Halo Wars Demo sets record for downloads


It was just announced that the Halo Wars demo, released on February 5th, set the one day record for most demo downloads over Xbox LIVE. And in the first five days it was downloaded by over 2-million Xbox LIVE gold members.  In addition, part three of the seven part ‘Strategy on Xbox’ is now available.


Click here to add this demo and video to your Xbox 360 download queue.




24 thoughts on “Halo Wars Demo sets record for downloads

  1. Although I do agree it was a shame Ensemble was shut down, regardless if your gonna go then this is one hell of a way to go. Lets hope these downloads translate into sales as well, they deserve it and from the demo the game really kicks ass!

  2. Sure, the game has the Halo colors and fonts, but it’s still an RTS game. I don’t see it converting a bunch of people to RTS games. People will buy it and play it for a few weeks then go back to playing Halo 3. At least they have the gimmick of packaging Halo 3 maps with it to boost sales.

  3. Maj, you JUST realized that!?!? You DO know that Jason is back and is more [insert Cliff Belinski’s tradeword adjective here] than ever now?!?! Friday the 13th the movie is out today. I’m not a fan of those movies, but Splatterhouse carried the ‘man with a chainsaw’ theme just fine.

    Hockey mask time, once again! “Now scream!”

  4. Yeah, that goes to show many things:

    – Ensemble was a very high-quality studio. Slap those MS heads who killed them!
    – When a good Halo franchise is made, we all win.
    – RTS in consoles are indeed possible…

  5. The real take away from this is the ex-Ensemble guys should not have too much trouble finding work. And also, Microsoft released a talented team and a valuable studio.

  6. I never liked this kind of games, I’m not good for RTS, but I tried the demo and really enjoyed it. I gonna buy it as soon as it becomes available. But it’s a shame Ensemble Studios doesn’t exist anymore, probably Halo Wars is going to be the best RTS ever created for a console.

  7. I downloaded it and was disapointed, loved the Age Of series and was hoping for on par quality. It just felt same-same to me. I do think RTS games can work on the 360, just want one that stands out.

  8. It was an excellent demo, I’ve played the C&C games on it previously but thought the RTS just wasn’t suited to the console… but the controls are intuitive and simple (important during tense moments, when you need to be accurate), and the Halo skin has made it into a likeable RTS… marines aren’t just your standard expendable GIs, they’re the same lot that you played with during the Halo games.

  9. Played the demo. Although Halo Wars has a great feel and looks pretty, the action felt sluggish and generic.

    Also this talk about Halo Wars going to be the best RTS ever created for a console… have none of you played Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars/Kane’s Wrath/Red Alert 3 (X360)?

    It has its points but I’d give it a rent.

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