December 6th 2013 2:19 pm PT

MNR 496: Xbox One Launches!

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)


Special In Studio Guest (and new member of the Xbox Team) : Jeff Rubenstein

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  • Anonymous

    is this podcast only in 720p?

    • MrHawkeye1996

      Are you retarded?

    • Mik3t

      Is this post knackered and snooze zone? 3/10?

  • gigantuouse

    how many xbox ones have been sold to date

    • Anonymous

      1.6 million

    • Nathanzz

      Approximately as many as have been manufactured and shipped.

  • GMUPatriots

    I’ve missed you guys! It feels like forever since you’ve been able to do a show.

  • Anonymous

    Let us Pre-Order Digital already need to pre-order Titanfall already

    • JuanCabrera

      Just save your money. It’s not like they’ll run out of digital copies.

  • Seth Parmer

    About time! I’ve been waiting for another podcast for weeks! :D

  • Kevin

    How soon after you post a podcast on yiur blog does it show up on Xbox Music in the podcast section on Windows Phone?

  • Morris ヅ

    about time MN….

  • UNSCleric

    Like the Xbox One didn’t have enough amazing exclusives out already, but now Peggle 2 (potential GoTY) is only on the Xbox One as well.

    No mercy for “competition”. Keep it up.

    • evilfangs .

      It’s only a timed exclusive.

  • Knight

    Listening to this podcast makes me want to get Forza 5 and BF4 lol

    • Calmosity

      Forza 5 is a truly amazing game! I cannot comment on BF4. :)

      • Arcona

        To me it feels like it’s gotten boring really fast… not enough tracks at all.. becoming really repetitive.

        • JEM81

          I agree 100%

      • Nick Peck

        I have Forza 5 but I haven’t played it (got it for my son for Christmas) but I have played BF4. It’s a lot of fun when it works, but it crashed out of MP games a lot, usually back to the dashboard. Then half the time it takes me 20 min to connect to certain game types.

        It’s not much fun when you constantly lose out on any XP and unlocks due to crashes :( I kind of gave up on BF4 for now until Dice fixes it.

  • Patrick Bruckner

    why is it tht we in the hetherland still no xbox one i am strngly thinkinf to get on board on sony utch a schame ms i love the xbopx but can get one here ant the dont no wehen the xbox one comes in the netherland this sucks major please com with som info on the release dat in the netherland

    • ravenchorus

      import one from ger, fra or spa, i did.

      Imported one from ger to sweden. you will not regret it for a second if you do!. the best launch line-up ever for a consol, forza, dr3 and ryse are fantastic!.

      Ryse will probably be one of the most underrated game this new gen :) It never stod a chance against it qt reputation and all the bitter so-called gaming journalists ;)

      • Patrick Bruckner

        yeah but the waranty isgone then if i import a x1 so

        • ravenchorus

          no it’s not! I spoke with ms in sweden and all X1 has 1 year warranty and that includes imported ones aswell.

          Amazon in germany also confirmed this for me when I ordered.

          Maybe MajorNelson has something to say about this if you still are worried!?

          • Patrick Bruckner

            I spoke tot MSN here andere the are saying importeerde Xbox andere waranty is vond so i dont NOW andere wy the Xbox One nog out in the netherlands still nog a release dat wants ging on ms

          • ravenchorus

            the warranty will be handled by the country you ordered it from, there is alot of people in sweden that imported one! Heard of only one broken X1(blu-ray player) and he is currently waiting for a replacement, he even got a code for a free launch game!

          • Guest

            Until it is released in the counyty he lives in.

          • Guest

            Jesus, that’s the worst English I’ve ever read in my whole life.

          • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

            English is not his first language but you can make out what he was trying to say so no need to be ignorant

          • Nick Peck

            Trust me, it’s hard trying to read posts like that and I usually have to bite my tounge when I realize it’s probably not his main/first language.

            However, when I see people that live in the US talking like that I really wonder about our schooling system :p

          • Death Dealer

            Yep, the warranty still stands. I imported mine from Germany too and it has a 1 year warranty. But I haven’t checked if it’ll be handled by MS here in my Country until it launches here early next year.

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Major and lollipop – medic warming up the paddles apparently gives the person who gets revived more health to instead of the 20% you get from a quick revive

    • Major Nelson

      Thanks Lee!

