Castle Crashers – King Pack

Content: Castle Crashers – King Pack
Price: 160 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) BLOOD AND GORE,CARTOON VIOLENCE,CRUDE HUMOR] Add to your arsenal of good with 2 new playable characters plus additional weapons and animal orbs. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

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27 thoughts on “Castle Crashers – King Pack

  1. @SuperDunners: If you dare to be an idiot…then yes.

    Anyways…not only do we have to pay for this after they put out a broken game for $15….but the content is already in the game? Wow…just…wow.

  2. @OMG Aero

    That is a BS rational because just like the Fable 2/Crackdown/Marvel UA content they can just let you download it but not use it so that isn’t a problem. I really thought we had gotten away from the 108kb key-paid download crap. This is worse especially because they sold a broken game in the first place.

  3. I’ll buy it. Quote from the Dev Blog

    “This pack should go live sometime on the 14th of January for 160 Space Bucks Microsoft Points ($2.00). All pricing for this and future downloadable content is entirely decided on by Microsoft. All we can do is throw in our input (free!!!!!) but at the end of the day it’s their decision.



  4. @pastime gamer
    ok…. so they want us to have it for free but theyre still getting our money. Theyre using microsoft as a scapegoat AGAIN. Heres my input Behemoth. **** ***! ….lol

  5. Yeah, I hate to say it Pastime Gamer, but they sort of rode MS for two months when they announced that the patch was done and headed to Microsoft in October… then we didn’t hear anything for two months until they said that they were submitting the patch again to Microsoft in December. They like having it both ways.

  6. Even if they are telling the truth, and wanted it to be free, wouldn’t it make more sense NOT to buy it, based on the alleged price-screwing by Microsoft?

  7. Even for cheap, we know this content was already in the game, so why are we paying for it? I have no problem with supporting the rather small development team, but I’m not giving them money for something I should already have.

    Make us NEW content, then I’ll buy it.

  8. Crap, I have to wait on getting this as I have to buy 2 copies of Lord of the Rings Conquest for friends. Maybe next month. And um, c’mon guys, can someone who DID purchase this PLEASE tell us about it and are there any Achievements added? Or at least record it and upload it to youtube. Thanks!

    Nice GamerPic from Banjoe Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts!

  9. the patch came out on dec. 24th, that included the new content which is unlocked via this DLC.. all the comments about these items being in the original game are incorrect and were inferred from the size of this unlock patch without factoring in the update (to fix crashes, etc.) which came out at the end of last month.

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