July 7th 2013 11:36 am PT

MNR 484: Halo 4 Global Championship

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)


343 Industries Frank O'Connor and Andy Dudynsky talk about the "Halo 4 Global Championship.

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  • http://raptr.com/unscleric/about UNSCleric

    This is a good interview. I have an off-topic comment though. I went to watch the Halo for Xbox One trailer on my Xbox 360 a couple days ago and I am unable to find it anywhere on either the Xbox Live Marketplace or the Halo Waypoint hub. I think it’s a shame to not have this trailer available for people to still watch on their consoles. I prefer to watch game trailers on there rather than my computer.

    • Colorfulchew

      I would go look for it in the IGN or Game Trailers app. Personally I can see why they don’t clutter up the dashboard with all the E3 videos but I see where you want it.

      • http://raptr.com/unscleric/about UNSCleric

        Thanks I’ll check those out. I’ve never used them before. I don’t expect them to have it on the Dashboard, but they could have it available to download like they used to. I hate how I have to stream anything I want to watch now. I like downloading trailers and knowing that I can watch it without any stuttering, etc. It’s impossible to watch a trailer without any of that during E3 week.

    • fsdfg dsfds

      Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

    • John

      It is on Halo Waypoint. I watched it there about a week ago.

      • http://raptr.com/unscleric/about UNSCleric

        On the console? Where?

        • John

          In the “What’s new” section for about two weeks. That refreshes every week though, so I’m sure it will pop up on the Marketplace soon enough.

          • http://raptr.com/unscleric/about UNSCleric

            Oh ok, thank you. I just got a new surround sound system and it’s one of the main things I wanted to listen to on it but now it’s impossible to in good quality. I’m going to see if the other game apps have it though.

  • In need of help

    Why can’t Connecticut residents compete in the Halo 4 Global Competition?