41:49)
Interview: Paul Hellquist, Creative Director of Borderlands (42:30 - 53:24)

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  • Socal71

    I must have missed that 12 second sale. That is not what I was referring to at all.

  • Rickard Olsson

    Need more Xbox Live Activity lists! Come on, Larry!

  • Blood Washed

    So we can still access all our games on any Xbox One? That’s awesome.

    • Jim McPherson

      Sort of.

      If you buy online, you have them wherever you are.
      If you buy discs, you have them wherever your discs are.

  • Skip Davis

    I was happy with the way the X1 was set up b4, i understand though some things had to change…..but why couldnt silver membership stay like 360 while gold has family share, digital sales etc (even if it means DRM/Always check in).

  • Dylan

    That was the day before the announcement.
    You telling me they changed their mind overnight?

    No way, it was at least a week of figuring out how they could do it.
    If all it takes is a day 1 patch, it is that easy.

  • QFC

    Whats lollip0p email for name that game?

  • Ed

    To say that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is an Xbox One exclusive is misleading at best. Sure, maybe it releases on that platform first. I don’t know. But I’ll be playing it on the PS3, or maybe the Xbox 360, or maybe the PC. Or maybe even the PS4 in time. I can tell you for sure I won’t be playing it on the Xbox One with the mandatory Kinect 2 staring and listening. (I am glad Microsoft is changing their policy on games on disc ownership rights.)

    • ebonyglock

      Do you have a cell phone?

      • Ed

        I was referring to the not-yet-released 3rd person shooter Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. But in answer to your question, I do have a cell phone but not a smart phone. I prefer the iPad version of PvZ anyway. Still play Vasebreaker Endless regularly.

        • Steven K

          What he meant was if you have a cellphone, your carrier can already spy on you, listen to your calls and even read your SMS. This ain’t magic and you don’t need a smartphone to do that. And for the 100,000,000th time: KINECT IS NOT SPYING ON YOU! Microsoft was clear about this. You can set up your privacy settings the first time you turn on the Xbox One. Kinect won’t send any data to their servers unless you ask the camera to do so. This argument of Kinect always listening and watching you is becoming slly in the end. Because if you think Microsoft have millions to lose to pay people watching you jerk off in front of your Xbox One while playing then you’re a freaking parano. You worry about companies spying on you stop using Google stuffs and Facebook.

          • Svoboda1

            Dude, no way. The NSA is totally worried about what some twenty something dude sitting in his mom’s basement playing video games while slurping down Dew and eating Cheetos is doing,

          • Ed

            They already have a database that contains information about every cell phone call he ever made. His Gmail and Facebook may have been swept up in some broad FISA request. Dudes are not excluded from government overreach.

          • Svoboda1

            So as long as you no longer buy any connected communication devices, you’ll be all set. Methinks that tin foil hat is on pretty damn tight.

          • Steelahlive

            Its the concern of yet another device that allows such indiscriminate actions to be taken – if this whole PRISM thing comes to be “true” to any degree (Which it is BTW) – then laws will be changed to NOT allow the powers that be, to be able to just spy on you without having a requirement to do so otherwise – that’s why the poop’s hit the fan with it – THey don’t have to tell you why it’s safer for you – just that because they do this – they have protected you – but having everything they ever needed to know about you at their finger tips – EVERYONE has skeletons in their closet – whether you care about em is up to you, but I can see folk’s concern over having an agency that can record your conversations at will, and pick and chose when they decide to punish you for action’s you’ve possibly “gotten” away with in the past. Or use any conversation you have against you. For instance I really like Atomic weapons, I love the Nukes, I’ve studied the history of them, I think the explosive power of them is mind boggling, – Doesn’t mean I support their use in a war, or their use in any point in history of mankind, I just like the scientific applications that went into development of said devices. NOW – by saying that – I would hope that one day my next door neighbor doesn’t turn out to be some guy trying to get some yellow cake to make a dirty bumb and I get drawn into court or detention somewhere as a known collaborator because their “evidence” shows I support Nuclear weapons!

          • Ed

            Oh. I missed that, probably because the main point of my post was Major Nelson’s misleading statement about Garden Warfare being an Xbox One exclusive.

            It’s interesting that you admit that cell phones can be used to spy on you but you deny that the Xbox One can be used to spy on you. If the Kinect 2 can’t be physically disconnected from the Xbox One, a secret FISA court order can let the government use it as the ultimate bug in some overbroad witchhunt by the government. They will be able to monitor your conversations, heartbeat etc. because you maybe went to school with someone who got radicalized.

