January 17th 2014 2:01 pm PT

MNR 499: Titanfall controller and more

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)


Jeff Rubenstein

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  • Senses Failed

    How about you forget the snazzy controller and fix the buggy OS, cheers

  • ebonyglock

    Why did you guys take away so many features on the Xbox One? Please bring back the differentiation of ‘game’ and ‘party’ invites– and why is there no voice messaging?

    • CDMAss

      The console has been rushed no doubt.

      • Ross Kemp

        Of course it was rushed , the console was built around it being DRM ” always on ” . They can’t just ” flip a switch ” and make it like a normal console , can they Major Nelson ?……….oh , wait .

    • H0RIZ0N

      Damn no party invite and voice messaging? Glad I didn’t buy it yet.

      • Guest

        calm down

        • H0RIZ0N


  • Realmusik Recordz

    I agree. The system needs to be solid before anything. Bring on the update. i know you guys are hard at work but this system needs immediate attention.

  • redavutstuvader

    episode not yet xbox 1 friendly

  • Darklurkr23

    Wow I have no idea what the game could be. And I don’t want to look over game videos to find cause I’m afraid Ill be spoiled. O wellt time to guess

  • Nox

    guys how the hell i contact someone from xbox live? they charge me 1 month of xbox live when i always cancel the auto renew subscription and now they charge me both accounts my account and my brother account

    • Sneeches

      Contact xbox customer support. 1-800-4MY-XBOX

  • Sneeches

    Awesome show guys. #500 is coming fast.

  • MrRadiolips

    Hey major when will the Xbox One controller have P.C. compatibility? Really looking forward to this.

    • http://www.majornelson.com Major Nelson

      Not sure. I’ll ask the Windows team

      • MrRadiolips

        Appreciate it. Thanks!

      • Nate Welles

        And never reply.

      • MobileVortex

        Really interested in this as well.

  • Kieran

    Why does America always get to test games first. Titanfall alpha is only available for the US.

    Come on i have an origin account and i have BF4 but because i live in Europe, i can’t play it.

    This is not good when people went with Microsoft and bought an xb1 outside of the United States. Show the love Microsoft and Respawn!

    • Nox

      there is no beta?

      • fwdkiller

        Yes there is im playing alpha all day lol

        • ilovegoogleglass

          Aphla isn’t a beta

          • fwdkiller

            So its test version and its still playable.

        • Nox

          how do i join?
          is the pc version?

          • fwdkiller

            Too late to join.

  • JuanCabrera

    Enjoying the speed of the UI so far. But still waiting on the DLNA app…

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Can’t wait for Windows 9

    • Lucky13X

      Sorry I have not gotten Windows 8, and I barely just started using 7. And you want 9??

      • Gazza!!!

        Its coming sometime in 2015 as no one likes 8, apart from me.

        • Nick Peck

          Win 8.1 is fantastic imo. So much faster and easier to use than Win7. I haven’t had one crash / issue with Win 8 at all. Has been totally stable from the day I installed it and runs every bit as fast.

          People just didn’t like it because people are afraid of change and having to learn something new. Honestly, if people bothered to learn 2 new shortcuts for Win8 they would see how much faster and easier it is to use lol.

  • Charles

    Enjoy the podcasts! And looking forward to this year for Xbox One! Titanfall, a new Halo, Destiny, Watchdogs, quantum Break, and so much more coming our way. And i can’t wait to see the Xbox One dashboard update that is coming too.

  • Magnus Krantz

    Love The intro song. Plus. When will the Xbox One be released in Sweden?

  • Ross Kemp

    Titanfall pad and CE pre-ordered at GAME . Sold my second controller to a buddy , now a long wait for the goodness that is Titanfall Collectors Edition and pad to arrive to me on day one :)

    • evilfangs .

      Isn’t the collection edition like £120 from GAME?

      • Gazza!!!

        Try £249.99 for the CE! And Game are ripping us all off all around the UK. They don’t match prices they charge online and even though i have a cex locally they used argue with me about the cost when i used to use them to price match trade in’s as it is down to ”managers discrection” . They bumped up the x ones price as soon as they sold out of day 1 stock. I hate that they take advantage of their dominance on the high street and pry on peoples ignorance and try to rip us all off. End of rant.

        • Ross Kemp

          Totally agree with you on all accounts , please remember you can vote with your wallet and buy online……ShopTo for the win .

        • evilfangs .

          £250, crazy! I’d save that towards my PS4, I’ve only got £154 so far.

  • joevsyou

    pc support for controllers would be nice time for march release….

