There are some reports of people that are getting voice echo in their headset when they are playing some Xbox 360 games on Xbox Live. If you hear the echo, the problem is with someone else in your session. The issue can be easily fixed by having the person in your session who does NOT hear the echo to clean their metal headset plug. I recommend using a cotton swab and alcohol. Remember.. If you hear echo, then it’s someone else in the chat session that needs to clean off their metal headset plug. It’s quick, easy and can save people a lot of trouble.

There is new content for “NBA Live 06” on the Xbox Live Marketplace. There is a new theme and a BUNCH of gamer pictures (one for each* NBA team) now available for download.

*The “76ers” gamer picture won’t be up until next week, sorry about that Philadelphia. Never mind, it’s there. Have fun.

Not sure where to grab that “Gold Detective Badge” achievement in Condemned ? Need help getting the “Enter History Book” achievement in Madden NFL 2006? has the answers!

This new site looks to be dedicated to tracking all the achievements on Xbox 360 games, and will help you squeeze ever last drop of gamerscore out of a game.


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I mentioned this in my blogcasts (podcasts) but I wanted to be sure I asked the readers: Are you going to CES? I’ll be there in the Microsoft booth Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stop by and say hello if you can. In the meantime, I am working on getting clearance to blogcast (podcast) the Bill Gates keynote Wednesday night to share with everyone here.

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Major's DS

Yesterday I went to crashed the Nintendo ‘event’ here in Seattle. I wanted to see how they did it…and it was a pretty underwhelming event. It was not able to connect via the wireless connection, or play as my nickname ‘Xbox Live.’ On the upside I was able to get my DS signed by Reggie (to “Major” none the less.)

[Read Joystiq’s write up on the event here]

[See my Flickr photos here]

Edit: I need to clarify some misinformation around my appearance. I did not go there to bad mouth Nintendo, or talk smack about them (contrary to what some think.) Those that follow my site, know that I am a fan of the DS ?” I think it’s an excellent hand held gaming machine. I just wanted to show what my experience was like at the event. Also, I was very respectful to Reggie, I told him it was a pleasure to meet him, and then welcomed him to the online space. Also, I do need to do some research, since after the event I could not understand why my DS could not connect (even though I can connect at home) and was searching across the internet for help. I was then told by a co-worker that older DS’s may have trouble connecting, I am still researching that, but that may explain my trouble.

No, I did not interview him…he interviewed me. Dean is a high profile journalists in the tech world, as well as an avid gamer. In addition, he wrote a book back in 2002 entitled “Opening The Xbox.” Well it turns out that Dean is writing a book on the Xbox 360, and while I am not sure what he’ll call it yet, I did have the pleasure of spending an hour with him last week where he asked me questions about the development of the Xbox 360, ‘Major Nelson” and this blog. I told him many of the stories that frequent readers and listeners of my blog/blogcasts may recognize…plus a few new ones. When he has a release date for the book set, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, Dean wrote a little about his visit on his blog here.