This week on Arcade: Interpol

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos will be available this Wednesday for 800 points.

76 thoughts on “This week on Arcade: Interpol

  1. Can we have more Pop Cap games for like 400 pts? I’d buy a tonne of those if they were packaged together…something like that? Please?

    In all seriousness 800 pts should be for xbox games… I have games that I’ve bought because of the backwards functionality, but now M$ has quit doing that because they are slowly trickling them out for you to clog your HD with and have to buy a newer larger drive.

    I’m not trying to be angry or sarcastic…but really what is going on here? These titles are 5 dollar titles. 10 dollar titles should be like Full Throttle and Dig and System Shock 2 and things like that… and for the love of god update the backwards compatibility list as Xbox software and hardware is essentially dying come February…

  2. Anyone remember when Arcade use to release…you know… fun games, good games, games that were worth paying for. Oh and at times reasonably priced. Any chance of seeing that arcade again?

    And whats with this Community Games? Is this like a test run? When do we get the real version? With the fun and good games?

    So far the whole NXE WILL BE AMAZING thing has flopped for me. Sure the new dash is nice now that I got use to it but everything else still is same old useless, unfun, overpriced crap. And all MS seems to do is come up with more features that cost more money and then they say how its all for us…how is it all for us when it cost us money? As it is I am paying for Live when I don’t want 99% of these useless features anyways! Stop giving me MORE crap when I don’t want the original crap to begin with!

    And lastly lower your prices! I swear if this country goes into a depression Live will still stay the same because MS is to dang cheap. The only have price breaks on stuff that no one really wants or stuff that teeny boppers care about. Lame. Does anything from MS ever work right or not rip you off…ZUNE ANYONE? lol.

    BTW this is in no way meant to be towards Major Nelson who is the only guy I like from MS.

  3. @jonah falcon: Do shut up. We aren’t all kids. I can play crap like this on the touchscreen at the bar. It’s pretty apparent that most folks on these boards aren’t too happy with the arcade releases as of late.

  4. rastansaga: Xbox arcade is dying from lack of content and all this shovel-ware

    Uhm, no. I don’t think so.
    It took man-years of work across three continents to give us the Summer of Arcade, and that’s *5* phenomenal games. Don’t tell me you’re done with Street Fighter already?

    If you can do more, and better, buy an XNA kit and get cracking. Otherwise, good day sir.

  5. This game looks good, just not my type.

    @ all the people complaining: YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY IT. believe it or not, some people enjoy these games.

    And lol @ people thinking MajorNelson’s blog comments represent XBL as a whole.

  6. Wow this is really bad. This is an old game as well. Some click and find game horrible! There are tons of those on website like Once youve played one of them youve seen them all…

    Hope this isnt a trend because there is lots more shit games where this one comes from.

  7. @rastansaga
    Since you are a shooter fan (and I have not completed much digging) have you ever played Life Force on NES? Hmmm, just checked the wiki and it is actually on the PS1 as Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus. I never knew until now, but that is awesome, a ‘possibility’ of it coming to XBLA. Though I do not know how well it would stand up in current times.

  8. I have no problem with these kinds of games being released, I just wish (once again) that they would get to releasing multiple titles a week so that we all have a choice. I would love to see them release one classic arcade, one casual arcade, and one unique release a week. It would satisfy all and make for much happier sounding boards.

  9. Wow, Point’n’Click is considered a non-gamer genre now? Really, this is something only kids or people who only pretend to be seasoned gamers would say. This does not mean the game couldn’t be bad, but the comments on it here are just so full of prejudice and non-gamers calling one of the most classic genres of gaming non-game.

  10. Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos, interesting. Myst-like but ‘easier’? (Now that I can actually see the screenshots – only high quality video works, low quality does not). My sis will love this for it is more her puzzle solving speed.

    Though I do feel ‘[insert feeling]’ (not sure of the word I feel ‘slapped in the face’?), but THAT magnifying glass would have been SO USEFUL in Puzzle Arcade’s 1000 Piece Classic Puzzle on EXPERT.

  11. More 800 point titles – whatever.

    Really, raise your hand if 800 points for EVERYTHING now makes you SICK…

    /raises hand

    Nice to see Gears finally “fixing” itself – right, like they “fixed” the first GOW MP shotgun circlejerk. This is what I am tired of now. Half finished Multiplayer (BUT PLENTY OF OVERPRICED DLC!), “puzzle games”, “indie games”, “community games”, and “casual games”.

    Let me guess – next week will be a puzzle game, or something with cute characters in it, or some magic indie game that the creator will complain about being not priced high enough…

    …So then they price it at 1200 points and claim that their game “matters” at that price. Which is why I DO NOT OWN ANY PA GAMES and Geoff HAD TO GIVE ME BRAID FOR FREE IN ORDER FOR ME TO PLAY IT. Oh, and HOW LONG did it take to patch Castle Crashers? MONTHS? HALF A YEAR?

    Games For Windows Live is more thrilling than the 360 right now. I honestly want achievements for the PC Street Fighter IV just so I do not have to play it on my 360. Thank the maker Capcom is going to save Spring for us with GOOD GAMES.

    XBox 360 – But wait, do not forget the nearly 300 point Street Fighter pinball table, the 100 point level packs, and overpriced themes to replace the ones that WORKED FINE before this NXE rubbish.

  12. Warrengonline: Life Force is known as Salamander in the EU. I’ve not played the NES conversion, but I own the arcade PCB [I own Gradius PCB as well] 🙂
    Both superb shooters. Konami released a remixed Gradius for the Wii download service. It is stunning if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s games like this that Xbox arcade needs IMHO.

  13. why couldnt raiden fighters come to xbla and why did ms disapprove of dodonapachi coming to xbla? no arcade ports they are so insane, look cant u see we want those type of games stop putting opinion that u say are from us when it isnt.

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