  •!/maxlimitz Max Limitz

    E told about his color blind settings in Battlefield in this episode and he has also been talking about his yellow glasses in previous episodes. I’m interested in does he use LED backlight screens, because at least for me there will be headaches because of my migraine?

    • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

      You may wanna contact e directly and ask him about it as he may not see your comment

  • MicroAiriA

    i hope its weekly now

  • Brian Hinkle

    Anyone have a better line on support other than calling the number listed on xbox one? I’ve been having issues with digital content purchases since day one. Support staff is nice, but they apparently cannot help.

    • Burnt Offering

      You can try the Ambassador chat, but that is just other gamers willing to help out people with simple technical issues. Depending on the problem you are having, they very well may have no way to assist you. You have to remember that they are not trained and they do not have access to account information. Outside of them there is the Xbox support forums. Ambassadors and other users maybe able to answer your question there and support often verifies an answer as being the correct one or offers the working suggestion. Outside of that, the chat/telephone Xbox customer support is it. Contacting MS’ customer support line will only get you transferred to the same group of people you have been talking to.

    • Nick Peck

      What issues are you having? I haven’t come across anything yet thankfully. I mean don’t give out any important info but mention what’s going on, one of us might have something we can try to help you with.

      • Brian Hinkle

        I am trying to go all digital for purchases with games. Forza – freezes and returns to the metro desktop at random points in the game. Battlefield 4 – hangs during loading screens in multiplayer for certain maps and during the single player will freeze and return me to the metro desktop at random points in the game. CoD Ghosts – in the single player will freeze and return me to the metro desktop at random points in the game and in multiplayer (squads, multiplayer) will return an error ‘Disc read error ‘imagefile60′ or ‘Disc read error ‘imagefile62′ on certain maps. Killer Instinct – will freeze at certain points in the game. Lego Marvel Superheroes – will freeze at certain points in the game (each time it has been during a load screen during transitions).
        Now, I can delete and reinstall the game – sometimes it moves the point where the issues occur (Sometimes making it better and sometimes worse). I have logged right at twelve hours of time with Microsoft Support, and more hours than that re-downloading and re-documenting issues that occur. I am now on the second xbox one (through their exchange program) and same issues occur.
        I believe it is an issue with the downloads being corrupted in some way. They need to have some form of Quality of Service check on each download – I am getting to the point where if they do not provide me with a solution then I will be returning the console to Microsoft and going a different route for my gaming entertainment.

  • Nerroth

    I was listening to the 100th episode of a rival company’s blogcast, and couldn’t help but notice the mysterious “long time listener, first time caller” who left a voice mail of his own for the occasion. I wonder who that guy might have been?

    On an entirely unrelated note, I wanted to wish Jeff Rubenstein well in his new digs; and hope that while all may be fair in love and (console) war, there could still be just enough room in the game industry for the occasional nod to be offered from one faction to another and back again.

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Thanks. Who was that guy??

      • Nerroth

        “We have top men working on it right now.”


        “Top. Men.”

  • dibils

    Major please talk to developers to bring in an OPTION to turn off the bloody sharpening filter for games that are upscaled!! its so annoying. i would rather have a smooth but alittle blurry picture then a oversharpened jaggyfest

    • Nick Peck

      What games look like that, I haven’t noticed it at all. Seriously, just wondering which games you mean in general.

      • dibils

        Dead Rising 3 and Ghosts (Ghosts is terrible though so dont care much about that lol). BF4, Ryse is a perfect example of games that are not 1080p which DONT use Xbox Ones upscaler resulting in smoother picture

        i was also thinking of getting AC4 but read on digital foundry that it uses the same sharpening filter which has turned me off the game slightly. i HATE over-sharpened pictures.

        i can get rid of it by putting the X1 resolution to 720p but then i have to bother changing that everytime i switch to another game.

        • Nick Peck

          Honestly I have all of those games and I don’t notice it at all. Not saying it’s not there, but I’m not sure how dependent that is on whatever TV(s) you have or if you have eagle vision or not.

          I don’t sit that close to my tv so I don’t really notice any of that going on. AC4 is fantastic so far, not to mention HUGE. I do know what you are talking about though as it tends to bother me as well. CoD:G.. I really wish I didn’t spend the money on that game, so stupid on my part lol :(

          Having a blast with everything else though. Also, I’m sure as drivers and stuff get updated and optimized better things will start to look more natural. Both MS and Sony hardly had final video drivers done by the time they system had to go into production which is understandable (as there is always tweaking that can and needs to be done).