            I think the Kinect 2 should be sold seperately so that people who like the Xbox One can decide whether they want to pay extra money to put that device in their home and they can disconect it if they want.

          • CW

            so put a towel over it or put it behind your tv facing the wall if you are that paranoid. It’s really not rocket science.

          • Ed

            Or I can buy a ps4 and save $100 plus the price of a towel.

          • rkm80

            Then by all means, go do that.

          • Steven K

            Well what I said is based on what Microsoft told us: you’ll choose your privacy options during the camera setup. Think about it: lots of people are debating over Kinect and our privacy and believe me once the Xbox One is released some clever dudes are going to find a way to know what kind of data the camera collects and sends to their servers. Microsoft know it and I don’t think they want to put their ecosystem at risk over some Kinect-gate tragedy.

            Beside, you’re right about the Kinect sold separately. Not only they can reach a lower price point with the new bundle to compete against the PS4 but it will also ease a lot of gamers out there who don’t care about the camera at all. My guess is that they will sell the Xbox One and Kinect separately… at some point in the near future. What they’re aiming at right now is to have a huge installed base of Kinect so that developers can bet on the device already being there and develop games or new enhanced experiences for the camera

          • Steelahlive

            PS – the whole spying thing – they can tell you it can be software disabled yes, but they don’t have to TELL YOU – they re-enabled it cause FISA requests are “classified requests” – hence why google,apple,ms,facebook, and all the other companies right now have requested the US Govt, make a clearer set of rules, and allow them to disclose these requests, as of rigth now they can’t – cause they’re ordered not to.

    • Svoboda1

      * golf clap *

  • ebonyglock

    Thanks for not answering the question about whats happening with family share.

    • Colin McGregor

      Family share required the DRM that everyone wanted gone. MS removed it and with it went the features. It wasn’t answered cause it was obvious.

      • heyitsme

        If you listen to the entire thing and read tweets and interviews from actual Microsoft employees they are working on a way to get family sharing back in. Also DRM is not gone.

      • Dylan

        Oh please, it isn’t that black and white. It could have been optional.

        They wanted the DRM to affect all games, but removed the family sharing out of spite because they didn’t get away with it.

        If they required you to pay Xbox Live to play your games,
        and people shouted against that,
        and in response Microsoft removed Xbox Live entirely

        Would you blame us?

      • ebonyglock

        Obvious? Have you ever heard them give a straight answer before? They didn’t even know what their own policies were at E3.

      • Fitzgerald

        They did not remove DRM… I think people don’t understand the difference between DRM and the implementation of DRM. Requiring a physical disk to play *is* one implementation of DRM. And it is not that people don’t like DRM (unless they are pirates) its just they want the digital content to preserve the same rights of ownership that the physical content provided.. and DRM can support that, if they choose to support that,

  • Ed

    Now who’s the crybaby? :)

  • Bruno

    there will be any chat pad for xbox one at release?

    • Svoboda1

      If you go to Amazon and type in “Xbox One” you can see everything they’ve already got in their system. Right now the only accessories are a controller, play/charge kit and a couple different headsets.

      • Bruno


  • http://www.minecraftgames.co/ Minecraft Games

    This is what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  • http://deulus.com/ Derek D

    Why can’t someone at Microsoft answer the EXTREMELY simple question of, “If the Kinect can be turned off, then why can’t it be disconnected?” From everything I’ve read, you MUST have the Kinect connected for the Xbox One to function. SO SO Stupid. I don’t want it! Sell it optional! At the very least if your going to make me buy it, at least give me the option to leave it in the box disconnected. This issue will most likely be the reason I cancel my preorder.

    • JayD

      Will probably be addressed in a patch later. IMO the real reason for Kinect is that they can do things like:

      -Foveated Rendering:

      MS has a ton of cool things in their R&D Dept. Here is an example of a cool way to increase graphical power 6x!

      Users can see greater detail on what they focus on and less detail in
      their peripheral vision. MS has a way to focus graphical power and
      detail mainly on the part that your eyes focus on. The detect where your
      eyes are focused with Kinect.

      Microsoft calls this technique Foveated Rendering and has already
      conducted successful trials. Users couldn’t tell the difference between
      the normal image and the one with reduced detail. Yet the less detailed
      image required up to six times less power to render!

