In Central Florida? Come see Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and more

Click for a larger image On Tuesday, February 3rd, join me for the freeGillette – EA SPORTS Champions of Gaming powered by Xbox LIVE event’ at the University of Central Florida. has all the details, but here are the basics: 

What: Gillette – EA SPORTS Champions of Gaming powered by Xbox LIVE
Where: The UCF Arena (Here are directions)
When: Tuesday, February 3rd. 3:00pm-7:00pm
Who: Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Denny Hamlin and more*

I’ll be there throughout the event as the MC, meeting people and giving away a bunch of EA and Gillette prizes. Plus Geoff Keighley and his Spike TV crew will also be on hand grabbing footage for their February 18th show.  The event is open to the public, so if you are in the area and want to see a few sports stars, some great gaming and maybe grab some prizes. It is worth mentioning again that admission is free. See you Tuesday.


*Scheduled to appear.

35 thoughts on “In Central Florida? Come see Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter and more

  1. I would go if my schedule permitted. If you go by Winter Garden, feel free to stop by. 🙂

    Have you decided on a TV? If you get a Samsung make sure the optical audio out syncs up with the video. I’m having lip sync problems.

  2. Well if Major did post something with Hamilton in it, the Yanks wouldnt know who he was. For some reason the first colored champion in the worlds most premium racing sport doesnt register in that country. Yet a bunch of yokels racing in a small circle with cars from the early 1970s is really important. 😉

    They dont know Schumacher but we’re supposed to know whoever the latest steroid pumping homerun record holder is. 🙁

  3. @ Joergen8: You make fun of guys racing “cars from the early 1970s”… right after you call someone “colored”. So what ancient decade does that make YOU from then? o_O

  4. Yo I decked out my avatar with a Germany shirt 🙂 I love Germany. They are cool to like 🙂 Also, cool event but I live in New Jersey 🙁 We are getting the sh*ttiest weather ever. Florida sounds so nice right now. Good luck at the event Major

  5. I live about a hr and a half west. Might see if I can get off of work to come hang out. Sounds like it’ll be fun. Darn, I just got my vacation time at work and here I am using it all already, Oh well, definitely worth it!

  6. Oh! Darn it!!! Anything happening afterwards? For those of us who work ’til 5:00/6:00 and can’t make it out there on time??? 🙁 Don’t make me call in sick!

  7. Gawd, I thought we were going to be at Tiburon Office? Awww… I might try to show up (I’d like to – Mon to Weds are my busy days as of late). I’ll have to get some of my sports friends together for that. This is the second opp to see Mr. Woods, will I make it this time? We’ll have to wait and see. IF so ‘SNK is the FUTURE’ 😉

  8. @Anon 10
    I was getting similar warnings (I do not use Avast, I use AVG after dumping Norton System Works – waste of money for a home user) to other sites when I googled: Shane Mercado and Mozilla Firefox warned me after clicking a few link, so I googled my websites and it gave me the same warning and other websites. I right-clicked the link you posted and opened a new tab and it opened just fine, no warnings of any time.

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