March 7th 2014 4:00 pm PT

MNR 502: Xbox One System Update

Host: Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : e (Xbox LIVE ) (Twitter)

Co-host : lollip0p (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)

Co-host : Rubes (Xbox LIVE) (Twitter)

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  • Mitchell Hall

    First to comment? Oh I feel speshalllll lol..still haven’t bothered to update my controllers.. hmm maybe I’ll do that now.. yes bored talking to myself.. screw this back to the stick of truth for me! Haha ;)

    • Mr&Mrs Ninja

      been wanting to try Stick of truth but is it worth 60 bucks???

      • Mitchell Hall

        I can in all honesty say yes, it most definitely is! It’s not just “good for a south park game” but a genuinely great game. I’m not personally too familiar with the show.. I’ve only seen around 15 episodes but I’m still enjoying the game immensely !!

        • Mr&Mrs Ninja

          Thanx! I love south park and turn based rpg games but mr ninja doesn’t, While he’s playing Titanfall I’ll be playing this!

          • Mitchell Hall

            Haha great ! Gotta love couples who game together :) I’ve been slowly getting my girlfriend into games over the past year. We just beat the lego marvel super heroes game together ! And she recently beat max: the curse of brotherhood by her self. Very proud of her I am ! Haha

          • Mr&Mrs Ninja

            You two look great together! I thought me and him would just have football, MMA, and martial arts in common but when I found out he owns almost 300 xbox games I fell in love! lol

      • Nick Peck

        Yes it is worth, the game is fantastic. if you know the show well this will be the funniest, most disturbing game you have or will ever play.

    • evilfangs .

      I haven’t noticed a difference since updating my controller, I guess the improvements are so small.

      • Mitchell Hall

        I don’t think the update is really meant to change how the controller plays dude.. The update is so it supports the new adapter for the headsets coming out

        • evilfangs .

          Apparently it also improved the dead zone and sensitivity of the analog sticks.

  • Matt Honan

    Any update when the Xbox one headset adapter will be available in the Microsoft store? Amazon has sellers listing it from $50-$70 but the Microsoft store lists it at $25. Willing to wait, just curious how long…

    • Guest

      Nevermind – We expect to start shipping near March 7, 2014.

  • Louis

    Tons of static, popping, and crackling sounds when using the Xbox One Stereo Headset adapter with the official Xbox One Stereo Headset… even after ‘updating’ the controller with the adapter and headset pugged in.

    • montysan

      I’m getting that popping and crackling and I’m not using a headset. Started after the last but one update during the preview period. Was fine before that. They need to fix it soon. Finally get audio that isn’t delayed, and now it crackles. Was a great update apart from that.

  • AlxxG2

    Im Sony´s fan since PS1.

    • Mitchell Hall

      Thank you for that wonderful and insightful comment…. weirdo :)

    • MrRadiolips

      Im a gamer…need a say more?

    • Cookies!

      Sir, I believe you are on the wrong blog and… sir… I am going to.. sir! I am going to have to ask you to leave!

    • llortretsam

      N64 > PS1

  • Lenonn

    I’m still waiting for some of the features added to the One that were in the 360, such as watching videos, viewing pictures and listening to music over a network or from external storage. Sorry, but I’m not moving all my media to OneDrive.

    The One also needs more apps. The Pizza Hut one for 360 was evidently popular. How has it not made a transition to the One? Also, a Flickr app is needed.

    • evilfangs .

      Hahaha Pizza Hut app. Only in America can a game console have a fast food app.

      • Mitchell Hall

        Hahaha and people wonder why Americans are so obese. Smh. Like people will complain about anything on the Internet lolol omg where’s my pizza hut app I’m selling my Xbox One now!!! Ugh. Lol.

  • Realmusik Recordz

    Man ….the xbox one is a pathetc system compared to last gen. Im fed up. I just lost 200 bucks from games that seem to downloaded on my system some type of way?….microsoft want give my refund for them man. Im selling my system man. Recent player list dont work….its slow as heck….its not a community vibe to it no more. It just feels like a computer to me. They took away wat matter the most. Avatars ..instant guide button and pretty much just took the soul right out of xbox. everyone should speak up about this man in a honest way. No hate message just a real message

    • sak hus

      Agreed it’s a downgrade in overall system UI and easiness. All the builtin things on 360 like friends list, party, chat, msgs, achievments have become separate apps. Pathetic. I’m anyways thinking of throwing out my xb1 after i was banned w/o warning for some rage messaging which i didn’t even do and i lost my 7 years of GS/Games/LIVE points etc. Fkers want more people to buy live and will ban anyone w/o any proper investigation.