      This seems likely because MS has the display planes and the Kinect on every Xbox to take advantage of this.

      Read about other cool things at this link:

      http://www pcworld com/article/2020268/meet-microsoft-the-worlds-best-kept-randd-secret.html

      -Scan things into the game with Kinect.

      -Cheaper movies,TV shows, etc.

      -To support premium TV Shows (Stuff like HBO/Starz/etc.)

      Microsoft wouldn’t just put Kinect in to handicap themselves. They obviously have plans for it that will affect everyone. They know it won’t be used for a lot of games. That doesn’t mean it cannot be used for other things though.

    • DarkArmed31

      It is now optional -_-

      • Steelahlive

        It’s only optional if you choose to not purchase an Xbox ONe – or go with the competition. But to purchase an XboxOne – it’s NOT an optional piece of hardware.

  • Payback

    Then don’t let the door hit you on the way out… Lol

  • Thankfulperv

    I cant wait for xbox one, November seems so far away, and we dont even know what date! C’mon microsoft give us a date, I need to get my holiday request in at work

    • John

      They won’t give you an official date because not everything is set in stone yet.

      My friend at MS says probably late October according to internal rumors (even MS employees are kept out of the loop there), but many placeholder dates say late November. So I guess we’ll have to wait until they announce it.

      I’m pretty sure they want to launch a few weeks before the PS4 to get the word of mouth going.

      • david_hoyland

        Thanks for this info. I hope they do get it sorted out for launch.

        If MS really want to stop used games and piracy then they need to provide a good incentive for people to buy digital.

        • Jason Andrew Hahn

          30$ games would be an incentive but they can’t tell us “eventually they COULD be 30$” nobody trust them to do that

      • Steelahlive

        But, by doing so they just created a system that also kinda advocated people to cheat around their policies and skirt the system by allowing 1/10 game sales to occur.

        • John

          Yes, they did. That is why it’s so sad that many here make MS to be the big bad boogeyman when they were shaping a digital future where both the business (much less second hand sales and a thorn in GameStop’s shady practices) and the consumer side (more lenient licensing structure) win.
          Microsoft truly believed in this always connected system where so many are currently always online anyway, that the 1 in 10 impact described would certainly not have been the case as remote operation, smartglass over the internet, etc, would not be possible for those people that disconnected their Xbox One all the time just to play a game from someone else.

  • beardyman3218

    I didn’t know where else to ask this major but will xbox one games be using DTS or a higher bitrate Dolby Digital? I’ve noticed more and more recent games are sounding compressed.

    • Rick

      Xbox’360 games will sound compressed they are having to find space to put the game on that small dual-layer disc. however now that they will be switching to bluray in the new console, we should be getting real sound quality back now that space isn’t as limited. Space on the current xbox 360 dual-layer disk is max of 8g’s.. this is where ps3 had the advantage with the bluray, even some of the cheapest blurays are around 25g of space.

      • beardyman3218

        Thanks for that answer. Hoping they up the bitrate, 360 currently uses 640kbps Dolby Digital but thats the overall all sound effects can go up to collectively i think but still depends on the individual sound quality of the effects, im hoping for at least dts which runs at 1.4mbps.

  • beardyman3218

    Does anyone know whether this removes the need for mandatory installs?

    • david_hoyland

      No it will still be a full install. Blu ray drives are not fast enough. The disc will just do some kind of piracy check.

      • Peter Taylor

        Depends. Ps4 has a 6x bluray drive. No details on xboxs ones drive speed.

        • david_hoyland

          It’s the same I think. I believe PS4 streams parts from disk while it is installing but eventually uses full install.

        • Peter Taylor

          How can people dislike a comment that is fact “rolls eyes”

    • ODST_365

      Yes, they have.

    • Steelahlive

      Mandatory Installs are still there.

  • http://soundcloud.com/ViRUSfromMARS Jaffa Cake King

    I don’t want to use it to make voice commands in a game and i don’t want to use it to make searches or swish the OS around.

    Walking is better for you than driving. It’s better for the body and the mind.

    I don’t mind people using the technology i just don’t want it forced upon me along with shoehorned Kinect based achievements into games.

    Kinect should be optional not a requirement.

  • JayD

    “You seem to think one building full of servers is magically different to
    some other building full of servers. They’re not, they’re servers.”

