MNR 557 NXOE, BC and the lost mouse

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The Hosts
Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson Host Xbox Live Twitter
lollipop Co-Host Xbox Live Twitter
Rubes Co-Host Xbox Live Twitter
The Guests
Mike Ybarra Xbox Engineering on NXOE and BC 26:59 - 37:10
Mention Links
Full list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games on Xbox One
Conan O'Brien Fallout 4
Halo 5 Live, in case you missed it
Mike Ybarra on twitter
"Inside Man"
Chateau Marmont
Overwatch coming to Xbox One
Jon Legere, CEO of T-Mobile
Hello Kitty on Eva Air
Experiment Red Team Blue team

This Week On Xbox – November 13, 2015

Here we go…the latest episode of This Week On Xbox.

Remember, you can watch the interactive version of This Week on Xbox from the “What’s On” tab of the Xbox dashboard in Canada, the UK and the US or at the Xbox YouTube channel (This Week on Xbox Playlist).

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Overwatch Coming To Xbox One Spring 2016

I recently had the opportunity to attend my first ever BlizzCon and while I was there I met Jeff Kaplan, creative visionary for Overwatch. Overwatch is a highly stylized team-based shooter set on earth in the near future and is coming to Xbox One this spring. Choose from a diverse cast of heroes, master extraordinary abilities, and do battle across the globe.

Watch the Overwatch Gameplay Trailer #2 here.

For more details about Overwatch and learn more about the diverse cast of heroes you can select to play, visit the official Overwatch website here.

Larry Hryb @majornelson

More @majornelson on Twitter

Your New Xbox One Experience Begins Today

Your New Xbox One Experience begins today and I recently had the opportunity to chat with Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management, Xbox about this complete transformation coming to Xbox One.

The update for the New Xbox One Experience is available starting today. Monthly releases inspired by your feedback have been a cornerstone of the Xbox One experience.  We launched the Xbox Feedback site to enable you to influence how Xbox One evolves and we’ve been listening. Over the past two years, we have delivered more than a hundred new features based on your input. On behalf of the entire Xbox team, I want to express our appreciation for all of your valuable feedback.

The New Xbox One Experience is a complete transformation of Xbox One, integrating the speed and versatility of Windows 10. We put fans at the center of everything we do and wanted to make some big changes, including enabling one of your most requested features – the ability to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. We also wanted to meaningfully improve how gamers interact with Xbox One and redesigned it to make it the fastest and most social Xbox experience ever.

Here are some of the new experiences that you will enjoy on your Xbox One with this update:

Xbox One Backward Compatibility. You’ll be able to play over a hundred Xbox 360 games on Xbox One starting today, with hundreds more to come. Xbox 360 game play on your Xbox One includes the added benefits of Xbox One features such as screenshots, in-home streaming, and Game DVR. You can even enjoy multiplayer with friends playing Backward Compatible titles on Xbox 360. To start playing your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One after 12pm PST today, refresh your Game Collection to see your pre-purchased, digital Xbox 360 titles from the Backward Compatible title list in your ready to install queue or simply insert the disc for a supported Xbox 360 title and download the game to start playing it on Xbox One. In addition, for a limited time, all Xbox One owners can play backward compatible games on Xbox One with the multiplayer benefits normally available only with an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Take a look at the list of backward compatible games available now, and get started playing today.


A new Xbox One Home makes it faster and easier to get to the things you love. We redesigned Home to provide fast access to the games and apps that you’ve recently used. The new Home also enables you to get to social activities quicker:

  • Share your achievements and game clips with the Xbox Live community.
  • See whether your friends are playing the same games.
  • Access Game Hubs to get breaking news and updates from game developers and the Xbox Live community.

A new guide lets you rapidly access top tasks with just one button press. You can bring up the guide from Home by tapping left with the D-pad or left thumbstick. Or, while playing a game, you can double tap the Xbox button on your controller to instantly overlay the guide – without interrupting your gameplay. You can access your Profile, Friends, and Settings; quickly start a Party; view your Messages and Notifications; and Snap an application all from the new guide, saving you valuable time weaving in and out of apps.

A new Community section makes Xbox One more social. This section is designed to help you keep up with what other gamers are doing on Xbox Live as well as jump directly into the conversation yourself. Check out what your friends are up to and keep track of the games you follow in the redesigned Activity Feed. The new Trending section lets you view the most popular posts from other players on Xbox Live.

The revamped OneGuide is your single destination for TV, movies and video. Find the most exciting new movies, TV shows and videos from across apps on Xbox One. App channels help you discover what’s new in your favorite apps, making it easier to find entertainment content. TV listings are viewable instantly in OneGuide – including listings from over-the-air channels and, coming soon, Sling TV. Picture-in-picture allows you to keep browsing for other things to watch without missing what’s happening on live TV.


