Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar Themes and Gamer Pics (Free)


The 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, presented to you by the all-new Nissan 370Z. Download Themes, Gamer Pics, and learn more about the Nissan 370Z. Also, enter to win the Z-List Sweepstakes – where SI model Melissa Keller hosts you and a friend for a day at the sporting event of your choice. These items are only available in the United States.


There are a total of six gamer pictures and two themes for download:

Gamer pictures:
Nissan 370Z
IIrina Shayk 
Daniella Sarahyba
Jessica Gomes
Brooklyn Decker
Bar Rafaeli

Brooklyn Decker
Nissan 370Z.



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  • shadaik

    @ EvilCan: Sorry, but MS is not an american corporation, it’s a multinational one. There are (more or less) independent coporations operating under that name in Australia, the UK, germany, France and most probably a lot of other countries, too. Truee, the mother corporation is in the US, but MS at large is multinational. If only it started to behave like that…


  • Parassassin


    I can tell you why, becuase M$ is like a prositute. Will take money from anyone but only turn tricks for its favourites.

    Im sorry but this is going to be my last ever year on xbl I can’t be bothered to plough my hard earned cash into this xenophopic joke of a company any longer. Who knows maybe a chipped box is the way forward, I might start to get some of my investment back then.


  • Warrengonline

    I’m a bit late, but it would be nice if the price of Xbox Live sold to non-Americans matched what they actually got in the package. Things like Video Market Place and NetFlix have laws (when you play a DVD pause it and read that writing) and we all remember the Region Codes. Not that it is my call, but the Non-American gamers get half of what we Americans get so why not just cut the price in half.

    But then Makusensu delivers an option that I know quite a few people do. But that is not errr… ‘proper’. Non-American gamers need to come together and think up something. Like how I’m a bit upset that Region: Australia got a vinyl soundtrack for Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. It is simple things like this that would balance the ‘experience’, but also cause a LOAD of envy for one another. 🙂 “I want that sound track, PLEASE.” (


  • journauto

    Apparently being a gold member doesn’t mean squat because this “Gold exclusive offer!” doesn’t get me squat! Shouldn’t have to create a U.S. account, doubt it’s even possible since my ISP in in Canada. oh, and nowhere here or on the items’ descriptions does it say U.S. only. When I try to download it says ‘not available in your region or has been removed.’ BS


  • EvilCan

    Just to be clear: I’m not saying XBL shouldn’t be free/cheaper in other countries, I’m saying it’s not going to happen.


  • bknight2k


    I don’t think any actually wants free/cheaper service what people want is an equivalent service in the country that they live.

    I can understand Netflicks but i cannot remember the last time that MS in Aus did anything special eg free Themes and Pics.


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