    Wow that is all you got from the above…. Also one building full of servers can be completely different from another room full of servers. What a completely ignorant statement! Why don’t you look up how secretive Google is about their room of servers. All techs need to work in the dark and no cameras are allowed in there ever.

    http://www wired com/wiredenterprise/2012/03/google-miner-helmet/

    http://www wired com/wiredenterprise/2012/11/amazon-google-secret-servers/

    If the cloud is so simple why does MS invest $8+ billion into research? Why is Sony reasearching it? Why does MS Cloud division make more money than Sony as a whole?

    Since Googling is too complicated for you:

    http://www bloomberg com/news/2012-08-28/sony-to-boost-research-spending-on-cloud-computing-displays.html

    http://www pcworld com/article/2020268/meet-microsoft-the-worlds-best-kept-randd-secret.html

    http://www sony net/SonyInfo/IR/financial/fr/viewer/12q4/

    http://www microsoft com/investor/EarningsAndFinancials/Earnings/PressReleaseAndWebcast/FY13/Q3/default.aspx

    Your whole argument is “The cloud is not magical…”. Must be difficult to argue when you are so ignorant and all you have is BS. Literally you have just tried to brush off all my points and say “The cloud is not magical…” lol. Your ignorance is showing.

    “A server capable of cloud based computing is no different to another.
    Both systems can offload computing to the cloud, both will do the same

    So you are literally trying to argue that Sony is in the same league as MS in regards to Cloud Computing lol… You are the definition of Fanboy. Then tell me why Sony doesn’t make a comparable profit? Why are Sony’s PS4 dev tools built as an add-on to Microsoft’s dev tools? Show me some links that mention Sony as a big player in cloud computing.

    “You’ve proven nothing, you’ve spouted off some opinions as if they’re facts and done nothing but say “go read up”.”

    I proved you wrong on dedicated servers, Kinect, PSEye. I also provided citations for all three. Where did I mention magic… It might seem like magic to you because you are too stupid to understand the differences. That much was clear when you compared Gaikai to Azure.

    Gaikai was brought for $380 million. Azure makes billions every quarter (4 in a year). Just one Azure facility costs more than Gaikai.

    For Azure see the MS link I posted above. For Gaikai see this:

    http://en wikipedia org/wiki/Gaikai

    http://en wikipedia org/wiki/Windows_Azure

    “Both systems can offload computing to the cloud, both will do the same thing.”

    Google/FB/etc. also offload computing to the cloud. That doesn’t mean anything. They are all very different things. Offloading computing to the cloud is very generic and can mean any number of things. It is as generic as saying I have a program that runs on local hardware and expecting all variations of hardware and software to be equal. What an asinine statement! You are the definition of an idiot.

    Also Gaikai doesn’t offload computing to the cloud. Try actually reading what it does. It streams games. There is no offloading computing to the cloud. All computing is done in the cloud. Once again you show your ignorance. The client device just handles input and sends it back to the servers to be processed.

    Yes lets take the word of someone who has no idea what he is talking about.

    Also I say go read up because it is clear you have no idea what you re talking about and trying to explain it in a comment would be excessive. As for citations on the things I say to read up on… You will need more than one article to adequately understand the topic. Shouldn’t be that hard to use Google… Are you really that inept? Just stop embarrassing yourself.

    “You’re clearly somewhere around 18-23, at a rough guess. Your age group
    is the only one so ignorant while totally believing that you’re
    completely correct at the same time.”

    Ahh more assumptions. That is pretty much all your arguments are and all you can provide because clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. Nice try at trying to divert the conversation away from the points I provided.

    Unlike you I go through all your points and refute them. It is easy because they are so stupid. You haven’t done that at all. Really read your last 2 comments. You post BS like:

    “I’m not going to bother anymore, you’re so woefully stuck in fanboyism
    that you believe the most unbelievable over the top marketing claims
    without actually learning any of the real details”

    “You’re clearly somewhere around 18-23, at a rough guess. Your age group
    is the only one so ignorant while totally believing that you’re
    completely correct at the same time.”


    If you really know what you are talking about, go through my last three comments address each point I made and prove it wrong. Shouldn’t be hard if I am just ignorant lol.

  • tigertomspill

    I would like to know if I have to be a gold member to surf the web, and to use apps like Netflix? PS4 and many device don’t, would be a great feature if you didn’t have to be a gold member any more…..

    • Dylan

      Yes it seems that way. Free to play games will also be behind the paywall.

      • Fingleberries

        I think that the ‘Free to play’ games are Gold only because they require multiplayer, and multiplayer requires Gold.
        The apps requiring Gold membership is a little tougher to deal with, because there is clearly no real need for it. But it seems to be a fairly successful model for Microsoft.