      @ MAJOR.. i’ve had 4 360s and a day one xb1, so unban the profile on xb1 as mentioned in the enforcement msg that only on 360 i can’t login but on xb1 i can yet i can’t .. .PLZ DO IT or i’ll sell off these all and also tell 70+ friends from my list to not go for xb1.

      gamertag sakattak500

      • Realmusik Recordz

        Im a huge xbox supporter and fan…but there has to be a diffrent
        team behind this system.

      • Mitchell Hall

        Yes I’m sure your 70+ friends on xbox will rush out to sell their amazing xbox one consoles because you’re a cry baby who got caught breaking the rules and are now whining about it on major Nelsons blog as if they care if one troublemaker sells his xbox.

        • sak hus

          You can’t read properly i guess since probably you’re one on the enforcement team. I had said i’ll tell them not to buy xb1 which means they are on 360. And even in the enforcement email it was written that i could log in to xb1 which i can’t so that means those guys are idiots and have no clue themselves just like you

      • Nick Peck

        Learn to not let others use your account then??? you are responsible for what others do on your account.

        • sak hus

          You’d stand over some kids playing the games all the time who are visiting you or you’ll tell them dont’ play the console since anything they’ll do will be punishable by ban since M$ just wants to get more money out of people and show more live users compared to PSN.

    • Nick Peck

      Lol, the system doesn’t buy games for you, you or someone else made the purchases. considering you have to hit buy several times… but nice try though. my xbo runs great, nice and smooth all of the time. just sell it and leave this site, oh and take the other whiners with you please.

      • evilfangs .

        These trolls are getting quite pathetic now lol, not even trying anymore.

        • Nick Peck

          Exactly, and to think if they applied themselves in real life, what they could accomplish :D

  • sak hus

    As a gesture of good will unban the profiles of long time users who were banned without proper investigation and for only due to some msgs which they may not have even sent themselves. I have 7+ years of LIVE GOLD and 79k GS was just blindly banned for some msgs when i didn’t even use for some time. GT: sakattak500.

    • evilfangs .

      Everyone who was banned on 360 was unbanned for Xbox one so I heard.

      You wouldn’t just get blindly banned for no reason without a proper investigation, you say you never sent them messages but someone did from your account, and it’s your own responsibility to ensure that whoever uses your account doesn’t do anything against the terms of service.

  • Realmusik Recordz

    Microsoft needs to put in some overtime and get back to greatness. The xbox one is built off cool tricks…thats it. But after the all the smoke clears the system is just 1 huge step back. The first xbox felt more fun to me.

    • Senses Failed

      Misinformation and a blatant advert, wow they’ll let anyone post here nowadays huh?

      • Mitchell Hall

        Agreed! The xbox one is great and improving constantly. They’ve given us two great updates in less than a month with more coming. It’s easy to bash xbox these days as it seems like it’s the “cool” thing to do because of some poor choices they made in the early days of its reveal but since then they have listened time and time again to the consumers to give us what we want. I think they’re doing an amazing job and can’t wait for what the future brings. Not to mention the great exclusive line up they have for 2014 and beyond with lots more coming at e3 this year I’m sure!

        • Nick Peck


          • Mitchell Hall

            One more day and a little bit til titanfall ;) can’t wait man! I’m so pissed the future shop here isn’t having a midnight launch :/ I’ve got dark souls preordered for Tues as well

          • Nick Peck

            Yah I’m getting a disc copy for the kids and a digital copy for me, though I’m not sure if I can download at midnight or if I have to wait till 3am since I’m on the east coast. I’ll look for yah though, can’t wait.

          • Mitchell Hall

            I’m on the east coast as well. Nova Scotia. Probably one hour ahead of you even. Yeah man we will definitely play some! Picked up that lego movie game yesterday. The wife and I beat lego marvel together and we both enjoyed it a lot. But we played this one for about an hour when it froze up on us.. to be honest we weren’t liking it anywhere near as much anyway

          • Nick Peck

            Yah the gf and I play all of the Lego games as well but they are all full of bugs. the movie one does boot you from time to time sadly. it gets better later on but its not the same caliber as the marvel one. next month the hobbit comes out lol.

