January 27th 2014 6:01 am PT

MNR: Rod Fergusson joins Microsoft

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)


Special interview with Rod Fergusson who is joining Microsoft along with the Gears of War Franchise. More details on Xbox Wire

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  • Mr.I AM THE BEST/Yuri

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    trickbfc1988 Kieran • 2 hours ago
    There was alot that was took away from gears that everybody liked even the possibility of sudden death and character skins in a game like gears of war made it feel like I was playing a game of call of duty and like playing a kids game it wasn’t very good I got bored after a month of playing it com

    • Inqui117

      But… but… I do love you!


      • Mr.I AM THE BEST/Yuri

        No you don’t you hate me and keep erasing my comment Msoft is putting out a patch to use more graphic power!!! Making it more powerful than the ps4

        • Inqui117

          I’m not a mod.

          LET ME LOVE YOU!!!

        • CDMAss

          What are you smoking man?? It’s only 8%.

  • JackPackage

    Rod Fergusson: Failing up the career ladder.

  • MobileVortex

    Or none of them… the only one with a 9 or higher is unreal tournament.

  • Guest

    the Xbox One version of Thief will not run at 1080p. Come on MS xbox one it’s starting to look like a big joke.But I guess it doesn’t mater to you because the joke is only on use…

    • CDMAss

      Losing momentum on the multiplatform war is a big deal. It’s really sad that this company doesn’t see it.

    • Guest

      Poor Warlord. Deleting your comments won’t make your desperate pauperpain go away.

      • WARLORD

        Lol if that was my comment i would of kept my name on it. Pauperpain lol I had a xbox one and would still have one if it wasn’t such a mess. So please go point your fan boy fingers somewhere els..

      • WARLORD

        LOL sorry fan boy but your wrong. If it was me i would of kept my name on it…………………… I ant no as you say a lol pauper. Im a gamer I play on anything i can game on form the pc to xbox even the ps4. I even had a xbox one at one point and found it was to much of a mess to keep at this point in time…. So please point your fan boy fingers somewhere els K………

        • Nick Peck

          I’m trying to sell my PS4, know anyone interested?

          • WARLORD

            Nop sorry all the friends i play with already have one.
            Try ebay or craigslist, you can also try game stop i think there giving $275 for a used ps4.

          • Nick Peck

            yah I have it on ebay, I put that 1tb SSHD in it to. :)

          • Liquidfx Xboxdude

            that doesn’t make sense. you went so far as to upgrade your months old ps4 and now all of a sudden you are going to sell it? are you about to go homeless?

  • DrToker

    It’s exhausting reading these comments. What’s wrong with you Sony Ponys?

  • Brian McEwin

    why can i read & post comments on the podcast page of the major nelson site but on the blog page aka the main news page of the site Disqus is not loading comments so all i see is the story but the comments section is just gray ? WTF ! Fix this new guy !!!!!!!!! it has been like this for 2 WEEKS !! im not the only one with this problem !!