A new Store makes it easier to find the content you want. The new and improved Store includes four easy to explore areas – Games, Movies & TV, Apps, and Music – plus a new vertical gallery view to reveal more listings at a glance. You can browse through intuitive categories like Staff Picks, New Releases, Top played, Top rated, Coming Soon and Recommendations to uncover new games, apps, and entertainment for your Xbox One.

Read the full announcement from Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management, Xbox, over at Xbox Wire.

Gems Of War Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Gems of War
Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region

Game Description: In Gems of War, you battle your foes not just with swords and sorcery, but with a puzzle board! Match gems to power your spells, and match skulls to smite your enemies! Then take the spoils of war, and forge a mighty empire. Each Kingdom has quirky new characters to meet, and plenty of quests and battles to keep you occupied. Fight other players in each kingdom, become the champion, then defend your title against the ravening hordes.

Download Gems of War for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Pipeworks Studio
Publisher: 505 Games
Website: Gems of War
Twitter: @GemsOfWar

TL:dr: NXOE starts rolling out after 3:01am ET/ 12:01am PT November 12th. Back Compat titles will be playable or start to appear in your collection (for digital purchases) after 3:01pm /12:01 pm (Noon) PT on Thursday

As we prepare for Thursday’s launch of the New Xbox One Experience, I want to share some details on what to expect and when.  We will begin the global rollout of the New Xbox One Experience after 3:01am ET/ 12:01am PT November 12th.  It’s important to note that not everyone will get the update at once, as it will be deploying globally to the Xbox One audience. As with all Xbox One system updates, here are a few things to keep in mind:


If you use the Instant-on power mode (available via Settings – Power & startup), your Xbox One will take the update in the background when you put your console into Connected Standby mode.  As this is a global rolling launch, consoles in Connected Standby will be updated at various times throughout the day based on your time zone.

If your console is in Energy-saving mode, your Xbox One will not automatically download and install the update. To initiate the download and update process, you can go to Settings – System to manually check if an update is available and choose “Update Now”.

Note that all Xbox One consoles will receive a prompt for a mandatory update on November 23rd if they have not yet updated to the New Xbox One Experience.

  • Learn more about system updates on Xbox One here
  • Learn more about the New Xbox One Experience system update and build here.
  • Starting 3:01am ET/ 12:01am PT November 12th, access the support team’s knowledge base regarding known concerns here.


Team Xbox will begin the rollout of the New Xbox One Experience after 3:01am ET/ 12:01am PT November 12th.

Not everyone is going to get it at the same time.  Depending on the time zone you are in, as well your Xbox One console settings, you may get the New Xbox One Experience at a different time than your friends.

Regardless of when you receive the New Xbox One Experience system update, the Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature will begin rolling out starting at 3:01pm/12:01 PM (noon) PT on November 12th.  To start playing your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One after this time, refresh your Game Collection to see your pre-purchased, digital Xbox 360 titles from the Backward Compatible title list in your ready to install queue or simply insert the disc for a supported Xbox 360 title and download the game to start playing it on Xbox One.


Hope this helps. Look forward to seeing everyone on Xbox Live!

Content: Deadpool
Check pre-order price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region


There are a few important things I need to say before you crack into my insanely sweet game. (Oof. Here we go again.) I’m a mercenary with an accelerated healing factor. I’ve been described as unstable, which is just plain coo-coo. (Wait, do sane people say coo-coo?) I’m gonna battle for the safety of humans and mutants. (And even mumans.) Be prepared for just about anything. (Holla!) Key Features: – I made sure to capture all my good sides, so I made my game a third-person action-shooter.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is now available for Xbox One and Xbox 360 – and Crystal Dynamics, Twitch and Xbox have teamed up to add two new interactive features to Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One.

According to the press release, “gamers who tune in to watch Rise of the Tomb Raider being played via the Twitch application on Xbox One will be rewarded with gifts for viewing someone complete a special event in the single-player game. Viewer gifts of in-game credits are handed out when the player completes a side mission, challenge tomb, crypt, and other specific achievements. These rewards are redeemed using the in-game marketplace. Credits are used to purchase Expedition Card Packs, which give access to different modifiers, weapons, and outfits for use in the Expedition Modes – the all new way to play the game outside of the story campaign that includes Score Attack, Remnant Resistance and Chapter Replay.

Conversely, any fans who stream Rise of the Tomb Raider in Expedition Mode via the Twitch application on Xbox One will have the option to let their viewers impact gameplay at various points by choosing between two Expedition Cards. Once viewers make their choices and totals are tallied, whichever card receives the most votes is activated for a period of five minutes, thereby mixing up the player’s experience and making things either more challenging, easier, or just unpredictably fun.”