          • dibils

            oh its there, as someone who calibrates TVs i notice it instantly (hell you can notice it in the Ghosts menus lol). Dead rising 3, its less obvious since mostly you are fighting at night but put the Console to 720p and you will instantly see a difference. putting the console to 720p though means you might need to turn up TV sharpness (another reason why switching console resolution is really not an option)

            by default every TV has sharpness turned way up so the common consumer wont notice a difference you are right.. but MS FORCING the sharpening filter annoys me, if people want over sharpened image they can do that through their TV.. leave people like me who like a accurate picture alone lol

          • Nick Peck

            Ah got ya. Yah I hear you and agree. I should calibrate my tv too as I usually only do that to my higher end stuff which I don’t have atm (I still do have my old Samsung 4671 and picture is still fantastic). However, I did splurge on the Polk N1 Soundbar.. good god it sounds good! However, if you get it, make sure to turn off your TV’s speakers in the audio menu.

            Has anyone used the calibrate tv feature on the XBO? I saw that but I haven’t tried it yet. I hate the default tv settings, they are pretty bad. Oh, I did notice that on the CoD menus and I wasn’t really sure what was going on with that game lol.

          • dibils

            the Xbox One TV calibration tool is magnificent for calibrating brightness and contrast.. everyone should be using that.

            having such a great calibration tool on the console makes it even more puzzling as to why they would mess with the original image sent to the console so aggressively

          • Nick Peck

            Yah like I said, I hope they will soften it once they optimize better. I imagine that team has been working around the clock making tons of adjustments via fan/dev feed back.

            I’ll give the tool a shot when I get home! Hey, great convo, I wish all of them were like this haha, so few and far between anymore. Thanks for the info dibils, much appreciated.

  • Jason

    Serious question here…How hard is it to turn on your XB1 with your voice? It takes me about 10 times usually of saying “Xbox on” in different tones to get it to turn on without using the controller. Occasionally, it won’t come on at all with my voice and I try with the button on the remote and the remote light will come on but the console and kinect won’t turn on. After pressing the button on the console it will just chirp and not come on. Eventually, it will turn on and then it takes a good 4 to 6 minutes of the green startup screen and then a few minutes of a black screen to actually turn on. It doesn’t do this all the time, but it drives me crazy when it happens.
    I have heard all the previewers saying how easy it was to control with their voice in crowded rooms and convention halls but even after numerous re-calibrations of kinect it is hit and miss even in a quiet room. And seeing no complaints about kinect voice control I don’t know if it is just my voice or if it may be my XB1.

    • EldritchWarlord

      It works almost every time for me, probably greater than 90% of the time.

      Maybe you need to calibrate your Kinect?

      • Jason

        I have recalibrated, tried the minimum height, the maximum height, I tried it closer and farther away, I turned my tv volume up the loudest it could go before the calibration told me that it was too loud, I tried it at normal levels….I just wanted to see how other peoples experiences were before I contact MS which I guess is what I will have to do.

  • DoubleOSnake

    My xbox would turn on. Then immediately freeze on the home screen. Couldn’t do anything. I unplugged the xbox for a few minutes and it started working again. I know this shouldn’t happen. But it this common for a new console?

  • gamer04

    Major, please push MS to allow full dlna support as on the 360 on the xbox one (system video player). Also i hope the streaming video framerate is fixed, all apps drop frames or frequent pauses when streaming video. Xbox Video team knows about it, but right now i’m stuck w/ using my 360 for any video, whether xbox video or dlna from my pc.

  • Nigel Bromage

    i Wouldnt Bother getting a xbox one i got it on launch i called on 26th of November as it was faulty they offered exchange program, called again on the 4th december no xbox you will get a call back no call back called on 6th it out today again no xbox 7th found it had been cancelled called on 8th they are holding £391 of my money but no order called again today twice one said im not sure what to do in end iv ended up with head office number as still nothing sorted out there customer service is shocking two weeks now and phone call after phone call and they dont have a clue and i still have a faulty xbox SHOCKING SERVICE

  • Joseph Henry Jr.

    Come visit us over here in the U.S. Virgin Islands, specifically St. Croix! lol Only a 45 minute flight from PR.