How to link to specific piece of content on web Marketplace

Web with direct linking!The team has rolled out a tiny new feature that I wanted to point out. Now when you are browsing the Marketplace on, you can click the SEND A LINK tab for a link to a specific piece of content. No more scrolling page after page looking for something when someone tells you about it. Want to tell someone about a free piece of DLC? You can now copy a direct link or hit the‘Click to create and send a link using your email application’ link to fire up your default mail application and open a new mail with the link.  It’s a little thing…but I wanted to point it out in case you missed it.





  • A Place for Us

    A small but useful change. How about more advanced things, such as searching within a specific Microsoft Points range?


  • Snaven Shake

    A nice (small) change.


  • Mcmax3000

    I noticed that earlier when I was queuing up this week’s episode of The Guild but didn’t think much of it at the time.

    Cool feature that could really come in handy.


  • Rlan

    Nice addition.

    Is there any chance of a “last 100 additions” added for each of the marketplace lists? The new game Add-ons get very quickly pushed off the Top 10 on the front of the marketplace due to Rock Band and Guitar Hero 🙂


  • KiloOscarZulu

    Or sort by price? So that I can see all the free content straight away instead of going through pages and pages?


  • desynch

    now i can post direct links to marketplace content when friends ask about certain content, and when people ask about dlc on the chat.

    kudos, team!


  • Major Nelson

    Also, don’t forget to check out the (beta) marketplace blog, which is automatically updated ever 15 minutes:



    @KiloOscarZulu: I totally agree wih you, it takes hours to check things. Yea it’s a good news that 😀


  • Teh Emo Penguin

    This will be extremely useful!


  • Drunk Ste

    We really need a sort by release date option for every category, right now you can only do it for downloads within a specific game. It’s a pain if you want to find the latest demos and you can only by sort by title and popularity.


  • SouthPaw

    Nice but you still havent made the simple change of putting the Gamertag in the Web page title. Then I could bookmark people and the bookmark label would include the gamertag. We spoke about this on the Chris Pirillo call in show in the fall of 05. Not sure what is so hard about this.



    Did this new feature kill or something, because I can’t get ANYTHING on the site to load at all now. All I keep getting is the same “Sorry, this page is unavailable” page with every link I click.


  • Teh Samuel

    looks very useful


  • The Dukenator

    @Absyrtus @Rlan @KiloOscarZulu @Drunk Ste: We’ll see what the future of Microsoft & Xbox brings. Your suggestions might exist in the future.

    @SouthPaw: Good idea as this would be useful


  • litheon

    Anybody having issues with make sure you clear your cache and existing cookies in any browser you use. It seems there was a Windows Live ID update that corresponded with this feature, and as cleaning out your cache and cookies should fix the problem.


  • Jazza

    Major, great feature. Just wish it didn’t have the region en-us in the url, as if you post it, it takes you to that region version of the marketplace, and won’t let you purchase it, even if it’s available in your region. But if you remove it from the url, it automatically directs to your region 😉


  • ImaginedBug

    Major, do you get a cut of the profits by changing “?cid=SLink” to “?cid=MajorNelson” and putting “&partner=MajorNelson” in the links you post here or is that just for statistics purposes? Just wondering 😉


  • Makusensu

    Yes only for statistics.


  • Zilchius

    I like the idea of the marketplace blog, but if you could make it also post a daily roundup of what’s new, and then make that it’s own RSS feed, it would be much easier to sift through all the content.


  • Xbox Sonic

    nice feature.
    thank you ms


  • davidkenobi

    Thanks ! It would be easier for us now.


  • Krunk4Ever

    Nice that you that this was finally added. I figured a way to link to items directly, i.e.

    Grateful Dead Pack 02

    However, it was trouble some to find that offerId, which required parsing the source.

    As posted by by Dale on the Rock Band Content:

    Krunk – If they made it easier to link to a specific item I would do that. Each week I do link to the Rock Band 2 section on Marketplace, showing newest items first. It would be nice to have a link in the database for each song, but looking at the page source for each one would take more time than I’m willing to give up for it.


  • Crew of Misfits

    Nice. Every little bit helps. How about just a better search function?


  • nutznboltz2003

    Interesting new feature. As a new user to the whole xbox scene, this will be of great use for those friends that like to send me links to content that I might enjoy.


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