“Our fans are a committed die-hard community and we are always pushing innovative ways to help them share their experiences and be part of each other’s adventures,” said Scot Amos, Executive Producer on Rise of the Tomb Raider. “By partnering with Twitch we’ve created a unique interaction loop that rewards viewers who influence a streamer’s game real-time, and have simultaneously given streamers a new game play experience thanks to viewer-driven decisions!”

“The Twitch community created and has since embraced the ‘Twitch Plays’ gaming phenomenon,” said Matthew DiPietro, SVP Marketing, Twitch. “By incorporating interactive functionality into a storied franchise like Tomb Raider for Rise of the Tomb Raider, it illustrates the appeal of social video.”

We’re sure you’re going to have some questions about these new features, so we’ve addressed a few of them here:

Rise of the Tomb Raider Twitch Feature – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Rise of the Tomb Raider Twitch rewards feature?
A. The “Rise of the Tomb Raider” Twitch rewards feature allows Xbox One Twitch viewers to receive rewards for witnessing specific events while watching a streamer plays “Rise of the Tomb Raider.”

Q. How can viewers interact with the streamer via Twitch?
A. The “Rise of the Tomb Raider” Twitch features allow fans watching streams of Expedition Modes the ability to vote between two (2) Expedition Cards which will modify the streamer’s (player’s) experience. These Expedition Cards will make the streamer’s experience temporarily more challenging, easier, or entertaining.

Once voting is triggered, a 60-second timer will start and voting is conducted via text entry of “#1” or “#2” in the chat. The Expedition Card with the most votes gets activated when the timer expires. Viewers can vote from any Twitch chat client interface.

Q. How long will these modifier cards be active for?
A. The effects of these Expedition Cards will last up to five (5) minutes or until the player dies and/or a checkpoint is reloaded.

Q. How many modifier cards will be available at launch to vote between?
A. At launch, a curated set of 64 cards have been arranged into 186 pairs for viewers to vote on. These Expedition Cards include modifiers that challenge the player by making the enemies stronger, give the player an advantage, or humorous effects to make the experience more entertaining such as “Big Head Mode.”

More Expedition Cards will be made available post-launch as modifiers. Stay tuned for more details.

Q. Do I need to have earned the Expedition Card or have it in my inventory before it is available for Twitch votes?
A. No, a curated set of 64 cards have been arranged into pairs to be voted on by viewers that will make the streamed experience equal parts entertaining and challenging. This means that even if a player hasn’t earned a certain Expedition Card they still have the opportunity to experience it via the Stream.

Q. How are votes triggered?
A. Votes are triggered periodically while playing any of the Expedition Modes. These modes are: Score Attack, Chapter Replay, Chapter Replay Elite, and Remnant Resistance.

Q. As a streamer, how do I take advantage of the Twitch voting feature?
A. The Twitch vote feature requires the use of the Xbox One Twitch app to broadcast “Rise of the Tomb Raider” as well as having the “Broadcast Interactions” options set to “on” in the options menu. Voting will not occur more than once every six (6) minutes.

Q. How are rewards earned via Twitch?
A. “Rise of the Tomb Raider” rewards viewers when the streamer completes the following activities during the single player campaign.
• Side Missions
• Challenges
• Challenge Tombs
• Crypts
• Specific achievements

Please note, rewards are for Xbox One Twitch viewers recognized by the system only. Additionally, the broadcaster must be broadcasting via the Twitch App on Xbox One for the rewards feature to be active.

Q. What kind of gifts will be rewarded to viewers?
A. Gifts awarded to viewers consist of 500 in-game credits that may be used to purchase Expedition Card Packs, which give access to different modifiers, weapons, and outfits for use in the Expedition Modes.

Please note: Twitch gifts will expire after 30 days of being awarded. They must be redeemed in the in-game marketplace within that time period.

Q. Is there a limit to how many gifts may be awarded to a viewer during a single stream?
A. There is no limit to how many rewards a viewer may receive during a single stream. However, rewards are for Xbox One Twitch viewers recognized by the system only. The longer a viewer watches a streamer play “Rise of the Tomb Raider” the more rewards they can earn!

Q. Are there any other Xbox titles coming with this rewards experience?
A. We don’t have anything to announce at this time. If you’re a fan of the feature, let us know at Xbox Feedback.

Fallout 4 Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Fallout 4
Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region 

Game Description: Bethesda Game Studios welcome you to the world of Fallout 4 – their most ambitious game ever, and the next generation of open-world gaming. As the sole survivor of Vault 111, you enter a world destroyed by nuclear war. Every second is a fight for survival, and every choice is yours. Only you can rebuild and determine the fate of the Wasteland. Welcome home.

Purchase Fallout 4 for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Website: Fallout 4
Twitter: @Fallout

Fallout 4 – This bundle includes Fallout 4 for Xbox One.

Fallout 4 Digital Deluxe Bundle – This bundle includes Fallout 4 and the Season Pass for Xbox One.