        • Dylan

          Then why is Sony not requiring PS+ for Free to play?

          Requiring a subscription for a FREE to play game doesn’t sound logical to me. I’m sure the developers don’t like it at all.

  • Steelahlive

    @disqus_2FXBJPOGC4:disqus: More along the lines of if it was simply a voice feature – then why not let me issue those commands to the headset I’m already wearing? I agree it has potential that project Natal originally had envisioned, BUT – it’s niche at best – and being able to deactivate it and put it in a box somewhere should not deactivate the console for general use. Not everyone has their console in front of them – maybe it’s in a cabinet with the TV mounted on a wall with no “logical” place to put it – just seems like an addon at best – the original sold something like 8 million at first and 15-20+ Million total now – (don’t quote the numbers) and had a strong sales push – but no developer took serious advantage – other than a few niche game types – and even then – the games were discounted at release. It’s a gimmick – yes – I would attempt to use it if i can be sitting down and not find my controller,remote,smartglass enabled device to do whatever task it is I require – but it just doesn’t seem like a necessity to the average gamer/user of the console. (I DON’t want my TV doing it either, as I’ve seen some that are coming out with ‘kinect’ like functions.)

  • Xenomorph

    Yeah, “vital” if you are into voice or motion control. I am not you. I want the GUARANTEE that if the Kinect for whatever reason is rendered inoperative my $600 console is not useless for non-kinect related gameplay… That GUARANTEE is being able to unplug it. It’s not about stifling innovation, it’s about a bizarre design decision that I can see backfiring. You keep it plugged in, I won’t… HOW does that affect you?

  • Xenomorph

    “Forward thinking”… Kinect fails/breaks for WHATEVER reason… Non-kinect functions are not available due to Kinect integration. Lengthy wait for replacement part that shouldn’t affect non-Kinect usage. eg. Multiplayer, and games you can disable ALL Kinect features for.

  • fsdfg dsfds

    The New Pay-to-Play Killer Instinct looks garbage, Keep it 2d digitized sprites not BS slow SF IV 2.5d junk

    Its already ruined SF and MK

    • Dylan

      Well it is from the makers of “Battleship The Game” and “Green Lantern The game”, so I wouldn’t keep expectations up too high.

      Especially since they’ve never made a fighting game like this before.

      • fsdfg dsfds

        Its pathetic how Rare has to get a 3rd party in for every port/remake of there own game… How far they have fallen

    • heyitsme

      I’m going to see what I can do with just Jago and then probably get rid of it, they also took out the “No Mercy” kills. This one looks like a button mashers dream, so you might have fun with it fsdfg dsfds!

      • fsdfg dsfds

        Piff yeah im a button masher… I play HD remix just about every day since release, played SF IV , MVC 3, SxT, MK9 and the rest of the slow clunky garbage f2.5d fighters for about hour each before taking them back to exchange for a better game

        The net code on HD remix and MvC2 are the best on any fighting game, but that didnt last long now capcom uses pathetic GGPO its good for nothing

        Alsop a button masher is still better then anyone who uses guile

  • Xenomorph

    Thanks man… That’s the first time someone other than me has stated the obvious, it would definitely stop some of the rot on the Xbox forums.

  • Fitzgerald

    Given a good architecture, it should be as easy as flipping a switch ;-)

  • Steven K

    I know it and that’s why I’m not buying this Sony BS marketing. Though PS4 has the edge with a GPU capable of 1.84GFlops, in the end it comes down to the developer’s talent and tools they can use and MS has an edge here with DirectX. I don’t think games will offer that huge difference graphicaly and by huge I mean PS2 vs Xbox or actual PCs vx Xbox 360 or PS3. But by the end of the generation, the Xbox One might show it’s age when devs could still squeeze things out of the PS4. But OS talking the One has hands down a better architecture than PS4

  • Rick

    I wouldn’t mind saving a few bucks and having the wifi card removed… thanks for the suggestion.

    However the camera is really worthless to most people, not everyone has space in there game play location to flap there arms around like idiots or the interest to do so.

    • Malkill Basdain

      The Kinect is how the system syncs the controllers. Can’t remove that without going back to engineering and redesigning the system.