  • The Truth Must Be Said


  • Daryl Aiken

    Great podcast! Look forward to them each week.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara: $4.94 [67% off]
    Splinter Cell Conviction: $9.99 [50% off]
    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™ – $9.99 [50% off]
    Dark Souls™: $4.99 [75% off]
    Tales of Vesperia: $4.94 [67% off]
    FINAL FANTASY XIII-2: $6.59 [67% off]
    The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition: $9.89 [67% off]
    Call of Duty®: Ghosts: $39.99 [33% off]
    Splinter Cell® Blacklist™ Homeland Pack $3.49 [50% off]
    TC’s Splinter Cell® Blacklist™ – High Power $1.49 [50% off]
    Warlords: $4.99 [50% off]
    Rayman® Origins: $14.99 [25% off]

    • StudioMultimédia Gon’Interacti

      nice for splinter cell.
      ghost recon is also nice but nearly have no multiplayer

    • ryder4life22187

      thx for the list. Finally MS deals us a decent sale over PS at least for this week. Will hafta pick up Tales of Vesperia for that price.

    • AC130

      And screwed again. Tales of Vesperia gold price $16.48. At this point I have given up on M$ sales.

      • ryder4life22187

        what country are you from cause tales of vesperia is showing up as 4.94

        • AC130


    • Nox

      lol how come black ops 2 never have a discount but ghost had already 2

  • fwdkiller

    Screw bloody sales fix the xbox one.

    • Does Not Equal

      This was about the newest podcast, not sales.

      • MrRadiolips

        Please just stop. Getting old.

        • Does Not Equal

          Not gonna happen.

  • dibils

    i will not stop posting about it until you remove the sharpening filter from the Xbox Ones upscaler. ruins every game that is not 1080p which uses the xbox ones upscaler

    Seeing as titanfall looks like it wont be 1080p i better not see any sharpening, hopefully Respawn will see how disgusting sharpening is and atleast upscale in-engine so xbox doesnt touch it

    • Does Not Equal

      … he said on a blog.

  • evilfangs .

    Jesus, has anyone seen that update / patch for Dead Rising 3? 13GB… with updates and patches like that we are going to need support for external hard drives within months.

    I have 75mbps download speeds and it’s still going to take me a while to download 13GBs, and you have to download them to be able to play the new DLC and online….

    • Mitchell Hall

      I have a sinking feeling that I’m going to need more space by the time march rolls around. I have 9 games installed on my Xbox One right now.. have the tomb raider definitive edition pre ordered for next week so that’s another one, then thief for February..Once I get titanfall and metal gear I’m gonna say my hard drive will be at about capacity. That’s scary man.. A few months into owning a console and already having to worry about this. It blows.

      • Nick Peck

        I think they will have the external add on in the next big update. At least they better because you aren’t the only one in that boat lol. I don’t know how much more room I have on there.

        • fwdkiller

          Im out of space lo 20 games and counting.

    • deadbox102

      It’s not the smartest idea to include the DLC with a patch. I don’t plan on getting any DLC for DR3, but I’m stuck with a 13 GB download if I want it up to date. That kinda pisses me off.

      • evilfangs .

        You can decline the update and play single player, but if you want to play online and the DLC we have to install the 13GB.

        • deadbox102

          The “and” part is what I’m having trouble with. Why does my ability to continue to play online require me to download DLC that I will not be purchasing?

  • Keith Figurski

    Did you realize the next MNR is #500? What will you do special?

  • chris

    Anybody know why I can comment in this post but for the Assassins Creed Liberation post and Xbox Live store details post I can’t post or even see the comments?

    • Nick Peck

      I’m having the same issue, no matter what browser I try it in.

  • David Springate

    Major, we’re missing the sousvide stuff in the show notes?

  • deadbox102

    Controlling the volume on my tv with my voice is pretty cool. However, Major, if you could see if it would be possible to take this feature a step further that would be awesome. I would like to be able to say “Xbox volume 37″ and the console takes it to that setting. This would save me from repeating myself A LOT. :)

    • David Springate

      Can’t be done. The Xbox doesn’t know what volume your TV or AV receiver is. It merely sends the VOL+ or VOL- infrared signal like a remote does. I agree with you – it’d be great if it could be done, it just can’t.

      • deadbox102

        Didn’t think it could, but it’s on my wish list.

  • Tracy

    If you guys could stop talking about the sousevide every show that would be GREAT.

  • http://kyleeslick.com/ Kyle Eslick

    Looking forward to playing as a Titan and blowing up other titans!!