I am playing the Fable II Pub Games…but I have a little problem

Out of the three pub games, which is your favorite? I’ve run into a very unique situation. I left the game on in my office at home, and I came back in an hour later to find my wife playing the games. Now, she’s not a gamer unless I put the controller in her hand, so this was a bit surprising. What happened next was even more surprising.

Here is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi..what are you doing?
Her (staring at the screen playing Keystone): (no answer)

Me: Hello? What are you doing?
Her: Playing

Me: Why?
Her: I saw these games, and they looked interesting. I’m not very good at them though.

At this point, I am a bit panicked, since the gold you win (or lose) will transfer to Fable II

Me (getting nervous): Umm…are you winning?
Her: No. I think I’ve lost about 3000. 3000 things.

Me (getting more nervous): What do you mean things?

Her: I don’t know…is this Dollars? Cents? Euros?
Me: It’s Gold.
Her: Ok. Gold. (Switches to Fortune’s Tower)

At this point I am trying to get the controller away from her.

Me: Why don’t you let me play?
Her: I like these games. I’m not very good….but they’re fun.

Me: Well, we have a little problem.
Her: What?

Me: Well, you know that game you liked on the original Xbox? Fable?
Her: The one where you could kick chickens? This music reminds me of that one.

Me: Well this game should remind you of that one since these games are from the sequel coming out this fall called Fable II.
Her (now 3400 in debt): Are you going to play it?

Me : Well. That’s where we have a problem.
Her: What’s the problem?

Me: Well, any gold you win in the game you can transfer to the game when it comes out.
Her: Cool. (pause)

Her: Wait. (now playing Spinnerbox) What about the gold you lose?
Me: You mean the gold YOU lost?

Her: Yea. the gold we lost?
Me: No…you lost.

Her: Yea, the gold we lost.
Me (sigh): Yes, the gold you lost. That’s where we have the problem. I’ll now start Fable II in debt. As in poor. As in owing money.

Her (turning to look at me for the first time since I walked in): Wow. That sucks. (she put the controller down and walks out of the room)
Her: I hope you can pay off that debt before the game comes out. I am going out, see you later.

All totaled, as I post this, I am about 3650 in debt. I have some work to before the game releases in October. So if you have any Pub Game tips feel free to post them in the comments.

Oh, and don’t leave your Gamertag signed in to Xbox LIVE playing the Fable Pub Games, as you may suffer the same fate I have.