          • evilfangs .

            Yea I didn’t really get that much enjoyment out of the Lego movie game, saying that I did 1000GS it lol.

            I really enjoyed the Marvel one and wish that kept on going.

            Hobbit next and another 1000GS for me I’m guessing :P

          • Nick Peck

            Yah I hear ya. My GF usually 100%’s them for me lol, I play them with her but don’t have the patience to go through the game 3x to get everything done. We need to mop up Marvel and have like 4 more achiev’s to get on the Movie game.

            Yup, The Hobbit looks good so that should keep her (us) busy.

      • Realmusik Recordz

        Maybe im going a lil to hard but if u loose 200 bucks from games that downloaded by it self u will be piss to. i bought ryse on release already…i dont play no fifa ….and wat is zoo typhoon.

      • Burnt Offering

        How in the world do you get “misinformation” and “blatant advert” from this comment? None of it represents itself as anything other than the opinion of an individual. I guess they will let anyone post here because reading comprehension is evidently not a requirement.

  • ilovegoogleglass


    • Senses Failed

      Lol yes “they said they were going to tell us about the future of titanfall, we have no idea”

      My first thought would be dlc

      • ilovegoogleglass

        “I like you guys, but sometimes you treat us like bloody fools” hmm to whom are you referring to?

        • Senses Failed

          Larry and gang

          • ilovegoogleglass


    • evilfangs .

      Titanfall will have a season pass, it will come with paid and free DLC. No micro transactions.

      • ilovegoogleglass

        Yeah the only announcement they could make is dlc I’m thinking?

  • Louis

    Any update on a fix coming for the static and popping from the official headset adapter/stereo headset combo? Sometimes it’s good… sometimes it’s bad. After a few minutes the static and popping is really bad. Then it’s good again for a few minutes. Then bad again. I’m going to return it and get my $79.99 plus tax back if this is as good as it gets.

    • Ganon255

      Not sure if it will help or not, but there is a firmware update for the Xbox One controller to support the Xbox One stereo headset adapter. You have to do this manually and the option to get the update is somewhere in the settings. Hope this helps.

      • Louis

        Did that the first thing, and multiple times. The controller firmware update does not help at all.

        • Ganon255

          It sounds faulty and I’d exchange or return it. My headset and remote control are still in the mail, I hope they work.

          • Louis

            They are all faulty. On the Xbox forums, multiple people have the same problem no matter the headset they use. It’s a problem with the audio codec on the Xbox One.

          • Nick Peck

            Mine sounds great, no issues so far.

  • DarkMaturus

    Thanks for the update. “Xbox On” seems to work first time, every time now. Even from my kitchen or bedroom. The volume increment adjustment is also working great! Keep up the solid work :)

  • Sanpei

    GUI should be designed as if it will be controlled always by a controller not by a Kinect..Whole world doesnt speak US english, right ?

    Where is practical GUI of 360 ? Thats very user friendly…

    Xbox creators, are you really happy with this garbage XBone GUI ? Be honest

    Remove two useless thing from XO…Kinect and HDMI input…

    Lower price, make a more practical GUI to use with gamepad, then people will be in…Otherwise XBox Ones keep towering in stores….

    Waiting at 350$ price tag…until then, ps4 and 360 will be enough for games…

    • Gazza!!!

      I use both the HDMI input and Kinect. They are not going to redesign the x1 based on your opinion on what’s ”useless” or ”garbage”. You speak for yourself but I know I’m not the only one who is happy with the x1 and with more to come it is only going to get better.

      • Jaffa Cake King

        Actually the HDMI in and Kinect are both pretty redundant for me too but i get that some people like them.

        I would like to know how many people leave their Kinect unplugged though.

      • Mitchell Hall

        Lol are you Brian Gazza? Aren’t you the guy who used to bash the xbox one at every chance they got? So you finally got an xbox one and see how wrong you were ? I’m glad. If you’re not that guy sorry for the comment!

        • Gazza!!!

          I’m not that guy.

      • Sanpei

        How do you use HDMI ? IF you are in US or UK, maybe..What about other countries ? And, why you need to turn on your console when you want to watch tv ? It’s nonsense…If you want to play games, just play..If you want to watch tv, then turn on your sat receiver and watch..Be sure, Sat. Receivers are much more capable than XO for watching tv…

        Why do i have to pay for HDMI input and Kinect if i cant use them ?

