SW Snowboarding: The Freebie Pack

In addition to the Mile High Pack and the Hard Pack that are available for Shaun White Snowboarding, the following free download is available:

Content: The Freebie Pack
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Asia
Dash Text: [ESRB: T (Teen) MILD LYRICS,MILD SUGGESTIVE THEMES,MILD VIOLENCE] Here’s an opportunity to grab some great new gear for guys and girls FOR FREE. With this pack you can dress up your character, and flex your style riding one of the boards from our contest winners. Who said nothing in life is free?

Add this to your Xbox 360 download queue



  • Mark

    sweet ill have to get this


  • Alexander

    “The Hard Pack” – Sounds fun


  • PzR Tak

    This game made me angry. So frustrating. Everything it does it seems it’s to make things harder. Traded it in.


  • NME Razor

    It would be funny if it actually cost 800 points


  • A Place for Us

    Not got it yet but I take it this will stay free.



    I do not see “The Hard Pack” available is it not posted yet? Or did you do a pre-mature announcement?


  • Quicksilver4648

    I rented this game, not impressed. The animation seemed far too choppy to me.


  • Anonymous

    I think the hard pack is now called the mile high pack


  • chairfreak

    Sorry no comments about this. But did anyone else get the dash update tonight? Does anyone know what it did? Seems that not everyone is getting it. My dash is updated to 2.0.7363.0 now though and i can’t figure out what has changed. Might be a little more responsive/faster??? Anyone know?


  • Sue

    Hey Larry, I hate to burst your bubble, but it was a different Nelson that they mentioned on General Hospital, not you, Major Nelson. So now I guess you can go yell at your wife for making you look like a dork on your own website. lol


  • adam

    just for curiosity sake, how are freebies decided? I ask because every once and a while some blog (either joystiq or xbox360fanboy) reports of developers saying, “we wanted people to have it for free but MS said ‘no!'” (recently it was the Braid developer about his ‘premium’ theme).

    Just asking …


  • PiNkEyE69

    I see mile high pack and hard pack.
    Downloaded the freebie for my son who plays it


  • TannedHide

    Why is the combined price of the packs about £13? Yet it’s only £8 on the Playstation for exactly the same content. 500 points per pack would have be nicer.


  • Crimson Killa 5

    The Mile High PAck is 800 Points, Major your post is a little bit misleading stating that both packs are available and then describing it as free (i know it reffers to the freebie pack but would have been better to state that the Mile High one is charged before i went to the website and found it out!


  • Banstyle

    Major, could you give us an update on where the Hard pack is? I don’t see it on Marketplace.. I have to assume it was pulled very quickly since some people have downloaded it.


  • Raiden BR

    major, do u bother telling us whats the update that rolled today??
    kinda stange..


  • Ollyh

    Freebies are always good……. sometimes.


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