  • John Smith

    we want our xbla games to transfer, my friends & i are going no xbla transfer no xbox one purchase

  • Jason Andrew Hahn

    If you have more then 1 person using your console, who normally would buy their own membership/ profile, you’ll save more money, then you lose—- and if you same people who hate the kinect bought a WII for the “fun unique experience”, you’re hypocrites…..

  • M1 Abrams

    Larry I need help understanding your company. I have a family of 5 we are all gamers, we currently have the live family plan that covers 4 of us for 100 bucks and we buy cards for the 5th. I was on a live chat with a xbox rep Candy and she said that when my family account was up that it would cost $299.95 a year for my family to be on live. when I was paying $160 for the same service. This is how your company rewards a 9 year member. We have bought a WiiU and were planning on getting the X1 when the policy changed, but now we are having second thoughts Please respond.

    • david_hoyland

      You don’t need the family plan anymore it’s been cancelled. Now it’s one standard Xbox Gold subscription per xbox which covers all gamertags.

      • M1 Abrams

        does that account for each xbox in the house

        • M1 Abrams

          so like the Xbox rep said it will cost $299.95 a year for my family

      • NarcoSleepy

        It’s not per XBOX. It is up to 10 XBox Live accounts, regardless of which console you log in from. So, you will be going from ~ $100/yr to ~$60/yr. If you are a savvy shopper, you can get it much cheaper.

        Thanks to internet rage and executive backpedaling, we will not get the family sharing with games though, which was the reason I pre-ordered. Microsoft has until the end of October to fix this before I cancel my pre-orders.

        • M1 Abrams

          how does that work? We have 5 360s in the house and im just going by the live rep said.

          • M1 Abrams

            If that were the case I would not have had to renew my sons gold. But I did when it went silver

          • NarcoSleepy

            It works as much as it does right now with the family plan, but with 10 “family members” (it can really be anybody), instead of 4. Unfortunately, if you let your family plan expire instead of letting it auto-renew or adding subscription cards to it (there is a trick to this), you will have to wait until sometime November when the new XBox launches, which sucks. Microsoft has really dropped the ball lately with keeping customers informed.

            I would suggest you get on eBay or check on Amazon to see if there is anyone selling Live subscription cards on the cheap. I can usually find them for ~$30-35 for 12-months.

    • Svoboda1

      I’m in a similar boat (multi Xbox and multi gamertag on a Family subscription) and have received conflicting responses from Microsoft support. Really would like to see clarification here because it will be one of the determining factors on whether I keep my pre-orders or not.

  • Joshua Guss

    People think Microsoft don’t care about gamers because they added a TV to it. If didn’t care about gamers, they wouldn’t have paid millions of dollars to put 15 good games only on XBOX ONE, and block it from PS4. Right now PS4 fans are upset that Dead Rising 3 will only be on XBOX ONE.

    People who don’t like the XBOX ONE just because a TV, must don’t like Smart Phones. Cause on Smart Phones you can watch TV, play games, use internet and they have a navigator…I can tell they don’t like Smart Phones. They gonna be saying “Cell Phones are only for texting and talking on. I don’t like it cause it have all that.”
    That’s how stupid they sound about the XBOX ONE.

    • RED360

      Lol you can take a phone anywhere. That’s why it works. You already have TV in your house and smart phones are not reliant on another device.

  • rolexdpracer

    I just pre-ordered my Xbox One. At the end of the day the games I saw at E3, and the excellent service that XBL is won me over. I currently own the 360 and PS3 with a Plus subscription. I use the 360 far more than the PS3, and Sony hasn’t shown me anything that will change that trend.

  • Joshua Guss

    Sony is slower than Microsoft. It took Sony four PlayStations to make real life graphics, and it took Microsoft three XBOXs to make real life graphics. PlayStation should’ve had real life graphics on PS3. Microsoft is better & 2 times faster than Sony.

    • Dylan

      That’s the dumbest logic I’ve ever heard.

      • Kreten

        I agree with dylan. It’s not about ability of real life graphics they could of made it in 1995 but there was no such cpu/gpu that could handle displaying it

    • roozbeh

      This is truly bs. Coming from a guy that actually is gonna buy the xbox one

  • rkm80

    Anyone have any links with information about the changes to the family share plan?

  • Jim McPherson

    So because you don’t have an internet connection, the world can’t have a console that stays connected to and uses the internet to function?

  • Joshua Guss

    Why would they take Family Sharing away? We never even tried it yet. It’s all the people fault who been complaining about the XBOX ONE. Wait until you try it out, then say if you like it or not.