        • Gazza!!!

          I like the fact that while im watching tv i can get a game invite and jump straight into the game if i want. As long as your using a sat/cable tv receiver you can plug it into the X1 so it doesn’t matter what country you are in. The whole tv thing isn’t available yet but im still happy with the ease to just jump straight into a game.

          • Sanpei

            I dont jump into a game if i am watching a movie or sports etc :D

            If i want to play a game, then i dont watch tv..I plan my habbits…There should be a cheaper SKU without this tv, hdmi input thing…

        • Allan

          The XB1 isn’t getting redesigned, it’s not going to happen, fragmenting their own system would be stupid. They’ve made their choices, love them or hate them, they’re here to stay for the length of the console.

    • todd Wright

      no one cares if you are going to be a little b**** then i’m happy you’re on playstation

      • Sanpei

        no one cares your happiness free-working-ms-lawyer….I am also on Xbox360 for 8 years:..So just shut up and play with your xo..People can tell their thought freely..

    • Does Not Equal

      Do you really think the Xbox One only understands American English? That’s… really wrong.

    • Marcus Roof

      If they added an additional model with what you suggested, I’d be fine with that. I for one use the HDMI in with a digital antenna tuner and would use the Kinect. But having another lower priced model without those things for those who don’t, sounds fine to me…If they made the Kinect function with a USB3 connector, it’d probably be cheaper too…not sure how much HDMI in costs…

  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Major the last 2 podcast Laura mic volume seems to go up and down or she moving away from the mic when talking ?

  • Ian Harvey

    When will we be able to read xvids and avis from our PCs? Like I’ve been able to do for years with my xbox?

    • Riekopo

      And .mkv files.

  • fastharryDOTcom

    any update to make this TV integration work smoother?

  • Caught_an_FPS

    Please lower the volume of the party chat, its ridiculous. I can’t even hear my own in-game body movement.

    • Mitchell Hall

      What are you talking about..? You can adjust that volume yourself.

      • ebonyglock

        How? Because the only option you have is to mute the party chat. Where’s this mystical unicorn with the volume control for the party chat?

    • Hates bad writers.

      It isn’t near loud enough on max with the crappy headset that comes in the box, anything to do with it being “too loud” can be fixed by you with the press of a button.

    • Nick Peck

      The cast sounds good like normal, no one is too loud or quiet. Must be something on your end.

  • SoulSnatcha

    I know this is off topic, but I think it needs to be addressed. Buying major games digitally through Xbox Live on release day kinda screws the east coast. For Titanfall, I have to wait until 3am EDT to purchase the game, then still have to wait for the download to even finish before I can play it, pushing any chances of playing until at least 5am. I could easily go less than a mile down the street to GameStop for their midnight release and get a physical copy and be playing in no time flat (after install). I said I was going all digital with my console. I still want to. But there’s got to be a way to address this so a large chunk of the country doesn’t get the shaft because of their method of purchase–the method of purchase that MS pushed so much last year.

    • Stream Of Conscious

      Indeed. I want to go all digital but this is definitely a problem.

    • ImTheMetalLord

      Actually it makes the game available digitally to everyone at the same time which means more people playing it at the same time instead of only the handful of people that will actual do the midnight release thing on the east coast. BY handful I mean a few thousand compared to the 100’s of thousands that will get it at release digitally at the same time.

      I actually think its better that way and those on the east coast are not getting an earlier start. And so you know I’m in the Central time zone and not going to be getting this at launch so it don’t mean two bits to me this is just an observation.

      • SoulSnatcha

        I know it makes the game available digitally to everyone at the same time. I would think that a staggered release would be better on the servers than one big release at midnight PDT. We’ve all seen/heard/experienced server issues when EVERYONE begins downloading at the same time.

        As for east coast players getting an early start…that already happens with physical copies of the games. If that is an issue, then they would need to change the way retailers do releases, which I don’t see them doing…ever. If anything, I feel like they should follow the retail release format and stagger it by time zone.

  • SFOpatronangel

    Please add a Vevo application on Xbox One! This would be great! Thank you.

  • Bryan

    Can you fix the Laptop Case link? It’s pointing to the Titanfall Launch Event.