October 18th 2013 6:32 pm PT

MNR 494: Heading out on the road with Area One

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)

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  • NJPW

    yeah, portillos

  • tabicat

    Why are some of the Xbox One Tour locations still TBD? How can you not know where all the locations are by now?

    • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      Maybe there don’t have enough time to get to the TBA areas so there waiting to see how the first ones go

  • ryder4life22187

    Not sure if anyone else has seen this yet. At work today a new copy of Nba2k14 that we put out
    were digital downloads in a case both for the PS3/PS4 and the Xbox
    360/XB1. Weird thing is they were both download codes for the games for
    current gen and next gen. But they are retailing for 99.99. Hopefully
    this trend does not continue.

    • usrev

      um, what is wrong with that, current and next gen version for $20 less than it would cost to buy both.

      • ryder4life22187

        that would only be better if they were discs. Or atleast 1 of them on disc and other a digital download. Look at the 360 MS has a limit on HDD space. I’m sure the XB1 will have a external HDD limit as well. A 320GB HDD on 360 is a joke as well as a 500GB HDD on the XB1. MS needs to get with the times if they want to sell digital this time around then they need to be prepared.

    • Dylan

      I kind of like that. Similar to how Bluray sales work now, they give the DVD and the bluray, increasing the value and giving an option to get the bluray disc even if you don’t have a player yet.

      If the price was a bit lower, I’d strongly consider taking up that deal.

  • Dylan

    I have Portillos everyday that I am in and around Chicago (tradition I have with my dad). Gotta love the Italian Beef.

    • Arik Cotton

      I reminded him that he had to stop by Portillo’s while I was at Gamestop visiting him. Hopefully, he picked some up. I know they have one downtown (at least one that I know of), so that would be cool. Unless he decides to have an impromptu meet up at Portillo’s. That would even be better.

  • David Do0M

    Hey Larry, any idea when you are going to make the Xbox One announcement you hinted at in the podcast on September 13th? You said y’all were getting ready to announce something “really cool that hasn’t been talked about yet in a couple weeks.” That was over a month ago. Please give us some piece of news. Anything. There hasn’t been anything new said about the Xbox One in several weeks. Please reply, even if it is just to say “no news”

    • usrev

      it’s probably the “dedicated servers for all games” thing,

      or the extension of games with gold for xbox 360 for another year or something.

    • David Do0M

      Why downvote? I guess those 2 idiots don’t want to know the next announcement. I’m sure it’s just Sony fanboys trolling everything Microsoft as usual. That kind of community is the reason I decided to stick only with Microsoft instead of getting both next gen consoles. The Xbox community is fun, friendly and helpful. The Playstation community is full of rude, immature, trash-talking trolls. Who would want any part of that?

      • Dylan

        Or it could be two Xbox fanboys. Who knows? That’d be a hilarious turn of events.

        As an XBL user for 5 years, I assure you, the rude/abrasive/immature community is on XBL.

        • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

          ” rude/abrasive/immature community” xbox, PSN and PC all have that, though it stands out more on xbox because the system is easy access and simple to chat to people anywere around the world compared to PC and PSN

          • Dylan

            Could be because the microphone comes with every Xbox.

        • X1ultimateGamer

          Wrong all on PSN you fool

          • Dylan

            This tells me you’ve never actually played on Xbox Live.

          • roozbeh, again

            Something tells me you haven’t played on PSN.

          • Dylan

            I hate it, so I try not to.

          • roozbeh, again

            You won’t like what you’ll find, that’s for sure.

          • X1ultimateGame

            Wrong only you by yourself you fool. Can’t wait to see your Reputation fall flat, idiots stick with themselves.

      • ThtJstHapnd

        The info your looking for I believe got pushed back. It’s believed, don’t kill the messenger for it, but NDA got pushed farther. First Steam, and then Nvidia announcing things put a downer on their “announcement”. From what I understand it should be around the 26th or so now…. remember it’s just what I “hear” it’s not final.

    • bill

      I think it was the xbox tour. Yeah I was pumped up too.

  • http://raptr.com/unscleric/about UNSCleric

    Going to listen now. I’ll be seeing the Xbox One in a week, but I wish you were going to be there too, Major.

  • fantomena

    GTA V is now on the marketplae, just so you guys know.

    • Jorge Garza

      I don’t get the downvotes, this is good info and it’s actually true.

      Thank’s for sharing, I already got the disk special edition version, but there is a lot of people here that were waiting for the digital version.

      • Guest

        They’re from PS fanboys like usrev saying that it was impossible on the Xbox 360 when DD amongst others made it very clear that the game was already ready for digital distribution.
        Besides the digital version of the game on Xbxo 360 has a big advantage over the PSN version as you can put the different files on different drives, upping the performance and avoiding the popin.

        • fantomena

          Im a PS-guy, but Im fully respect ther other plattforms and other peoples opinions even though I disagree. :)

          • Guest

            You don’t talk and act like a fanboy, that’s why you receive the respect back. The fanboys don’t and deservedly so.

        • usrev

          um, everything I am reading says it DOES have the issues, so I was right. I just thought they would have the integrity to not sell an inferior product, so with that I was wrong maybe.

          • Guest

            Not if you put the 4 installation packages on another drive.

          • AC130

            Keep tripping the dream-scape every disc and digital download comes with pop-in courtesy of games designed for next-gen.

  • roozbeh, again


  • David Do0M

    People still do “first” posts? You must be 15 years old.. and stuck in 2003.

    • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      If he was 15 years old and stuck in 2003 that would make him 5 and he wouldn’t of known how to use the internet

      • David Do0M

        It’s “wouldn’t have known”.. not “wouldn’t of known.” Also, if he was stuck in 2003 at the age of 15, how would that make him 5? It would make him 15 then or 25 today. Your logic is flawed.

        • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

          “It’s “wouldn’t have known”.. not “wouldn’t of known.” either or is fine, an as for “2003 at the age of 15″ you never said that first, you said “You must be 15 years old.. and stuck in 2003″ by my logic that’s 15 years old (present) 2003 (past)
          15 – 10 = ?? guess your logic can do with a tune up aswell

          • David Do0M

            That is the most ignorant, moronic comment I have seen you post yet.

            First of all, you say “would have” not “would of.” “Would of” is improper English. It is NOT correct both ways. Only “would have” is correct. Please buy a book and build your English comprehension. Don’t take my word for it though. Look it up. Attempt to educate yourself. Maybe go back to the third grade, where the rest of us learned it.

            As far as the stuck in 2003 comment, you are clearly too ignorant and uneducated for me to waste anymore time explaining things to you but what the hell. I’ll take another crack at it. If you were presumptuous enough to assume I meant 15 as present day age, then that is your own foolish fault for making assumptions. You made an idiotic assumption, then questioned my logic and cognitive ability as a result of your lack thereof.

            I hate to judge people and try very hard to avoid labeling people but, you are a special case. You truly are an uneducated idiot.

        • Noel Gomes

          Are you jelly because you aren’t first?

          • David Do0M

            Am I jelly? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that we were 15 year old junior high school girls.

            If you are asking whether or not I am jealous, the answer is no. Any idiot with a keyboard can type the first comment. Especially if they choose to forego a conversational, contributing comment and instead go with a simple “FIRST!!”

      • ThtJstHapnd

        I think you mean 25?

  • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Major has this Ep been uploaded to iTunes as my ipod downloads the newest Ep which keeps coming up as last weeks

    • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

      Yea….trying to figure out why iTunes it not picking it up.

  • Nathanzz

    X-One-minus five weeks and counting…

  • Guest

    ^This, the PauperStation community is an absolute joke. Filling the internet with lies about the Xbox One and overhype on the PS4 that will definitely not deliver, especially now with the even poorer launch lineup.

  • roozbeh, again

    I read somewhere that dell sorta confirmed that

    • Death Dealer

      No offense, but what did Dell confirm exactly? There is not a 100% code parity between Xbox One and Windows 8…much of it is the same, but there are platform specific targets to meet.

      • roozbeh, again

        Nothing specific. Just app syncing and such

  • David Do0M

    Hey Larry. Thanks for answering that guy’s question about iTunes and ignoring my legitimate question about your missing Xbox announcement that we have been waiting 5 weeks to hear. It is becoming a pattern for you and your podcast buddies to show more interest towards and talk more about Apple than Microsoft.

    • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      So you saying your question was more important ? If he ain’t answered the question about the missing Xbox announcement it could be he can’t talk about it yet.
      I think he answered the ITunes question because it was something he wasn’t aware of or he was trying to solve the issue wanted to give a quick update
      You know the podcast don’t have to be about Microsoft right?

      • David Do0M

        Your grammar is downright pathetic. If you are going to address my comments in the future, please use proper English.

        I used the word legitimate, not important. There is no way to take that out of context. However, I will not engage in a logomachy with you.

        Most people expect the podcast to be more relevant to Microsoft/Xbox products, considering who pays the bills. It is disappointing to expect more news on next gen hardware/games/computers/phones, an Xbox 101 segment or another “name the game” type segment and instead listen to an hour of chatter about water boiling pressure cookers, electronics the average person can’t afford or an app made ONLY for Apple products.

        Do me a favor Lee Rayson. First, learn to speak proper English. Second, find someone else’s crotch to ride on. I have grown tired of you trolling every comment I post.

  • Matt Wolf

    A bit off topic, but I would really like some help with this.
    Ever since the conversion to local currency, I can’t really buy anything from the Xbox website without having a credit card on it. I have enough money on my account, but it doesn’t let me use that, it doesn’t let me buy with the money on my account.
    And the strange thing is, it works perfectly fine on my Xbox. It doesn’t ask me for a credit card on it. Is this a problem everyone is having? Or is it just me?

    • Death Dealer

      It’s not just you, believe me. I think MS doesn’t have that as its top priority with the 180 changing their entire Xbox One launch schedule. It should have been implemented back in August, but nobody knows why it hasn’t yet. Major Nelson said he’d look into it, so all we an hope for is an answer from him but I’m not expecting it until after the launch of the Xbox One anymore.

      • Some guy

        Yea, Majorn Nelson is looking at the problem just like he looked at the Deal of the Week.
        Unless he genuinely think Aliens CM and Star trek are games we want, he don’t have the power to do anything but try to calm us.
        I wouldn’t mind that much about that if it wasn’t of the error codes I get every time i access something on my xbox(that or region lock)

    • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      I think it because the Site payment options haven’t been updated, Maybe with the X1 it be re done

    • Karl Cramer

      I just encountered this problem with the new Xbox Music. Have more than enough money in my Microsoft account but Xbox Music only wanted to accept credit card. Even on my Windows Phone, Xbox Music didn’t accept local currency on my Microsoft account, though it was willing to charge my phone account.

  • https://live.xbox.com/MyXbox/Profile?gamertag=DarkGin87 Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    I understand they are idiots in any form of community.
    None are better
    We all share Internet and post on forums and message boards and sometimes people are hypocrites
    A PSN guy may bash the hell out of Xbox on forums but when it comes to go play a game they may switch on the Xbox(if they have one) it goes both ways
    PSN voice there opinions and trash talk on the forums
    Xbox do the same over Xbox live
    That’s my opinion

  • Death Dealer

    I’m sure that will be possible somewhere down the line. Not everything was possible when Windows Phone 7 launched either and this is an entirely new hybrid OS. Give it some time.


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